Case Study: DM Select Services based in Lorton, Virginia

DM Select Services was looking to grow their business when they found Polianna. They were unhappy with their current SEO provider and wanted a new way to reach more people. 

We first connected with DM Select Services from a referral from a web designer. We discussed their current situation, and went over a strategy of how they could take advantage of Google to bring in new leads which included updating their website, creating new content, and bringing in more backlinks to their website. 

When we signed the proposal, we got to work on optimizing their website. We went on to optimize their website by fixing broken links, building backlinks, and optimizing content so that it would rank higher in Google searches.  

Over the course of the next few years, we 

  • Developed brand new landing pages for each city they wanted to target
  • Built backlinks monthly to their website and city pages 
  • Reoptimize website code for new algorithm changes on Google
  • Posted targeted blog articles to build their authority online
  • Optimized Google Map listings for each city they are targeting
  • Continuous research and optimization for location expansion and targeting

Here’s where DM Select Services is now…

  • Total of 210 keywords ranking on Page 1
    • For Locations: (12 locations) Fairfax Station, Winchester, Lorton, Great Falls, Burke, Leesburg, McLean, Alexandria, Ashburn, Manassas, Fredericksburg, Arlington
    • For Key Terms: ‘hvac’ ‘air conditioning’ ‘cooling’ ‘heating’ ‘plumbing’, more
    • For Search Types: both Organic Search and Google Maps


  • Ranking for total of 2,153 organic keywords


  • Increase in organic traffic: 252.36% (5,835 vs 1,656)
    • NOW: Average of 973 organic users per month
    • THEN: Average of 276 organic users per month


  • Increase in number of phone calls: more than 6x increase (6,413 vs 1,022)
    • NOW: Average of 1,069 phone calls per month from the website
    • THEN: Average of 170 phone calls per month from the website


And with revenue, DM Select Service’s annual revenue grew from $1M in 2017 to $15M in 2020. We continue to work with DM Select, and 2021 looks to be their best year yet.

If you’re interested in being a successful case study like DM Select Services, we’re happy to help you grow your business through the power of SEO.


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