How to Write Google My Business Posts That Drive Results

Oct 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

With a Google My Business profile, you can get more eyes on your plumbing and HVAC business. It’s free to set up! The GMB will give potential customers visibility while they are actively using maps or search engines for local companies in order to find what they need with ease. Your GMB also has other benefits such as adding actionable links from web pages which lead directly into an email list subscribers’ inboxes- giving them always fresh content that is relevant just when it’s needed most by readers who want nothing else but good reliable information delivered straight away every time without interruption.

One of the most useful features: Google My Business Posts.

Google My Business posts allow you to share information about your business, services and goods. Located below the knowledge panel on GMB profile for a detailed description of all that’s offered by this company or individual is an effective way to reach out to a wider audience interested in learning more!

Google My Business posts can help you rank for local search results


What is a Google My Business Post?

Google My Business posts are a type of social media update that can be published on your Google My Business profile. They allow you to connect with your audience when they’re online, including the business hours you open and details about special offers as well!

Optimizing your Google My Business profile can help you to show up in search and maps. Creating quality content on a regular basis helps keep the rankings high, which means more clients for businesses like yours.

Posts can be used to tell customers about:

  • Events 
  • Offers and specials
  • Announcements

Here are a few tips and best practices to help you write an effective Google My Business post that drives results.


5 steps to creating a great Google My Business Post

Pick your post type

While Google My Business provides a variety of post types, there’s no single right choice for every business. The type you choose will depend on your goals and what kind message you’re trying to convey with the content- whether informative or promotional in nature!

Offer Posts

Use an offer post to advertise your company’s limited-time deals. Add a headline, description and start/end date for this special kind of marketing campaign that only shows up during the time you’re offering it.

Update Posts

The more you share with us, the better. To make sure your customers are getting all of their news from a single place and can find out about any new updates in one easy swoop – this is where we’ll be keeping tabs on what’s going down at home base.

Event Posts

Unlike update posts, event posts are for when you have a special event for your business. These posts can include a date range or times of day and will stay live during that range.

Product Posts

When you want to feature physical products for sale, this is the post type to use. You can include details like product name, description, price, and a call to action.


Choosing the right photos and videos

Photos and videos are a great way to make your posts more compelling. When you create an organic or GMB-Promoted post, always include photos or video because this format needs engagement in order for the user experience to be successful!

In order to make sure your Google My Business posts are as authentic and representative of your business, try not using any text over photos. You can also use images that appeal visually or those which represent what it is exactly about the services/products offered by this company in a way where people want them too.


Picking a keyword-driven title

 good titles = high rankings

Keep your post titles clear and concise so you can rank higher on the search engine! If you’re not sure what keywords would be relevant, check out Google’s Keyword Planner. This tool will tell us if our content should have any mention of those words or phrases in order to make it more popular with people looking for information about that topic online. Google My Business has a huge impact on how we rank in SERPS (search engine result pages) so it’s smart to create clear, concise, and search engine friendly titles.


Choosing the right Call to Action (CTA)

Always include a call-to-action button when posting. The action button you choose will vary depending on the type of post you create. Here are some of the current options:

  • Book
  • Order online
  • Buy
  • Learn more
  • Sign Up
  • Call No

Landing pages should be as specific and targeted towards the customer’s needs as possible. For example, use “Learn More” when directing people to a post about an event instead of just having them click through without any incentive at all!

The key thing is that by using different buttons/links depending on who you’re targeting with your message will allow users time for consideration before making action-based decisions which ultimately leads into more conversions overall


Consider desktop & mobile devices

Your Google My Business Posts will look different on a mobile device than they do on your computer.

With the removal of text from posts on mobile devices, it is important to keep your most important information at the beginning. You want people reading a post so they can see all its greatness and not have any key pieces cut off due to formatting restrictions with shorter view amounts available now!

Keep in mind that hashtags you use on social media won’t be relevant to Google My Business posts. They don’t impact your SEO or search rankings, so it’s best not to include them.


Don’t get rejected

To avoid your GMB posts being rejected, follow Google’s guidelines for GMB Posts. For starters, don’t include your email address or your phone number. Those are all listed in your Google My Business listing. When you create a post, the CTA button will link to your website, so there is no need to include your URL in the post. Steer clear of using all caps, too.

Some words may also be deemed offensive. Use your best judgment, and don’t post anything disparaging about your local competition.

Lastly, don’t use stock photography. Google My Business posts are meant to highlight your local business. Use photos of your team, happy customers, or even an image of yourself! Customer’s love getting to know the owner of a business, and this is a great tool to do this, especially with video.


Added benefits

Your business profile has a variety of features, including a Q&A section. Google’s machine learning can try to use the content from your posts to answer questions in your GMB Knowledge Panel.

Have you been feeling the competition from other businesses? Well, now is a chance to stand out! If your GMB listing has posts that help potential customers find services like yours and show them as active in their community members or engaged users of Google products then they are more likely to be interested. Alongside positive reviews on local searches when people utilize Maps for finding plumbers nearby, having great visibility through both Search AND Drive will give an advantage over others vying for customer attention.

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