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0:30 – Welcome to the show “Lead Ninja, Mr. Gene Slade:

0:59 – The experience in Profit Rocket Event

4:14 – Reconciliation with Victor

4:55 – It’s not hard to say “I’m sorry”.

6:05 – How to prepare for a shoulder session?

7:56 – Outbounding

9:51 – Give your leads a call

10:40 – Have a good Sales Process

10:58 – Tune-up is the best type of appointment

12:01 – In 2005, Gene sold 1 million in duck works in 6 months

13:25 – How would you coach a client to upsell?

15:12 – Servicing your customer at the highest level

17:47 – Reframing, is something that could happen in the future and magnets it.

18:12 – Think about what could go right

18:37 – People don’t care about what you know until they know that you care about them

19:25 – People in the industry to work less and make more money

21:39 – This business is tough

22:37 –  A million sales in one month

23:45 – What are you listening to when you are driving?

24:10 – Get back to the right mindset

24:38 – Top 3 audiobook recommendations 
27:40 – A good salesperson is a good storyteller

30:18 – Caring your customer

32:18 – Context of shoulder season and how to solve it

33:15 – Lead Ninja AI – a conversational AI

36:37 – Follow-up is where salespeople suck at

37:52 – Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime

42:01 – Comment REPLAY to start a conversation with us

42:14 – Gene’s phone number: 239 848 6533. Please reach out now!

43:47 – How to coach a client to have the right mindset at this time of the year?

47:05 – Get involved with a group that will help you to increase your attitude and your economics

48:23 – Create your own economy

49:55 – Pay attention to your gut feeling

51:00 – No man is an island. Ask for help, not because you’re weak but because you want to remain strong

55:25 – 3 takeaways from this podcast

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Audio Transcript

Welcome to the H VAC Financial Freedom podcast, a show to help you create more revenue, profit and freedom in your life. Now, your host, John Victoria. Hello and welcome everyone to the HVAC Financial Freedom Podcast. My name is John mccoy, your host and we are with the lead Ninja himself. Mr Gene Slade. Welcome to the show. Thank you for having me big dog. Good to finally be here 100%. And um and yeah, I'm excited because we are just catching you. You just um you just arrived back from Austin, Texas.

You're at the Profit Rocket event, which looked amazing. Everyone has a great time learning like I guess to kick us off, like how was it, how was the experience and the energy out there, man? You know, I've been to a lot of events and this one II, I hate to say it victor. I hate to say it, but this one was absolutely first class, right? Um Good information. I think the highlight for me um for from a speaker perspective would have been Michelle Bambi and she was talking about processes inside of the office and accounting or financials and stuff like that.

I think I took more notes on that topic than anything else. And, uh, Victor was fine. He was up on one of the panels and, uh, everybody's introducing themselves and then right out of Victor's mouth when it's his turn, he's like, hi, I'm Victor and I like the party. Listen, man, I tell you, but the speaking all that stuff that was good. Um, but I will tell you the networking side of this that he put together was phenomenal. Um He, he rented out the entire outdoor area like up on the seventh floor, they had grills there with big tomahawks and filets and like he spared no expense.

Like I, I was, you know, normally you go to these, these events, right? Cheap hotel food, right? That's not how this was. And um I really, I just wanna thank Victor and the Prophet Rocket team for having me out. You know, he and I, we had, we've had our differences in the past with a lot of people. No, and we even didn't talk for about a year. Um But eight months a year ago or so, we kind of messaged each other and been talking a little bit.

And when I saw that this event was going off as well as it was, I reached out and congratulated him and I said, listen, man, if there's any before you let me know, he said, well, you could come out and you could speak at the event. And I was like, you really sure you want to do that. And bygones are bygones. And I said, well, it'll probably be good for marketing anyway. So we put, I put together a marketing post and we did a podcast together. And would you believe it, the, the, the Organic Post, like a couple hours before the show, like four times the traffic?

Yeah, I was, I was, I've seen all the comments and if you didn't catch the post, I was thinking like we were actually gonna do like a UFC thing, you know, and then anyhow, that didn't happen, but we did like, shoot a little 12th clip, but I like didn't get into it for everybody. So. Well, Thaddeus, I think was there and wanted to do that. No Boston event. I don't know if he's gonna hold it again, but if he does and you're watching this go out, it was, it was definitely worth the time, definitely worth the time.

That's awesome. Gene. And um I missed it this year, but I went last year in Vegas and same world class experience, world class networking. It was just, you're just brushing shoulders like, oh my God, you're that, you're that guy. Yo, it's, it's amazing. And um and I also spoke to a lot of the attendees from this year as well. I just been having some conversations, uh texting folks and just amazing experience. So, you know, big kudos to the profit Rocket team big Kudos to Victor. Um And I'm glad you guys reconciled as well.

It's, you know, for the industry, right, for the betterment of the industry. And so I love that. I feel bad. I feel like, and I hope this doesn't sound like egotistical or something, but like we had some shared clients. So I feel like we tried to split the industry a little bit when we had our, our flight. And so really, it was more to bring people together and have unity inside of our communities than anything else. So, you know, you gotta set your ego aside. Sometimes we all get hot headed.

One of the measures of a man is, you know, can he admit, hey, you know, maybe I took that a little bit too far and, and just, it's not, it's not hard to say. I'm sorry. You know, it's not hard to root for the other guy. There's so much out there for all of us, right? There's no lack of, of money or clients or anything in the world. Only a lack of thinking, right? We live in abundant world. I love that. Yeah, it's um I made a post on this a while back but it's, the pie is big enough uh without having to be cut throat.

So I, I love, I love what you guys are doing and it's going to positively impact so many contractors because, because of it. Oh, and there's also, you know, there's also so much clean money out there that you don't have to lie to, you can steal, right. So much clean money, every, everything that we have to do, everything we do in our business, we try to try to keep it as moral, ethical and legal as possible. Right. It's got to have those three elements. We want a part of it. 303%. Yeah.

Integrity is, yeah, top value. Um, but also, so I'm, I'm glad you have the great experience. Like I imagine there's an energy rush from having been there and, you know, the, the energy is being around such amazing people. And, um, and I guess that's a nice transition because we're moving into the shoulder season. Right. This is when things begin to slow down. So, um, from your end, like, what are you seeing with the contractors you're working with and how ship boats begin to prepare themselves as we're moving to this time of the year?

Well, it's funny that you asked that question, how, how should we prepare ourselves as we're moving into this time of year? The real answer to that is you should have been preparing for this 34 months ago. Mhm. Right. Like being proactive, what we tend to do with contractors. And I was similar when I was a contractor, but I, I actually had a lead source that was very, very consistent, but typically we wait until the house is on fire, you know, see whether or not we've got water homes. Yeah.

And unfortunately, uh, you can get behind the eight ball real quick and can put people out of business. I know a lot of contractors out there that are suffering. I have heard from a lot of them that the lead flows are down 30 40%. So, what in the heck do you do? Right. I mean, you really, if you don't have an outbound person or an outbound, the, you're gonna find yourself in a real struggle because like Google is not working for anybody right now because nobody's searching for my air conditioner needs replaced or my f needs to be replaced or, or it's broken, you know, with, with these mild temperatures, especially in the HJC world, I deal with plumber electrician too, right?

But I see it crushing some people right now. Um Yeah, and it's, and I like what you said about having that proactive strategic mindset that, you know, you can't, you can't solve the problem right now. Like you should have been solving this problem 36, 12 months ago. I was like planning for that, maybe the staffing or think about the marketing. Um You talked about um out bounding. So could you dive a little bit deeper into that? And how, how you're seeing folks are so with, with life or association company, all of the marketing that we did was for teams and we made it a point year round to make sure that we were scheduled out at least 30 days, right?

A lot of them, you're not gonna be able to do that right now. But could we potentially get your guys scheduled out for three days on just two names? And then the other challenge that we have is the technicians and businesses. They tend to not be so great at selling the memberships, right? The service agreements, the club memberships and guys, if you, if you don't, if you're not good at selling the club members, you don't have a bunch of club members, why can't you just reach out to your existing client base and just offer them a tune up?

I mean, even if it was a free tune up, that's still gonna be cheaper than going out and spending 100 and 5200 $250 on a lead from one of the ad sources. Right? You've got this existing client base that you haven't nurtured, right. It's time to start doing that. It's time to reach out to them and let them know that it's time to clean their HV AC system, you know, and, and I've had contractors that I've been talking to over the last couple days. I'm gonna, I hate to date the show. Right.

We're, we're in early October, but they should, I, I had a brain fart for, for just a minute. Uh, no, I know what it was. I know what it was. I was talking to contract yesterday. He's like, it's not really time to do furnace tuns yet, you know, otherwise we'd be booking them. I'm like, what do you mean? It's not time like this, these maintenance agreements are scheduled service, right? Not demand service. And they're supposed to help you guys fill those times like this, like that. You call a shoulder season.

There really truly shouldn't be a shoulder season. We should have planned for this. So, but give those people a call, like pick up the phone right now. It can be a simple strip. It can be as simple as Hi, this is Gene with ABC heating and cooling. We're your HV AC company, we're out last whatever. You know, it looks like it's time for your system to be cleaned before we get into the cold of winter. Right? Would Tuesday of this week or Thursday of this week be better for you, right?

Just open it up to an alternative choice clothes. They're already your customer. Well, you'll find out if they're Susan, right? But just make the, just the telephone. It's, it's still one of the most powerful devices like for your marketing. Just reach out. Um M unfortunately, without the, the, the hot or the cold that puts you left with and then hopefully you've got a sales process that's good enough to do a full inspection to establish a need for some of the stuff that they need in the future and the clothes.

Unfortunately, a lot of them don't have a system and they think that main appointments are the worst. But the fact of the matter is that tune ups are the best type of, of appointment that somebody could go on. Mm. Love that. So, my takeaway from what you just said is number one to solve the problem in the first place, you need to proactively have done something. But second, if you're in the hall already, pick up the phone, you know, call up your current database, that's gonna be your easiest lowest hanging fruit to convert, um, some potential, you know, pre existing customers into purchasing, purchasing something else and then have a sales process that could, then maybe Upsell them to other things in, in the future.

You're gonna have to because it's expensive to roll a truck out of somebody's house. I mean, you're, you're gonna be in that 0003 100 bucks just by the time you get there. So if you're not converting, if you're not getting them happily involved with surge protection or indoor air quality products or sealing up their duct work or possibly replacing a duct system, like there's all of this other stuff that we forget about in these times, like in 2005, I'm gonna date myself a little bit. Right. 2005, I remember selling a million dollars in duct work in six months. Right.

Nobody sells duct work. Nobody really knows much about it. These are other things that we could be looking at right now while we've got time and think about it isn't now the best time of year for you to be doing maybe duck systems and addicts or it's, it's the conditions are perfect. They're really perfect, but you just gotta get out in front of the client and John you and I know there's also another solution. Um but we we, you know, people don't know about yet, but we'll probably drop that here on the show.

Yes, sir. It's coming up. That's a teaser to stay on a little bit longer. Everyone. Um Now here's the question for you. I, I got this, I got this statement from someone I had a uh a quick dinner with um uh he was, he was saying to me his experience in H VAC, he used to work for a company and uh if he heard what you said he would think something along the lines of man. Well, I don't want to go into a home like they only invited me to do this one thing.

I don't want to Upsell them like, like I think there's something moralistic where he's like opposed to it. And so I'm wondering like, how would you coach a client like that to be more open to? Hey, like, it's not a bad thing to see how you can deliver value in other ways like how would you coach um, him in that situation? I think the first thing I'd ask him do is, is there a good reason other than money for everybody to own a HEPA filter? Like, is there a good reason other than money?

Like if all this stuff was free, should everybody have it? And why? Right. So if, if it's so why it's going to extend the life of the heating and air conditioning system by keeping it clean. Number two, it's going to help people with respiratory problems. Did you know that one in four people in the world have got zero ability in their body to fight mold, that they actually lack the marking, the the marking system for the white blood cells to come in and destroy it. So they're, they're massively exposed.

So one in four people have got zero ability to fight this mold and when you breathe it in, it actually enters your lungs and your bloodstream through your lungs. And, and if there's how many people are there in an average home in the United States, you um I guess like 4 to 6 and that's about, it's about four. So if there are four people of every hall and one in four people now have got no ability. If you go out there and you don't open your mouth, are you doing something to them or for them?

If your son or your daughter or your mother had, this condition had breathing problems, had one of the hundreds of different side effects that come from breathing this stuff in. And I came out to your house and I had a solution that would help her to live or him to live a better life. And I didn't bring that up. Am I serving them at the highest level? Right. So you got, if you really care about people, you'll have the courage to stick your neck out and then potentially think that you're trying to sell them something.

But if at the beginning of the call, you let him know, look, I'm here to do a tune up on your heating and air conditioning system and while I'm doing that, I'm gonna go through your system with a fine tooth comb and at the end I'll have a report for you. No. Should I find any deficiencies? And I'm not saying that I will, would you like me to share them with you? Like they're giving you, if you ask that question up front, they're gonna give you permission to do that.

And before you share those findings with them, you come back and you say, hey, do you remember earlier when you said that if I found any deficiencies that you wanted me to share them with you? Yeah, I remember that gene. Do you still want me to share them with you? Yes. Right. No. Been given permission twice. If they say no, then fine, you don't have to. I've had people that said no. And when I came back to them with my findings, I said now, do you remember earlier when you said that if I found any deficiencies, you did not want me to share them with you anyway?

Yeah. Do you still not want me to share them with you? And most of the time flip stuff, they're like, go ahead and they end up turning into a buyer, but you've gotta come from a place of love y'all like you have to come from a place of doing something for somebody. I'm willing to stick my neck out and possibly have a customer get upset with me or call me a name or accuse me of trying to sell them something in order to enrich and, and better their life.

It's worth it like you, but you've gotta, you gotta really start caring about your clients. Sometimes it's hard to do that when you're constantly at our, with them because you don't have a proven process to get them happily involved with this stuff. You don't know what you don't know. Right. Which is where we we at lead to come in. Teach those processes. I love that and that's how I handle that. That's how I would coach that person and it's beautiful. Right? It's um it's, it's nothing happening externally.

It's like what's in between these two little suckers right here. It's like, oh, you know, I have these beliefs about this is the situation and it's, it's really, it sounds like a reframe of like, I'm doing it for them, like their family, like, statistically one out of four of them could really need this, right? For like to live a good life. Yeah. And, and you, you were talking about reframing, what's happening there psychologically is this person is making a prediction about something that could happen. It's a story that they're making up in their mind.

They're seeing a movie, they're projecting what could happen in the future, right? And in some cases they're manifesting it, right? So rather than think about what could go wrong, maybe think about what could go, right? Think about the gratitude that could be given to you for actually having an impact on another human's life. And John, I don't know about you. But when whenever I get somebody involved in something, I'm in the house and they buy something from me. They always thank me before I leave, they'll give me $30,000 and thank me because I'm actually doing something for them.

And you guys may have heard this before. People don't care what you know until they know that you care about them. Once they know that you care about them, this is not a sales situation anymore. It's somebody coming in and helping somebody who's got a problem. So if you can get that, if you can get that in your heart and get that in your brain, it'll make a difference for you guys. I love that. That's, that's an amazing thing. I think it'll bleed over more into just, I mean, of course, this is like expanding the services.

But I, I feel like this sort of attitude when spread across the company. Like it's, it's just gonna lead to even better customer service. I don't know, man, like that really so passionate about it really is. We're in a people business and, and I didn't really begin to have true success in my career. And so my purpose really shifted to be about human beings and specifically about people of this industry, the technicians who are running 50 60 963 80 hours a week that don't have any time with their families. Like I want to help those guys to work less, to make more money and to get home for dinner on time.

I mean, how many, how many times have you guys missed dinner with your families or tucking your kids in? Because you're out serving somebody else? I don't know if you know this, but if you increase your value to the company, you increase your production, the company will give you certain considerations for that. Like the the more, the more that you produce for them, more leniency and flexibility they tend to give you and John like I can't tell you how many people I've seen come into our programs and they don't work weekends anymore.

The boss actually gives them control of their schedule because they're putting five or six or $7 million a year in the, in the Hummer. Right? So please remember that guys, the better you get at this, the more you get control of your time. So if you don't have the time that you want right now, increase your communication skills, you're only ever gonna be worth about 40 50 bucks an hour with these hands, ok? If you use this tongue and, and this brain make as much money as you ever wanted and making money is not bad guys.

Money allows you to help more people without it really damn hard to help. I don't got the two cents in my pocket. You can come up and you want a cheeseburger. We're screwed, right? Love that. That's amazing. Um And it's a great g I mean, I, I love how you touched into your, why, like why you're doing this in the first place? It's um I, I can feel it off of you and so I, I love it. I, you were giving me goosebumps as you're saying that.

And so, um absolutely, absolutely amazing. It makes me want pride, man. Really? Truly does. Um I'm sad. I'm sad for a lot of the guys that are in this industry, they're stuck behind the wheel and they're gonna die in that truck, right? Um This business is tough on families and uh man, the way out is to spend that time behind your windshield. Not listening to Morgan Wallen or, or not listening to. I know some of you guys listen to Britney Spears. Like, spend that time, like growing, spend that time training, like in one year and one hour a day, you guys can get the equivalent of our associates degree behind your windshield. Right.

We call it drive time university. So it's, it's one of the most, one of the most wasted opportunities that I see technicians, you know, I see him wasting it and, and the ones that don't waste it, the ones that focus while they're there and focus on increasing their communication skills. They go to the moon. I just had one guy who, who literally closed uh $1,050,000 in sales in one month. Wow. Like it used to be a million was a great number for a year right now. We're looking at hitting that on a monthly basis.

So I don't know how I got on that, man. I, sometimes my brain goes left. No, let's uh I'd love to dig into that a little bit later. Um But yeah, this, this idea of maximizing the time that you're, you're spending anyways. I, I've heard it called double time. So it's like you're doing chores or if you're driving, I mean, you can just plug in an audio, like you'd be listening to a podcast or listen to some video training and double time like you are doing the thing you need to do.

But you're also growing personally and professionally as well. This is, I gotta take my own advice too. Right. This was advice that was given to me years ago, I had a mentor and I remember I went to a slump. This is where I was in Michigan and I just felt like I couldn't close the door. Right. And so I called him up and I'm like, man, I don't know what it is. I was doing great last month and then this week I just can't seem, I just can't seem to close a freaking door.

And he said, what are you listening to while you drive around? And I went, oh crap, I gotta go bye. I literally hung up on it and I went over to at that time, books a million and bought myself like four CV S, right? Dating it again. But four CV S like the millionaire next door. One of the Robert Na ones, one of the su ort ones like I was just like, let's get back into the right mindset because look 30 we have 30,253 thoughts a day, right? And like 90% of them are like wired negative.

So if we can get that positivity and man, it'll make all the world a difference. I love it. And, and I guess just recommendations top three audio books or things or somebody that somebody might be listening to as they're wanting to grow themselves and they're driving or doing chores. Oh, man. So, I think that my favorite in the last couple of years has been relentless by Rover. Um, I'd love to hear the stories of the basketball players and stuff like that. So, uh, because of the discipline that it requires, it really, really relates close to business.

So I love that book for people who are just really getting into reading and, and at least, like I, I like to listen as opposed to reading, but it doesn't mean that I don't read because I need to improve that skill. But Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, poor dad is a classic, an absolute classic. And then a third one, I don't know if you can even find this anymore. But like my wife brought it for me on cassette because it was one of my very first ones that changed my life.

This, this one by Zig Ziggler is called See You at the top. No. Yeah. See you at the top. So he ran into, I don't know, but it was, there was like eight cassettes. Um And gosh, I'm really sorry that I'm drawing a blank out of it. This was the, the book that I was listening to in 2004, 2005 that brought to my awareness that I actually had a really poor self image and I never, never knew it right. Uh But I had an extremely poor self image um because of everything that had happened in my life up to that, like it shakes you and the way that you faint.

But just being able to see that I had a poor self image made all the difference in the world. It, now that, you know, that something is not the way that you want it to be. Now you have the opportunity to change it. And that series I, I'm pretty sure it's called, See at the top. I know you quick. I Google, I Google searched it. It's the, at the top. Yeah, from back in the day. Um I had a, an old mentor that had lent me those cassettes and I listened to them on one of those little recorders that used to sit on a table that would pop up and you stick the cassette in, right?

I literally was driving around in my Ford Ranger like this called, you got some mode about, well, there's no CD player in my truck. I don't want to hear any excuses. It didn't work. I put CD players in my company truck and I didn't ask the boss to do it either. Oh my gosh. I, I could, I'm imagining right now you got it right next to your head and then, and then be in tears too because I'm like, you know, I have a really shitty self privilege. Yeah.

That's amazing. Yeah. Those are, I would say those are three really, really good ones. Got it. Ok. So relentless. See you at the top. And then the Robert Kiyosaki, Rich dad, poor dad. Yeah, man. Uh he's a great storyteller and so is Timothy Grover. And of course, I mean, the man, look at it. Have you ever thought about that? A good salesperson is a good storyteller if you want to become better at sales. One of the things especially for young dads I always recommend is read to your child, read to your child because when you're reading to a two or three year old, it's different than if you're reading to an adult, right?

And the drama and the extra tone and inflection like practicing that with your kids can make a big difference in how you're able to come across to a customer. They say it's not what you said, right? It's how you said it, right? And the way that you say it makes it mean something different. Like can we, can we do an example how zig you still read this? Let's do it because they used to say I didn't this, this sentence, I didn't say he beat his wife, right?

In order to show how just emphasizing one word will change the entire meaning in a sense, right? So he would go like this, you'd go, I didn't say he beat his wife. I didn't say he beat his wife. I didn't say he beat his wife. I didn't say he beat his wife. I didn't say he beat his wife. I didn't say he beat his wife, right? So I emphasize one word, it changes the entire meaning of the sentence, right? And so that's why it's so important in our sales training classes.

Like once you've got the memorization stuff down, the memorization is the lowest level of learning. Yes. Far enough people say I'm not good at memorizing, but you can sing along to Morgan Walt. Walt, right? But you actually are good at memorizing the things that are important to you, right? And you make time for the things that are important to you. I'm starting to get, I'm starting to get left again. Um Why I was going on that? No, it was um you a good storyteller and Right. Oh Yeah. Yeah.

So it's important for us to after we memorize, work on the delivery of your presentation, right? Figure out which words need to be emphasized, figure out where to pause, figure out where not to pause, right? Um Because the way that you deliver something is what shapes the meaning in the client's head. So it's not enough just to memorize somebody else's speech or memorize what somebody else says that is giving massive result. You gotta say it the way they say it too, right? So side of it. Yes.

And it's, it's, I think it's related to what you mentioned earlier where it, it's first, it's the mindset you're coming into it and then that frame of the mindset then also then contains within it these smaller nonverbals. But it's like the context is really care about the customer and why we're doing it and this is why we need to do it this way. So we're communicating that message to that client and they can feel it right. When you really truly do care about them, they can feel it and you're getting a lot of resistance right now, step back and take a look at how much do you actually care about that client that you're going out to see?

I mean, you don't know them, right? So is it your opinion that you shouldn't care? I mean, this is, this is your community. I don't wanna make anybody feel bad about that. It's something that you can grow is what I'm gonna tell you. And the younger you are in my experience, the younger I was, the less I really truly did care about people and I cared more about myself. And so when I realized that, so I'm gonna to start working on this, I'm gonna have to start really consciously focusing on trying to show love, you know what I mean?

So I know that sounds sappy and everything, but that's really, that's really some of the keys to, to why I'm, I'm where I'm at today. Not where I wanna be yet, right? But um you really, really gotta find a way to start caring about people. 100%. Hm. I love that. And I guess now to, um, I want to transition because there is something we mentioned earlier around this new thing that's coming out that could really change the game for this quote unquote shoulder season. So I, I know I, I don't want to give any hints.

So I wanted to, to open up to you. Like, what's, could you give us some context? It's, it's exciting like this is bleeding edge sort of stuff that you just revealed last week. Profit Rock itself over here. Yeah. So there, there, there, I've seen certain problems inside of our space, the skilled trade space and the communication side with the client and the shoulder seasons all this. And for years, I wanted to create things that couldn't solve those problems. I'm not a computer engineer, right? I'm a human engineer.

And so I, I couldn't see how to make it happen, but specifically with what you're talking about the, the shoulder season and the outbound calling and the scheduling of all that stuff. There's something that is new, cutting edge revolutionary and been around for a couple of months, but it's been kept quiet and um at the Profit Rocket, I went ahead and announced it and it's called Lead Ninja A I and I know that we've been hearing about all this A I stuff, but this is a conversational A I, right.

It is totally, totally next level. And so essentially we've got a, an A I and artificial intelligence that calls up our clients now and books maintenance appointments. All right. And, and the most amazing thing is that we can load like 500 telephone calls of successful interactions between A CS R and uh a client and it will learn what has worked the best. And it can also have PDF drop ins for what we know works. Right. And so we're actually building all of this stuff right now. It's here.

It's working already. It's supposedly right. Based on our studies, it's twice the conversion rate of the best sales teams that we've been able to find. And it's 1/5 of the cost of an outbound agent. So, in essence, it's 10 times more effective or cheaper if you will. And the most incredible thing is that it doesn't show up late for work. Um, it doesn't get sick, it doesn't have baby mama drama. Really? Like, yeah, it doesn't have to be replaced. It doesn't get angry when a client gets angry at you.

And it sounds real like only about 20% of the people that I've talked to so far have been able to tell that it was an artificial intelligence. Wow. Which is insane to me. Right. So we are using, oh, here's like there's so many cool things about it. You know, I've got you or me sitting at a desk calling customers. That's one of us. Right. Yes, I can call one person at a time or I can call 20,000 people all at the same time we can do today with this technology.

What a sales team of 20 it would take them a month to do. We can do that now in seconds or minutes like it, you're talking about scaling a sales force now with, without having to go through and hire people and have all those challenges. Now. It's double edged sword. Right? Because some people are out there going. Um Well, this is gonna take away certain people's jobs, right? Well, that happens all the time in this world and you can sit back and you can complain about it and angry about it or you can embrace what has come because what I'm seeing, I'm seeing sure it might eliminate a position or two in the front office, but it's gonna create those positions out in the field because not only are we using it for, for booking an outbound telephone call, but we're gonna, we're, we're programming it to take inbound telephone calls.

We're also programming it to do follow up sales. They can follow up with our scripting and figure out if there was something unclear and that was why the client didn't buy it or if it was a price or affordability issue and then we can send them the financing paperwork like right there while we're on the phone with them and close the deal right now and schedule the install or schedule the work. Like so and follow up is an area that you probably know sales people suck at, right.

Especially in our industry because we're constantly used to getting force fed leads. Right. There's almost always all the leads that you want. And so there ain't, and then you don't know what to do. And we were talking about this morning on my master r if you ever want to own your own business, you better start learning how to get your own clients right now. Like you get a client this morning and you don't have one for the afternoon, get your walking shoes on and go around and talk to the neighbors. Yeah.

Like it, it's, it's a no brainer but we get like, almost, I don't know how to, what is it? I'm trying to figure out how to say this. It's like we have taken away people's abilities to hunt. Mm. Yeah. Right. Because you're constantly giving them things. You, you've heard. If you give a man a fish he'll eat for a day. Right. We teach him how to fish. He don't come back and ask for more fish verbatim. What Jesus said? I did that with my kids when they were younger and I was like Charles, if you give a man a fish for a day, if you give, if you teach him how to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime.

Now, what does that mean? It's one thing to say it, but you gotta ask your kids, what does that mean? Right. And he was able to pick it up and it was, in fact a lesson for him. I feel like we've, we've almost cut people's arms off and lamed them by just constantly feeding them these sales. A real, like a real sales professional, like an insurance type agent or, or something like that. They, they spent five years building a book of business to barely survive, but we're so fortunate.

We've got these companies that are marketing leads for us. But when it slows down, you don't know what to do. If you ever want to own your own business, start knocking on some doors and it could be as simple as, hey, I'm, I'm John with ABC heating and cooling. Wanted to let you know that we're in the neighborhood today. We'll be working over at Miss Susie House. Um If, if my guys, you know, maybe you're on an install, if my guys, um you know, if they leave anything behind or they're too loud or anything like that, I just want you to have my card.

Please give me a call. I, I'll get out here and take care of it right away and, and by the way, if you need anything, I see that your ac is about the same age as your neighbors if you need to tune up or something like that. If you haven't had that done this year while we're in the neighbor I'd be happy to take care of it for you. Right. So, like it's, you're, you're, again, you're there to do something for them, not to them. Stop thinking, I'm gonna offend somebody and go out with a heart service and things will work out.

Mm. So that getting back to the A I, it's the most amazing thing I've, I've seen most terrifying to John. Like I want to leap over this because John, like I can see a world where it doesn't replace me, but it replaces some of the things that I do and does it even better. Like I'm gonna, I'm looking into programming it to call technicians when they get in their truck and role play with them for 15 minutes. Wow. Like to do training on the way because I, I could do that with 100,000 technicians all at the same time because the technology right, I'm looking at programming is to do drop calls for comfort advisors that like they need to speak with the manager and they can call it to the A I and negotiate price down a little bit or negotiate an exchange for a discount, right?

Because we we don't ever wanna wanna give somebody something for nothing, right? Because that devalues it. Um I and I usually say I can't give you something for nothing. But what would be of value to me? Is this right? And if I can get that from my client, then maybe I'll offer a discount. Um, but I can see a bunch of uses, but again, first outbound phone calls, what we're doing and then we're gonna split our time to follow up and, uh, taking the inbound telephone call.

And, uh, we can do 24 hours a day, seven days a week and whatever volume we want. So totally, totally game changer. This is gonna be transformational for the HJC plumbing and electrical spaces and, and we have the licensing. So we, we're rolling it out for the change. That's amazing. And so my understanding is, is like this is a souped up chat GP T it can call people, you can train it. And I think the unique thing is that you have so much data on, you know, what works with a phone call, you know, so because it's really like, how do you train this, this A I and so you have those success stories to impart upon it and it's leading to, you said it was double, it was like double the twice version of a human being.

Some of the best sales teams out. That's insane already. And it's just in infancy and look, it's not perfect. No, nothing is perfect. Um We get a glitch here and there but the engineers are working as fast as they can as it's been rolled out. Um It's, it's a phenomenal phenomenal product. Anybody wants to talk about it probably just put like a i in the, the comments or the chat or something like that. And I, I don't know if you do this but like you guys are watching with live, could you give us a live down in the, the comments if it's on a replay, could you like type replay like that way?

We know people are coming in, like, I think that'd be super cool. Would you guys do that for us? 100%? And well, um actually since, since we're on this, like any, how would someone get into contact with you? Let's say that they were interested, like, what would be the best way? Would it be email Facebook? Like what's, how should they reach out John people think I'm nuts. Uh but I give my cell phone number away all o all over the the internet like 2398486533 is the number 239 1003. And I just asked that you text me, text me right now while you're watching the video.

And uh it is my real number. It is my plot. It's not a IAIJ. I tend to respond so fast. I follow most of the time that people actually are. They're like, yeah, this is Gene. This is a bot and I'm like, bro, like, seriously, I'll even record my voice and they still think it's a damn block like I'll shoot them like, yeah, like that. It's me, it's me. That is my personal cell number. Um, so just text me and I'm, I'll help you with anything. I'm, I'm more than happy though.

Don't even mean that you'll get charged. Like there's several people that come to me on a monthly basis that like they, they're just not ready and they need to take advantage of the free stuff that we've put out there first, you know, grow a little bit before they can, they can really participate with this. Awesome. And I, I think so we're closing on the hour in about 15 minutes. But what I'd love to close this out with is some mindset. So I know you talked briefly earlier about um your self image and how that's coming across.

And then also you talked about mindset when coming into the home. If you're coaching someone right now who might be worried or concerned, oh, these economic conditions, oh, shoulder season, I didn't prepare, like, how would you coach them to get the right mindset to really succeed and thrive in this last quarter of, of the year? So like I'm the perfect person to ask about this. Um because in 2008, that's when I actually started my business in like March of 2008. And then we all know what happened around September, like everything kind of kept crap came crashing down, came crashing down.

And um the banks had tightened up severely like they're tightening up right now. Right. And things were not looking good. I was listening to talk radio on a regular basis and one of my doctor friends, I wanted to get an adjustment, my chiropractic adjustment. And yes, we had, we always had little conversations and I had shook with him some worry because everybody's panic. And he said, Gene, you need to shut off talk radio, like, shut it off entirely. It's not good for you. It's not good for your soul.

You have to shut it off. And that was the last day that I listened to talk radio, even though I was on talk radio as a talk radio host for many years. But I never listened to it again. Right? Because business is never good or bad out there. This is only good or bad between these two things right here, between your ears. And so my mindset shifted immediately and I said, you know what? And this is, this is what everybody really pay attention to this. This is important.

I said to myself, look, if I'm thinking that way and I'm human, there's gotta be a lot of other human business owners out there that are thinking the same way and when that happens, people tend to get demotivated. Right. And they, they, they start to skip steps. And I said, you know what, if everybody else is in that mindset and I can stay out of that mindset. What I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna go take everybody's customers who's sitting back thinking that this is a bad time.

And John, that's exactly what we did. We doubled from 220, 230, 2000, 296,225, 229 was a lot of weight. But we doubled year over year over year because I didn't have the broke mentality of the poor me thinking I I intentionally shifted it and begin to say to myself over and over again, things are absolutely great out there. Buyers that see me have got the money to buy like all the positive affirmations that I could because there's enough negativity out there without having a financial crisis in the country. You know what I mean?

You add that to it. It could really, it could really affect you and take you out. So I'm somebody like that in this, this economy and this winter that people say we're going into, I mean, it's clear we've been, we've been seeing it for over a year. The other thing is that it's important to get into community with other people that are thinking in that positive way because everybody else will track you down. So like as soon as you can and as quickly as you can get involved with a group that will help you to increase your attitude and increase your economics.

OK. Iron sharpens iron, you've heard that right? Iron sharpens iron is sharp, people around sharp people, everybody gets sharper and we lift each other up, which is one of the phenomenal things about our twice a week online coaching with the lead of Astro. I, right, I'm bringing guys together from all over the country and they're, you know, leaning on each other for support and on our staff for support, right, for their, their mind. Because if you keep this in check, everything else is gonna go, well, there, there's going to be fortunes that are made in this recession, absolute fortunes will be made.

The recessions are when all the money is made, right? When, when all of it's made. So double down on stealth right now, invest in yourself, double down on yourself and your communication skills and you'll come out of it the other side, way stronger instead of crushed. Like a lot of people are gonna get, I'm sorry, but people are gonna get crushed. Well, and it's just, uh, what you just said reminds you of this concept of creating your own weather, right? You know, the weather might be not conducive but create your own internal weather, create your weather for your team.

Um, and it's creating your own economy. Hm. Creating your own economy. Exactly. It's like there is a stuff happening out there. But, ok, it's good to know, but like locking it down, like really making sure between these two suckers right here, you're good because you need to be good for your team as well. And if you're not good that, you know, they're gonna be struggling too. Why it's so important every single day, why, why we testify that steering wheel turn on something that is positive that is uplifting if you gotta listen to music.

Um, and, and, and I don't know which everybody's leaning is from a faith perspective. But if I'm gonna listen to music and I'm at work, it's gonna be probably Christian music. You sound like k love or, or something that's uplifting and doesn't make you feel like crap. When my wife and I drive around, we're always together, but sometimes she'll put on rap and other things and I love this, kill that. I really did love a good rap song. And as you can tell, I'm super gangster, right?

Like after like five or six or seven songs, I start to pay attention to the way that I'm feeling and I start to feel this heaviness and this, this, this, this negativity, this evil really. And uh, I pay attention to the, pay attention to the way that you feel right here and you got y'all right, you've got a gangly out of nerves and I'll come back to here, right? Don't let you've got a ganglion of theirs. I'll come back and you that why when you get bad news something really, really bad and you feel sick to your stomach, you could pass out, right?

Pay attention to that gut feeling whenever you get a gut feeling that's negative. That is God's like message to you that your thinking is stinking, right? That, that what is going on between your ears right now? This is a warning sign. Your emotions are results of your thoughts, right? And they're just a body sensation, but that body sensation allows you. It's a trigger, it's like a flag, it's like a warning signal that what you're thinking is not good for you. So pay attention to that next time and intentionally shift your thoughts.

I know it's tough. I know we all have crap going on. Everybody's got crap in their life, right? You got dodo in your life job. Yeah, plenty all over the walls, right? But intentionally shift that thinking, right. Think about your kids. Think about something that makes you exceedingly happy. Um Think about what you want. Not what you got. Makes sense. Yeah. Intentionally shift that focus and you'll be better off for it. But no man is an island. John. We ask for help. Not because they're weak but because you want to remain strong.

Les Brown said that he said so ask for help and don't stop until you get it. Don't we're, we're, we're taught as men to shut off our feelings and everything, right? Don't ask for help man. Sometimes the nicest thing you can do for somebody is to allow them to help you. Hm. Like you get something when I train you, right? But when I help you and it changes something or transforms something. I get the joy of knowing that I had it handed and guys, I've made millions and millions and millions of dollars in my life, but nothing comes close to somebody calling you up and thanking you and saying, bro, I'll never be the same again.

Like I, I'll, I'll never struggle the way that I used to struggle financially. I'll never make less than 103 $210,240 again. The rest of my life that, that kind of transformation is where the real joy comes in life. And it's, there's, you cannot put a price on it. I'm gonna get freaking choked up and cry again, out of your jar about it. Like there's nothing like it. So once you have seen some success, it's your duty. It's your obligation. It's your job to help retrain that into somebody else.

And I will share with you guys, you don't know something until you've taught it. So if you think you're good, you're good salesperson, begin to teach other people and it will take you to a whole different thing. No, I love it. Yeah. Four important into the next generation of, of folks coming up. Um And, and your impacts will outlast your lifetime. You know that, that knowledge, it'll, it'll outlast you and that'll be part of your legacy. Well, and, and, and I'm not even thinking about legacy yet, right?

I'm, I'm getting there like as I get older, they sing about every seven years, like, your purposes and everything shift and change in your life. Right. And we really start to think about it. Yeah. Like, about every seven years things have changed massively for me and, and my intentions and what's really important to me. So I think that I'll probably start thinking about legacy in the next couple of years. But it's not something I'm gonna focus on intentionally. It's just something that I feel like gonna become more important to me.

It was, I'll tell you last year didn't mean a damn thing to me. Nothing. But as, as I, as I get older. Yes, for sure. I'm, I'm, I'm interested in people, not just completely forgetting about me. You know, I mean, think about that, y'all think about like you're gone, you're dust now and nobody even remembers anything. What, what a crappy thing to not have left a mark on your commute? Like, isn't that kind of like a disservice to the creator disservice? Hm. Yeah. Like you were put here for a reason, like, if you're not living into that purpose, it kind of, it's kind of a dis, it's kind of like the mi middle finger to the big guy.

Hm. And I like to sit around and be lazy too. Right? Hey, we all do, but think about it. I'm not saying that you have to achieve a certain measure of what you would call success. Right. Um But just be mindful that you were put here for a reason and you put your cert and there's something unique inside of you that you have to give other people and it might take a while for that, that, that gestation period. So that acorn have an oak tree. But think about it. Yep. Yeah.

Mm, man, you might feel too. I have a good time. Oh, man. So now let's, uh I had a good friend say this to me. Um He's on, he was on one of our past podcasts and talks about, you know, we don't want this to be entertainment. We want this to be education and really the gap is that people actually do something with this. And so if you were to share with everyone, like just listen to this podcast, we talked about a I, we talked about shoulder season mindset.

Like what would you say? Like you need to do these three things upon leaving here, make that change and, and really grow your business and grow your life? Like what, what would you say? Are those top three takeaways or actions? No, I, I can't say that that my mind won't be changed later as I think about this more, right? Uh But top three, I'm gonna be preaching to myself here too, John. So about about 2000 months ago, I start to take my physical fitness a little bit more seriously.

Um As you get older you're either gonna be in pain from working out or be in pain from not working. Mm. Right. So, I've begun to take care of my, my body more. I've begun to get back into the gym. You wouldn't know it by looking at me like my muscles are. But I used to a college collegiate wrestler and so I used to wrestle too. I was, I was in Taekwondo. I was in boxing. Like, I have an extensive like combat like that was, I loved that and I've been away from it and in the business world for so long that I kind of gave that up and, and I looked in the mirror and I wasn't happy with myself.

I can tell you as my body is starting to change, it's also affected my self image, right? And if the way that I think about myself is super important to my productivity and to my ability to give to my family. So number one, I would say get up in the morning or afterwards, I know it's tougher after work, but just get your body moving, ok? You don't have to go so hard that you're sore the next day. And who was, who's the, the guy? Terry, something from um America's got talent.

Uh the host, I don't know his last name. Terry Cruise. Terry Cruise, you might be right. I was watching, but right about the time that I was starting to take this new journey of fitness. Uh, I was watching him give somebody some advice. He says when you start to go back to the gym, if you go in and you go hard and you're super sore the next day you're probably not going back for a few days. He, he said, just go in for a week and just touch the equipment.

He said, yeah, baby stuff is just get used to going there, just get used to the habit of going there. Right. And so that was what I did. I just walking half an hour, hour a day and it could have been on the treadmill. It could have been outside, depending on the time of year here in Florida lately. It's hot. Um, but I just started walking 30 minutes a day, started doing, you know, being more disciplined on my intermittent fasting and boy, when you start seeing some results, you start feeling better about yourself.

You start getting more energy. Like when you accomplish that in the beginning of your day, like everything after that is like gravy, man. You like, I don't, I don't know what it is, but I don't know if it's the endorphin. But, um, so that's number one, number two, make sure that you are listening to something we've already talked about this, listen to positive stuff while you're in the car, listen to something that is actually going to help you with your station in life. And even if you don't wanna buy things, right?

Maybe you're not a flashy person. I'm telling you having money set aside like it matters, it matters. So, I would absolutely make sure that you're listening to good stuff during the day. Um And then third, get a good mentor, get a good mentor. OK? Whether you pay this mentor or you don't pay this mentor, find somebody who is, where you want to be in a certain area of your life, right? You wouldn't want to take all of your advice from one human being, right? But if there's somebody that's making $100 million and they're willing to share with you how you can do something similar to that.

Listen to them and just do exactly what they say. Please stop trying to change it. Ok? Like for instance, Bill Gates walked into this room right now, John, you and me. He came up on the third screen here and he says John J I've been waiting to talk to you. I'm building Microsoft 3.0 and here's exactly how we're going to do it and he drew it all out for us like a little map. 2 to 3 minutes would John or I at that point go, you know what Bill? Maybe we should do it this way, right?

No, you'd be nice to do that. Right. So, so find a mentor who's done what you're wanting to do and just trust the process, right? Just do exactly what they say to do, trust the process, rinse or pee. Right. So th those, I, I guess it would be the three things and then bonus thing have a relationship with God. Mm. Yeah, I'm gonna cry again, man. Um God's got a funny way of bringing you back if you don't. So even if it's just two or three minutes a day, spend time praising him for what you have.

Uh but then because life is short though, life is really, really short. And um I can tell you my, my outlook, it's always been better when I had him in my life and we're the ones that make that choice, right? So, spend more time with your creators, what I would say as a bonus, I love that man. Yeah, it is like 23 moments on this podcast, man. Ah man, you know, I just love the people in my industry so much. I really do and they've done so much for us.

I could never repay it and, and I just, I hate to see people hurting. I really do do just about anything to help somebody who's hurting. Now. I'm not saying I want 403 people who are hurting to call me right now. 23984865335. But if, if I can impact one person today, man, it, it would make me happy, really, really had. Yeah. And you've already got one right here. I appreciate it? Awesome. So, yeah, I guess this takes us to the end. So, um, I got your phone number 2398486533. any last final words you want to share with them before we close out the podcast.

Well, maybe a plug if I could. Um, I've got, I've got a sales training that's coming up here in a couple of weeks if you're listening to this podcast a month or two. No, I probably got another one coming up after that, but we do it a little bit different. John, I rent out these uh big homes call mansions 16, 20 30,000 square feet. And we literally live with our participants for three days. So we'll bring in two dozen or so people to one of these places. They usually have a huge theater room.

So we'll teach in the theater from like 96, something like that. And then afterwards we all stay together like we'll move from the theater over to another area of the house. We might have a couple of drinks, we'll have some food. But those conversations that happen afterwards are just as valuable as what happens in the other reason we do that John is because like I've been to events over the years and I know that like when you, you go to a town that you're not, you know, familiar with and then you're in a class and then everybody goes to their hotel rooms and nobody's together, there's a temptation to get in trouble, right to go out and do things that you shouldn't do.

And we're, we're about family that lead ninja. And so I try to keep everybody together, create an environment where nobody wants to leave or has to leave for anything. And so that event is coming up October 25th to the 29th of this month. So um if you guys wanna text me or you can put like mansion down in the comments, whatever social platform you're you're on on this, be happy to give you more information about that stuff. Absolutely. 100% transformational for you and your team. Um and I've got a money back guarantee on, on that product.

So um if if you come and you, you, you experience just the first day and you don't feel like it's worth your money already like 10 times, I'll just give you your money back eagerly. Never had it happen before. But um I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is at them. I think we got like eight spots left. Ok? It's about, yeah, that was fun man. Mansion out there. There's a, there's an arcade in there. One of the places got a bowling. Yeah, like LA rivers in the backyard.

It's like sound systems going crazy like it's just gorgeous. They've got those Samsung frames on the wall all over this place. I don't know if you've seen, but it looks like a freaking picture. But it's a TV, like really, really cool place the house is nice. And one of the other reasons we do that because I want people to, like, I, I leave a letter on everybody's bed. Like I want them to start, like, envisioning owning something like that. I wanna stretch people stretch their, their imaginations, you know, we're told.

No, like, I think something like, I think it's like 40,000 times or something by the summer, five years old, no wonder people give up on their dreams, right? So I wanna help to expand and stress people's minds and thinking that's enough about that uh text message if you want and I'll be happy to happy to help you guys with that. Awesome Jane. Well, Gene, thank you so much. This was amazing. I mean, there's tons of moments where I'm like leaning in or like how like also feeling it as well with, with purpose and legacy.

And I wanna say thank you for being so generous to come onto the podcast and also also the beginning as well, like bridging, bridging the, the, the connections as well just to do it in service of the industry. So I wanna say thank you. I'm excited for your legacy. I already know you're gonna have a huge impact on so many people. And um and yeah, just really grateful to have you on. I'm, I'm grateful to be here. Bro. Thank you. No, thank me. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Thank you for the platform. Thank you for the stage. I uh you're helping us to reach those other people, which I'm immensely grateful for. So, thank you. Thank J and, and thank you as well for everyone listening. Um So this about wraps it up, take care everyone and we will catch you on the next one. Bye everyone. Thank you for joining us for the H VAC Financial Freedom Podcast. Follow us on Stream Yard Apple podcast, Spotify, Amazon music and check out our main website www dot H vac financial freedom dot com to find out how you can also achieve financial freedom.

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