Finding A-Players to Grow Your Contracting Business with Paul Sanneman

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Join us for a game-changing episode of the HVAC Financial Freedom Podcast: ‘Finding A-Players to Grow Your Contracting Business.’ Host John Victoria of Polianna, sits with Paul Sanneman, the genius behind Contractor Staffing Source. With a vast coaching background and a passion for making businesses more efficient, Paul dives into the crucial topic of attracting and hiring the best talent for HVAC contractors. Learn from Paul’s extensive experience as he shares actionable strategies to find and keep A-Players that can propel your business forward. This episode is a must-watch for HVAC contractors aiming for growth, efficiency, and a competitive edge in the market.

Tune in for insights that could redefine your hiring process and help scale your business. Don’t forget to subscribe for more episodes on achieving HVAC financial freedom.

00:00 Recruiting Strategies for Contractors

06:53 Recruitment Strategies for Construction Companies

10:20 Using AI in Job Recruitment

20:03 Effective Recruitment and Employee Retention

33:50 Building a Winning Team

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Audio Transcript

Welcome to the H VAC Financial Freedom podcast, a show to help you create more revenue, profit and freedom in your life. Now, your host, John Victoria. Hello and welcome everyone to the H VAC Financial Freedom Podcast. My name is John Victoria, your host and we are back and it is 2024. Happy New Year. Happy New Year, everyone. Absolutely. And uh I’m glad to be back because uh for November and December, my voice was out and so I was unable to really record any solid episodes. And so, um I am very excited to kick off the year with a very special guest.

Um We’ll be introducing in a moment and uh and just for context on the issue that we’re covering today, it’s the issue that so many contractors have told me about. Theres. It can’t find good people. They, they don’t exist like, you know, it’s just too competitive out there. And uh and it’s just like a very pressing problem that is being experienced in the trades across the country. Right? There’s demographic shortages and, you know, there’s an aging population and people are leaving and now young people want to be youtube Stars and Tik Tok.

I tell your son, I really want you to be an age fact specialist. He goes, dad, I’m gonna be a youtube winner. Right. I make my money playing Fortnite or something. Right. Exactly. And, and it’s crazy. Right. It’s, um, and so, yeah, there’s a lot of that that’s happening, uh, just generally in the world but, um, I’m excited because we’re bringing, um, Paul Sentiment, who is the, uh the owner of the contractor staffing source. And I mean, you guys do an incredible amount of hiring. I, I saw on your website 75,000 applicants screened 400 employees hired a 94%.

It’s actually large than that. The number is we, we hired over 1000 or so people at least then we get to 200,000 resumes to find it. Wow. Wow. Wow, that’s, that’s a lot of digging. You gotta kiss a lot of frogs. What can I say? Gotta kiss a lot of frogs. And so that’s why I’m so excited because, um this isn’t theory like this is things that you’re doing every single day. And I think even just before we were starting, you were, you’re telling me how many open positions you guys are, are hiring for right now.

So, um, so that’s really what I want to bring to everyone who’s listening to the H VAC Financial Freedom podcast. You know, we want, you know, real practical information that we can apply and bringing you someone who’s doing it actively. Like that’s the best way to get results. And so, um Paul, welcome to the show. Ok, thanks. I appreciate being here. So, couple things, I’m an old guy. I’ve been doing this and I’ve been in the construction industry 50 years between coaching and recruiting. That kind of thing.

What happened was about three or four years ago. I could get people from a million to 303 million. That was a big deal, but they couldn’t find the employees. That was the biggest problem. That was, that was three or four years ago. So I decided, well, I’ll give him this really cool software. I recharged all the technology, gave him all this stuff and they totally screwed up. Ok. Fine. I started with a guy in my garage said, ok, let’s just do it for my clients and we’ll find them people.

There’s, we can use the software and all the resources I found and we’ll do it for him. Well, now we have 30 give to give say so 30 people on the team, we have 400 positions open any given day. We go through 22550 plus resumes a week and we hire 210 or 215 people a week. And the good news, we have a 23000% chance of them staying for longer. So you might say, how do you do that? Right. Well, I’m gonna show you how to do it yourself if you wanted just to do it.

That’s fine. But it took me a while to learn what I was doing wrong. And now that we’ve got the system down, it really works well. But there’s some principles you have to follow and some things you have to give up that I call Miss of the industry in order to do this. Ok. So let me start off, let me start with the myth just for fun. These are things that a lot of you contractors believe that flat aren’t true. One is only hire when you need someone.

Not true. You should be recruiting all of the time because then you never know who’s out there. You always keep your line in the water because your ideal candidate may be looking for a job. But if you don’t look for them, they’re not gonna look for you. Ok. Second employees are expensive. They’re not, you can’t make any money without them, right? So you don’t, employees are the best thing you’re gonna invest in. Employees are not expensive. They’re the best thing you’re ever gonna put your money into.

Third minute. Oh, we can do it ourselves. Well, I hate to put it into that one, but that’s why I started this company because what happens is kind has a lot of practices. Excuse me? Do you have a hard time following? You just can’t do now, I’ll explain what they are later. So I suggest, I mean, you generally don’t do your own accounting. You don’t do your, you have people that do your marketing, do other things for you. I suggest you get somebody else to recruiting because they’ll probably do better, faster and cheaper and you’re gonna, but people think, oh, how hard it is.

I put in. Indeed. Guy shows up a week later. I call him. We’re all good. The biggest problem you have as a contractor is building a winning team. The big I look at companies are successful, even like Eon Musk, he’s a brilliant guy, but his ability to build teams is why he’s a gazillionaire, right? You have to have the ability to build a team to that. You have to have the people to build a team with. It just doesn’t happen automatically. So the two things you never stop doing are marketing and you never stop recruiting because you always need more clients.

You always need more people. Next one, just recruit in the construction industry. I’ve heard that is all, you know, not true during the pandemic. We had a big problem with selection coordinators. Think about this. A wedding planner, right? I mean, a wedding planner has to get a bunch of sort of flaky people to go the band, the flower lady, the event to all those people, right? They’re not known for being the most stable business of them, right? And they have to show up at the right place at the right time and everybody’s gotta be happy and they have to do a good job.

It has to look good. Does this like remodel to you or an HVAC thing, doesn’t it? So that the person is doing that on purpose for way less money than they’re gonna make with you? So, wedding planners have been great people. So we hire outside the construction industry all the time and it works well who they are is way more important than what they know if you can train people to do bitch about anything, but you can’t train them to be a better person. Next one, hire fast, far slow.

The reason you hire fast is you’re not recruiting all the time and you’re desperate, right? What happens is people? Oh my God, I need my best guy. Just quit or I just got this big job. I need somebody. You run down the first war body shows up. You hire right? Then they become the world’s worst employee. Not bad enough to fire, not good enough to keep, they will kill an so you, they think they hire fast and then they fire slow because you can’t replace this guy, whoever it is.

So you keep the person on and an example, let’s say they lie. But only occasionally you show a plate, only occasionally they steal from you. Only occasionally you put them with your best crew. What are you teaching your best crew? It’s ok to lie. Cheat and steal. Yeah. Bad thing to learn. Right. And so they’ll lower the standards of your entire company because you’re putting up with somebody who should get rid of the truth is you should hire slow, take a long time to make sure you’ve got the right person and fire fast.

The minute, you know, there are liabilities of an asset. One of the things they tell people is if you start a new company tomorrow and you had to let everybody go. You’re starting one next door. You got a not, you don’t have a, not competing. So same company up again. Who would you rehire anybody? You wouldn’t rehire, you should fire. Simple rule of thumb. So when you listen to podcast, think about that, if you’re starting a new company, anybody that you wouldn’t rehire, you should fire now, why are you gonna fire them?

Because you make good place. That’s all the time. It all sort of ties together. I think people are recruiting is a project. Is that a project? I mean, construction, everybody, construction thinks of project like it has a start, a beginning and an end. Let me tell you some things don’t have a start in beginning of me. One is recruiting and one is marketing. You’re always recruiting, you’re always marketing, it’s gotta be done all the time. So knowing if you get those myths out of your brain and know that you recruit all the time, employees are inexpensive, you can get somebody else to do it better and cheaper and you can do it.

You recruit outside the industry, you hire slow and fire fast and you recruit is not a project you do all the time. Assuming you’ve already bought that. Now, I’m gonna go into, what do you need to recruit? What are the best recruiting practices? And again, there’s really, I’d say there’s more of a short, there has been, if you look at the average uh construction worker, I think 21200 years old, that’s sort of sad, isn’t it? That’s the, and also 21200% are leaving and 353% are coming in. It’s getting worse because in this culture and my kids, an example, he doesn’t wanna be an electrician or a carpenter.

He wants a real job, right? So we have culturally degraded. So I think that like HVAC people, they, even if they make a lot of money, I mean, a good help, plumber makes 235 and 250,2400 a year, right? But it’s not a cool job. So our culture hasn’t helped any and a lot of people have to come literally from out of the side of the country who appreciate the opportunity. That’s why, you know, a lot of the labor force, Hispanic and different cultures because they appreciate the opportunity because their cultures promote that where in our culture, being a tradesperson is not cool.

I don’t think it’s getting any better unfortunately. Right. So um comment that this is, in my opinion, the best practices in recruiting. Ok. First you start with the job ad. Now I’m asking a question. Do you use Chat GP? T? Yes, I do. Do. Ok. Your new best friend. Right. This is because it didn’t exist a year ago. I can’t believe it. It’s only a year old. It’s amazing. A, I has transformed a lot of stuff. We use it a lot and it makes our job way easier and faster and we can do a better job for less money.

So the art of the job ad use chat GP T use A I and you use an ad just say, I know what kind of a, what kind of a would you want to write? Give me a typical ad that you think what your clients are gonna write. Somebody listens to this podcast would write. Mm What they are looking for? A CS R customer service representative? Ok. And what does the CS R do and picking up phones talking to customers scheduling? So let’s say we’re talking to chat GP T, what would you tell it to do if you were to write an, a job ad for that person?

Um For me personally, I would say something like uh you are a recruiting expert, please create a job listing for a customer service representative, a brief bio of like a position requirements and other, you know, nice to haves and for the job listing. So something like that. And given, you know, prompt engineering is at the heart, right? I mean, you say I’m a H VA contractor and you know, Toledo Ohio, I’m looking for a CS R. Please write me a job ad and do a detail and I’ll do that.

Make it funny, make it humorous. I remember one time I was writing a collection letters and you can say write a collection, like an attorney that wrote, like write a collection letter, like a contract or contractor. They said write a collection letter like Shakespeare. And the whole thing said Shakespeare was great that now write a collection like the mafia. And it was like, we know where you live, you do wanna pay us, right? Um It can be very interesting so you can have it, have it, write the ad for you, then mess with it.

Make it more humorous. Make it more interesting. You don’t keep rewriting the thing. You ever get tired. You ever complains and rest more money. It’s all good and just use that to write your job ad. OK. Ways una was before A I. So use a I to write your job ads. Make sure they’re interesting. They’re fun. They’re not boring, right? And Chet GP is really make it interesting and find it will do that. So the first thing is a great job. Next thing post it everywhere. When we do, we, we post an ad, we post on 100 job.

Boards plus linkedin plus Facebook plus, let’s see. Zip Recruiter Ma, we post it everywhere. All right, don’t just stick an ad and indeed, and think you’re done, you got to post it everywhere. Also go to your local supplier, put a poster, you know, H Vac H Vac person wanted it, have fun with it, but make sure it goes everywhere. That’s key. And what you’re putting out there is very interesting because you’re trying to get somebody to want to come to work for you. Anybody who’s any good is already working.

So you gotta get them to quit their current job and come to work for you. Unless you go and give enough reasons to do that, they’ll never find somebody guaranteed. You don’t wanna hire anybody that’s unemployed. If you’re unemployed right now, you’re in sad shape. So you’re trying to get somebody from somebody else to quit their job and come to work for you. So you gotta make sure your job ad is that interesting that it gets them to want to apply to you and they even see it because they may not be going to Indy.

They may be, they may be on linkedin. We search linkedin for people and things like that. So make sure that it goes everywhere. All right, that’s the 2nd, 3rd respond in minute. This is where contractors have a problem when. So we, we post 400 job ads any given day and we respond within five minutes of every job ad. Why? Because we have a, I, we have 30 people working for us. We have people all over the world we’re able to do. That makes a huge difference. Just think if you’re an H VAC contractor and somebody calls you and says, you know, my air conditioning system is broken.

How soon do you want to call them back? You wanna wait a week? Mhm. Probably not. They’re calling for the people besides you, right. Job ads assembly. They’re applying for five companies, not just yours. So if you get back to him in a couple minutes, they go wow, this company is wrapped together, right? So literally respond within minutes if you can’t. This is tough. This is why a lot of people hire us to do it because you have to on the average you have to go through 200 applicants to find one person.

So that’s just the numbers we go through 503 applicants a week. So we have to, we have a lot of a I we have a lot of people doing all this. You have pipelines, you to mire pipelines all day long because that’s what doesn’t work. You can’t put an ad in and then look at your your applicants like a day or two later and then give them a call maybe and then have it just you get the garbage, you won’t get good people. You’ve got to respond in minutes. Ok?

Then once you respond in minutes, you’ve got to do some kind of screening process we use, I think they have the most sophisticated assessment out there. I’ll tell you more than about their mom in about 45 minutes you take, but there’s a lot of assessments out there. You can use just profiles, you can use Kobe. Uh, there’s a lot of assessments available. We have, I think one of the best industry but you have to, you can tell where that person is honest can show if they’re smart. We do a disprove, I predict the dis profiles.

We definitely have the right person. I position, we know all about this person even before we talk to them. It’s amazing. Sorry, my phone went off, I’ll have to kill it. There we go. Phone, I should turn my phone off. That’s a bad thing. Why isn’t messy? Ok. Sorry, a trip. I think it was the only thing that’s live, right can tell it’s like that was my wife and to her coming back. So that’s all good. So next, so again, um use a proper assessment that’s really important.

Ok. It’s because if you don’t, if the assessment because of the technology out there, especially with A I, you can know all about this person. You can know whether they’re the right fit for the job, the right personality, the right intelligence. We even can tell whether they’re honest or not, whether they, we have ways of assessing all aspects of their personality, depending on we know whether or not they’re the right person for the job because we’ve done 1000 of these. So we compare their profile with what we know is an ideal profile whose person succeeded at being that specific position.

This is technology wasn’t available before. So we’re able to tell exactly if they’re the right person and the right intelligence for the job. So use assessments, they’re getting better all the time. Next, do reference checks and use interviews. OK? You can do an interview on Zoom if you want to, you can do it an interview in person but use reference checks and interviews because I mean, I’ll give it just a bad example, but it’s true. I had a client of mine that got embezzled by the bookkeeper happens all the time.

So they hired another bookkeeper, they got embezzled by the second book. They went to the D A and said, could you proxy get this person? And they said, do you realize this person got fired from her last job for embezzling? Like come on, you know, I mean, do background checks, do reference checks. All this technology is available if you don’t, you know, do it yourself, how best do it for you but do it because I mean, we find people 95% of the time and they work out why?

Because we do all this stuff, right? All this technology is available to you. I mean, if you’re digging a hole and you’re using a shovel and I’m using a backhoe, guess who’s gonna win? Right. Right. So this is where technologies come as recruiting. Now. The latest thing which we haven’t developed yet, but it’s in the process, literally, a, I will be having the conversation to the interview A I is getting. So I listened to one the other day, it was a little delayed. You could sort of tell was a I because you asked like, what’s this job about?

What are you asking for a client? And I was doing the interview kind of thing with person? And a I hesitated a little bit but three months, I won’t hesitate. You will not know the difference between A I and a real person. You won’t be able to tell unless they’re legislated to tell you which hasn’t happened yet. So the technology can help you and use that technology use. We have automated reference checks, we have background checks. They’re cheap for like 2550 bucks a piece. You can do automated background checks.

This is all technology that you can use to help you find good people. So I don’t think we have a labor shortage. We have a shortage of people using the right tools to find the labor. Yeah. And we’ve proven that, I mean, we hire 10 to 15 people a week, right. So, I mean, we do it, I think my biggest problem used to be. We were so good at what we did. We charge 3000 a month and people had and use it for two months and fire us because we found everybody.

I asked her, why did you leave now? But, well, because you did a great job, you know, we got our people. We’re good. So I had to change my pricing for now. I charge, um, 1200 bucks a month, which is way cheaper. But I asked people to commit for a year because if these should all be always be recruiting and I don’t think, do all the stuff we doing for 1200 bucks a month. You don’t have the same tools we do. But if you can go and do your own, that’s great.

But make sure you do. You know, you write the right job out, you post them everywhere you respond within minutes dot Days, you use an assessment process, you know, all about the person use, we use video interviews so we can see the person on a video, anything we can’t ask on the assessment we can find in the video interview and then do reference checks on everybody and do background checks. If you follow these processes, you can find people. But the problem is most contractors sort of second recruiting because they don’t do all this stuff.

Hm. Wow. Um, one question. So when building up a compensation plan, like let’s say, setting the salary or or creating an incentive plan that’s attractive, that or um performance based incentive plan. Like, how would you recommend building something like that? Because I, I know that’s gonna be a question like how, how do we set something that is competitive? You know, what’s out there right now? We actually do a performance success. I think it’s probe or something that support, they will do compensation on apps which is interesting.

Um Look in your market. Yeah, go to go to things like um uh pick one monster or whatever and you can look at and they’ll give you what the salary range needs to be, be at the top of that salary range if you want to fight because again, you gotta get the person to quit their job to come to work for. You do not be Chini. Yeah. And now one of the problems that happens and it happens a lot is your current compensation is not keeping up with what the current compensation is for that position.

So like you say you’re paying your CS RSI don’t know like 30 bucks an hour or something. And the current market value is 35 presents a problem. Yeah, because you’ve got to offer the new person coming in more than you’re paying the people that work for you. So make sure your current compensation is in line because if you don’t offer what is considered the current appropriate compensation for that job, you’re never gonna find anybody. Yeah. Mhm. Makes a lot of sense. Um, one other thing was, um, so you mentioned having assessments, what are some of the soft skills that you’re looking for?

I guess it really depends on the role. But is there any common, soft skills that you’ll look for when interviewing just candidates, whether they’re in the industry or, or outside of it? Well, I mean, first place is a soft skill is, you know, are you honest? Do you, do you have integrity? Do you keep your word? I mean, those are, you know, who you are as a human being is way more important than what, you know, because you can teach what, you know, right. There’s a book called Why that talks about that.

I can teach anybody, not any quality person, the skills to be a CS R but I can’t teach him how to be a good human being. So I highly recommend to have some kind of training program. If possible to bring in people that are quality people, then you train them in the skills, you need them to learn because I’d much rather have the right person with the wrong skills and the wrong person with the right skill. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, got it. Ok. And I love the, um, the training program.

So, um, is that something like when, I mean, most companies will have a training program? But I’ve seen home service companies that set up training centers. Is there a point when you see, oh, it makes sense to, like, really build something up. You can build a training center. I mean, this problem is not going away. Yeah, because it’s getting harder to get in this country all the time if you don’t live here and that’s not helping. And then if you live here and your way is raised in this culture, you don’t wanna do that for a living because it isn’t considered cool and that’s not getting here.

So I don’t see any kind of magic happening over the next couple of years, the labor shortage is just gonna get worse. Um Because of those factors, none of those factors are changing at all. And so you’re gonna have less people wanting more money. And so I suggest you help train people and that will help that solve that problem. But look at it long term. If it takes a person a year to learn the skill set, that’s fine. Don’t expect somebody else to do it for you because you’re paying for somebody else’s training and it’s gonna be expensive.

Uh One other question I have is, um what are, what are things that young people are looking for nowadays? You know, I, I think conversation is important but I think there’s also potentially other things that they look for. I mean, people have meaning and purpose and all that kind of stuff. Right. Yeah, I think that’s it. I mean, that’s sort of a sell on your part. I mean, why, why would you want your kid to become an H VAC person? Right? If you can’t convince your kid he could have had somebody else.

So you’ve got to know in your own value system, why is a quality profession? Why it is something you want to do? Why being of service is a good thing? Because a lot of the people want to become teachers. Like my teacher go, that sucks. People have become doctors, don’t become doctors because it sounds good on paper until they become a doctor. It’s terrible. Um And so, you know, and, and go to high schools, I mean, these kids are high schools, right? And, and there’s no trade schools anymore.

It’s crazy. Right? You don’t do trade school. So, you know, you’re gonna have to start your own recruiting program and bringing in people that, that are excited about having a, a career in HVAC like, oh my God, I can help people. I can make a difference. I can make good money. I can support my family. I have great friends. I mean, start selling the values of why you wanna do that job because even when you’re, let’s, you’re a famous youtuber, you spend all your day on a computer and never talk to anybody.

It’s you in the screen and that’s it. Right. So it’s, it sounds good, but not that cool. Really? So again, push the values of first, you have the first, I mean, I have the three rules of selling, first person. You have to sell, you always sell to your client’s interest, not your own, right? You do what’s best for them. But before that, you have to sell yourself. Do you believe in your heart of hearts? That it’s a good thing and then you what you believe it’s a good thing, then you act to the best of your good of your clients and then you also use the best communication possible.

So like you want to talk to them in person if you can send an email, so say something in sales. So you know, when you think about it hiring employees in internal sale, right? You’re telling somebody why they should work for you and that’s just as important as why somebody should use your services because you don’t have a good team if you have a great team and you have great clients. This is an awesome industry. You have not so good clients and horrible employees. It’s a, it’s a terrible industry. Yeah.

But when you think about it, how much time do you spend on recruiting? How much time do you spend on marketing? The problem is most of the people that got in this industry got there from the trades and they have a value system that’s on entrepreneurial trade space. That guy, the H VAC guy was told me, he said, I never want to send a really good technician to a job because in, rather than doing the right thing and fixing the HVAC system, he’ll consider a personal challenge to fix the one that’s totally screwed up.

And right. And so he spends hours just because it’s cool to say I can make this system work. I know how old and crap it is. I’ll still make it work. Right. Versus they need a damn new system. So sometimes the best tradesperson don’t make the best technician because they have that mindset. Um, so it’s important you sell your, I mean, you’ve got it. You know, why would somebody come to work for you? Why is it great to work for you? Will you treat them well? Do you respect them?

Do you pay to compensate them fairly as far as emotionally as well as financially? Is it a great place to be? That’s what can, and, I mean, the internal sale is just as important, the external sale. I think that’s what a lot of people forget you think. Well, you’re lucky. I’m just giving you a job that doesn’t work anymore. Yeah. You know, you’re watching a choice. The choice now people have because there’s such a shortage, employees have a choice of going to this company or that company.

So it can’t just be, hey, I’m, here’s some money, I’m gonna give you some money. You should be happy to work here. Just shut up and do your job that doesn’t work out well. I don’t think that’s a bad thing but you have to do the internal sale. You have to convince people why they should come to work for you, why it’s a great place to be. And then that has to be true. So you don’t have a turnover. I mean, I can take it, you know, it’s sort of a fictitious example.

You have two companies. Oh, vac companies and they’re like a block apart, right? And one owner says all people suck. I can’t find any good employees. They leave me all the time and it’s just, it’s really hard. I’ve got, I’ve got through 50 technicians. The last guy stole for me and his world is full of not good people that he can’t trust that don’t do a good job. They want too much money. You go a block away. I found all these amazing people. They are so cool. I’ve got all these great people.

They work for me, they love their job, they love their compensation. I, I’ve just got more people than I need. What is the difference between A and B? It’s not the location, it’s the same market, it’s not the industry, it’s the same industry. What’s the difference? And it’s the business, the culture, it’s the person who owns a business, right? One has a victim, scarcity mentality. One has an abundance, loving mentality. And also which one would you wanna go to work for? The abundance mindset. Absolutely. That’s where he gets all the good people, he tracks all the right people.

The other guy drives him away. So, if you’re having problems finding employees, remember when you point your finger at one person and has three people pointing back. Right. So that’s important. I keep getting all to hold up. So I think its important that you understand that. Right. That if you have a problem finding good employees, ST one, you are the problem. They aren’t, it’s not the market, it’s not the industry, it’s you. Now, if you, once you get that, it’s you the good news, you can fix you because you certainly can’t fix the market.

You can’t fix your channel where you live, you can’t fix all those other outside things because they’re not you, right. But you can fix you. So the good news is all of your recruitment problems, are you? So if you develop the right mindset through off use of technology to the beginning of the people to help you do it yourself, you can solve this problem because it is you. Now the minute you become a victim and say no, it’s the industry. It’s the economy, it’s all this. You can’t fix that stuff you’re done.

So my biggest piece of advice is admit that you have a recruiting problem. It’s all you. And the question is what do you need and who do you need to be to fix it? Not how do you fix the world because you’re not gonna fix the world. It is what it is. Wow. That’s, that’s powerful. Yeah. It’s, uh, and it, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of like a good red flag, right? When, when are we blaming external, external circumstances? Where are we playing the victim that, you know that?

Right. There might be the core reason why things are not going the way you want because you’re, but you’re, you’re blaming things out of your control. So you have no control to fix the situation because it’s out of your control, right? And we know that we have clients who like that, we have clients that the problem is they won’t follow a process. Our process works. I’ve hired thousands of people. I know it works but they go well, we gonna do it our way, you know, and I, I do, I want somebody who’s a construction I want and they give us all these parameters and it, it doesn’t work because we know how to do this and they just like somebody coming in telling you, you know, if you’re h fat guy, they’re gonna tell you how to fix your air conditioner ain’t gonna work.

They don’t know, but they saw a youtube video and they know more than you do. So that’s a problem. And with the information age information is free for everybody. So I can become an expert in air conditioning and five youtube videos. I know more than anybody else? Right. Same thing in recruiting. I watch the video. I’m good. So, you know, get that. If you have a recruiting problem, it’s you and you can use something like ours to fix it. I guarantee I can find the people you need for a reason.

Very reasonable price. I said 400 bucks a month if I think you want. But you’ve got to value that. You have to put in your budget. You can’t say, well, you know, I don’t, I’m a great, a great H VAC company, so I should attract awesome people. They should just call me up on the phone and I shouldn’t have to mark it because they’re just gonna show up fantasy. You have to put an effort into finding good clients and finding good people. That’s just see this true. R and if you’re not, that’s your problem.

And I love it. Absolutely love it. And so, um, yes, I guess we’re, um, is, uh, any last takeaways you want to give to everyone or any resources you never wanted. You know, if you, if you write Prime Gram about you, if you want to, you know, if you want us to recruiting for you, we do a great job. It’s, it’s come to me at contractor, staffing source. com, um, and you can make an appointment with me and I’ll be happy to tell you how to do it yourself.

If you want to, I’ll be happy to give you all the tools you need to do for doing your own or we can do it for you. But again, nothing is more important in owning a company than building a winning team. And you gotta put the time and energy to build a winning team. It isn’t an autopilot and that’s why I think it’s really important. It takes time, it takes money, it takes energy, it isn’t an accident. Companies have winning team. Mm I love that. Yeah, that’s, I mean, it’s the cap on growth, right?

If, if uh your marketing is going great but you have the people to service it. I mean, man, it’s just, you just need, you need a winning team to grow the, the company that you want. Absolutely. It’s critical. Love it. Awesome. So, um yeah, everyone, you know where to find Paul and um Paul, any final words before we wrap up for the day? Well, one of the guys wins, Tommy. There’s a couple uh interesting. One is smart. People learn from the mistakes and wise people learn from the mistakes of others.

Um But that was the other one I I think was Jim run. Make sure you work harder on yourself than you do on your business. Yes. Love that. Hm. Love that. Rest in peace, Jim own. Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Awesome. Well, well, Paul, thank you so much and um yeah, everyone hope, I hope you’re taking notes. I mean, this is really straight from the field, the information uh Paul is hiring so many people every day screening. And so, um, either you can implement on your own or definitely reach out.

Um, the website again is said contractor, staffing Absolutely perfect. So, um that’s about it. We’ll make sure to add all of the links in the show notes and yeah, we will catch everyone on the next one. I thank everyone. Thank you. Appreciate it. All right. Thank you for joining us for the H VAC Financial Freedom Podcast. Follow us on Stream Yard Apple podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music and check out our main website www dot H VAC Financial freedom. com to find out how you can also achieve financial freedom.


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