Leverage Reviews for Your HVAC Business

Oct 4, 2021 | Blogs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You might be thinking that cultivating an online reputation is tricky, but you’ll never know if it’s worth the trouble until someone has tried. In fact, over 90% of people check reviews before purchasing anything these days and this number will only continue to rise as more consumers turn towards sites like Yelp or Google Local for advice on where they should spend their money instead!

The more positive reviews your HVAC company has, the better! You might be tempted to think that these things are out of control. Not true at all when you use a structured review system like ours in order to drive new customers and potential clients back here for themselves through their search engine results pages (SERPs).

How do you encourage high-quality reviews for your business? One way is by motivating the average customer to leave a google review or, better yet, personal recommendation. What are some ways that these types of feedback can lead to more engagement and ultimately increased sales? Personal recommendations will help build trust among consumers while positive comments make them feel like they were treated well which translates into spending money with companies again in future transactions!


What Is Feedback and How Does It Help?

The stars are what make a restaurant or car dealership really shine. You know, those reviews from customers about how good they were at serving the public and fixing whatever problem you had? Feedback like this is important for HVAC companies because it lets them adjust on building more positive experiences with every customer so there’s less work involved!

The best way to get five-star reviews and minimize poor ones is by learning how you can encourage customers on social media sites. The three main places that promote conversions from review are Facebook, Yelp, or Google with their ability for savvy business owners who want more sales!

Facebook: Facebook has become the go-to site for many people. It’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as advertise your business! The first thing you should do when creating an account on Facebook is make sure that all of its features are easy enough to use – from setting up pages or groups through posting regular content like blog entries – so it feels tailored just right without being overbearing. This will encourage more customers who might be hesitant to click away because their parents would never approve (or vice versa).

  • Make sure you have activated and made it easy for customers to find the customer review tab.

People who interact with their customers in a high-quality manner (such as on Facebook) have more satisfied clients. Positive local business reviews increase the likelihood that you will receive new customers from those places!

Yelp: The Yelp reviews are like a breath of fresh air for anyone who has ever been skeptical about purchasing from your HVAC company. Studies show that positive feedback on the site leads to 15-20% higher engagement, and this can only bode well as you continue building up customer relationships! The badge lets potential clients know not just what kind of service they’ll receive but also how serious we take our work here at ABC Company in regards t oYelps standards so go ahead & download yours today while supplies last!

Google: Google reviews happen on our Google My Business platform. You can set up this great tool for your small business and we’ll show you in the search result when someone searches “plumbers near me.”


Ways to Encourage Positive Reviews

Ask: It’s not always easy to get positive feedback, but if you know how to ask people for it then boosting company reviews can be as simple and straightforward. You could send out review request emails or put in a quick call with one of those online review sites – just make sure that your tone is friendly!

Keywords: To make sure that customers are leaving good reviews for your business, find words or phrases they mention in their online reviews and use them when creating content. For example if “easy” is common among positive comments about a certain product then include it on the description–and vice versa.

Use feedback: Using feedback from online reviews to improve your business is a proven way of creating the best brand you can be. Use this information for identifying what customers love so that you know how best deliver it and fix anything wrong, before any more negative comments surface; which will only harm an already good company in people’s eyes.

Engage: The power of online reviews is in the ratings. When you engage with your customers about their experiences, thank them for coming back and leaving positive feedback, be on top of what could have been better through a survey or email inquiry – also highlight any changes because they were happy with it when asked- never overlook these types of discussions as this shows that YOU care.

Highlight: It is important to highlight positive reviews and feedback on your website. Businesses display the customer testimonials right at their homepage, which has been proven by many studies as an effective way of boosting confidence among potential customers while also influencing conversion rates in a good direction.

Online review sites: Online review sites are a great way to manage your digital reputation as they ensure you have at least three good ones. They will also help cultivate more reviews and can be especially helpful for new businesses looking towards building up their online presence over time.

Customer surveys: The use of a survey gives you an accurate, statistical measurement on what customers think about their experiences with your company.


How Do You Handle Negative Reviews?

Some people have no qualms about giving a bad review, but you should take their opinion into account when soliciting feedback. Negative reviews can make it seem like everyone who responded was only happy with the service they received and diminishes over twenty positive responses- so what do we do? 

You may not want to just ignore them! Here are some tips on how best handle those less than stellar evaluations:

  • Engage in a positive way with the reviewer.
  • Respond right away as it shows the other person that you’re paying attention. A fast response will make them feel better than no reaction at all – even if they don’t need anything, simply saying hello can help in a stressful situation!
  • Apologize for the experience. You are validating their feelings and making them feel heard.
  • Offer a resolution. Tell them how you will correct the situation, whether it is to replace any goods or offer some sort of redress for what’s lacking- there are always options available.
  • Ask them to give you another chance. This effort shows that you care about their experience and, ultimately, every customer experience.
  • Use the feedback to correct an issue. When you see trends in what people are commenting, use that as a chance for improvement and make changes accordingly.

In the age of social media and online reviews, you will have a hard time stopping some people from posting negative comments. However, by taking what they say into account when improving your business process we can minimize these occurrences! Remember that every single connection with customers counts in this digital world so take their feedback seriously- even if it isn’t great.

Online reviews have been said by experts as one-third weight on how people perceive our businesses, which can be seen as an opportunity depending on if we’re looking for more clients through this platform but at times may feel like a burden when there’s no plan put into action afterwards.

Online feedback is a powerful tool to drive customers and potential clients towards your company, which can lead them converting into paying jobs. Business reviews are correlated with higher rankings in the search engine results page (SERP), so it’s time you start investing some energy making sure all of those online sources know about how great YOU are!

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