How To Increase Domain Authority of Your Plumbing or HVAC Website

Jun 12, 2023 | Web Development

Domain authority (DA) is a vital metric that evaluates a website’s relevance for its industry and targeted search words. This score, developed by the software giant Moz, predicts how likely your website is to rank high on search engines.

So, how does DA work, and, most importantly, how can you improve it for your HVAC or plumbing website? Read our top tips on how to increase domain authority.


What Domain Authority Is (And Isn’t)

If you’ve looked into SEO services for plumbing and HVAC companies, you’ve probably heard about domain authority and page authority, often in the same breath as Google rankings. First, you should know that domain authority is not a direct factor that Google’s algorithms use to calculate your website’s rank. However, there’s a strong correlation between domain authority and your site’s performance on search engines.

Domain authority scores by Moz range from 1 to 100 (other popular SEO tools, like Ahrefs and Semrush, have their own systems for calculating domain authority). The higher your website’s score, the better chance it has to appear among Google’s top search results.

Page authority, while similar to DA, shows the ranking potential of an individual web page on your site rather than your entire domain.


Calculating Domain Authority

Moz and other SEO tools use complex formulas to calculate domain authority. Factors contributing to your DA score include the following:

  • The number and quality of your backlinks
  • The authority and reputability of your outbound links
  • The trust factor of websites that link to yours (i.e., do you get backlinks from official organizations or high-authority professional websites?)
  • Your site’s crawlability (i.e., its compatibility with Google’s bots)
  • The user experience your site offers


What Is a Good Domain Authority Score for a Plumbing or HVAC Website?

It depends, but the following will help give you a clearer idea of what to aim for.

Fact #1: Only a handful of major websites, like Google and Microsoft, have a DA score close to 100.

Fact #2: If you’ve just launched your website, you’ll probably have a low DA score in the 10-20 range. But don’t worry — the right strategies will help you improve your domain authority over time.

Here’s a general breakdown of what DA scores mean for most websites:

  • 30 and under: Poor
  • 40 and under: Below average
  • 40-50: Average
  • 50-60: Good
  • 60-70: Very good
  • 80 and up: Outstanding

As your DA score climbs higher, improving your domain authority becomes more challenging. It’s far easier to increase your domain authority from 20 to 40 than from 70 to 80.

Finally, if you treat DA as a Google rank predictor, you should look at your site’s score and your competitors’ DA. If your area’s leading HVAC contractors or plumbers have exceptionally high domain authority, you must work even harder to rank in Google for local searches.


How To Increase Domain Authority for HVAC and Plumbing Contractor Websites

When you ask, “How do I increase domain authority for my HVAC or plumbing website?” the most important thing to remember is that DA and SEO are a long game. The following strategies will give your DA score a leg up, but several months will likely pass before you see a significant uptick in domain authority.

1. Get Backlinks From High-Authority Websites

Backlinks are one of the major factors in domain authority and SEO. But how do you get reputable websites to link to your little-known plumbing or HVAC site? Here are a few tips:

  • List your service in every relevant directory, like Yelp and the BBB.
  • Set up and optimize your Google My Business page.
  • If you’re an authorized installer or dealer, ask for a link from the supplier.
  • Offer a link exchange to a related but not-competing business.
  • Collaborate with influencers in your industry by sponsoring an HVAC maintenance vlog or pitching yourself as a guest on a plumbing podcast.

2. Publish Engaging, Shareable Content

Content quality can make or break your business website, and this goes beyond technical metrics like domain authority. When you post valuable, engaging, and relevant information, people will trust you as an industry authority and share your content.

To encourage sharing, content must go beyond basics, like detailing your services. Examples of content that might generate traffic and shares include:

  • A checklist of annual HVAC maintenance
  • A video on seasonal plumbing upkeep (“Prep Your Pipes for the Winter”)
  • Tips on choosing the best energy-saving appliances
  • DIY plumbing guides for homeowners (with a recommendation to contact an expert for more complex issues)

3. Run a Website Audit

Does your website have lurking issues like broken links, duplicate content, or low-value pages? These may kill your domain authority and your site’s ability to rank. Run a professional audit to diagnose problems across your site and fix them before you invest any more resources in SEO or paid advertising.

4. Improve Internal Links

An intuitive, relevant internal link structure will keep users on your website longer and make it easier for Google bots to crawl and index your website. It’s a win-win arrangement.

For instance, when discussing service costs, you may link to your financing options. If you publish a blog post about the importance of HVAC maintenance, link to a relevant service page.

5. Invest in UX

How user friendly is your site’s structure? Does your website deliver optimal performance and speed across devices? Does your site protect user data against cyber threats? Optimal navigation, fast loading, and an overall positive user experience will help you capture clients and improve your DA score.


Boost Domain Authority and Website Performance With Polianna

If you’re wondering how to increase domain authority, the key is working with the right digital agency that will take care of DA and SEO while you focus on your business. Follow us to learn about 2023 SEO trends, download our free digital advertising guide for HVAC and plumbing contractors, and schedule a discovery call to discover how Polianna can help you level up your business with a sustainable, transparent, hassle-free SEO plan.

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