Jonathan Neves “How Green Energy Used the “Best Buy Model” to 10X Revenue in Their Service Department”

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With none other than the President and CEO of Green Energy Mechanical Inc, Jonathan Neves sharing with us all how the Best Buy Model works and how it increases and grows his business! 🎊 🎉

Tune in now into today’s episode and learn…

0:16 – Introduction

1:00 – All about Jonathan Neves

1:45 – How we meet

3:07 – Topic of the day!

5:27 – The start of the change initiated by Jonathan

6:08 – How Jonathan started his plumbing business

7:33 – In person or virtual?

8:34 – How to handle clients saying NO

9:57 – Use technology to your advantage

10:44 – The idea of giving the customers to say NO

11:05 – Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

11:53 – How to implement Zoom Call

10:34 – How Sales Person should implement Zoom Call to their customers

14:41 – What is Best Buy Model?

18:48 – How did Jonathan grow their business?

20:08 – Buying decision of the customer

20:54: Changing the business model

28:07 – It’s all about your belief system

28:50 – Spend a lot more money trying to save money

29:29 – What’s your Unique Value Proposition?

31:51 – The industry is changing

34:29 – The closing rate is higher this year

36:17 – How did Jonathan begin to hire people from the Philippines?

43:36 – How did Jonathan build his team?

48:57 – Closing the episode

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Audio Transcript

Welcome to the H VAC Financial Freedom podcast. A show to help you create more revenue, profit and freedom in your life. Now, your host, John Victoria. Hello and welcome everyone to the H VAC Financial Freedom Podcast. My name is John Victoria, your host. And today we have an exciting episode for you. I'm here with Jonathan Nevis. Did I pronounce your last name? Correct? Awesome. From the great state of Massachusetts in uh around Boston, right? Yes, sir. Awesome. And um you know, really excited to, you know, get jamming on today's conversation.

So, uh for those people that don't know, you would love a quick introduction on the company all about y'all the services as well as um yeah. Anything else that you thought would be good? Ok. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. My name is Jonathan Nevin. Um two little boys, Elijah Josiah, uh my wife, uh she also does work with me as well. Start, came over in 2018 and uh started the company in 103 out of the back of my pickup truck. Um And uh today it's uh we're on to do a little over $10 million.

We do uh plumbing heating, air conditioning and, uh, are we're looking probably by the end of the year to start becoming, um, an energy auditor slash, uh, weatherization services as well just to kind of round out everything, green energy. That's amazing. That's so exciting. And, um, and it's crazy too, like how we initially connected. It was, it was like so random. Um, so I think a lot of the people who watch this know, I'm, I'm very involved in the uh the Asian American community and um there was someone I met at one of our pastor shoots, uh Kevin and, and Kevin, I guess he had met you in events.

He was the photographer. He was like, oh, I know a guy who does this stuff with and he, he brought us together. It, it was so crazy. Like what a really um me, Kev Kevin really hit it off. I was at a speaking event um that was talking about how to bring more uh inclusion to um black owned businesses in the mass shoots area, something I'm very, very passionate about. And um he was the photographer there and I think I just asked him like one question like, where's the bathroom or something?

And it turned into like it's full blown thing. And then, yeah, he, he introduced me to uh it was awesome. And then like a lot of people will say like, oh, I know a guy in HV AC but like, they're, they're really not like a marker for, they're just like a general marketing person. It was really cool. And me and you, we just right away too and we just talked for, like, I don't even know, an hour or more. We didn't even know each other. Yeah. And we were like, we're at the same events, like, we were both at the, the, the profit Rocket event and we're a lot of the same Facebook groups.

I was like, wow, we're, I didn't realize, you know, how, how closely connected we actually were. Yeah. Awesome. So, yes, it's such a small world. But, um, so I guess just hop on today's topic. Um, and so the topic for today is how green energy, your company used the best buy model to 10 revenue in your service department. But I think the story really started, um, during pandemic, right? You know, things were crazy. There was this feeling of, of worry like this has never happened before and, you know, things are shutting down and concerns and I know even personally I was, I was feeling a bit depressed, like I was like, wow, I, I can't do the things that I used to do.

And, um, I don't really know where the world is headed. And so could you maybe, like, maybe step back into that moment in time? Like, how, how were things for you? Like, what did that look like, um, prior to like, really, you know, seeing the traction that you did after, um, things really kicked off. Yeah, a lot of people my age or even around here they all have, like, really young businesses. And so for me starting off in 2011 to, like, 2018, my wife came on board 2019. I started to see a lot of changes happening.

I felt so positive about 2020. And then, you know, my, my second son was born in February 11th, uh, 2020. So I have this newborn and then, like, right after that boom, the whole world shuts down and the business that I built up at that point for like, nine years pretty much looking like it's going down the tubes. And so, yeah, I, I dealt with a lot of bad stuff. I was in a really dark place for a few months, especially to my personality. I, I really like to do something, you know, and I, I feel like I'm not a doer and I'm like, useless.

So that was a tough moment and really just trying to come to grips with, um, the next phase because I'm like, well, if I'm gonna lose my business, like, what's next? You know? And so, like I said, it was, it was a lot of emotions going on at that time. Yeah. And it's, it's like, that's your baby. It's, it was like, at this 0.789 years and it's like, wow, I don't, I really don't know. What's, what's going on, um, especially the pressure, you know, newborn and, and so many things that you're juggling.

Um, so I guess, like, what, what was, like, my tip? You're thinking some of these thoughts and it seems like there must have been, like, it seemed like you, you're back against the wall, like, I gotta make something work. So, what was that? I guess that transformation moment for you to begin, like, oh, let's, let's, let's do something. Let's create something from, from this space. Yeah. Um You know, I thought I'd just kind of talking to a lot of people that are way smarter than me and um something kind of clicked where I was like, you know, I have a feeling this isn't gonna just go away and a lot of people are stuck in their homes and at the time it was like April May.

So in Massachusetts it's not really like hot or cold, you know. So I'm like, I have a feeling like in a month or so it's gonna get hot. People are gonna be stuck in their homes and they're gonna want air conditioning. So I called up my marketing guy and I was like, listen, like, let's, let's go at this full steam, let's promote virtual sales meeting. Um which were looking back more challenging. It sounds great now, but at the time, it was like, people have their cell phones and like, I'm doing like, you know, this, I like, put your phone, what virtually, you literally mean like a facetime or like a Zoom call.

That's what you mean. Yeah. Yeah. And so, um and then actually, even since then we've still continued, part of our stuff still uses zoom to this day. But um it was a real challenging at first, but it worked and we're actually able to give, you know, this challenge to say, hey, listen, I know, you know, you're nervous if you let us come in. You know, basically, I was just like, let me get the guys in here start doing this at cost because I was blown through my saving and it worked.

We ended up, you know, getting pretty busy, set up and um getting the guys set up, I mean, and, and their schedule. So, and yeah, before you know, it, people started to be a little bit more comfortable and we already had this like, um jump start from like end of April that uh we were able to get going. Wow. And, and that's really awesome too, you know, you, you did it during the pandemic. But also if you're still doing it now, I mean, imagine that save you some costs from actually having to drive out there or the gas and the time on the road, the opportunity cost of that time.

Um Like, I guess now, like, what's the split with using that? Like, is it like 113% in person? 30% virtual or like how, how are you still using it? Uh today? Now we still do it mostly in home. But what we do a lot of times if we're dealing with like a one leger or we can tell they just like, like people right now are just super adamant at getting like a ton of bid um and quotes. And so we use that process as like um hey, you know what, here's our price.

We keep at retail and then see what they say. And then let's say, how about this? Like you told me earlier that you're looking at um making a decision by when uh this Friday. Ok, perfect. And you have someone coming on Thursday and you're probably just gonna put them all together and pick the cheapest one, something like that, whatever they say. All right, how about this? I'm looking at my schedule. Um why don't I return back here Friday afternoon? Would that give you a chance for your wife's uh Sarah to be home?

And then sometimes they say yes and we'll still keep it in home. But what I like doing with that is it gives them something to say no to. And a lot of times in sales people don't give people things to say no to and so I like to give them something to say no to. So they can say so John, you could say yeah, no, honestly, why don't you just email it to me I said, how about this? I'll do you one better. Um Why don't we meet you?

I know you said Sarah comes home at like five o'clock, probably wanna get settled in, get some food. Why don't we meet at seven? I can break off from the family and we could do a Zoom call and that way I can make sure you and Sarah both have equal access to the and then it's really hard to say no to that because like I said, I already gave you something to say no to before. And, uh, that works really well. So we do it mostly for that.

So, so we end up still doing quite a bit in Zoom calls, let's say, yeah, probably again, they're still in person but there's that 70 30 split, probably where we're still following up that way. Um, and, and it, it actually works really well because here's about, you know, probably throwing too many nuggets for people. But the cool thing is so many people around the country, they'll complain. Oh, you know, there's one leg or you, if you come to my house to give me a quote, I'm probably not gonna be home or my wife's not gonna be home.

Like there's just, you're not gonna get us both here at the same time, most likely. So it's kind of back to what we're talking about with, with, uh Best Buy and these different companies, you have to learn how to innovate. And now when we have technology at our disposal, this isn't the trades from the 19 fifties, use technology to your, to your advantage. And that's one of the ways that my guys do that really well, because if, if I'm on a Zoom call with you and your wife, chances are no one else is, chances are like, well, these are just a bunch of numbers and now I can explain, you know, hey, Sara, can I explain why our quote is $2000 more than the other one?

Yeah, and I'm doing something and no one else has the opportunity to do. That's amazing. Yeah, having the opportunity to be with them as you're reviewing the proposal because if they're just reviewing it and it's like, you know, you told the husband and he's passing over the information to the wife. Now it becomes like, just look at the price right? There's, there's no one to make the case for the value that you're, that you're providing, you're adding. Um It's amazing. Uh And I also just loved uh the idea of just like getting them to say no, because I think a lot of folks in sales are thinking about what's the yes ladder or get them to say yes, yes, yes, yes.

But uh it's, it's almost like, wow, like no, it's, it's like the reverse and, you know, I think it gives people a sense of control maybe as well if they say no, the, um, the book I'm like, obsessed with, uh, you're probably familiar with it. I never split the difference by Chris Bar. Yeah. And so, like, that's something I've really adopted in my personal life and sales where I'm always looking to get some sort of, um, negative question, something that's gonna connotate like a no response. Um, and so that for me is a very easy one where, hey, if you don't want me to come in your home, I get it.

You guys are busy, you get a bunch of quotes, you probably don't want to do this all over again. Your time's valuable. Why don't we do that? I'll do you any better then I come with it. I love that. Now for the Zoom, let's say that a company doesn't currently do these Zoom appointments with their customers. How would you advise someone who would want to implement that into their business? Yeah. So really my sales guys are the ones that really control that process, um which they should, you know, like it's their call, right?

So they should take ownership of that. And so even if you're a salesperson at a different company and, you know, I get this a lot from because I, I talked to a lot of different um, sales guys, business owners around the country that, you know, call me for advice or, you know, pm me on Facebook or whatever. And I, I hear the same excuses from everyone and some sales guys. Oh, my company does this, my company does that dude. Like you go into a lot of different sales companies.

They don't even have leads to give you, you have to go out and find your own or knock on doors and hunt. Like you get like a company, vehicle gaps card leads that are just given to you. And it's like, oh, my company doesn't do this or that. Like, you know, where's the beanbag chairs? Like where's the beanbag chairs? Where's the ping pong say? Well, I need to get big ownership man. Like to me it's not my call. I'm doing whatever it takes. Like if I need to go back on a Sunday at five o'clock, I'm going back like I, I do it as a owner.

Like there's some sales I still do. I'm, you know, my wife is used to it now. She's like, where are you going Sunday? At 10 o'clock in the morning? Hey, I'm going to the home. Why? Because I know no one else is gonna do it. I'm gonna be the only person there in front of you and Sara and now it's Sunday, it's calmer. It's quieter, right? Or if again, if you can like put the Zoom on Sunday, they're both in the room and, you know, you could use a little bit of rapport and humor and it's like to me it's like those are, I actually love those calls because they're, they're almost always.

Yes, I love that. I love that. So I guess in terms of someone implementing it, so let's say that there is a sales person and would, so they would just, I guess they would have to get maybe some corporate approval but then just have that link as an option uh for them is that just part of the sales process? It's not, it's like, hey, this is one of the options that we have. So, you know, we can meet via Zoom these dates these days instead of us driving over or Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

And so like from one of my guys will do is they'll, they'll usually do them in the evening. And so they'll let the, uh, CS Rs know at the front office. Hey, um I booked a Zoom call for um, five o'clock on Thursday. Can you just put it as a task in my schedule? And then that way they know not to book anything to them at that time. And then, yeah, those person just sends the link and does what they gotta do. That's amazing. Uh, again, and I also think it's, it's great because, uh, you know, you're providing these options, but also, you know, again, they don't have to go out there.

So in case they, you know, want to hop to personal business right after, since it's late in the evening or take another call, it's, it's not having to drive out and then drive back. So really, really cool. Um Awesome. So I, I guess maybe to transition about this idea of the Best Buy Model. Um I loved it. How you explained it on our, on our past call. Like, could you maybe talk about the inspiration behind it? I know there's a moment you're like, wow, this is really innovative and maybe just walk through that philosophy first. Yeah.

So to get there and build some context like this has all happened more recently because like Best Buy was that model was really during COVID. And so for COVID um yeah, big box stores selling electronics crushing it right. Doing really great. Then COVID hit and nobody, you know, nobody's out able to go to your stores, they shut down the stores and so their sales started to really hurt obviously. And so they had to make a really big decision. And so the CEO talked about how it was AAA huge decision that they made at the time where where obviously looking back, it worked out really well for them.

But what they decided to do is cool the stores to the public and open up Curb Herbs side pickup something they didn't have before. And it sounds simple like when you do the process and you're like, yeah, and you know, I went online, went to the store, picked it up, went home. But understanding like all the intricacies in that process just really blew me away. And so I started like, really meditating on all those things and like processing it. So I'm like, man, like you had to come up with the process, write it all out.

Then you had to have like your web developers put this on the website, someone had to test that, then you had to create work flows. Like, hey, when someone clicks curbside, what store is it gonna go to when it goes to that store? They have to get alerted to say, hey, like Jonathan is purchasing a new, you know, Xbox controller. Um How many do they have? So now you have to have some communication with the warehouse to be able to, you know, how many are even there or not there.

Um At that point, then, you know, it gets alerted the warehouse, then just goes, they finds it, then you get an email saying, hey, like this process here, someone had to build all that, then you show up and then you go to a parking lot. Well, now this parking lot, they're like, well, where are people gonna park it? Our parking lot is huge. So then they designated certain lanes and with signs saying, you know, LA lane one lane two lane three, someone had to create those signs, someone had to, you know, paint the lanes and some of the ones they made, they actually have different colors for the wine.

They had to pay someone to do that during that time. Um Then they had to do all the training that went behind this and the part that I find really fascinating about it is it's not like they said, hey, we have this really brilliant idea. We're gonna do curbside pickup and it's gonna be so revolutionary and we have like a year to get it done. They needed to get it done. Like yesterday, they got all that done in like crazy amount of time and created this experience.

And that's the part that I really find interesting is because at the time everybody's home and because people at home, like I said, maybe they had a lanky think playstation controller. And if you're like me and you get mad, probably go through a few of them. Like the guy ain't a problem. He's gone through five controllers this week and I know my wife uh in our household and I'm like, damn it now, I need another controller. So you go on Amazon but everybody's on Amazon. And so, you know, I feel like, you know, we have just boxes coming every day at my house.

But now because everybody's using prime prime is not one day, two days anymore during COVID, it's taken a lot longer some time and I want stuff now just like everybody else does. And so I thought of that and said, hey, you want it now, how about we create a different buying experience where you can literally go online, pick it and within an hour, half the time or even less they'd be like, yep, it's ready. I drive 10 minutes to my closest Best Buy. I show them my ID. I don't have to be worried about catching anything that it's fully contact with.

They put it in my trunk. I drive home in, in the hour. I'm back to playing games and smashing controllers. Right. And so like, that whole process is something I really thought about because now you, you, you fast forward past COVID. Of course, just like everybody else, you're like drinking rocket fuel and the company exploded. And, you know, we went from a million to 2.5 to 4 million to 1003 million last year to on pace for 10 million this year. But between last year and this year was a crazy thing because when I started my company, it was right after um the 2008, 2009 recession.

So I never ran my business through a recession before. And for us, we always have this like 95 5 split where 95% of our revenue came from our install department and 5% came from service. And you know, you talk to goose, I'm like, oh my God, like you got great numbers. That's amazing. You're doing awesome. What no one ever really talked about except really one person, um Mickey Stone, she's my business coach at a certain path. She's phenomenal. Um She was always the one that's like you really need to get your service department in line.

And I'm like, yeah, you know, but we're, we're killing it over here. We're growing crazy numbers year over year. But now you fast forward to like September October 2022 and the amount of marketing leads we got just shanked overnight and buying decisions change with customers, you know, where they were typically like, yeah, we'll take your top package with all the bells and whistles. Now, they're like, you guys are $20,193 more than the competitors and they're picking the cheat guys. And so I really needed to change my model. And so I didn't know what to do.

And so I started like looking up this type of stuff, looking up at, like I said, like I remembered the best buy model and I said, you know what we really need to innovate our entire process. We need to switch our whole business model around where we're gonna provide um an experience. And in addition to that, create something that you like, you're not gonna be able to get somewhere else. And so for us, what we did is we said we have to really change it from being such a heavy install company to more of a service based company.

And then look at that entire model for how we're doing business and change every single part from the, the way they greet the customers um to the way we book the call to, the way the guy comes in does the call to how we do the lead turnover process. We have a, a project supervisor that comes behind them and specs out everything that's part part of our buying uh, journey that we let them know that's very unique. Um And we do that in order to make sure that, uh we don't miss anything and that, you know, your system is running as soon as possible and you're super happy with it.

And then we send the install team with equipment and everything stock ready to go. And then afterwards we send a service technician, um, to do a quality check to again, just to make sure we didn't miss anything for you and that you're super happy in that way too. We, what we found is a lot of homeowners will learn to live with things like they'll live, learn to live with like a funny noise or air is blowing too much in this room and not this room. That's the time where we can come out and make sure that we tweak all those things for you because we don't want you to live with anything.

And then lastly, we back it up with guarantees and warranties that most of our competitors around here don't have because we just made them up, just three of them ourselves. And so once you put that whole entire thing together, it sounds great. It sounds easy. But then just like I said, with that Best Buy Model, we need to have this done yesterday because we're not making any money right now. I got to get guys trained up that weren't service technicians before I got, then train them up because you know what we found is once we started doing this guys were going to service calls and then they're like, hey John, so you want a new furnish?

Ok. I'll have the office give you a call like by the time the office calls you, you're like, oh no, I'm good. I don't care, you know, so like we have to treat not full process and retrain on that. And so every single step has taken like processes writing it out building, I just, I build up so many power points and then we do like offsite trainings or we have a training room in our office where we do it on site and we're just constantly doing it to refine those processes.

So that way now we're, we're about 70 30. So like 30% of our revenue comes from service, 210 212% comes from install 220% service. And uh what it's really done is it's helped us be more like this. And so now I I'm never going back like just like Best Buy, you notice they still have curbside pick up because there's some people that actually prefer that. Right? Um Oh, I'm sure that the other thing that really was interesting with, with Best Buy is one thing started to open up a little bit more. They didn't just open up the floodgates.

They actually, um, they have like, I don't know, 210 stores around the country and with about 211 of them they started doing one on one a employments. So something you couldn't even get anywhere else. Right. They created this, this unique buying experience where, yeah, you can go ahead and buy that dishwasher or washer machine online. And what does it look like out of the field? How big is it like? Can I feel a comforter inside? Like, I don't know. Well, hey, you know what, I can drive down to my best buy and make an appointment.

He'll give me him half an hour, an hour, an appointment and I'll literally have somebody there to be like my personal concierge to provide this immersive experience to help me with this. So what do you think the chances are that if you're doing that somebody's gonna walk out with a wash, especially, you know, and so to me, it was the same thing, right? Like how do we make it where we can provide this experience? Like not like nobody else. And then also figure out a way to make it affordable with financing and stuff and that's really helped change the game for us as well.

And one thing I'm pulling out from this as well is um you really do listen to your customers and you're, you're monitoring how, I mean, how the market is shifting and also just understanding like sentiment, like, you know, the fact that, you know, zooms and all these things are now available before 2100 years ago when you started this, that wasn't the case, things shifted. Um pandemic, right? You know, there's just a different state of mind. There's, there's more fear around what's out there. I don't want to give this to my family.

You know, all this is my health and then just like listening in and keying in on, you know, what are those needs that um And also with that you designing unique solutions and it sounds like also guarantees that no one else in your market was doing. And so um it's, I mean, it's, it's no wonder why, why you, you grew as well because you, you have your ear listening to the market listening to, to your customers, which is amazing. Um There's this book that I really love, it's called uh the Innovators Dilemma.

And basically the idea behind it is that bigger companies, it's, it's harder for them to change. So it's really magical that best buy moved in the way that they did. But if you're listening to this and you are a smaller company, maybe it's just yourself, maybe you have a small crew of 1003, 2100, 211, 212 people, you have the ability and capacity to change because it's not as big of an infrastructure to shift. And so, you know, as you know, as things go along, really main thing is, is really think about the advantage that many of you have by being a smaller company.

Um you know, that innovator's dilemma, these big companies best buy seems to be an exception. But if you're a smaller company, you have the ability to change, you have the ability to retrain and you have the ability to, to nimbly move to really, you know, get things moving, changing and implementing some of these great ideas from the podcast. Honestly. Like that's the, that's the thing right here. Like I've talking, I've spoken to so many business owners right now that are, they just seem like they're defeated. Like it's just like, you know, a lot.

It's like, listen, man, like, again, we've been drinking rocket fuels for like the last three years that's not sustainable. Like, so like, probably look at the numbers, they're probably like back on par with 2018, 2019 and just kind of moving. I'm not saying like, there's absolutely something going on with the economy and things are happening, but I really believe like it's all about your belief system, right? And so for me, it's like, what can I do to stand out during this time? Because absolutely, like, I know the customer's perceptions go and look and say cheaper is better right now, right?

And, and, and understanding why like, I get it, like, you know, money is tight, inflation's high, you're getting less for your dollar. And so you're probably looking and saying, hey, like, let me take these three companies, put them all in a bucket and just pick one out, especially the one that is the cheapest. Right? And, like, actually being able to communicate that with the customer and they're like, yeah, pretty much, you know, you're right. Yeah, I completely understand. But here's my greatest fear. My greatest fear is you're gonna spend a lot more money trying to save money.

Does that makes sense? And then I can explain how that process works. And then what I'll say is I know when I came in, he told me he really loved our reviews and, you know, you had a, uh, you know, you saw us on one of the Mommy uh sites on Facebook or something and they bunch of people referred us and thank you so much for saying that. Um, but, you know, a lot of those customers felt the same way you did. They were getting other quotes, they had people cheaper, but they decided to go with us.

Can I tell you why they decided to go with us still? And then now I'm explaining whatever unique value proposition. And this is the point that I stress because I'll ask people what's your unique value proposition. And it's like, uh well, we've been in business since 2005. Well, guess what, in that bucket, one of those guys is in business from 1997. So, um, well, you know, I'm an expert in this and we do commercial grade installation later that I'm a consumer. I don't even know what that even means.

Like that doesn't mean anything. That, what if that, what, like if I go back to my wife and I'm like, yeah, babe, I spent $20,000 for it. But they do commercial grade installations. You so, yeah, I thought they're really tangible. Something that they can take back to the bank that they could talk to their um spouse about and say, ok, cool, the price is here. But I'm getting so much more value going with this company even though they're more money than someone else and if you can do that, um and, and articulate that well, and you know, that process can be dark as well for me, it was tough because I'm like, you know, we're, we focus on green technology and greener solutions.

Well, you know what, in Massachusetts they're throwing so much money around that local oil companies that were like, you know, uh oil, they're now changing their name to like energy and they're saying that they're specializing in energy efficient solutions. So you gotta find like whatever it is. If it's your like us, it's our buying journey and the services we provide after the sale, that's what we really get into. And talk about finding out whatever that is for you. Um And then, like I said, not be, like you said, using technology, whatever it is to innovate to be different in any way possible right now is what's gonna help, um, people because it, you know, or it's fake. Anything.

You look at a Blockbuster. Blockbuster and Netflix. Blockbuster was on top of the world for decades and decades had the opportunity. I don't know. Yeah, maybe 113 to buy Netflix for like 50 million left. Uh, Reed Hastings out in a row. But it, it's because they couldn't see what was coming. They couldn't figure out how to innovate this industry is changing. It's gonna, I mean, in the next five years, this conversation is probably gonna be outdated, you know, and, and it's gonna be like, oh, man, we're on the way bigger and different things now.

Um, are you willing to learn how to, instead of saying, well, I've been doing this since 1990 we're gonna keep doing it. Ok. Then you probably gonna end up like Blockbuster, you know. So, hm hm. And I love that. And, um, and it's really controlling what's within your control, right? It's, uh, you know what's happening, the market is happening. Um, and then it's almost like choosing, I don't want a race to the bottom on price. I'm gonna choose to run a different race and it sounds like a piece of that is like, ok, it's it's, it's, it's reframing the conversation for the customer.

But also, you know, what, what's that, what's that additional value at? Where it's not where the price is not the most important thing. Um, you know, I think there's always people like that. Right. Yeah. And, and I'll give you another one too because we're talking about and I want this to be very, like, useful for people in your audience. So, like, I'll talk to a lot of sales people at other companies like, yeah, but our company is this and our company doesn't have this so it doesn't have that.

Here's the big thing like I like I was talking to bloody uh Chris Mary at Blue Bear, another uh good size company up here and one of his guys does something I love. He's like, hey, John, here's the thing like, wow, looking at think about it. He's like, listen, I'm just Jonathan from Holbrook, Massachusetts, like, forget the company. This is what I would do if I were you. And this is like, how I'd help, right? And that's the big thing that I talk to my sales guys about is like, what's green energy's unique value proposition?

That's great. But they're buying you. What's your unique value proposition? So like if you're there and you're like, again, well, I've been doing this since y'all learned it. Yeah. OK. Great. Like one of my guys has a phenomenal uh Segway where he talks to them and he's like, you know, oh, you, you know, you're living in Boston, Massachusetts. How long have you lived here? Oh, that's fantastic. He's like, yeah, I actually live, I actually live in Kingsborough, which is about an hour away and they're like, Kingsborough, you drive all the way from Kingsborough.

He's like, you know, it's a funny thing. I actually passed about 50 different companies on the way down here and, uh, you wanted to lie, I drive all the way from Kingsborough to come here. And it's like the and because people are just like, yeah, why? Like you're crazy. And he's like, you know, it's because of this. It's because, and it's all unique value proposition, all the things that we do differently. And then he's like, and here's the thing you look at my reviews, you'll see my name all through there and how I personally hand held each of my concierge because I personally guarantee that this is going to be an investment in a protection on your investment.

And then when I'm done, I'm gonna give you my, my cell phone number and it's the same number my mom calls me on. You can call me day or night weekends. It doesn't matter. And it's like money like that whole phrase that he does. It just if his closing rate is higher this year in a down economy than it was last year and our prices haven't. It's not like we had to slash anything but it's because what it, that makes you unique, what it is that makes green energy unique and then really hitting that ball because to me, like, with anything, especially with sales, like, you already know the answers to that.

Like if I, if I asked you for your business, like, what are your biggest uh objections you get? You're really like saying that that, but then when I say cool, how do you overcome them? A lot of times it's like, wow, you know, like you have the answers to the, the cool you have the questions already to the test. Like all you gotta do is study them and, and know what you're gonna say and have that in your bag. And so like, that's kind of the thing that we do here where it's like, yes, the company is great, but at the end of the day, they're gonna want to buy from a real human.

What makes you different? What are you gonna do different for me that nobody else is gonna offer? Wow, I love that. Yeah, and really personalizing it. I, I love the line. You know, this is, this is the same number. My mama calls me on that. Like that's my, that's, that's amazing. I was like, I need to write that down. I haven't said that my, my guy, he's punching this year. They gave me chills. We were in training and he said that and I was like, dude, I am so stealing that line like that is amazing.

Oh, my gosh. Uh Wow. And I said, I, I guess, um, maybe this is a quick transition as well. Uh One other interesting thing we, we, we talked about in our prior conversation was, um, how you've begun to hire a number of folks from the Philippines, you know, on and obviously, you know, if anyone doesn't know, I'm Philippine, my parents from the Philippines and immigrated over long time ago. And um so any time I see, you know, folks hiring and, and, and putting back into the economy, I'm, I'm so happy about it.

And so I wanted uh I guess for the business case, I'd love to hear more about how that came about because um from what, what I gathered, you're, you're, you're, you're able to cut costs, you're able to do a lot in terms of efficiency. Like, could you talk us through the process like the problem and then kind of like how this idea all came about. Yeah, one of the issues we found during um the fall last year and the winter this year was we were very like top heavy, like we had a lot of overhead, a lot of people in the office and like anybody, we had to trim the fat in a, in a lot of areas to, to, to um cut costs and be more efficient.

Um But in with that, I remember a conversation I had with a couple of business owners and I'm really blessed with that too. Like I'd say that's a whole another hack that I would talk about it. Like, make sure you really network really well with people in your area. I mean, a couple of buddies of mine just to shout them out. Like Steve a key, a key and plumbing Anthony mound at trust one. Like I say, Chris Murphy Blue Bear. We have such a great friendship but also a network where we share stuff with each other.

And so um about, I don't know, maybe a year ago Anthony was talking about how he had somebody uh remote that did uh I think bookkeeping and something else for him. They were kind of making fun of him and you know, we're all a bunch of guys. We're like, you're an idiot. I do do a book like that. Um But it's easy to make fun of it. So we're doing that. And then uh like after that, when this all happened, I'm like, oh man, Anthony's kinda smart.

I gotta, I gotta call him up and he was being like super secretive about like who you is, who he does there. So then my other buddy Steve, I'm like, yo, who is Anthony using for like his remote people. And so Steve's like, like Steve's the one that really blew my mind with this because he's like, bro, my entire front office is remote. He's like my my, my front office manager, my dispatcher, all my call center people. And so I really stole a lot of this concept from Steve.

I definitely want to give him credit on this because um what he does is he has a, a Zoom every day. They're in a virtual meeting and they all have virtual wings that they're in. And so him or any one of his managers can pop into these rooms, listen to how they're answering, calls, uh, talk with them, give them assignments, whatever. Uh And so it's like they're actually part of his company. And so I was like, this is right up my alley. I think this will be phenomenal.

And so, um, there was a company, um, Sphere Rocket I use. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I saw, I saw the CEO speak, uh, Justin not too long ago. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, so we use them and, uh, it's very inexpensive. Um, they set up the whole thing for you. The make sure you plan enough time for the interview process because they bring like 10 or 12 people to like by the end. You're like, oh my God, like, ok, I'm done. But, um, man, some of these candidates are, are, and it's like anything, some of them are.

Ok. Some of them are not that great, but like, I've gotten some rock stars from, from this where, I mean, now we're pretty much the same. Uh, we have, um, dispatching call takings all remote. Um, what I really appreciate is their work ethic is very different than, than most people I find in America, um, where they're just really hungry for it and you, like, give them assignment, you give a reading assignment or anything to get it done. Um, they take information. Well, you know, like right now, actually right before this I'm, I'm writing up an entire training I have for them tomorrow.

Um just to streamline the process and get a little bit better because, you know, just like anything when you implement something you're gonna find issues. And I'm really big into that. Like Jaco will uh if you ever look up youtube, uh good, Jaco will like three or one and, and like, I live my life by that model where it's like run into problems and most like, oh my God, see all this remote concept isn't gonna work. It's a failure. There's all these problems I look like good because now it gives me an opportunity to fix them and get past it and now give me the next problem.

What's the next problem? OK, good. I found that keep moving. So um we, we've had some issues where like the town was like literally like AAA Stone's throw away and the cops were like, hey, do you guys service to make a plane? Like, no, we don't. The cop was like, oh, ok, you know, like Jamaica, they're like, they thought that Jamaica, Jamaica. Like no, we we ain't international that. Yeah, but back to like man, like if you haven't anything like it, it is what it is, right?

If I had somebody brand you off the street that, that spoke English completely, well, they're gonna have problems with, I mean, not English but um they're from America, they actually speak really good English over there. So yeah, I would for me, it really helped reduce my offense expenses a lot. And it would also helped me do is as we continue to grow, I've been able to promote some of these call takers who I feel like were a little underutilized because they have skill sets that were actually like even better than just taking calls.

We're now, I'm, I'm making them um out bounding um managers and, and uh inside sales managers and stuff that they're working. So I'm still keeping these people, but now they're actually helping me produce money and, and be more efficient, you know. Wow, that's amazing. And uh also, like you said, about issues. I uh I, I think of issues as your moat actually. Uh Warren Buffett always talks about build a moat around your business if there's a ton of problems to get to the solution. Great because the people behind you are like, I don't know if I wanna, I wanna jump that moat.

So I think, you know, obviously we don't want more and more problems, but the problems are not really a bad thing. They're your mode to protect you. They're your competitive advantage because you were willing to go through the issues and the problems and solve them and come up with solution, um, and get to the other side and now you're in a way you're insulated, um, from someone who is just not willing to, to make the sacrifice. So, yeah, I absolutely love that. Um, great. And again, such a small world, right?

First it was Kevin in the beginning and then Justin like, it's, it's great. I'm probably gonna message him right after like, hey, you got, you got a shout out on the Yeah, so it's such a small world. So I, I guess maybe let's um close with that because you mentioned the importance of it's really a peer network. It's your, it's your mastermind, the group of people you surround yourself with. Um Could you maybe talk about um how you built that? Right? I think it requires a certain mindset to have right of abundance versus scarcity.

Um Like, oh, he's my confrontation. I can't tell him nothing. So could you, could you talk about like how to build that sort of like group of guys or guys and gals? How did you do that? Like, blow that group up? Yeah, I um trying to remember back. So I think I just, we we were in like service a vendors groups and I would see these guys mentioning Massachusetts and stuff. And if I could do, hit that over again, that's something I would have done from day one because I very much, I'm not good at networking.

It's not something that comes to me naturally. And so for me, I was kind of like a lone ranger for a long time and I feel like that's also why I just plateaued and just stayed at a million for a long time because I didn't really, I didn't really get to open up my mind to other possibilities and learn like, oh, wow, that's actually possible. This is possible, right? And so there was that, so once I started really networking more like I, I got involved with certain app and they helped me a lot uh with them, there's contractors around the country and certain path is like next star and you know, a bunch of people, they're all.

And um but that, that helped me to network and then I was like, well, this is great. I'm networking with all these people around the country, what I got right here in my backyard. And I um we're also part of our joker service service MVP. And they had a training down in um Lara that um that I, I went to and when I went to that uh Steven was there and me and him just hit it off. I'm like, dude, you're like 20 minutes away from me. Uh And we should link up when we get back and you know how you say that to a lot of people and it's just kind of like, never.

Um, but we sure did. And then, like, I was like, hey, I have this buddy Chris over here and Chris is running a 10 million $11 million company, uh, in a different area and then he brought Anthony over and then from there, it just kind of kept growing where, I mean, we have like our own little group now on, on um on uh whatsapp and we share stuff all the time and it's kind of funny too because like, you know, we'll, we'll uh let people that will like, put resumes into all our different companies or, or, hey, I have somebody that's working for you that wants to come over here.

What's, it's, it's a small world now over here, like a pretty, a lot of companies, you know, but that what you said though was 100% that because I still get a lot of hate online from different companies that are part of our little network. And um they like, oh, you know, you're, you're an internet vulture, you're always online, you're always on the town page, just posting stuff or whatever, right? And I'm like, dude, like, there's so much work out here for all of us. That scarcity mentality is so 19 seventies, in my opinion, like, like I've gained so much from having that abundant mindset and I know I can know, I know I can speak for the other guys I mentioned too.

It's the same way where we'll get together and we are very vulnerable with each other. That's the other thing I would say too where we're not like, oh dude, I'm doing this much this week, this month and oh, you know, you're not doing like instead we're like, hey, man, here's all my issues that's going on. Are you seeing the same stuff? I am, hey, you know what, you should try this or that and we're constantly sharing stuff. And so um that, like I said, if I could do it over, I would have done that from day one just really reached out and that's all I did.

I just literally reached out, reached out to different people, get people off on Facebook. Yeah, I noticed you're not that far from me like you ever wanna have a couple broke up and talked about it and sometimes they're not even in my service area. So I've had customers that are in that person, in the area that I'm like, hey, let me send you over here is a really good friend of mine and vice versa. Mhm I love that. And yeah, some, I think some keys from that is uh yeah, first it's, it's vulnerability, right?

You know, being able to accurately share like, hey, this is how these are my problems and this is what's going on and it's, it's scary. Right. You know, some people, like, you know, it's like, oh, if I reveal my problems they're gonna use it against me this and that. So I think the foundation you had was, was really trust, uh, knowing that, hey, these guys have my best interest in mind and I have theirs and as a group, like we can lean on each other. Yes, we're closer in the same market, but we can lean on each other and, you know, I, I really believe and I really trust, um, in these, in these guys that, that I'm with.

Um, yeah, I think it's cool as well that you're aiming towards similar goals, right? And if you, uh I think it was Jim Rone that said you're the average of your five closest friends. And it's like if you're, if your closest mastermind group or your closest friends are, are folks that wanna stay put. All right, you most likely also stay put, right? It just, it just happens. But these guys are like, ok, we're going upwards and onwards. Um, we're trying to grow that naturally is gonna impact you.

And um, and I think lastly you just feel like you're not alone. I think being a business owner, you sometimes like you can't go to your employees with some issues or something that's like on your mind that's weighing on you, maybe you don't wanna, but it's like other business owners who've gone through it. Wow. Like I actually am not crazy like this, other people are experiencing this too. Um, and so I absolutely, absolutely love that. And, um, you have the power of the mastermind. It's, it's, it's massive if anyone's not in it or hasn't created one yet.

But, um, yeah, I guess with that, uh, you know, if you are looking to build a mass plan, we do have a Facebook group for the podcast, H VAC Financial Freedoms, anyone who's listening um join the group and uh yeah, we can try to make some magic happen. So, yeah, I think we're coming up on the end of the episode. Um Jonathan, this was an amazing, amazing. There's, I mean, literally nugget so many nuggets like someone will need a wheelbarrow to, to catch all the golden nuggets that you tossed out here.

Um You know, from the billet beans, the masterminding the growing the service department to the best Buy. Um This was by far one of my favorite episodes that, that I've recorded and uh me too actually. Yeah. So it's, it's, it's amazing. And um and I have no doubt that you know what you're building and where you're looking to go. Um It's, it's gonna be magical um wherever you, you end up planning your flag and wherever you want to build. So I, yeah, any final words before we hop on off, I just say, man, thanks for, you know, reaching out uh to come on the podcast in addition to the abundance mindset, I just love seeing people grow like this industry has, has saved my life, you know, like, and, and uh I've seen what is done for me and my family and uh what it's done for the people that work for me.

Um And uh iii I, I get sad sometimes because, like, I, I know that there's a lot of companies right now that are kind of struggling, they're going through stuff. Like I said, you know, a lot of texts and stuff people like, I don't know how much longer I deal with this and that I need some help. I need to restructure. And the thing is like, listen man, like have the mentality that you're always going to get through it. It, it, this is not gonna take you out, you know, I'm gonna be 100% blow right now.

Like during the January, February time, we were so slow that I'm like this day is going this way, I'm gonna go bankrupt. Like I need to call bankrupt bankruptcy attorneys. I don't even know what this process looks like. And I was like super depressed because I was just like shit to me like again, like go through all this to have an 11 and 12 year old business just to take go down the drain. There was a lot of emotions behind that and this was all happening during this whole transition I was talking about and again, reaching out to some of these people I just mentioned earlier really helped because they're like, dude, I'm going through the same thing.

But like, here's what I'm trying, you know, we should try this and we just kind of lean on each other and you know, there's times where I'm going through it and let's say Steve or something is there. And Steve's like, yo, dude, stop being a little panty and he'll pick up your, you know, pant and keep on it and he just said, whatever the right thing is, it's like, you know what? You're right and vice versa. I remember, you know, I was like, let's go like we're good at this.

Let's go. And I could tell he was kind of like, yeah, man, you know, I don't know. And I'm like, nah nah nah, dude, dude, where's that energy from before? Bro? We got this, you know, and so like, so that's my mentality. It's just like we've all gone through stuff. We've had issues, you know, we all got through the beginning part of COVID and thought our businesses were gonna fail and somehow we got through that and we keep going. So, um just continue to innovate. Don't get stuck in your old ways.

Don't listen to the noise about all the stupidness happening around and uh let's just keep moving forward as he moving forward, onwards and upwards. Everyone go. Jonathan. I appreciate you so much. You run for tuning in, um, hope you got some value. And I mean, if you didn't get any value, you just weren't listening. Like that's, that's the only, that's the only way. But um, thank you again, Jonathan. I thank you everyone and we will catch you on the next episode. All right. Take care everyone. Thank you for joining us for the H VAC Financial Freedom Podcast.

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