A Plumber’s Guide to Facebook Dynamic Ads

Oct 4, 2023 | Social Media Marketing (SMM)

You’ve done everything right. You’re an established contractor with a successful plumbing business, but you’ve seen a plateau in growth. Despite your marketing efforts, and maybe even working with a marketing firm, you struggle to attract more customers.

It’s no secret that social media is the heart of digital marketing. Millions of people scroll through several apps a day. This is where Facebook Dynamic Ads comes in. 

Facebook ads for plumbing contractors may not immediately pique a potential customer’s interest, but when they require your services, they’ll remember your company’s name. 


What Are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

You’re probably already familiar with the ins and outs of a traditional ad campaign. You define your audience, create an online banner or pop-up ad, and run the campaign. For most ads, once they’re running, they remain static. You can’t alter them.

With Facebook Dynamic Ads, your ads adjust in real time. You fill in your customer data using ad templates, and Facebook targets them for you.

Facebook will use customer data to determine who has searched for similar services. Then, they’ll show your ad for the service that most closely aligns with that customer’s history of purchases and needs. 

Facebook advertising can feel overwhelming if you’ve never used it, but it will take your marketing to the next level. 


How Do Plumbers Work With Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Facebook makes using its ad platform easy for busy people like you. If you want to improve your plumbing company’s visibility, set up your first dynamic ad. 

Start by incorporating a Meta Pixel into your site. You can do this by adding a pixel code, which is available on Facebook’s business products page. Next, you must add events. These work as “triggers” for your ad to appear on a user’s feed. 

For example, you may choose “view content” to fire your ad when someone looks at similar content. If a customer makes a purchase similar to what you offer, you can also have your plumbing service advertised to them.

Set up your Facebook product catalog. This includes all products and services you want to promote. Remember that you can display these ads using a carousel format, so grouping similar services or products is ideal. 

After that, choose your custom audience. You may advertise to a “broad” audience of those who haven’t viewed your plumbing service. You may also advertise to an audience that has viewed your service but hasn’t interacted with it yet.

A “cross-sell” shows a customer who has interacted with your service or webpage more relevant ads. 


Why Your Plumbing Company Needs Facebook Dynamic Ads

Sometimes, traditional ads don’t cut it. You need to get creative, and Facebook Dynamic Ads allows you to target audiences more specifically. This will help increase your conversion rates. You compete with every other plumbing company in the area, so you must stand out. Increasing your visibility is the best way to start. 

Advertising is more than the ad itself; it’s how you deliver it. Facebook Dynamic Ads delivers ads perfectly timed and targeted. 


The more personal ads are, the better. Your potential customers see hundreds of ads a day scrolling on their phones. Your ads are much more likely to have an impact when you personalize them to your customers’ experience.

Time Efficient 

It’s frustrating to spend so much time on marketing, only to have no results. With Facebook Dynamic Ads, you can promote your plumbing service easily. Once you have the pixel installed, setting up each ad is simple. Since it adapts on its own, you have very little maintenance to do afterward. This means you can focus on what matters most: your clients. 


Facebook Dynamic Ads saves you time and money. With traditional ads, you need a much larger volume since you can’t target customers as effectively.

Facebook Dynamic Ads uses retargeting or remarketing to target customers who have already interacted with your service or similar services, so you don’t need to spend as much money trying to reach as many people as possible.

These benefits make Facebook Dynamic Ads extremely effective. When you own a plumbing company, this marketing approach is essential. You want to remind customers of their great experience the last time they interacted with your service so they return when they need you again. 


How Plumbers Can Use Facebook Dynamic Ads

Now that you know the importance of Facebook Dynamic Ads, you should know how to leverage this marketing tool to its fullest potential. 

Use Different Templates for Special Offers

Do you ever offer seasonal discounts on your services? What about special offers for returning customers? You can promote such ads separately from the rest of your product set using a different Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) template. 

Use Countdown Ads 

Facebook allows you to update your ads as much as you need. If you want to count down to a specific offer, use a time-based ad to change the price of a service over time. 

Use Reviews

If you have positive reviews, you should be using them. These are free marketing opportunities. By including positive customer reviews in your dynamic ads, you can show other customers you have a good reputation. 

Keep Your Brand in Mind

Your plumbing company has a particular brand made up of values, a color scheme, and language. Remember to use these elements in your ads. Your dynamic ads should reflect who your company is. Customers will appreciate the authenticity. 


Transform Your Marketing Approach With Polianna 

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