KPIs for Google Ads: What Plumbing and HVAC Contractors Should Track

May 29, 2023 | Google Ads

Google Ads can draw new customers to contracting businesses, which makes them an important part of any marketer’s advertising toolkit. But if you’re not tracking your key performance indicators (KPIs), it’s impossible to know exactly how well your ads perform.

A KPI for Google Ads helps you track your results and adjust your advertising strategy as needed. An experienced Google Ads services company like Polianna tracks the following KPIs so you can make the most of your advertising dollars.

Number of Clicks

Your Google Ads won’t earn you any customers if no one clicks on them. Google Ads allows you to track the number of clicks based on keywords, campaigns, or advertising groups.

Wondering why nobody clicks on your ads? You may not have nailed down the right target audience. Try aiming ads at different audiences and measuring your results. You can also track the number of clicks each keyword receives.

Ad Impressions

Ad impressions indicate how many times Google showed users your ad. A low impression rate could mean your ads aren’t relevant enough. It’s also possible that a competitor outbid you, so consider increasing your bid.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

This metric measures how much each click per ad costs you. It’s important to track this because you don’t want to blow your budget on ads that don’t convert.

Google Ads works on a bidding model, which means your CPC varies depending on how much you bid. Valuable keywords that get millions of searches will cost you more than keywords that few people care about.

Quality Score

The Quality Score indicates your ad’s relevance to your landing page and the keywords you want to target. Google measures the Quality Score based on user experience and click-through rate. That means it’s not enough to just design a great ad; you’ll need to focus on your landing page elements, too.

If your ads have a low Quality Score, head to Google Analytics to check out the metrics for your website. A high bounce rate indicates that your landing page could use some work. Taking action on these insights can help you improve quality score for better ad performance.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR shows how many times users clicked on your ads compared to impressions. If you have a low CTR, your ads may not be compelling enough to potential customers.

To boost ad performance, use engaging copy and a headline that grabs a user’s attention and makes them want to learn more. End your ad with a strong call to action (CTA), such as “book an appointment now” or “download your free e-book.”

Speaking of free e-books, we’d like to invite you to download ours: “Five Secrets None of Your Competitors Know That Will Win You New Customers.” It’s packed with information to help your contracting business grow.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate shows how many users performed a certain action after clicking on your ad. You can track sales, services booked, phone calls, and any other actions you’d like.

On average, Google Ads has a conversion rate of 2.35%. Conversion rates can vary depending on your offer, though. For example, you might see low conversion rates for appointments booked and higher rates for a free download.

If you’re disappointed with your conversion rate, you may need to try targeting the ad to a different audience. It’s possible that your landing page could use adjustments, too.

View-Through Conversion Rate

This KPI for Google Ads tracks the number of conversions for users who saw your ad but didn’t click on it. Sometimes, users may not click your ad because they don’t need your services at that time. But say a few weeks later, a user’s air conditioner breaks down. They might remember you and give your business a call.

Google tracks view-through conversions for 30 days by default, but you can set the tracking period to run for longer if you’d like.

Cost Per Conversion

The cost per conversion indicates how much you pay when someone converts through your ad. Two factors influence this metric: your cost per click and your landing page’s conversion rate.

Using the Google Ads API, you can compare conversion costs with other platforms, such as Yahoo Ads or Bing Ads. The API also lets you compare your rate with other marketing channels, like affiliate or social media marketing.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

CPA measures how much you pay to find new customers through your ad campaigns. You can use this metric to better plan your budget for your next campaign.

To find your CPA, you’ll first need to calculate your total advertising costs by adding your cost per impression and cost per click. Next, divide the total advertising cost by your number of conversions.

Average Position

The average position shows your ad’s position on a page compared to other ads. You want to aim for a high average position because it means more people will see the ad.

You can boost your position by using relevant keywords and appealing messaging in your ad. It’s also possible to list negative keywords to filter out users who won’t respond to your ad.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

ROAS shows you how much you’ve earned per dollar spent on advertising. It’s critical to keep an eye on ROAS so you don’t spend too little or too much on your campaigns.

If your campaign has lost money, try changing your offer, messaging, or landing page before running an ad again.

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