How Important Is Hero Image in Web Design for an HVAC Company?

Sep 21, 2023 | Web Design

When running an HVAC company, you must wear many hats. Not only do you need to be an expert in HVAC repair and installment, but you also have to know how to market yourself. In today’s day and age, a lot of marketing is digital.

You can have all the qualifications in the world, but your company suffers if you don’t have a website that draws customers in. One component your website could be lacking is a hero image. In web design, hero images are a great way to stand out and get a message across quickly. 

Here at Polianna, we want to help your business grow. Unlike other marketing firms, we don’t take your money without offering results. One of our areas of expertise is website development for HVAC companies.  


What Is a Hero Image?

You’ve probably seen hero images on other websites without even realizing it. Hero images sit above the fold, at the top of a website. They’re a large banner image with minimal text meant to entice users to scroll down to learn more. 

The image uses a full-width layout, so it’s the user’s first impression of your company. Not just any image will work. It’s important to carefully consider what your image will be and what it represents.


What Hero Image Should HVAC Companies Use?

When determining what to use as your hero image, you must decide what graphic you want. This depends on your HVAC company’s brand and what your existing webpage, like the landing page, looks like. 


Many hero images use photos. This is great for HVAC companies because you can show pictures of your team, results, or satisfied customers. This demonstrates the real-life impact of your work on clients. 

3D Graphics 

If you want to make a bigger impression, use 3D graphics. These can be more expensive to add to your site but are a good eye-catcher. This ultimately leads to more page views and conversion rates. 


Add movement to your images to draw customers’ attention. These graphics present your company as creative while displaying information in a visually appealing way. This is a good way to distinguish your hero image from the competition.


Consider what will make your company stand out when thinking about a hero image in web design. A customized illustration is an effective approach to this. You can choose the exact style and message that best represents your company. 


Why Hero Images in Web Design Are Important for HVAC Companies

You already have a lot on your plate without adding more content to your website. How important are hero images for HVAC companies? 

Hero images can help drive your sales, increase page views, and improve your site’s overall aesthetic. Your company’s success is closely related to the success of your website. Dedicating time to maintaining it, learning about page speed in mobile search results, and mastering SEO are all ways to improve its impact.

At Polianna, we understand this is a lot to take on. That’s why you should start with a simple hero image. A good hero image can be the start of a website transformation and has endless benefits. 

Builds Credibility 

When your website looks professional, your customers know your company is, too. A custom hero image builds your brand, demonstrating that your company has a strong sense of its mission and values.

Encourages Action

Your hero image is an opportunity to encourage immediate action from the customer browsing your page. Including a call to action (CTA) with a button to call, order, or request a quote makes customers more likely to interact with your site.

Provides Quick and Digestible Information

When your customers need HVAC services, they already have to scroll through a lot of information to find the company that offers what they need and where they need it. If you can summarize your company in a few words and an eye-catching image, customers will be more likely to remain on your website. 


What HVAC Companies Should Consider When Choosing a Hero Image

Once you decide to include a hero image on your website, the next step is to create that image. You don’t want to rush this process. Choosing the right hero image can increase sales, but choosing the wrong one can send customers running. 

Keep It Simple

Hero images are all about simplicity. Too much text or an image that’s hard on the eyes defeats the purpose. Ensure that the image is high in resolution and that the copy conveys your message. Sometimes, overcomplicated designs can distract from your core message.

Include Unique Selling Points

Hero images should pull your customer in. Writing generic copy about your HVAC repairs won’t cut it. What can you offer that your competitors don’t? Make this clear in your hero image.

Use the Right Image

Using a stock photo, a low-resolution photo, or one irrelevant to your brand will defeat the purpose of your hero image. 

Choose the graphic for your hero image carefully. You want to consider how it represents your brand, works with your text, and contributes to the visual hierarchy. Additionally, consider responsive design to ensure your image maintains its quality across different devices. 

Consider the Emotional Appeal

As an HVAC company, you keep families and residents safe and comfortable. This service is very technical, but it has compassion at its heart. For example, an image of happy families could appeal to your potential customers emotionally. 


Change Your Marketing Game With Polianna 

Are you sick of not seeing results despite all the time and money you’re investing in marketing? Your problem could be bad web design. A hero image in web design is only the beginning. Here at Polianna, we strive to help your company grow. We offer web design, development, and SEO services for HVAC companies like yours. 

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