Making HVAC Outbound Sales Easy & Landing More 5 Star Google Reviews with Dave Tester

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About this Episode


If you have aspirations to build or currently have an inbound and/or outbound sales team for your HVAC company, you’ll wanna listen in to today’s HVAC Financial Freedom live interview.

We had a candid conversation with Sales Coach and Mentor Dave Tester on strategies HVAC owners can implement in their business to generate more business during the slow season and land more five-star reviews.

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Join us as we discuss…

  • How Dave used his training in broadcast radio as a talk show host to being a leading sales trainer
  • The story of Dave’s first cold call
  • Key strategies to implement during HVAC shoulder season to generate business
  • Dave’s scripts for doing outbound calls to past HVAC customers
  • Why Dave uses the title “Director of First Impressions” versus “Customer Service Representative”
  • A role-play on how to ask for 5 Star Reviews from past customers
  • A key mindset shift to make when it comes to outbound sales
  • Dave’s “Zero Technique” on addressing price objections
  • How an investment in Applebee’s gift cards can change the game for your customer service

…and more!

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Audio Transcript

Welcome to the HVAC Financial freedom podcast, a show where we talk about business ownership and financial freedom by sharing stories and advice of experts who can help you get there Now. Your host, john Victoria, Good morning and happy afternoon wherever you’re at. This is john victoria the host of the HVAC financial freedom podcast, a show where we talk about business ownership as well as financial freedom. So today I am joined by Dave Tester, incredibly, incredibly excited for today’s talk. You know, I have to brag on Dave just a little bit right now um, have his, his bio and incredible, incredible background and history of what he’s been able to accomplish and really excited for what he’s gonna be sharing with you today.

But if you aren’t familiar with Dave, so, Dave comes from a long and highly acclaimed career in sports journalism. He’s worked for some of the biggest news broadcasting stations Fox, Tv, Sports E S P N CNN Abc and CBS. And what he’s done is he’s been able to take his very bold and encouraging communication style to become a very sought after trainer, coach, consultant and public speaker. And so he’s worked along a number of business leaders across the United States and has turned a number of businesses from struggling to success and market leaders.

He is the author of dialing strangers as well as fearless communication, two books on outbound as well as inbound sales and just there’s so much more, but he’s just an incredible individual and very excited to share with you his thoughts for today. So welcome to the show. Dave had to put a couple of props up. Thanks. Uh, I’m very humbled by that, but john, I’m humbled to be on your show and, and uh, looking forward today to sharing some ideas and we always have a motto in our company.

We, we say if you’re better off after you met with us than before we added value. So that’s our hope today as we add value to all of your listeners and viewers. Thank you. David and I share a very similar philosophy. Just, you know, what is that? One or two things that someone can take away and potentially change their business, change their life. So, um, just to give the listeners a bit of a context as to your background. Um, I mean you’re a completely different field prior to, or not completely different field, but you’re in radio broadcast prior to starting up at john Carson.

So, um, I’m just curious if you could just share your story about how you got started that history and maybe some things you learned along the way. Sure. I love to tell the story because I was in sixth grade and I went to a fair rodeo with my grandfather and he had this great big cowboy hat and he was larger than life to me. My grandfather was and he was a farmer and we still have the family farm in Montana. However, he really was more of a cowboy than he was a farmer and he loved rodeos, he loved horse shows.

And because I was his oldest grandson I think at the time I was his only grandson, I got to hang out with him and I probably wasn’t old enough to be on the microphone then but I always wanted to and I can remember looking up at him and he had that microphone in the glorious voice and I can remember saying can I talk, can I talk? Of course john I had no idea what I would say, think about it sixth grade and I wanna talk on a microphone at rodeo.

However um eventually as the story goes and it gets larger each time I tell the story but mother nature or you had to go to the restroom and he handed me the microphone and I remember I went hello and I was hooked on broadcasting. Um It was fun because as we were preparing for the show you’d asked a little bit about my background and I thought well we might be able to share it. So I do some work on satellite radio and the folks at uh uh the national finals rodeo and rural radio RFD T. T. V. And radio occasionally let me do some broadcast.

So just for fun I pulled a couple of audio clips. So this is what it sounds like. Now it went from hello to this and maybe I should have uh stopped it. Hello. But this is why, but it sounds like when we’re on the air, Rusty’s number one in the world 16 victories just this year. He’s the son of Cody, right $84,000 to his credit. Currently he’s third in the national finals. $284,000 to his credit. Rusty right? With a 79. 5, rusty has hell’s fire. We’re going to send him out of the right now heating and air conditioning on the far side of the shoot.

Right handed horse open the gate and walking back big sorrow for white stockings kicks towards the front of the arena. Now over to the side Rusty right showing why he’s the top. He just gave a fan of high five, oh my word, he went over to the fence, He gave a fan of high. So it’s kind of fun to be able to take something that uh, used to be a full time craft of mine. That’s what I did john and I got involved in broadcasting and eventually I worked my way to that.

And uh, as happens to all of us, we find ourselves as accidental sales people. I don’t know about you john, but when I was growing up, I didn’t go, I can’t wait to call strangers and ask them for money, wait to do that. And because my parents told me, don’t talk to strangers and certainly don’t ask them for money and and don’t ask them if they want to tune up on their furnace or don’t ask them if they have an on demand call or something like that.

I found one more because I share this with you, john my, my last claim to fame is um, I am a Heisman Trophy voter. So I still managed to keep that and, and somebody says, well, how’d you get that? Well, I said, just because I’m old, but uh, in my state, a handful, we have seven Heisman Trophy voters. But this is what, what Heisman football sounds like takes the snap. They are going for two. This is my friend strikes twice. So now you probably wonder how did that transition into sales?

Well I became an accidental salesperson and I was told, smile and dial Dave, you’ve got a great personality, everybody knows you and it’s going to be easy and it certainly was not. And as most of us in sales, we didn’t get any training, we had a lot of worse story training. It would be, you know, john back when I was in the business, this is what we did and just make a lot of calls. And so I thought, how could I take what I do as a broadcaster and use that into coaching and training on the telephone and uh, it is as a talk show host and, and doing television and thinking on your feet and those type of things.

I managed to, to create a program and as you share and I’m gonna put it on the screen. But I want to make sure I promised john all you, all of his listeners would, we would provide this. And the book is called dialing strangers. I’m showing it on the video screen, but it’s called Overcoming your Hangups and producing cold calls that cell. And basically john and I’m sure you’ve got a link somewhere, but we’ll put my website, it’s go dave tester dot com. And if you click on there and you, it’s called connect and just let the folks know you listen to the H B A C financial freedom podcast podcast and you want the audio version of the book.

We will give that to you as value added. So I just want to give that to all your listeners and it shares, shares the story of my first cold call. And John, my first cold call was in 6th grade. Can you imagine that, Wow, what are you calling about? Yeah, it was to a girl, her name was Chanel and I asked her out to the imagine this, the fair and I was scared to death. And the irony of that was when she answered the phone, she said hello, I hung up.

I was that scared how fast forward to my first cold call in sales, which that was and the first thing that came to my mind was Chanel and not Chanel number five either. It, uh, all those things came back and that’s our fear is rejection and um so that’s kind of what we try to do and and in particular in the H. V. A. C. System. I’m I’m blessed to consult one of the largest heating cooling companies in the western United States and uh what they do and the things that we’ve discovered and we’ve worked together and by no means do I take credit for a company that’s doing roughly $34 million a month.

Um But I feel like I’m a part of it and this particular season and john it depends on where you’re at but it’s referred to as shoulder season. And I’m not sure why we call it shoulder season if we got a shoulder the burden or uh those type of things but you know it’s not demand season so it’s not 29 degrees and I would say anything below 29. Anything above 92 93 degrees. And kind of the concept behind that is if we get a week’s worth of really hot weather and we’re putting a strain on the A. C. Or if we get a week’s worth of cold weather and we’re putting strain on the H. V. A. C. System.

We don’t have to be very good at what we do. We just need to answer the phone. But what do we do? Those other six months and that’s kind of you know how you and I connected and went from there is uh, those type of things and, and so that’s kind of how I got from here. And john as you’ll discover, you can ask me what time it is and I’ll build a watch. So I do a pretty good job. How’s that sound? Absolutely love it, love it.

And uh, and yeah, just for anyone who’s interested. So me and Dave first connected, it was on a, on a webinar for, for gift ology. Um, it’s just the art of gift giving as a strategy versus like your typical sales strategy. So um, yeah, super, super interesting how, how the world comes together. But um, yeah, I just, I guess just to hop into things. So um, you know, I want to just better understand your process when you’re working with the company. Um for example, like I, I shared with you a post earlier this morning of someone who had no idea what outbound calling was.

And so that’s one place that someone could start, but then like what you’ve also spoken to is you’ve worked with companies that already have pre establishing teams and so I’m curious if you could speak to those two scenarios like how you would work together with these people in order to set up whether it’s an inbound or outbound sales so that, you know, regardless of whether shoulder season, our busy season, they’re really making the most out of their sails well and, and john great questions and I, I love the post that you shared today.

I thought it was so great. And the post reads this, I saw a post about phone not ringing. A lot of people saying outbound, what is that? And we certainly need to give t a credit for that outbound post because if you are not in a position where you’re generating sales, you will not be in business very long and it’s not only about the phone ringing, but its outbound calls. What are you doing while you’re waiting for calls? And I always say who is a prospect? So these are things you have to look at.

Well basically anybody and and it depends on what your niche is, but who is a prospect, anybody that has a house. So I guess we could say maybe they have solar heating and cooling, but we, we gotta believe at some point at least for right now who’s a prospect? Who’s a possibility? It’s anybody that we come in contact with who’s a probability, anybody that agrees to an appointment and then we move that into a client. What does that look like? So in the shoulder season, at least this time when we say outbound calling, this is when we should be reaching into our database and calling our current customers and thanking them for their business.

So it sounds something like this. I called john I’d say, hey john thank you for the business you and I haven’t talked, oh it’s been almost two years, I remember I came out to your home Uh we put that new motor in or we put the new system, whatever it might be. I’ve got an opening today for a tune up. That might not be a bad idea. And then I scheduled a tune up. Now. I’m not I’m not really concerned about how much the tune up costs because I know myself, it costs me money in some cases it cost me and I’m talking about as the business owner, $350 to go do a tune up.

So some people are trying to make the math work on that, let me let you know ahead of time. The math doesn’t work. I can’t charge $351 for a tune up and make any kind of business. So I looked at myself and I say I can charge and and john I’ve gone through the research on this and I can charge anywhere from 100 and $12 to $49. And I’ve tried all of them and they all work. Uh the owner of the company when I said I think I can do it for 200.

Just stop Dave. We just want to get out there. So once you get in, the concept is now you get to look at the water heater, the water softener. And depending on what what you said but it’s an invitation into coming in. So that would be the concept on that. So if you have CsRS, customer service relationships or whatever you want to refer to it. I like to refer to my people on the phone as the directors of first impressions. They talk to 99% of your customers and your prospects.

Yet they get 1% of the training. So you can have the best trucks, the best wrenches, the best tools in the world and lose them at hello. However, you can have marginal equipment, marginal texts, all of the stuff that goes along with it. However, if you have great service on the phone because you don’t fix machines, you fix people, you’ll be very successful. And a lot of times we get that confused and john you know it better than any, I’m gonna have the biggest, brightest, nicest truck And then I answer the phone and I get, yeah, hello.

That’s not gonna work for me. But you could have a dirty truck and I can say it’s a great day at the H. V A. C. Financial freedom podcast. How may I help you? And it’s gonna change the whole dynamics. And we like to say you had me at hello. So that’s kind of the concept on the outbound call and john you probably have some questions and I actually have an example of an outbound call, but I’m gonna turn it over to you just as the verbal mortar of the bricks of knowledge, I guess it is and I don’t know if you want to dig in deeper on the outbound call, but where do you want to go?

I mean that’s everything you just shared is absolutely amazing. And I mean I loved what you said that yeah, regardless of how good someone is or whether they have the best trucks are the best tools are the best people. It’s that first person that speaks to the potential customer and that can determine whether or not, you know, they actually end up working together. And I also love your philosophy shift of okay, we’re not trying to make money on this tune up what we’re trying to do. You know, there’s two things right.

One is to continue to develop that relationship, but to also to be in a customer’s home so that we can see if there’s other opportunities for consoles and really helping find solutions for them. Um, so I guess maybe one, one place that I want to dig deeper into is, you know, let’s say that we take this person that we saw today on the facebook post where they have no idea about outbound, but they want to start doing it. Um, so you mentioned already about the database reactivation.

So reaching out to past customers, is there anything else that they could do to just begin to get the wheels turning when it comes to their outbound. Like I always say before you make a cold call. Um, and a number of people say, well we don’t make cold calls. Okay? After 30 days they’ve forgotten who you are anyway. So you can call it any kind of call you want. But I think that’s the easiest way we coach. Um, and I, and I call it a five star google review, but I call it again, director of first impressions.

I like to follow up with the tech as soon as the tech comes leaves the job, I’m gonna make a call. So, uh, john we could do a quick role play here. Um, and, and this is, this would be the first part. So if you say, how do we start on this easy because the first thing your csrs are gonna do is nobody likes to make a cold call. Look, I make roughly 80 to 90 phone calls a day. Now. It doesn’t bother me. But when I’m letting you know that, it’s not like when somebody gets mad at me that it doesn’t, my head doesn’t get full of trash.

But in those 90 calls a day or 80 calls or 70 or 30 whatever the number wants to be very seldom does somebody get upset at me very self, maybe once a month. However, all it takes is one and then we say people don’t like that, but john in this case we were just in your home and I want you to act as if you had a good experience with us. Alright, so we’ll do the ring ring and hello and go from there and again I’m following a script and on the script.

So if you are taking notes and again, I’ll give you access to this as well. My mission is to give it to you. So if you say Dave, do I have to pay for that well today because you follow john this is the value he offers that we’re going to give it to you. So I just put my hand up and if you can’t see my hand that’s okay. It’s got four fingers and a thumb. So remember remember five things. So the first thing I want to do is say john, thank you for your business, thank you.

So the first part of the script is I’m calling to say thank you. I’m gonna say, what did you like best when he tells me I’m gonna say tell me more. Alright then I’m gonna ask him the question, is there anything I could do better? And I’m always listening because good is the enemy of great. And then I’m gonna ask the question, some version of sounds like you would be willing to recommend us and you’re gonna say yes. So I’m gonna ask for your email or hopefully gmail address and I have a technique for this.

Um So I’m gonna get your GM and then the last thing I’m gonna say, well John sounds like you liked us enough. Who do you know that I should know? Do you have any friends or family members that want to take advantage of the $49 tune up? I would put it in your name as a gift from you. So those are the, so I’m letting you know, I’m not just winging this, there’s a script. So here we go, john, let’s give it a shot. My pilot said on the way to our show today.

Hold on. I’m gonna try something. So here we go. Hold on, I’m gonna try something. Ring ring. Hello. This is john speaking. Hey john, it’s me Dave. I catch you at a bad time. Uh, Tech just left. Uh, I should be good. I should be free for the moment. Okay. Now when you said a tech, I work at the H V A C. Financial freedom, H V A C company and I’m calling to say thank you and steve obviously just left your house, but I’m calling to say thank you and let you know, we appreciate you that you picked the guys in the pink trucks.

Well, I’m so surprised you called me so quickly, but steve was absolutely amazing, very polite, respectful. Um, yeah, thanks, thanks for the call. I appreciate it. Yeah. Now when you say absolutely amazing, polite and respectful. Tell me more. Yeah. So, um, he was, he was on time. Um, steve came in. I came on time, introduced himself and um yeah he came right in? He showed us like what needs to get fixed up and he fixed it up. It was, it was all done within an hour. So typically I am in the dark about when a tech is coming.

So this was amazing just having him on time and just everything was just streamlined. Did you feel valued and respected in the process? I did, I did outstanding anything. We could have done better for you john honestly nothing. Um I mean really nothing. It was it was amazing. Maybe a better price. I always always love the discount but no I thought it was great. Now we’ll jump out of the role play. I can handle this anyway. I want okay so when I hear better price uh I may just play back and this is called zero technique, I’d say better price or he said a discount.

Well I’ll tell you what, I’ve got a handful of of Appleby cards there, $10 Appleby cards and they’ve been the greatest game changer in the business. Somebody says how do you change the game? I say go down and invest in $200 worth of $10 Applebee’s gift cards. Um And by the way I have no tie to Applebee’s at all. They probably charge me double. Okay but I could do that. So um uh in this particular case I use what I call zero technique, I don’t acknowledge what I’m saying is I go, oh yeah, things are really expensive or have you seen gas prices?

I don’t reinforce that. I always think to myself what, notice how I use the word, what not, why, why puts us in a defensive position? What allows us to share? So I might say john, what has you saying that? Um, great question. I, you know, I’ve, for me, I always love to look for a good deal. So I think that’s just, you know, my upbringing, you know, so I think that would be about it. So that, that’s okay to ask that. And also, and I don’t need to go any further than that.

I could also in this case, go ahead and do the same thing you did before. When I said anything, we could have done better and go ahead and play back what you said earlier, john anything, we could have done better. Honestly, I just could have been the price that, that’s about it. But you know, I had a great experience, literally just maybe the price would be it. Yeah, the price just, just the amount that it took for someone to to come in and and get everything fixed up. Okay.

So notice how he said a different thing there. He said the amount for someone to come in, we’re listening, but we want to find out because good is the enemy of great and sometimes that’s all we’re taught is the price. But I want to hear if there’s more in that, in this particular case, you heard what john said, that’s the way I was brought up. Well, john, I was brought the same, brought up the same way and I want to put you in a position. Now this goes back to personality styles, but I know you’re a little bit dominant, you’re an influencer.

So you wanna win? You don’t want anybody taking advantage of you, but you also want to be loved. So that’s important for you. As I go into the home or in this case, remember I’m on the telephone, we’ve never met before. Well John, I want to put you in a position so you win and you don’t feel like you’re being taken advantage of all of our technicians, spend 100 hours of training, they train each week. They carry $30,000 worth of equipment with them so they never have to leave.

And by the way, I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, I will refund the $49. And just for being a customer today, John, would it be okay if I buy you lunch? That would be amazing. So do you see I’ve shifted that there wasn’t any real, but notice how I said, you’re gonna win, you’re not being taken advantage of. And in my mind, the tech didn’t build enough value. But I’m not, I’m not here to throw the tech under the bus. My job is to protect the tech and I can also get your address um so that I can already have your address, but I’m gonna go ahead and send you that gift card.

Uh johN real quick. It sounds like you’d be willing to refer and recommend us. Yeah. I had a great experience. Steve was awesome. I I’d be happy to refer. How we recognize steve out in the field is with a thumbs up. Would it be okay if I sent you a quick link and had you click on there and give him a five star review? Yeah, we’d love that. Alright, again, a technique to get johN’s email address. Now notice this is not his email, but this is a technique I use johN real quick, remind me of your email.

It’s jOHN at gmail dot com. Remember that’s not your email? So you go ahead if you want to share because that’s the technique and people go, no, no, no, no it’s not johN So johN And and you can make up one if you don’t want to give it out on the air, but remind me of your email, it’s johN at gmail dot com. No, it’s actually johN 123 at gmail dot com. Alright, I’ll send you that link and if you can click on it would be great. We want to give steve a thumbs up.

Sounds like you’d be willing to tell others about us. Yeah. I had a great experience and you guys are buying me some lunch too. Of course, yeah. I’m gonna spend the $10 gift card from Applebee’s John Real Quick. Who do you know that I should know? Do you have any friends or family members that would want to take advantage of the $49 tuneup? Yeah. Actually speaking to my parents and they have some issues with their, with their A. C. So yeah, I have some people that I have in mind that could be um would love a tune up. Alright.

And john remind me of your parents. Name it is G. G. I. E. And Narcisse L. Okay real quick. Gene cell 703. Now notice how I lead with the area code 703. Now they may not live in the same town but I get the cell so I still have to follow up by the way. There’s the five things that I went through. I’ve got a testimonial because I record all my calls steve was great. He did a B and C. I also dealt with a price issue which really wasn’t an issue.

Instead I flipped it around and john’s thrilled because remember what he said you’re buying me lunch. $10 at Applebee’s by the way, A five star google review. What’s it worth? It’s priceless because 11 star review takes 55 stars to move down to the bottom of the heap. So you can’t put a price on that. And I also got a referring recommendation. So if you’re saying, hey, we’re just starting out in this call out, there’s the best thing you can do is follow up on your visits that you’re already making and follow.

I mean, that’s outstanding if the tech was still in your house, I really did a good job. I’d like to get it right after they leave. So you’re dazzled and delighted. Now some people say, well what if they had a bad experience? Well, wouldn’t you rather me know about it right then and there than on google? So there’s the mission and I can I can send somebody back out, I can have a manager talk to you, but I’m always listening for what’s not being said. So there’s where we would start within the words of Dave Ramsey would be baby steps.

So the baby step is we call it a happy check. And I’m basically calling all of my customers, whether I have one customer a day or 50 or 100, depending on how it works. I’m gonna call them all with my mission of getting a five star google review referral and recommendation testimonial? Do I need to fix anything and leave my customer with the great feel, that’s my mission. I love that. And just to recap for everybody who is on the podcast, five things. It’s the thank you. You know, what did you like best tell me more.

Anything we could do better. Sounds like you’d be willing to recommend and who do you know that I should know. Yeah, get that darn five star google in there and then you move to the outbound call and the outbound call is, is basically a current customer. So in this particular case I can’t remember if this was, you’ll hear the words uh, and again, I have no ties to them. But this is a home depot. And what I mean by that is to say, well he’s getting money for this.

No, I pay the same price as you do. Um, I wish I could get a discount on gas because I mean I, I drop, you know, I, the other day I had, I got a tank of gas and I had to bring a cosigner with me. So I had to work some humor into, so this would be an outbound call. This is somebody that we worked on a couple of years ago. Uh, it’s a large database, but you can hear what the call sounds like? Sometimes we do role plays and go, well that’s role play.

So let me grab a live call and you can hear in this particular case, what does it sound like when you’re making an outbound and remember this customer knows me, I think either through Home depot or this particular company right now heating and air jimmy. Is that you, hey jimmy, it’s me Dave, I catch you at a bad time. I’m the director of first impressions over at Home Depot and right now heating and air and I was just checking in to make sure your system is keeping you cool and comfortable, okay.

Hey, jimmy, we’ve had a, I think we came out there a couple of years ago, I think it was about two years ago right now and I just had a couple of slots open up on thursday and friday for a tune up and I can do those for $49 and I wasn’t sure if you wanted us to come out and just check your system out A to Z and uh see how it’s working for every three years or just uh they just come out, they go through your system, you ask them some questions, they ask you some questions and kind of like my car, I got it tuned up this week and uh you know, uh just keeps the life of it a little better.

So jimmy, would you be available on thursday or friday, what would work best for you? Uh let’s see how about friday then. Okay, so that is, that’s a feel for what it is, friday, book the appointment and go from there. Now obviously you know, in in in this particular case john I’m not going to play a call where a guy hung up on me, so I’m letting you know that we’re only gonna play the best calls. That’s when I play the highlight or I’m gonna play my best stuff.

But that being said, I I believe that each person that calls out should be able to book between five. I always have a goal of four and five tune ups a day. Now the people that I really work on all the time, they’re doing 10 and 11 tune ups a day. Now remember you know this is a company that’s gonna have 100 and 10 trucks, something along that lines. But let me ask the question, how would it change your business if you knew you had three tune ups today or if you knew you had five tune ups, whatever that that is.

And remember you can always move those tune ups, you can adjust those. So if all of a sudden it becomes 28 degrees or 100 and one degrees, I can call and move those tune ups to for on demand calls. Those are ones that I have along that line. So it allows you to keep your text busy. So in the shoulder season you don’t have to lay anybody off, you keep them busy And they’re able to look at it. Now. I can also not today and that’s not, we’re gonna touch, but you also have to train your text because if they just go in and do a wipe down tune up and leave and go up.

I did my tune up where’s my $49 and whatever you’re paying them per hour, you’ll lose roughly $300 per call and you’ll only have to do this for a month because you’ll be out of business. That’s not the mission. You want to be able to take pictures. You want to do repair versus replace how you can save money because 99% of us on this call and and watching today know that about 70 to 75% of our utility bill is H. V. A. C. And our water heater. So uh our customers don’t have any idea they think it’s tv in the light.

Hey turn the lights off like you can leave all the lights on in your house. That H. V. A. C. System and that hot water tank, turn that off and watch your bill go down. So you’re able to to use that as a foot in the door and then if you do other things reverse osmosis for the wash machine, windows, plumbing, anything like that. That that’s a foot in the door and it only cost you $300 and when I say it only cost you $300. Do you know what it costs for a lead?

I know it costs roughly $389 to make your phone ring that’s just to make it ring, that doesn’t count everything else but that would be my advice. And what are we in March April May in that area? This is the time to start those outbound calls because hopefully in june july august you’re gonna pick up, but then you’ll do the same thing again, september october and going into november. I love it. Thank you. Dave. That’s, that’s really good advice. And just for some of the newer businesses, just some of those things you mentioned about, um, what you can do if you’re just starting off as well as some of those lead costs information, that’s, that’ll be key just to be able to baseline what you’re doing with your sales and your marketing awesome.

So we are nearing the hour and I know that you are a very busy man. So, um, maybe just to wrap things up, I just as we moved to a close, um, if someone wanted to work together with you, like how, how would they get in contact with you? What, what could that look like jOHN, I appreciate that. Um, first and foremost, I want to make sure that that and I’m talking to you as the listener now or the viewer that jOHN is providing a service for you, that hopefully you’re taking advantage of because as you watch this, you’re in the top, probably the top seven percentile in the, in the country and what I mean by that is your competitors are complaining about gas prices and supply chains, you’re saying, Hey, how can I, how can I embrace this?

I’m gonna listen to john’s podcast. I’m gonna watch his videos. So I appreciate the fact that you’re a true learner because you’re a true learner. As I’ve told you, uh, go to go Dave tester dot com, geo Dave tester dot com and just click on the connect button and I told you I would give you the dialing strangers and I’m getting a couple of texts now. They said, well, Dave, if you’re teaching inbound calls, you need to give me your other book to fearless communicate. You like how I disappear when I put that up on.

You should be an october show you’re getting sleepy. You’re getting sleepy. Um, and just click on there and reach out for the book now. Do I want something in return? Yes, I want your email and your phone number I’m letting you know, are you gonna market me and spam me? No, I’m probably reach out to you and touch base if you’re interested And I hate to even call it a consultation call because that’s not really the case. You may just say, Hey, Dave, how do I put this stuff together?

Would you be willing to help me out? Absolutely. Hey, Dave, Would it make sense for us to invite you into our shop and have you take a look at our call center? Absolutely. Uh, would it make sense for you to do live training? Recorded training, How do you put that together and that’s the beginning stage. So we won’t make it real difficult, Go Dave tester dot com. Um, and I think my phone number, my email, everything’s in there. I mean obviously if I work on the phone, I should be offering my phone number, my email text along that lines and I’ll probably do the same thing as we’re doing, spend a half an hour with you.

I’ll probably ask you some questions like pain budget, decision, you’ll ask me some questions. Do you have to come out here? Can we do it virtually. Does it make more sense to do it in person? Uh, do I record my calls and then we determine the next step. And that could be Dave, I appreciate being on your newsletter list. Thank you for the audio. If I ever need anything, I’ll call you or it could be a 911. Dave. We’re not booking tune ups, we’re not closing when people call on the phone.

Dave, we’re not cash flowing. Dave, I’m concerned about this summer, then I will pick up the phone and book an appointment to come out and see you of that. And before we wrap up as well, we did get a question from someone in the audience. This is from Vincent Rudy. I’m just using you Vance. So he’s he’s asking how are you able to offer $49 tune ups when even a close proximity service call is 2-3 hours. Yeah, well you know again um it depends on how you look at it.

So here’s how I look at it, it is a lead opportunity now I wanna let you know and is it Vincent? Is that right? Was Vincent Vincent? Great question. I appreciate you asking that I’m not going out and doing three year old furnaces. I want to make sure that it’s 10 plus. So that’s also what I’m looking at. So let’s pretend it’s a three year old furnace okay I’ll probably book that a month or two months out whatever that might be but if it’s 10 or 11 years old and again make sure you know I’m not sending a technician out there, I’m sending a salesperson.

Am I gonna tune it up? Absolutely, but they’re also gonna have a consultation back to what you said. Typically I could charge anywhere between $250 to $500 for the service that I do. Okay I’m letting you know that. So you’re like man that seems like a lot of money, how much am I charging to do a consultation or to provide the book or my newsletter? I’m not charging anything because I believe the lead or the opportunity is worth that. So Vincent as you said, if you have to drive three hours and it’s a two year old warranty work, don’t do it, pass on that.

However if it’s 12 years old or 15 years old, you go with them and show them how to sell the job. So that’s how I put that in position. And john Vincent may have came on a little late. Look, we know it costs $350 to do that, But if your average sale is between $12,000 and $15,000 for a new system, the math adds up on that. Hope I did. Okay, Vincent Vincent, by the way. If you, if you will click on go Dave tester dot com, I’ll actually send you the hard copy so you get the audio and the hard copy and all right. Vincent.

My only viewer and listener. I appreciate the question. Awesome. Thank you for the question. So that should about wrap up for the day. We are a little bit over the hours. So just want to say again, Thank you. Thank you. Thanks so much. Dave. Um, there’s so much value that you packed in today and everyone who’s seeing this or hearing this live or the people that are on the replay, they’re going to, you know, love what you have to share. So, um, thanks so much. Any, any parting words before we close up for the day.

Sure, I’ll always say that training and that’s kind of what this was training without implementation is entertainment. Hey, that was really funny what he said to Vincent. But if you’ll take one of these steps that we had today and even if it’s to call and ask for five star google reviews or even if it’s to say price was too high zero technique, you’ll be educated. So my parting word is take action, be educated. And if we added value today, tell everybody if we didn’t and there’s anything we can do better.

Tell me and you know how to get ahold of me. Thanks john, no problem. And just to echo again, this is not entertainment. This is not for you to just sit here, lounge back and you know, eat some popcorn. This is for you to change your business. So again, thanks so much. Dave. Thank everyone for being on the HVAC Financial Freedom podcast and we will catch you on our next one. Alright, take care everyone. Welcome to the HVAC Financial freedom podcast, a show where we talk about HVAC business ownership and financial freedom by sharing stories and advice of experts who can help you get there.

Now your host, john victoria

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