Google Search Dominance: 10 Proven SEO Tips to Ramp Up Your Search Visibility

Sep 10, 2021 | Blogs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, it is more complex than ever for HVAC business owners to rise the ranks of Google search engine result pages (SERPs). There are many reasons why this has become a reality. For one, ranking high on SERPs becomes more challenging when companies neglect features that influence how Google’s algorithm determines your site’s visibility and rank in organic searches.

Statistics show us that 75% of searchers never explore past page 1 results. So, SEO presence and rankings matter significantly! Organic listings occur naturally while paid ads (otherwise known as pay-per-click or PPC) appear due to a company spending money rather than being ranked organically by means other than payment. 

If you’re looking to improve your organic ranking, you may find this article helpful.


What Is SEO Visibility?

Are you curious why Google’s search engine results page (SERP) isn’t showing your website? The answer is that your SEO visibility is probably low, a metric indicator that helps you determine how much more traffic you need to generate for a keyword in organic searches. It helps determine organic traffic, which will help get more people to visit our site.


What is The Use of Google Search Console

Google’s Search Console helps beginners understand their SEO visibility. Visibility is more than a measure of how well you rank for specific keywords; it also identifies where your pages stand against competitors in these areas.

The free tool Google offers, the Search Console, is an excellent way to see your site’s ranking and its corresponding search engine optimization (SEO).


What is the Ideal SEO Visibility Score That You Should Be Rooting For?

In a nutshell, how well your site ranks for a specific keyword determines your visibility. It’ll let you see precisely where in the top 30 of search results that particular keyword appears. It will also give you an SEO performance score based on what position is achieved by comparison with other sites competing against yours for the exact phrase or keywords.

Your website will not show up on any visibility trackers if you don’t optimize it for search engines. Ranking at number 30 is the bottom line because very few people go past Page 3 of the results page after typing in a keyword. When a website’s average position is low or ranks on the second page, and beyond, this usually means that the website cannot be found online.

Suppose you want to see how your business ranks against competitors for specific keywords, measure yourself using their rankings. This can give a rough estimate of what the public sees when searching on these words, as well as your SEO visibility.

  •       Search Visibility = 0% = No pages Ranking in the Top 50 spots in the SERPs.
  •       Search Visibility – 100% = Your site ranks at the tip for ALL your keywords.

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For this reason, it is realistic to aim for 35-45% on a visibility metric. SEO takes time and effort so remember that!


What is Website Visibility?

Visibility is when a user is looking for products or services that your business offers. They are exposed to your website. Ranking higher on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing is the most effective way to increase the visibility of your website.


How to Increase Visibility

Now that we know why SEO visibility is so important to your pages, let’s get into our 10 easy tips you could apply to boost their organic traffic and search visibility.

1.   Improve your Content

To improve your SEO visibility, start by making sure the content on your site is rich. To do this, perform keyword research or use the Ahrefs Content Gap Tool to see where you have gaps —or voids! in existing content and create new pieces of material that fit into those areas accordingly.

2. Page Speed and Search Engine Rankings

A slow-loading website can lose potential customers within seconds. Search engines like Google use the site’s speed as an indicator of its quality, so it is crucial to monitor your pages and find ways to improve load time.

3. Understanding the value of building links to your website is crucial for SEO

A familiar mistake novice site owners make is not linking to external sites. Even though internal links may cause SEO issues, creating backlinks or guest posts to and from authoritative websites can improve your website’s ranking positions in organic search results.

4.   Overrule the Competition on Search Engines

Provide people what your competitors are lacking. A free SERP checker can help businesses see what links their competitors are missing out on. Use this information to create content that fills in the gaps and provides an advantage over your competition!

5.   Leverage Social Media Influence 

Social media has become an integral part of successful digital marketing strategies. For example, add those ‘Share’ buttons to your content so people can repost it and share with their friends on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

6.   Informative Content Always Prevails

When you consistently have unique and fresh content on your site, it will improve your site’s visibility. As you create new material, focus first on meeting readers’ needs. Blog posts or helpful articles can help people make better decisions about what they should buy or do next in their lives.

Remember that images contribute significantly towards your total amount of website content, so be sure to optimize those. If done successfully, there is little point in having high search volume activity at all without this variety.

7.   Have Fun With Your Meta-Descriptions

A meta-description is what users see when they find your business in search results. It’s like the sneak peek before the main show – so you need to make sure it’s compelling and enticing!

Use unique meta-descriptions for each page, include an accurate representation of your business, and refrain from duplicating content.

8.   Nobody Likes a URL They Can’t Read

When you have long and winding URLs, users may not click on them or tend to forget the URL. Shorten your URLs to easily remember them by people who will come across them for the second time in their lives. By using hyphens instead of underscores, avoiding capital letters (and making keywords geographic), shortening the length, and keeping it simple – we can make our domain names readable, which would increase its ranking heavily as search engine bots. Follow this well-organized link with contextual information!

9.   The Power of Reviewing

It’s essential to keep your site up-to-date by regularly reviewing and updating it. This will help ensure that you don’t fall behind with updates, which can cause content on the website to become irrelevant over time. To stay current, be sure to review Google algorithm updates and general trends to make an informed decision about what changes need to be made – both big or small!

By checking your SEO rank and plotting its average positions over time, you can see if keyword strategy changes need to be made. You should test each keyword and other words on the market to determine whether or not adjustments are needed for keywords used by an SEO plan.

10. Make Use of Web Analytics

Google Analytics and Search Console are important tools that can help you analyze your website traffic. You’ll learn where most of your visitors come from, which keywords they use to find you on Google, what pages perform best for users once they arrive at your site.

Web analytics is an essential part of ensuring our online presence stays relevant; if not, we run a considerable risk of losing business down the line!


Have an “All Devices Friendly” Website

The world is becoming more and more digital by the day. For HVAC businesses, staying competitive in this era of digitization means adapting to new trends quickly.

To raise your SEO visibility on mobile devices that many users rely upon for almost everything these days, you’ll need to ensure that your site works well across all platforms, including smartphones and tablets alike!



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