Automating Your Follow Up To Close More Deals with Ryan Fenn (CEO of Chiirp)

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About this Episode





Are you tired of losing potential clients due to a lack of follow-up? Well, say goodbye to missed opportunities.

In this week’s episode of our podcast, we sat down with Ryan Fenn, CEO of Chiirp, and explored the power of automating your follow-up to close more deals.

In this episode, Ryan shares his inspiring story of building Chiirp, a platform that helps home services businesses grow through automation. We dive into the nitty-gritty of leveraging memberships and existing databases, succeeding in slow times with a positive mindset, and how automation helps you seamlessly stay in touch with your leads to ensure their business thrives year-round.

But that’s not all! Ryan also reveals the best automated follow-up campaigns to run during the slow season and an automated system for getting more online customer reviews. With his lead follow-up strategies and expert advice on why being a skilled technician is not enough to succeed, you’ll be well on your way to closing more deals and growing your business.

Don’t let your competitors get ahead – listen now!

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Audio Transcript

Welcome to the H Vac financial freedom podcast, a show to help you create more revenue, profit and freedom in your life now, your host, john victoria hello and welcome to the H Vac Financial freedom podcast, a podcast dedicated to you, the business owner to help you to close more sales, make more profit and create more freedom in your life. And so I’m excited for today because the guest we have on is someone who can help you do all three and so it is none other than Ryan fan of church and uh I’m gonna bring them on for a quick intro and we will hop into some fun topics for the day.

So welcome, Ryan, appreciate it of course, and um maybe this is a fun thing. It was so interesting, like before we hopped onto the podcast today, um I didn’t realize that Ryan uh visited the Philippines and actually, actually, no, I mean that’s that’s amazing. Like, so you were there for a few years or for two years in 4003? Yeah, wow, that’s crazy. That’s crazy. Um and also Ryan, you’re the ceo of chirp and um for those of you are not familiar the way that I understand it, it’s a, it’s a sales and marketing platform that helps people to close more deals through follow ups through text messages, ringlets, voicemails and other things, but I know you’re the best person to speak to it.

So I would love to hear your perspective on Yeah, for sure. So I developed over the last four years we’ve been developing chirp. Um we went live about three years ago with a product that was ready to go. But yeah, the idea behind church came from the success I was having from my other business and which we can go into that when you’re ready to that story, but the idea behind chirp is to help you communicate better with leads, so on the front end you can convert more of those leads into customers using automation and then turn more of those customers into fans that will buy from you over and over again year after year.

And the idea is to not eliminate human beings from the process, but to turn your human beings into superheroes that can accomplish a lot more in the day. Close more deals, have more communication, have more conversations and and use technology to leverage technology to take your h phat company or your home service company into a digital, the digital era, where you know, you’re taking the principles that a lot of people have used to make money online or through digital marketing efforts, take those principles and apply them to your home service business to, you know, become a lot more effective and make a lot more money.

That’s awesome and I’d say that one thing that um that I love is that you have such a close focus on the home services industry, I know that um you know, there’s a lot of other platforms out there where it’s just kind of like all these types of industries, but you guys really have an intimate understanding of like what are the things that are working for contractors today. Yeah, that’s a, that’s a really big differentiator. Probably our number one differentiator from many of the other platforms or automation things out there.

Um I’m not like your typical venture backed Silicon Valley ceo that you know, raised millions of dollars to build a platform and then, and then decided, hey, let’s let’s, you know, sell it to this group or this group or this group, you know, I come from a local business uh and was able to be successful within that and on ways to use automation to make my business work and that’s really where this came from. So my first, my first business was windshield repair. Um we, we, my brother and I would post up at like gas stations and stuff and as people would come in, we’d wash their windshields if they had a chip in the windshield would offer to fix it form right on the spot.

And that model was really good for us. We made a, we made a lot of money and we ended up getting to a point where we had 99 or 33 locations running and uh technicians work for us and we’re making more money than we ever had in our lives and it was really cool. I knew I wanted to scale big, I wanted to go, you know, if not National Global, you know, kind of thing. Um, and so so I started to put together a course, a training course how to start your own windshield repair business and uh, started putting together like ads on facebook and people would fill out a form and I would call them and say, hey, let’s, let’s get on the phone and talk about how this can change your life.

And I found in that process that if I just texted the lead first, I had a much higher conversion rate. If the lead submitted their information, I would text them. This is 2,015. I text him say, Hey, you know, thanks for checking us out. Here’s a link to a video, check this out. Then I started automating that and pretty soon we’re like 300 leads a day coming in and Texas were automatically going out to them, they would watch a video, the book, a call we close deals and we helped thousands of people start their own business and that’s where the idea came to build. Sure.

They said, hey, if this works for me it’ll probably work for other businesses. And so we started building sure and quickly started to see that it was really effective as some like carpet cleaners. Got some, some other home service type businesses, pest control companies, major companies got on board and we started to see number one that, that industry, the home service industry was largely underserved in automation. There were automation platforms out there, but they weren’t specifically focused on home service. Uh so so you had to kind of like take your ideas, take a platform that wasn’t specifically built for you and kind of try to make it work on those platforms.

And so we doubled down and said, let’s let’s focus 100% of our efforts on home service, let’s focus on being the deepest integration into the existing crm service titan house called Pro Job or Sarah coming up, service sponsor all all the all the existing c arms, we don’t want to compete with them, we wanted to enhance their products and so we became the deepest integrations into those to take these principles that I had learned in that other business to um to be able to hand it to an asian company.

So here here is all of the, all of the campaigns that are working right now, pre built, we can connect them right in and you’re ready to go right away. So, so that’s the big differentiator that’s really taken us really far in the industry. That’s amazing. And um and I think it really gives you a peek behind the curtain in a way where it’s like what what actually is working um right now, like what are the, what are the best practices that a company can implement? Um you know, what is the timing of that and how do you turn the front end of your business into a, you know, a revenue generating machine.

And so currently right now, just I think maybe a lot of listeners will experience this where weather in the United States is a little bit warmer than than, than it’s supposed to be, more than expected and things are a little bit slower than people would like them to be. So what are you seeing on your end? Um what is your perspective on it? Um I know some people I’m crushing it, but some people general trend I’ve noticed is that things are down like, what’s your perspective from what you’re seeing with chirp and and other things?

Well, so the people that are that are that are like technology forward, that are really trying to be um cutting edge our crush e right now, um there are two things that can really speak to that number one people who are really focused on selling memberships and really focused on the automation process of selling memberships is huge. Memberships keep you from having to wake up and start over every single day in your business, and that’s a huge part of business that people are missing when they get in.

They think, okay, it’s all about sales, sales, sales, sales, sales, and of course it is at the beginning, but we should be turning customers into lifetime customers. That should be a huge part because it’s expensive to get a customer, uh it’s much less expensive to keep a customer if you do it right. And a membership, a membership is a really powerful way to keep a customer because they pay for the membership. They’re not going to go, they’re not, they’re never going to go back to google and search again for you know another company, they’re just gonna reach out to their guy.

And um and so memberships is huge. We helped the company over the last 12 months. He went from 100 memberships, 2 to 800 memberships. He sold 700 memberships almost through um through automation. We’ll talk kind of how I would do that. And then and then the other the other way that people are really experiencing success through automation is leveraging their existing database. Uh A lot of people are hiring like call centers and they said hey reach out to my people. Which to me is is kind of insane because you paid a bunch of money to get this customer and now you’re paying to get them back, you’re paying a call center to get them back um which is you know to each their own.

But in my opinion, if you can if you have them as a customer, you’ve already established that relationship, you can leverage automation to reach out to them and book jobs, we have Dustin Miller who’s um he’s a $23 million dollar company out of California. He’s a $10 million Hr company in 100 and 50,000 people in a rural area, a rural lower income area. And he’s crushing it because he’s very much focused on maintaining his customer database. And so one of the ways that he, since he started with church three years ago, he hasn’t had open slots in his shoulder season because he has a very simple sequence.

He has a voice mail and to follow up text messages that he sends out To pass customers. If he if he looks at his schedule and he sees that there’s some open slots coming up, he’ll use this campaign, he’ll send it out to like 50 people or 100 people. And it’s a super simple campaign that’s just like, hey thank you so much for being a customer. It’s that time of year again uh we have 50 slots right now for $49, tune up, let’s get you on the books. And uh he sends out that voicemail 15 minutes later an automatic text message goes out that just says just follow up on that voicemail left then let me know if you have any questions.

And then a day later one last follow up message and he’ll he’s he has not had open slots in the last three years because of just that simple campaign. So so I would say memberships are huge, should be something you should be heavily focused on. And then and then leveraging your existing database. Uh And not necessarily, I mean obviously always have to be building your database. You have to be building any more customers. But if you are not heavily focused on keeping those customers for life, you’re just gonna, you’re just gonna wake up and start up start over every single day and you’re never gonna have an asset really.

That’s that’s amazing. And um I think the key word there is, I mean what you’re saying is like it’s like leverage. Um You know, it’s not just like a one time sale. It’s like how do we get people into this recurring membership model? And then with the database, I was I was actually talking to another friend focus on email marketing for H. Vac contractors just just a moment ago and that was that was the biggest problems like people do ads or the U. S. C. O. Or they’ll do whatever.

But then they just forget to take care of their current customers right there. There’s just let’s just get new new new versus how about let’s take care of the people we got already. Um And and also what you said, it kind of breaks the belief where it has to be have to be in this major metropolitan area. Dustin is crushing it. And it’s like this this small area and he’s doing 33 million. So it’s that’s amazing. We had another, we had the Dwyer brother’s head in Pat Dwyer out of New Jersey october of this last year.

Historically, their slowest month, it was their busiest month of the year because they leverage their existing database. Uh so they made more money in october than they had any month of the year and it’s it’s historically their slowest year, so shoulder season should not be an excuse to not make a lot of money. Um Just a matter, you just have to take a different approach because the people, the people that are reactive is, you know, that, you know, people are reactive to all my air conditioners out or my my my furnaces out, that happens in the non shoulder season, right?

Um and that’s where a lot of companies historically make a lot, but during the shoulder season, there are a lot of people who aren’t going to be reactive but are willing to do work uh because they’re they’re, you know, wanting to maintain, I just, I just had mine my furnace maintaining right now historically is the shoulder season. Just because you know, if if you communicate enough to the client to where you get to where they start to consider their system and they’re not just reacting, they will then do business in the shoulder season because they’re they’re thinking, I want to be ahead of it, but if you don’t, you’re not top of mind if your brand is not in front of them, they won’t, they won’t think to do it, wow, got it.

Um and from there, I kind of see like to jumping off points, number one, there’s something about mindset of um proactive versus reactive that I was wondering, you can speak to because there’s there’s definitely traits that successful business owners have that are like, like allowing them to be successful, and then second, it sounds like there’s an actual like tactical technical component. Um you know, of actually setting some of these things up, um maybe we could talk initially about just mindset and some of those other common trends that you notice that would help someone during this quote unquote slow season for them.

Um and then we can talk more like how do we actually put some of this together so that we can begin seeing more sales come in the door. So mindset is huge, right? Because, you know, and it’s it’s kind of a, it’s kind of a natural, what’s the word, what we’re working against, something that’s unnatural and what I mean by that is, entrepreneurs are generally exciting and and their their their alpha a lot of times they thrive on um you know, wins and they thrive on, you know, having this big, you know, mindset and that fights against some of the things in business that are tend to just be boring, right?

What I’m saying is the point I’m making here is we like to be where the action is, right? And so we like to be where the action is thrive on that, on those winds and during slow times, it’s boring. And so our mindset, it doesn’t work well with our mindset because we’re just going, we gotta do now, we gotta do the mundane boring things sometimes, just business is business, you just have to do the boring things to keep your business going and, and they end up not being boring because you end up creating winds, but it’s something that you just have to kind of think about and, and go, you know what, this is the time that they talk about it on entrepreneurship, where you just kind of put your head down and do the work.

And so, and so you have to, you have to pull yourself away from the, the, the excitement of the, of the on season. Right, okay, now, in shoulder season, let’s put the work in and make sure that we’re generating kind of that top of funnel excitement that top of funnel um processes so that our pipe continues to say full, but in the shoulder season and what’s cool about having automation is we can move people through the funnel much quicker now than you could, you know, before, when you’re, you know, you’re putting up a tv ad or a billboard and you’re kind of just creating awareness and all that stuff as we get, you know tighter and tighter with digital, we can connect faster, um we can, we can get to the point faster, we can move them through that funnel quicker and, and we can reach out to them and say, hey, like, like with the Dustin Miller campaign, hey at that time again and now it’s like they’re thinking what’s cool with this is like the owners saying in the, in the voicemail, hey, it’s destined.

I just wanted to let you know, and that like drives the brand really deep because it’s the owner saying, hey, it’s Destin and they’re like, cool, I know the owner, like I’m a friend of the owner, I’ve got like, you know, and so um that really pushes them through the the funnel much faster and allows you to get them to book much quicker using that automation. So wow, I love that. And um and for maybe everyone is not familiar with automation. So like what? So what was, so for example, let’s say we have this company currently, you know, they’re operating, you know, pen and paper um and you know, they’re, they’re operating off of their personal cell phones and you know, they’re applying to customers and all those things like how, how is what you’re talking about going to be a complete revel like just a change from that.

Like how like it sounds like there’s all this stuff and all this technology like how how is that all different than like yeah, so we built up to be, you know, a tool, so so think of it as an automation tool box of 100 different things that you could do. So you can be sitting there with with this tool box? And it can be doing a lot of things and we’ll talk about some other things, but this specifically, you know what they’re, what people are doing is they have their csrs calling.

They say, hey, it’s slow. Csrs get on the phone call, you know, call past customers try to get in the book. Okay? So CSR can sit there and they could die up, right? They can dial through the day and try to get people to book and you’re gonna pay that CSR an hourly wage or whatever it is, you pay them and they’re going to uh and it’s going to cost you X dollars to get that CSR to make phone calls, whether or not they book get bookings, gonna be paying for that, right?

With automation We can say, all right, let’s send out 100 text messages or 100 voicemails or 300 text messages, 300 voicemails. And instead of the CSR sitting there for eight hours calling, let’s let let’s let automation do all that initial work. And then as those customers respond, the CSR can then close deals so that text message or voice mail can go out and say, hey, it’s time it’s that time of year again to get service. What works better for you AM or PM? They respond back am now the CSR is spending their time saying, okay, great, how about tomorrow at two, perfect.

Or you know, am would be tomorrow at 10 and they say that works for me and they book it and now they’re on to the next and now you’re getting much more out of a CSR in that same eight hours than if you sit there and let them call through um and try to, you know, because they could probably, you know, I don’t know how many dials you can make but it’s really hard to get a CS are excited to make phone calls to play whatever it’s like why force them to do something that they just really don’t want to do.

And so with that automation, like I said earlier, you’re turning them into super humans, they can get a lot more done in a day. Got it. So it’s like instead of me like texting 100 people are calling 100 people. This platform or a platform could just automatically send it out to all those people and the people that are interested. Now the CSR can say, oh these are the opportunities, let me talk to them versus let me just filter the list manually is there’s like there’s a smarter way to do things then let humans do what they’re good at and let automation what it’s good at and if you’re using a human to do things that a robot can do, you’re inefficient.

And so again it doesn’t eliminate the job of the CSR it makes them much more efficient. It’s amazing. Maybe we could talk about um what are some campaigns that someone could run um during this time um I know I know we talked about first, you know the tune ups, I think that was one campaign you mentioned maybe like sending out to 5200 people. We got this offer $1003 special going out to these 50 100 people other other types of campaigns that you’ve seen work that could be good for someone to try to test or to implement during this time.

Let’s kind of go through the customer journey and kind of just show at the different points the customer journey where you can really utilize technology to increase. So on the front end on lead conversion we don’t, we want to make sure during slow times that every lead they come then gets maximum treatment right? Because leads are slow, You don’t want to miss an opportunity. So number one you want to make sure you’re communicating very quickly with leads. So you’re the amount of time it takes you to contact the lead should be extremely low.

And this can be hard, especially if leads are slow and you’re out doing different things. You want to make sure you have automation in place that contacts the lead very quickly. So we call it speak the lead campaign where if somebody let’s say somebody fills out a form on facebook or on your website or angie lead or whatever it is, they’re filling out a form we got to make sure that we contact that lead within one minute of them submitting their information. If we want to have maximum conversion so with automation we can do that.

Somebody fills out an angie lead a text message can automatically go out to the customer that says thank you for requesting a quote. You know we start with a really basic question what cities your home it or how many stories? How many bedrooms are in your home? Something that just really softly opens the conversation with the lead instead of saying something like we’d like to get you on the schedule for tomorrow. You don’t want to be aggressive right out of the gate, this is a brand new lead.

You just want to start the conversation once they respond that CSR can then take the conversation and close the deal. Another huge huge part that people are really missing out on is estimate follow ups that are automated And this is where our integration into like service titan house call Pro or whatever comes into place. When an estimate goes out. Companies are not consistently following up to close those deals. They’re calling once, maybe twice and then that’s they kind of they kind of go well he wants it, he’ll call me back and they and and you know there are the aggressive sales guys that are going to do much better than that But um it’s difficult to follow up consistently with your, with your estimates.

So this can be triggered automatically that if the estimate does not close that text messages, emails and voicemails will continue to follow up with that lead for a period of time to maximize conversion. Another one that’s really key is the membership booster campaign that we talked about. This is probably the simplest campaign but can be very potent. Um there’s a point where you want this campaign to happen and this is another important part of our integration in the service titan. Same with the others. But the idea here is sales framing, if you’ve heard that term before, we want to make sure that we are framing the conversation so that we, we create an environment to be able to close a membership. Okay.

Um most people, they’re having their technicians sell the memberships. If we can give the technician just a little boost, this can really help. So at technician dispatch, that’s one of the events within your crm. The system will recognize if the person is a member or a non member. If they already have a membership or not, if they do not have a membership, it will trigger the campaign. The membership booster campaign which will send a text message to the homeowner and it will say, you know, hey john it’s uh it’s Alyssa here at you know, while that’s heating in there, just want to let you know your technician is on the way, by the way, if you’d like to save a little bit of money on this visit, be sure to ask him about our membership program.

And that simple text message then frames the conversation so that the customer is asking, hey, how can I save money? And now the technician can go, oh cool. Let me tell you about our membership program. And he’s in a position. Now instead of awkwardly bringing it up when he arrives and saying, hey, I’d like to tell you about our membership program, they haven’t had a chance to at all. You know, think about this. It’s brand new. That again, that goes back to the funnel, right? We’re pushing them through.

We want to start amount, get the conversation going in their head. So, okay, how can I save some money? Let me tell you about the membership program. They’re in a better the conversation is framed for clothes. Does that make sense? Yes. It’s like planting a seed. And then um, I’m thinking about that and by the time they get there bloomed, like I need to say money. Exactly. You’re not starting from zero, right? So that’s amazing. And so those are some really good campaigns and then um, post job is extremely important.

This is a little more long term. Obviously we want to make sure that we ask for the review and to get, you know maximize our reviews, which are, you know, obviously really important. And then now we’ve gained a customer now we want to put them into a annual schedule that will maintain that customer keep them warm throughout the year. No pun intended on, we’re keeping them warm, you know, in a, in a sales sense, but here we go. Alright, let’s send out quarterly filter, change reminders, text message just goes out every quarter.

Hey, it’s been three months since your last filter, Change time to change your filter, Little little, maybe a picture of your brand, you know, all these little things, these little touch points throughout the year, maybe a spring and fall email that’s like a longer email that explains, hey, it’s spring here, some better ways that you can, you know, maintain your system, here’s some tips and tricks that kind of stuff. And so throughout the year we’re not trying to sell them. It’s not the purpose of this campaign.

It’s to, it’s to keep our brand top of mind. So that when that 12 month text message goes out, it’s been 210 months since we last, um, you know, worked on your furnace, it’s time to get back on the schedule. What works better for you? Am or PM just a natural flow right into booking. They’re not gonna, it’s like, this is my guy, I’m not looking for somebody else, let’s do it again. And then you want like a six month, like a C to an upright if they’re on a membership parents like, okay, six months of winter time maybe for the furnace or whatever it is for the furnace and six months later for the A. C. And now you’re alternating and these campaigns are triggering at the right moments.

Um, is there, what are your thoughts on, like are those campaigns like something you have to regularly update? So once you have them in place, like are you, are you just saying the same things every single year, you’re like updating the copy like on a quarterly or annual basis or how does? And certainly something you can do. Obviously filter change reminders don’t really need to be changed. That kind of stuff. Um there, you know, you could put them into a schedule for the year, you could create the entire campaign for that year and then if you wanted to the next year revisit that and change it up, you could definitely do that.

What’s cool is we’re utilizing Ai, which makes this all super easy and people freak out and they go, oh, Ai is taking over the world and just so everybody knows that’s just to get headlights. Yeah, Ai is not in your life type of, you know, I don’t know, the future terminator comes around blasting people afraid of it, It’s really cool and it’s free so you can go on there and say, I mean literally you can go on to chat GPT this free tool and say write me an email that tells my customers why it’s important to maintain their H. VAC system in the spring or in the fall or and it will it will write a very well worded email that you can grab and then create these campaigns very easily.

We have a bunch already pre made, but you can edit them, you can change them, do whatever you want, but super easy to do. Uh and once that trigger, once that is triggered in your crm, once you say job complete the system, times out all those messages for the whole year and now you don’t have to think about it, they’re gonna get followed up with for the whole year. And if one of those filter change reminders goes out, sometimes it turns into a sales opportunity and the person responds that, hey my furnace is acting funny.

Uh wasn’t a sale, you didn’t try to sell them, but they’ve just been making a sound cool, let’s get you on the books, will come out and take a look, you know? So that’s that’s amazing. That’s that’s a ninja hack right there, use chat Gpt rewrite things, keep it fresh. Um That’s that’s amazing and you’ll be blown away. Like put those prompts in there and it will write stuff that you’ll go, wow, that’s better than I could have ever come up with the same man, man, that’s that’s that’s it, I wouldn’t use it for like S. C. O. And stuff because I think the big talk because like yeah I’m not going to work for us you know?

But sending an email or a text and having to help you write that stuff is totally fun. Yeah 210%. You know being from the S. C. O. Side. Yeah it’s uh yeah tokens things can be identified so 2100% agreed on that one. Um How about for a review best practices? Because I’ve spoken to a number of customers um they have they have an automation in place but they still feel like they’re not getting enough reviews. Are there other things that you can think of that would help assist generate more of those reviews for them or?

Yeah absolutely. So reviews are key and there’s a lot of platforms out there and I’ll kind of talk about why I think our processes better. So we talk about relationship building automation. So we started the conversation at the beginning. Let’s go through the customer journey again. Let’s say it’s an angie lead and we start a conversation with them the moment that they submitted their information and then we communicated with them perfectly right? We followed up with them. The estimate went out uh And they didn’t close, we followed up with them on the estimate and they closed right and they book a call and we send out a conversational appointment reminder that’s very personal.

Thank you for booking with us. You know and we’ve really we’ve really built this, this momentum with this customer and created a relationship with them, they’ve been like, man, people have communicated with me perfectly all the way through, and then at the end of the job they get a text message from a random phone number completely different that says thank you so much for doing business with Wasatch eating in there. Please click here to leave a review. That’s weird, right? Because now it’s communicated with them all the way through to the end and then they’re getting a random phone number from, you know, random text message from a random phone number and they’re going, why aren’t these converting into reviews?

If you send that text message from the same phone number you’ve communicated with all the way through and you’ve built a relationship and now you asked as a friend, right? Because now you’re saying thank you. Hey man, I appreciate you doing business with me today, thank you so much. We’re so we’re so happy you had a good experience or whatever you wanna say, we hope we hope you had a really good experience. It would really help us to leave us a review here. Now there’s two elements to it, right?

The text message was awesome because that’s the highest read rates, 23% read rate, but it’s from a friend that they’ve created, that you’ve that you’ve created, right? And so you’ve established this relationship with them through this whole time And instead of throwing that away by sending them a random text message from a random phone number, you do it all through the same threat and then they go, okay, yeah, you know, and then if they don’t, you have a couple of follow ups a day later. Hey, I know, I know things are crazy, I know you’re busy, but it would be really appreciated if you were able to leave us a review here and those couple extra follow ups will increase.

We had a guy get, I think 22 reviews last year process. Uh and then again, then when we reach out again in three months, it’s all in that same threat. They can scroll back through and see the whole thread. Um and the communication and now, you know, ideally they’ll save their number in the phone, in their phone and it’s there a Czech guy and it’s just now you have, and I say this a lot because one of the problems that businesses have is that they scale and get bigger, they lose the magic of being a small family run business.

Yes, because you know, you know how it is, like if you’re small and you have a base of customers, they’re there because they love you not because they love your product or service, they love you as an owner and it’s really hard to maintain that as a scale. If you do this, this will help you mitigate that as you scale and maintain a down home like I said Dustin Miller sends out that voicemail, hey it’s Dustin so glad you know, you see how it’s, it’s Dustin just called me, you know it’s it’s creating that relationship um that’s gonna last, that’s amazing, I love that.

Um and you are right Yeah, as companies grow, they now they’re building out these massive sales teams and this building and you lose that personal touch and it’s it feels more transactional versus relational and it sounds like automation tools are just a great way to scale building relationships while also still having people just hopping just cutting out the stuff that you know is manual just like manually typing things out. Exactly yeah, that’s the magic of it. It’s like man relationship building on autopilot. Mm and here’s a just like combining one of the ideas you said earlier.

Um What what could it, have you seen this done before where I’m prior to pre job like when the technician has been dispatched um having a text message that maybe hints at a review. Like would would that be something like a part of Yeah. So when you would probably put this in the appointment that what we call conversational appointment reminder campaigns um when somebody books a really cool thing is to send out a text message that is a personalized message with an image of your technician and some people even send a link to a video of the owner thanking them for booking and then kind of preconditioning them for a review.

So you can do that in the text or you could do it in a video. So think of it like this, the person books and they immediately get a text message that says that says you know, hey john thank you so much for booking with us. We’re really looking forward to giving you five star service. Watch this quick video uh that you know this is a customer expectation video. So what the words like watch this quick, you can you can know what to expect on our visit, they can click that link and it can be, the owner could be just a selfie video of the owner said, hey it’s john owner Watson’s cleaning, uh heating and air.

Just wanted to say I really appreciate your business. We’re really looking forward to providing you with five star service. Uh I’m here to answer any questions you have very important to me that at the end of this job you feel like we’ve earned your business and that we’ve earned a five star review from you looking forward to. If you have any questions we’re here to help you out and then and then you have a couple of appointment reminders leading up to the appointment and then your technician dispatched membership booster campaign goes and then yeah so it’s that whole, it’s that whole process, so your conditioning them to leave a review at the end as well.

Beautiful wow that’s you guys thought everything that’s amazing. Um I’m trying to think anything else around automation follow ups that would be key for people to know or remember um other best practices you can think of. Yeah some other cool things. Just like some of the cool things that really can make you stand out um the the filters that we have our deep, really really deep. So like in in service I can say at job complete if it’s got this job type of this business unit of these technicians, these tags do this campaign, but if if this do this and I can have different follow ups for different things so so I’ll talk about why that’s important.

So let’s say let’s start at the estimate, let’s say you have a high ticket estimate and a low ticket estimate go out. I want to follow up differently on my bigger opportunities than I do on my my smaller opportunities and I’m gonna have a different campaign for those, those different opportunities. And that’s a big that’s a big differentiator for churches, we can recognize those different opportunities and and apply the correct campaign at the correct time. The follow up work consistently. The other cool thing and this just gets kind of where it gets fun is I can say a job complete if the invoice is $23,13 or more.

Send a gift basket automatically, send a gift basket with my logo, and my you know, send a thank you car or if somebody leaves in five star reviews, send them a handwritten thank you note or a Starbucks card. Or there’s all different things that I can automate based on those filters chirp is not just text message, email and voicemail. It’s a, it’s a system that can recognize what’s going on in service. Titan can tell chirp can internally send messages, emails and voicemails, but it can also tell other systems to do other things like send out a gift basket or a Daki sign or whatever.

You know, whatever we need at a certain point. So it’s not just about text message, email and voicemail, it’s about recognizing what’s going on your business and then triggering things to happen automatically. So you know, after that, oh, let’s let’s send out gift baskets to everybody like that. Just automatically happen. There’s, you know, there’s millions of different like ideas. You could come up with theirs missed call campaigns. Somebody you miss a call, let’s send a text message immediately says, so sorry, I missed your call. I’ll call you back in just a minute that can that alone can keep somebody from clicking on the next go call, wait for him to call me back, you know, or an after hours campaign, they call in, they don’t you don’t answer.

Text message goes out. So sorry. Mr called after hours. This is an emergency call. This phone number you might have a phone number or you can say is this an emergency? They say yes. Then you can you can alert somebody to call. Um You have with you know, internal slack notifications. You can send out other notifications to your team. Hey there’s a lead that came in that’s an emergency. Give him a call. That kind of style. So there’s there’s I mean you could talk for days about the different things you can come up with.

That’s amazing. Um And we do have, I know you mentioned direct mail. We do have dave from dope marketing coming on in a few weeks. So. Oh well yeah great. We have a deep integration with dope marketing. So. Oh that’s that brings up a good point you say. Alright if a book high ticket opportunity in this neighborhood send 21 postcards to all of the neighbors automatically and it will pull the data and it’ll send a postcard to 22 different people. And that’s good because it’s like if it’s a neighborhood they’ll say it’s a tract home neighborhood, right?

If somebody’s furnace goes out like maybe seven years, those houses were all probably built in the same time. And so if somebody’s furnace goes out, there’s a pretty good chance that one of the 212 neighbors is having problems as well or multiple. And so uh postcard can go to all 50 neighbors or 100 neighbors whatever you want to do and say, hey we’re taking care of your neighbor here. I just want to make sure you’re aware by the way, we’re doing this, you know, special for so that could be automated as well through the system, through through service titan and church and then that tells don’t what to do.

That’s amazing, wow, that’s that’s really that’s really crazy. Love that a lot. Cool. So we got the lead follow up process, we’ve got some best practices, some tips and so um yeah, if you’re listening in, I’d say that um you know, there’s a lot, I just focus on maybe developing just your first campaign, find the lowest hanging fruit. Um you know, whether that’s the review campaign or you know, whether it’s just even just getting an automation tool like chirp I think that would be a great place to start.

Um Yeah, to speak to that. You know, you may be listening. It’s going oh yeah, that sounds great. But that’s like that’s way too much work. Uh We always recommend start right there perfect. Start with two or three holes in your business. Where could I be better? I could be better on my answer and follow ups. I can be better on my review request. Start there. You can add layers of automation over time and what we do here in church, just everybody’s aware. A little plug for sure.

We are not like I said, your typical Silicon Valley, here’s your software. Good luck kind of company, we are boutique, we’re, we’re more of a 1 to 1. And so when you work with us, we have all these pre built campaigns that we can automatically build right into your system, but you can come to us and say, hey, I have this idea for this campaign, we’ll build it with you and have it up and running for you, wow, that’s amazing. White white glove support, that’s that’s really, that’s right, amazing.

I don’t put that down. Cool. And so I guess with that, um I did want to transition into um some mindset stuff because you’ve, you’ve, I mean you’ve really, you started your own business in the past and you parlayed that into more of like an educational model, then you learn more from that you started chirp. And so I feel like you of all people have a really good understanding of the different stages of growth in the business and also specifically for home service, right? There’s different levels as someone is leveling up, like getting to that first million seems like that hurdle and then getting to the next million or the three.

And then after that. And so I wonder if you could speak to that, because at least even for myself I noticed that when I reach a certain level, there’s like something, I have to shift with my identity to stay at that level, otherwise I drop back down again. So could you speak to identity as well as, I don’t know that self development that you need as you’re growing companies. Yes, absolutely. So um this kind of takes me back to This, this when I was 16, I’ve always been pretty entrepreneur, I’ve always wanted to own a business.

One of my dad’s best friends growing up was like, he’s a just mega wealthy nine figure guy. Um and I was able to just see what’s possible. He was, he came from zero and has built a $4 billion 23 there was this guy that uh he was in our church, he was, he made these chocolate chip cookies that were just like intensely good, like the best chocolate chip and everybody’s like, oh you got to start a business, you gotta sell these, you gotta sell these, you gotta sell these.

And finally he was like, yeah, everybody says they want my cookies, I’m gonna start a cookie business. So he rents this spot in town and he starts painting and he called it the crate, I feel kind of bad if he was ever to see this, but it was a terrible, terrible idea. Um not the cookies, but the way that he, he did it and he painted the building to look like a crate like a ship, a shipping crate had like an arrow like this side up and like parcel that looked like, you know, an old timey like indiana jones crate, you know, that would be on like a ship or something.

And he started selling cookies and um he, I remember ordering some from him, I called him up and I said, hey we want some cookies and we lived in a mountain area, like a mountain town. So so houses were pretty far apart and like you drive, you could drive 2030 minutes to get to a house and I ordered, we were like 16, we had like 10 bucks and we ordered $10 worth of cookies and it was like six cookies and free deliveries and so he delivers these cookies and it took him a half an hour to do it and he made 10 bucks minus the cost of his cookies and his gas.

And I remember being young and going that’s that’s not gonna work. Like I remember going, that’s just not gonna work and the idea and I’m kind of, this is kind of a drawn out story here, but the point is a lot of people think that just because they’re good at the product or service they’re offering that they’re good at running a business and that’s a huge mistake to make, if you, you may be really, really good at H. Vac. But if you are not focusing on being a good business owner, you’re going to get to a, you’re going to cap out usually that’s at around a million dollars a year in revenue which is typically enough to survive as, as an owner.

But to scale beyond that is very difficult because you are relying on you being a really good age, that guy and not a good business owner that can scale a business. And so I would say at the very beginning of course you have to be a good age that guy, but it’s not enough. You need to know that this is a business just like the cookies or a business, there are companies now that are massive cookie companies doing very well. Their cookies aren’t even as good as that guy’s cookies, but the point is that they’re better business than he was and so you need to have the mindset of always learning new business strategies, how to run a business.

You can’t, you can’t focus 100% of your attention on being a really good age fat guy, you should be proficient and professional and good at age back. But you also need to be a really business guy. So I would say if you’re, if you’re in that position and know this unless you are apple, you can learn something, don’t ever think that oh I’ve scaled, I know everything, I’m the best, your mindset should be until I’m the size of apple, I know nothing and I should be learning more and more and more and that’s why that’s where like podcasts come into play, you should be listening to podcasts.

There’s a lot of really good books. Um and one of the things with mindset that has helped me hugely. I read a book recently that really kind of put my thoughts in order of how I felt about this. But I would recommend a book called The Gap in the game. Mm This talks greatly about the curse. Oh if I get to this level, I’m gonna be happy if I get to this level I’ll be happy if I start making $3 million dollars in the business, I’ll be happy if I get to five million, I’ll be happy.

You’re never going to be happy if that’s your mentality, you’ll continue to scale and you’ll always fall short of the freedom and happiness you’re looking for. That’s called the gap. Thinking the game thinking is thinking backwards and saying, look how far I’ve come. I’ve can’t, if I could just tell myself a year ago that I would be here, he would be a very excited person, you know, and so on and so focusing and prioritizing your, your happiness is key and not always being so hard on yourself that you have to get to the next level and being grateful and showing that you know for where you’re at, not relying on some future date that will make you happy.

I love that. And I had a mentor talk to me about a similar idea, it’s called identity lag and it’s this idea that our current self identity is about 2 to 3 years behind of like what we’ve actually accomplished and so your competence is here but your confidence is like down here and he talks about like we need to align these so that your actual competence matches your confidence. And so a big part of that is gratitude, remembering the things you’ve accomplished, the things you’ve done and like sometimes just patting yourself on the back.

Hey, I’m, I’m actually kind of a bad as I actually did all these things like I’m not the version of myself three or five years ago, like I’m not completely different, don’t be so hard on yourself. Like take the wins and say cool, this is cool, it’s and, and, and, and again, like if you need those things to be happy that you should automatically say, okay, something’s wrong if you need them, you there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make $100 million There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be very successful.

It’s whether or not you need it to be happy, that’s the problem. And so if you need it, you’re, you need to reevaluate, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting, being heavily driven, heavily motivated, really, really, you know out there to really crush it. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just shouldn’t be what makes makes or breaks your happiness and I love that. Yeah, I’m pumped up about to run through a brick wall or something. Well, well awesome. We’re coming up on the hour, so I guess one of my last question would be, what’s next for church?

Because you know, there’s a lot of exciting things happening with the integrations you guys are building, you guys are out there, um what, what can we expect to see over the next 1 to 2 years? Like what’s the roadmap look like? Yeah, so we’re constantly enhancing our ability to trigger different things from different points um within the Crm, so we’re always looking for ways to say if this happens in the Crm do this, so there’s more and more trigger opportunities coming up. We always want to be able to come up with more ways to trigger campaigns um where we are as much as this sounds like we’re working backwards.

We always built the system knowing that text message and voice mail was like a huge part of it, and email was cool, but not as necessary, were actually we want email to still have its place and so we’re going to be enhancing the email capabilities. Um we’ve worked hard to bring all of communication into one place. So in one spot we have text message, email, voicemail, facebook messenger google messages all within one place, so that CSR spend their time in one spot. So that’s pretty cool. We have integrations with various payment platforms coming out so that you can trigger automated follow ups for collections, you can trigger automatic links to go out um for payments you know a job complete or if you need to on the fly create a uh you know a text message that goes to the customer with a certain like a manual amount that they need to pay.

You’ll be able to do payments. Um Lots of cool stuff like that. Trying to think of what other integrations we have. Um Sarah, the company Sarah We are will be the first when they actually do open up that side. The integration will be the first to integrate and have these functionalities available with Sarah. That’s some of the, some of the stuff on the on the board for the next 12 months. That’s amazing. And really like living true to the deepest damn integrations that you could possibly get. Yeah.

Yeah awesome. So I think we’ll close out any last parting words of advice you’d like to share with everyone before we wrap up for the day you got into business to create freedom and happiness for yourself, allow that to happen. Don’t don’t kill yourself. There’s not, this is uh this is meant to be um as an entrepreneur, you should be looking for that freedom and and we just, it eludes us so allow it to happen, wow, it’s a happening Yeah, I need that advice to thank you.

Rise, I appreciate it. Thank you for being on um I hope everyone got some great value out of this. Um also if you are looking for an automation platform, definitely go to chirp um you know, I think one of the special things you guys have is the fact that you have someone that can help create the automation is and help advise and have the intelligence of seeing other companies and what works. So really it’s a really standout thing for myself. So yeah, one of the, yeah, just to end on that, our group, our facebook group is all entrepreneurs, all owners that are, they’re talking about automation.

Um it’s a great place to be a great community. Awesome. Well thank you Ryan, thank you everyone and yeah, we will catch you on the next episode. Alright, take care everyone. Thank you for joining us for the H Vac financial freedom podcast. Follow us on Stream Yard Apple podcast, Spotify, amazon music and check out our main website www dot H. Vac financial freedom dot com. To find out how you can also achieve financial freedom

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