5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Plumbing and HVAC Businesses

Jun 5, 2023 | Email Marketing

If you don’t know any better, you might think email marketing is dead in the age of social media. Why bother composing emails when you can reach more people with a Facebook or Instagram post?

Here’s the thing, though: There’s plenty of life left in good old email marketing — hence the unceasing demand for Email Marketing services.

A trusted email marketing agency like Polianna can help you craft the perfect emails for your target audience and reap results that just aren’t possible with other forms of digital marketing.

Read on to learn about the many benefits of email marketing for plumbing and HVAC businesses.


Create Targeted and Personalized Content Your Customers Love

Unlike social media posts, emails are almost infinitely customizable. You can experiment with the font and colors and integrate your branding, but most importantly, you can customize each email to different audience segments all the way down to the individual customer.

For instance, you can segment your audience by:

  • Geographical location
  • Engagement levels
  • Time period when a subscriber joined your mailing list
  • Customer type (returning vs. one-time customers; plumbing vs. HVAC customers, etc.)

Once you have your target segment, you can proceed to create emails that speak to their unique needs. From including the contact’s name in the subject line and salutation to adding custom videos and images and incorporating different messaging in the copy, the only limit is your creativity.


But Why Should You Care About Email Personalization?

A mounting body of research consistently shows that customers appreciate targeted content. In a 2021 study, HubSpot — a leading marketing and sales software company — found that the most effective subject lines with the highest clickthrough rates were personalized and engaging.

Personalized email campaigns are also a fantastic way to deliver more value to your customers and boost brand loyalty with content that speaks their language and addresses their individual concerns.

Yet another HubSpot study found that marketers who used segmented email campaigns saw as much as a 760% surge in revenue.


Learn More About Your Audience

Successful plumbing and HVAC businesses take the time to really listen to their customers.

Different demographics will have different concerns. Some prioritize cost-effectiveness, while others may be willing to invest a little more upfront in exchange for higher-quality materials and longer-lasting results. But you can’t know which one’s which if you don’t ask.

That’s where emails come in.

One of the main benefits of email marketing is that it enables you to communicate with your audience one-on-one. You can collect valuable feedback about individual customers’ experience with your brand as well as their needs, wants, and even recommendations about improving your services.

A great way to collect customer feedback is through email surveys. You could also send an occasional open-ended prompt, inviting your audience to email you their questions and ideas.

To encourage participation, consider giving a special discount, a product giveaway, or a free service such as an HVAC inspection.


Harness the Power of Analytics

In addition to direct responses to surveys and other marketing prompts, you can learn a lot about your customers through email analytics.

Marketing automation and email marketing software can collect heaps of valuable data on email campaign performance and customer behavior, including:

  • Email open rates
  • Clickthrough rates
  • Service calls from new prospects
  • Service calls from repeat customers
  • Engagement and time spent reading an email


Generate Traffic to Your Website

Smaller plumbing and HVAC businesses sometimes struggle to break through the noise and get noticed online.

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to helping your website rank higher in Google’s search results, email marketing campaigns can also generate traffic to your site and improve your search engine rankings.

For instance, potential customers may discover your website after stumbling upon a landing page you’ve created to promote a free PDF guide on plumbing basics for new homeowners.

To download the guide, visitors must sign up with their emails. Once they sign up, they receive an automatic email with their copy of the guide plus a gentle call to action inviting them to check out your website for more DIY tips and tricks.


Get More Service Calls by Focusing on Repeat Customers

Did you know that it’s easier and more cost-effective to get a repeat customer to buy again than to convert a new one?

According to research by MyCustomer.com, an online resource for customer experience and customer service professionals, loyal customers spend 33% more per order on average.

Other studies have found that the likelihood of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, compared to a measly 5-20% for new prospects.

One of the major benefits of email marketing for small businesses is that it makes it easy to tap your existing customer base. According to HubSpot, a staggering 99% of consumers check their email daily, so your next promotional email is bound to reach your target audience.

Of course, just because customers will see your email in their inbox doesn’t automatically mean they will open it. Still, marketing emails have a good open rate. Studies estimate that the average open rate for emails across fields is 32%. The highest (47%) is in the arts industry.

Can you guess which industry has the second-highest email open rate? That’s right — plumbing and HVAC (45%).


Increase Your Revenue

According to HubSpot, email is the biggest source of return on investment (ROI) for 59% of marketers.

You don’t want to sleep on this. Incorporating email campaigns into your broader marketing strategy is an easy and highly effective way to boost your revenue. Better still, it comes at a fraction of the cost of other digital marketing channels.


Plumbing & HVAC Email Marketing Services From Polianna

Email marketing isn’t overwhelming with the right partner at your side. Polianna’s experts can take care of the marketing legwork while you focus on what only you can do — growing your business and delighting your customers.

To learn more about the benefits of email marketing or the reasons why your email marketing is bad, call Polianna at (703) 475-6907 to schedule your free discovery call.

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