5 Ways To Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

Dec 20, 2021 | Blogs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re struggling to get website visitors into customers, then it’s time for optimization. You can’t afford not to take advantage of the opportunity that is right in front of us–converting more and better quality leads will be key to your success.

Moving leads who visit your website through your sales funnel is no easy task. The process of transitioning website visitors into paying customers is a long journey that involves more than just getting your prospects to “submit their email address”.

Understanding the different stages in a customer’s buying cycle will enable you to guide them through each step of your sales funnel. Understanding what conversion rate is optimal for lead generation strategies on every page of their website can help identify where changes are needed so as not miss any opportunities with potential customers who may be lost along the way, compromising profits and revenue numbers.

If you don’t know your current conversion rate or know that it needs optimization, you can follow our top 5 tips and resources for turning a website visitor into a paying customer:


1. Create a “sticky” landing page experience

Visitors come to websites looking for answers on how they can solve their problems. If an answer isn’t immediately provided, visitors will generally leave the website and move onto another page with more helpful content–this is called a “detergent effect”.

When someone lands on your homepage, do you clearly answer their questions? Is it clear what your business offers and how that can help them with their problem or need. A good way to keep potential customers from leaving too soon after landing page loading is by making sure all content focuses around converting website visitors into loyal clients who buy again every time without fail – this will make sure more leads come in than going out.

One trick to optimize for conversion is to avoid busy homepages that lack a clear hierarchy. Keep your messaging clear with an easy way for a visitor to contact you. Your call-to-action (CTA) should be prominent throughout your website.

Another great way to convert website visitors into customers is by having a live chat box on your site. Live chat helps you connect and interact with visitors.

You can answer questions about your products, prices and services right away by having a live chat on the page. A website visitor may not want to call you but they might be more willing if it’s easier for them than calling or sending an email because of how instant responses are at times with live chats.


2. Provide social proof with testimonials

Did you know that 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product? Social proof is when someone purchases a product or service because they see that other people were satisfied with their experience. Social proof can be gained by having user testimonials, customer reviews, or endorsements on your landing page.

This simple technique to convert website visitors into customers will give potential buyers more confidence in your business and make them want to purchase what you have for sale.

Video testimonials are typically the best type of testimonial to have on your website, but written ones also work well. Not only can you include these in an engaging blog post or as part one of a larger marketing campaign for customers who trust what you do – repeating how much they love their experience with your business is key if we want them to convert into leads!


3. Optimize for mobile

Mobile accounts for approximately half of the web traffic worldwide, which means your website must be optimized for mobile users. If your website is not optimized for visitors on their phones, then you are missing out on potential leads and sales.

Making sure your website is responsive across all devices allows you to reach a wider audience and give them everything they need. This means being able to easily view the information on our websites no matter what device we’re using, which will increase conversion rates for landing pages created specifically as part of ad campaigns marketing through social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Quality leads only come from quality websites, and one component of a good site is having clear call-to-action that persuades users into becoming customers. Make sure your CTA is persistent on mobile sites so visitors can contact you easily throughout their browsing experience . Don’t miss out on this simple but effective way to convert website traffic into clients!


4. Make it easy for users to opt-in

If a potential customer visits your site, you want them to get into the funnel. Whether they got there via Facebook ads or SEO-based marketing campaigns and advertising on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter–you need every visitor turned into an active customer.

One way to do this is with an opt-in form for a free trial or a lead magnet on your landing page. This process allows users to input their email in exchange for information. When you can capture their email address you can work to convert visitors to customers further down the funnel.

A lead generation form is a fantastic way to get more leads into your sales funnel. How can you add this? You could put it at the end of blog posts or place them on an extra page in order not clutter up all pages with unnecessary info/copywriting as often seen these days online–just be sure about what type of information will make someone want give their email address so they don’t receive another newsletter from some other unknown source. 🙂


5. Write compelling content that is optimized for Google searches

Part of creating a website that will attract quality leads is by optimizing your website for Google searches. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making your site rank higher in local business and product searches.

Creating content that focuses on keywords your target audience are searching for will help you get more organic traffic. This can be done on any page of the website, including: home pages, location pages (e-commerce stores), landing pages and especially blogs where writers should make sure they include phrases like “how to market effectively” or something similar in their posts.

By creating and optimizing content for Google searches, you will see an increase in leads coming from organic rankings on the search engine. Optimizing your website’s information to match what people are looking for can help improve both traffic rates as well as conversion rates – all while providing users with exactly what they’re searching!

If you’re looking to attract and convert website visitors, the key is in how your site performs overall. Optimizing for mobile visitors and making it easy for visitors to opt-in are two simple steps that can help convert warm prospects into customers. By focusing on creating compelling content that’s optimized for Google searches, you’ll be able to drive traffic from organic rankings as well as improve your conversion rate by catering to what people want to read about.

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