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Nov 27, 2017 | Blogs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


The following notes are from a webinar Kotton and Joshua did on mindset within the OMG Machines program. Aside from the technical portion of search engine optimization, running an agency requires a significant amount of mental toughness and discipline which is rooted in mindset. The 8 habits listed below are the important mindsets they have distinguished in order to grow one’s agency.


Brief Biographies of the Speakers

Kotton Grammer is a highly acclaimed search engine optimization expert who makes over $1m/month doing Client Search Engine Optimization. Prior to his career in search engine optimization, he was a Fortune 500 sales consultant who would go into businesses and revamp their sales process. Kotton has been written about in Forbes and Inc. magazines. He is a coach at OMG Machines and had been a student prior to his rise to fame.

Joshua Fletcher is another wildly successful internet marketer whose expertise spans WordPress sites, search engine optimization, conversion, and pay-per-lead selling. He makes over 6-figures per month providing search engine marketing services. Prior to his career in search engine marketing, he owned his own construction business which had been failing. He is also a coach at OMG Machines and had been a student prior to his growth. Joshua mentored Kotton Grammer when he first joined OMG.


1. Believe In The Impossible

  • Kotton visualized every single day breaking the six-figure/seven-figure barrier within his mind. He would ask himself questions such as:
    • “How would it feel like to break this income barrier?”
    • “How would I spend my time differently after I have reached seven-figures per month?”
    • “Would I wake up/eat/treat people differently if I had reached the seven-figure per month range?
    • The insight is that one can begin to believe and act as if they are already there well before they ever get there. Kotton and lived and breathed as if he has broken those barriers a hundred times over before it actually happened. 
  • Believe that it is possible for YOU to break those barriers.


2. Must Do What Others Refuse To Do

  • It’s about that one hour of extra work.
  • Rigorously testing new ideas and innovations
  • Do things better than anyone else — and give it your all.


3. Work So Hard You Are Ridiculed

  • Put the hours into the specific positive application
  • Remember why you are doing what you are doing and who you are doing it for. 
  • Push your limit to see how far you can go and be pushed.
  • There will be so many people in your life who will not understand why you work so hard
  • It is “work so hard you are ridiculed” in the RIGHT direction on the RIGHT path
  • This is how you break through: Do what others refuse to do and work so hard you are ridiculed. 
  • Kotton REFUSED to go out. Refused to do anything fun. He would wake up at 7am and go to bed at 2am.
  • Dig in and keep the grind going day-by-day. Don’t reward yourself for doing nothing.
  • People can make fun of you, but remember, you’ll have the last laugh. But you’ll have to get through the tough patch now.
  • Just when you’re right there about to quit…go another hour. Figure it out. Watch another video. Dig a little deeper.


4. Expect And Anticipate Failure And Learn From It

  • Failure must happen before you have success.
  • The secret to getting to $100,000/month is that you fail at an accelerated rate.
  • Build out contingencies.
  • You can get me once…but you can’t get me twice. Write down the failure and learn from it. Have a solution next time it comes around.
  • A lot of the things you will come up with just won’t have the impact you expect them to. Don’t get tied to that failure.
  • Ideas fail, but you don’t.
  • Learn to fail faster than anyone else, and to fail FORWARD. Don’t make the same mistake again. 


5. Successful People Have Uber-Successful Mentors

  • Kotton listens to everything in OMG.
  • Look for people to gain inspiration from that are way more successful.
  • Look for what you can “steal” in terms of knowledge nuggets and plug-in to what you are missing
  • The Law of the Lid – you are limited by your mentors
  • Bother all the successful people in your life to figure out how to plug-in to your weaknesses.
  • Note, however, there are a lot of false prophets out there.
  • Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, etc. are all people Kotton look to for inspiration
  • Get your information from the top-of-the-mountain


6. Treat Satisfaction As The Enemy

  • There’s so much more that I can do. 
  • Be careful also making it to $100,000/month and then being dissatisfied.
  • Be good to who you are and grow with integrity. Grow in the right way.
  • Figure out how to harness lightning rather than just get struck by lightning.
  • “Destined for something greater…”
  • “I worry about you…”
    • About becoming another number in society
  • If you want to hit $100,000 a month, you better treat being mediocre as your enemy.
  • You have EVERYTHING to turn things around. You can create a new life for yourself tomorrow. 


7. Always Looking For The Next Level

  • Lay it out the plan you have to reach the next level
  • Plan how you are going to build out to that level
  • Build an infrastructure to HANDLE the next level
  • How far can you go? What can you do?
  • Take it to the next level
  • Build, build, build.
  • What’s next? 
    • You’re going to have to put in the traits before it to get it done.
  • Not just looking to do it better, but are looking in a different direction
  • SEO about competition and being better at the others in your industry
  • I’ve won the race before it even began. It’s because I have so much preparation and knowledge before it even happened.
  • “Being supersuccessful means that you need to outperform everyone else at whatever you’re doing, right? Nope. It often means you shouldn’t even be playing their game. Billionaires aren’t better than others, they’re doing something different than the others. Very few people achieve success by accident, it’s actually planned and a lot of hard work.”
  • It isn’t about BEING as good as everyone else, it’s about being on a completely different playing field.
  • Have to ask what the next level is ALWAYS. Plan out your goals. Setting levels. Future pacing yourself and seeing where you are at.
  • Think about what your next level is ALWAYS.


8. Never Stop Practicing, Learning, Researching, and Growing

  • How do you implement practice, learning, researching, and growing for your future pacing
  • Victory month of relaxation is DANGEROUS
  • Have to be consistently up late growing and developing.
  • Everything can be done better and handled better.
  • Could I have handled it better?
  • Always looking to improve your agency every single day.
  • If you want that $100,000 a month, you can NEVER stop with the practicing, learning, researching, and growing.
  • Researching is what makes great SEOs great.
  • I want to be great.
  • Research for client tactics?
  • Don’t wait for anyone to come up with it. Find it yourself. You need data.
  • Kotton spends a majority of his time working on his mindset, looking at different ways to view things, talking to people and learning from them.

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