How a Bad Web Design Can Hurt Your Plumbing and HVAC Business

Jul 24, 2023 | Web Design

Is your plumbing and HVAC business having trouble bringing in new customers? Your website could be the culprit. 

A bad web design could hurt your business’s reputation and turn potential customers away at the (digital) door. Your website is your calling card, and it needs to be attractive, efficient, informative, and professional to make a good impression on prospective clients. 

But unless you’re a digital marketing expert, you may not know what a poor website design looks like — and whether your site fits the bill. Continue reading to learn the elements of bad web design and how it can impact your plumbing and HVAC business. Then, talk to the digital marketing professionals at Polianna about upgrading your website. 


Elements of Bad Web Design

The differences between good vs. bad website design are stark. High-quality websites attract users, guide them through web pages effortlessly, and create a sleek, modern impression of the business. Bad web designs do the opposite. 

But what are the specific elements that make up poor web design? The following are some of the most common: 


Odd Color Palette

Humans naturally respond to certain color schemes in specific ways. Cool colors inherently invoke a calm response, while warm colors create excitement. 

In the same way, humans have developed expectations for what the color schemes of websites should look like. If your website has too many bright colors or an incoherent palette, it won’t be visually appealing, and users will immediately form impressions of your business based on an ill-designed color scheme. 

Generally, for HVAC and plumbing businesses, it’s best to stick to neutral colors with a few pops for good measure. Using gray, cream, white, or even muted blues and greens in the background and text can create a professional image. Then, you can use red, orange, or yellow for elements you want to stand out, such as your CTAs. 


Confusing Navigation

Your website is the ultimate resource for users to learn about your business, and it should make finding that information as easy as possible. When users have trouble locating your contact information, service descriptions, or “About Us” pages, they won’t hesitate to leave your site and find a more easily navigable one. 


Slow Loading Speeds

Your website’s loading speed may not seem like it has anything to do with your web design, but in reality, the graphic elements on your site can bog down loading speeds. If your site has too many videos or moving parts, it could take longer than average to load from the search engine results. 

You can check your website’s loading speed with several free online tools. Your speed should be less than three seconds, the sweet spot being between one and two seconds. 


Error-Ridden Website Content

Your website content is a major component of your web design. Readers won’t think highly of your business when it is full of typos, grammatical errors, or even inaccuracies. Many plumbing and HVAC businesses work with professional copywriters to write high-quality web content. 


How Can a Poor Web Design Impact Your Business?

Unfortunately, a bad web design can negatively affect your plumbing and HVAC business. 


Hurt Your Credibility

Your website is a reflection of your business, whether you want it to be or not.

When new users visit your website for the first time, they’ll immediately form an impression of what type of business you run. An outdated, laggy, oddly colored website creates a negative impression that makes your website seem to be of low quality. 

Potential customers may not feel comfortable scheduling services with your company because they have already deemed you to be a low-quality business. It doesn’t matter if this opinion is founded in truth or not. Users know they have plenty of other options for plumbing and HVAC companies, so they won’t think twice about leaving your website in favor of another business. 


Lower Your Search Engine Rankings

When Google’s search engine algorithm looks for websites to display in search results, website design plays a significant role. Bad web design could hurt your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Google will recognize that your site won’t answer users’ search queries as well as other sites. 

And if you have slow loading speeds or bad web design overall, your bounce rate — or the frequency users leave your website after landing on the home page — will increase. Google considers bounce rate in its search engine algorithm as well. 


Turn Users Away

If your website doesn’t load within four seconds, one in four users will leave your site before they even have a chance to learn about your services. Slow loading speed is a symptom of bad web design that can severely harm your profitability. 

Even users who make it onto your website won’t stay long if it lacks a proper and intuitive design. Immediate gratification is essential for website users who know that countless other options await them one back-click away on the Google search results page. If users can’t immediately find the information they’re looking for or have trouble navigating through your website, they’ll leave.


Make Your Services Look Outdated

Modern internet users expect the websites they visit to be clean, updated, and on trend. If your website looks like it came from a 2005 textbook, some users will associate your outdated website with your services. 

Potential customers will hesitate to schedule with you if they’re unsure you can provide modern HVAC services. Even freshening up your font and color scheme may be enough to create a more contemporary image of your business through savvy web design. 


Enhance Your Web Design With Polianna

Don’t let a bad web design hurt your plumbing and HVAC business any longer. Our digital marketing experts at Polianna are well versed in the most important web design elements and would be happy to revamp your site for the hippest users. 

Schedule a discovery call today to learn how we can help your business grow.

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