The Pros and Cons of Google Ads Automation for HVAC Companies

Sep 4, 2023 | Google Ads

If your HVAC or plumbing company isn’t seeing the results you want for marketing campaigns, it might be time to find better strategies for your online marketing. Google Ads for HVAC contractors can take your company to the next level.

Online marketing can feel intimidating to non-experts. There are many tools to learn, numbers to track, and strategies to analyze. It’s also extremely time-consuming. Thankfully, Google Ads automation can simplify your online marketing campaigns.

While Google used to have marketing tools that were primarily user-operated, they have become increasingly automated over the years. 

All About Google Ads Automation

Google Ads transformed online marketing through its pay-per-click (PPC) ads. These ads increase your HVAC company’s visibility and increase conversion rates.

Google’s advertising tools were once manual. This made online marketing much more laborious for companies, especially those without digital marketing experts. 

To make these functions more user friendly, Google has introduced newer tools and strategies to automate advertising. Google Ads automation will help you create and improve ads as your campaign progresses. 

However, like all tools, Google Ads automation has drawbacks in addition to its benefits. Deciding whether to use it will depend on your company’s marketing and resources.

Know Your Options for Google Ads Automation

Plenty of approaches to Google Ads automation are available. Understanding your options is important in making this decision.

Automated bidding, for example, is something many companies take advantage of. Bidding puts your ad in an auction for available ad space. How you use your bid strategies will depend on your goals: Are you focusing on clicks? Impressions? Conversions? 

Deciding on your goal and how much you should bid manually is more complicated than you might think. Google’s Smart Bidding assists you with automated features to optimize your bids. 

Smart Bidding uses machine learning to place the most effective bids for your ads while staying within your budget. 

Manually tracking the progress of ads takes unnecessary time and effort. Google Ads automation scripts allow you to receive notifications for updates to your campaigns with a single line of code. 

There are plenty more Google Ads automation strategies to explore. Ultimately, it helps streamline online marketing efforts.

Pros of Google Ad Automation

Google Ad automation has numerous benefits to consider when deciding whether to use it. 

1. Save Time

Manually updating ads, targeting specific audiences, and setting bids takes valuable time away from your HVAC company. While setting up Google Ads automation may take a lot of time at first, once it’s in place, you save yourself the time it would take to track and update your ads continuously. 

Automated ads allow your team to take on more important tasks while the algorithm handles the tedious work.

2. Make Every Dollar Count

No HVAC company wants to waste money. With Google Ads automation, you can adjust your ad spend easily and efficiently as needed. This leads to more traffic on your page, improved conversion rates, and optimized ad spend.

3. Get More Clicks

Google Ads automation can be useful for increasing click-through rates. Automated bidding allows you to set your intentions for campaigns, while automated scripts ensure your ads are mobile friendly. You can also use scripts to track the number of clicks an ad gets and adjust accordingly. 

4. Prevent Errors

Eliminate many natural human errors with Google Ads automation. When your HVAC company tries to take on Google Ads manually, you may make mistakes along the way, especially if the platform is unfamiliar. 

Even a minor mistake can negatively influence your ad’s performance. Automation will prevent such errors. Google Ads automation tools can also take into account information you may not know or consider when creating effective search ads. It will come up with the most effective keywords, target the most appropriate audiences, and track your progress.

5. Streamline Scaling Work

Scaling work is essential for every ad. This work includes: 

  • Listing negative keywords
  • Filtering low-performing keywords
  • Reallocating your budget
  • Increasing your ad spend 

Instead of working on all of this manually, which involves a lot of guesswork and time, turn to Google Ads automation. This makes scaling each of your campaigns much more efficient, saving you time and money in the long run. 

Cons of Google Ads Automation

Google Ads automation isn’t ideal for every HVAC company. You must know the cons of this strategy to make the best decision for your business. 

1. Loss of Control

Taking a less hands-on approach to your ads means giving up a lot of control. You must trust that Google Ads can make the right decisions. This may be difficult when you want to use a particularly competitive keyword or take a unique approach to your ad that automation isn’t familiar with.

2. Google Prioritizes Its Own Success

Google will share a lot of your goals. After all, to keep users engaged with its automation tools, Google needs to ensure they’re effective. However, at the end of the day, it’s looking out for its own interests. 

In contrast, if you do this work manually, you have your company’s best interests in mind at every stage. 

3. Harder To Correct Problems

Using Google Ads manually also gives you a better understanding of bidding, tracking, and adjusting your ads. While it takes time and work, learning the platform can be beneficial when it comes to designing ads and correcting problems. 

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