Mastering Radio Advertising for HVAC Companies with Jim Klauck

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About this Episode


Welcoming Jim Klauck to the HVAC Financial Freedom Podcast!

In this episode, we’ll be doing a deep dive on effectively using radio to market your HVAC business, and you’ll learn…

0:18 Introducing Jim Klauck

0:56 About Jim Klauck (Check A Pro)

1:53 Contact Jim

2:59 The Golden Advantages of Radio Advertising

5:19 The Radio Show’s Unique and Profitable Call-to-Action Programming

7:45 The Radio Show’s Target Demographics and How Combining Radio and Podcasting Widen Their Audience

12:46 How Promoting Your Home Services Business on a Radio Program Distinguish You From Your Competition

15:08 How Call Tracking Works For The Radio Show

16:09 The Top Qualities To Look For in a Home Service Provider Towards Becoming a Check A Pro Member

21:48 Closing the Gap for Home Services Professionals Who Are Not Confident in Speaking on the Radio

27:24 Why You Should Spend More Time Working ‘ON’ rather than ‘IN’ Your Business

31:04 Making The Leap From Self-Employed to Business Owner

33:08 Common Mindsets and Trends Amongst Successful Home Service Professionals

36:59 How Jim Builds a Strong Professional Network

40:05 The 10 Rules for Business Success

44:11 “Why Do You Do What You Do?”: Understanding The True Purpose of Your Work

48:29 Jim’s Vision for The Future

50:24 Connect with Jim

Tune in to learn more 🙂

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Audio Transcript

Welcome to the H VAC financial freedom podcast, a show where we talk about business ownership and financial freedom by sharing stories and advice of experts who can help you get there now. Your host john victoria hello and welcome to the H VAC Financial freedom podcast. I’m very excited for today. We have a very special guest with us on the show. He is known as the radio pitchman check approach joe. He’s the founder of Bring On Success Radio. His name is Mr Jim Clark, how are you doing today?

Jim great john how are you? Thanks for having me, I’m glad to have you on. So really excited to have you on for today and just to kick things off. I’m curious like for those people who do not know you yet, could you very briefly share with everyone who you are and how did you get to end up doing what you’re doing now? So I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’m an entrepreneur, business owner, author and Back in 2005 I started check a pro, which is a resource to help homeowners find pre qualified home service providers.

But at the same time I want to help those contractors become better at what they do in serving the homeowner. And so I started checking pro back in ’05 and have been doing that for um close to 20 years now and we promote what we do on air all over the country for our home service providers, for the home owner to hear that company and what they can do for them and what we do is relatively unique. All the stuff that we do are things that have been done before.

But the way it’s packaged for home service is a little different. Amazing. And uh before we hop into Checker Pro as well, could you just quickly share contact details? Like if someone’s interested in reaching out to you, what’s the best way for them to get in contact? Sure, the best way is joe at checker Pro dot com. That’s my email address And my phone number 281398 pros or 2813987767. And of course you can go to check a Gotcha. Perfect. So let’s hop in. Um you know, I’d love to dive deeper into check a pro as well as the radio show and from my understanding, you know, it’s such a powerful and unique way to reach home service owners, target customers.

And from my understanding it started out as a more local effort and expanded to now a nationwide reach. And so you’ve had some companies recently I saw on the show, garage door doctor, environmental protect water softeners, quality insulation. Um and so I guess just to dig into it, I’m curious like what is, what are the unique benefits of someone going onto the show versus doing some other type of any form of advertising. You know, that’s a great question and I hear that question a lot. The biggest difference is it’s really kind of old fashioned touch.

So I grew up in a time before the electronic media age before social media before google before the internet and back in the day people got to know people from their television commercials, from their exposure on radio, even maybe a written profile in a local newspaper or a magazine And a lot of the people who patronize our contractors. In other words, the homeowner are 50 plus, these are people who are used to the old fashioned picking up the phone and listening to the radio and so in our long format program John, which is about an hour long, people can get to know, not just me but who I’m representing on the radio.

It’s an air conditioning company, it’s a roofer, it’s a foundation company, how long they’ve been in the area. But their core values are their customer service and how they can help that listener, The listener is listening, they might be listening for weeks because we air that program over and over again every week and we allow that homeowner to engage, believe it or not by the old fashioned telephone. However, the good news is, is people have phones everywhere they are so as they’re driving around town like you know what I want to call and I want to ask them questions or I want to hire them because I feel comfortable with them and as you know, most people want to do business with people they know like and trust what better way by getting to know them on the radio.

I love that. And it’s, it’s so true. Like what is going to make you stand out from all the other companies that are in the area and what a better way than to actually share the story, the core values and, and really just get to see this person as a person. It’s not just some business. It’s like, hey, it’s tied with the story um and everything that comes with that business. Uh and that’s, that’s amazing. I believe that you have a specific process as well for, it’s not just a normal radio show, but it is geared towards getting a call to action.

Could you speak more to that process and how you design it to get people to actually call in. Yes. In my book, the radio pitchman I called, I talked about direct response radio. A lot of people aren’t sure what that is. So I say, well, it’s like an infomercial. We’ve all watched the infomercials on television for the exercise equipment or for the blender. An item like that where the product is introduced, there’s a price, but hold on, there’s only 100 of these today. But wait, there’s more, we’ll throw in an egg slicer as well and a spatula, but you need to call now.

Well I know it sounds hokey and cheesy, but that’s what we do on the radio program. So for an insulation company for instance, we might say it’s ordinarily a dollar 50 a square foot for a six inch ad of blown in insulation. But today our insulation company is offering a ruling 99 cents and they’ll throw in a free addict stairway insulate. Er You gotta call now though, these are limited. Guess what the phone rings. That’s amazing. So gearing towards that, you know, there’s the psychological triggers the immediacy of it.

Oh it’s a discount. It’s limited in terms of how much, how many amounts. So let me call into to get a discount on that deal. Yeah. So scarcity is very important. But before we get into all of that on the program, We build it up. We talk about how great the company is, what they do in the community, why it’s important to have insulation lowering your utility bills and being more comfortable in your home. And a lot who are listening or thinking, you know what? Maybe I could save money on my electric bill.

Maybe I could be more comfortable. And our target audience John are 50 plus many of these people are in their forever home on a fixed income but they’re not paying for college anymore. They don’t have kids at home anymore. They are paying for comfort because they don’t even travel much anymore. They’re they’re spending time in their lazy boy chair watching tv at a C has to work installation better be doing its job and the plumbing better. Yes. And and that’s and that’s and I love how you hit on the demographics.

Could you also dig more into what that looks like? Because I’m I’m sure that I believe it’s on your website that you have a breakdown of the age and the gender and the interests. And can you talk about that for someone who’s interested in learning more about potentially segmenting the types of customers that they’re focusing on. Um and is there uh I guess with that as well is the show just broadcast in general or is this something that you segment or I’m just trying to get a better understanding myself. Sure.

Absolutely john so to answer your first question, um the show is broadcast in specific markets. So we have clients in Atlanta Panama city, austin texas, Dallas Houston Nashville. And it’s broadcast on the old fashioned, what they called terrestrial radio, an old fashioned tower on a mrfm. And the people who are listening to that are people who are 50 plus. So the demographics are people who are generally people who listen to talk radio. Many of them happen to be conservative. Many of them have to be happen to be 50 plus.

They’re educated, their homeowners. Those are all the things you want to hear because you don’t want to hit a 21 year old who’s an apartment dweller who doesn’t have the money or even have the ability to have something like that done. So go on to a radio station in any given market, We make sure that the demographic of that station is in that space is exactly 50 plus educated homeowners. And it’s kind of fun to do that because our team has to research that out in some ways, it’s kind of simple for us.

It’s pretty predictable. We know where to go to find that listener. But I’ll tell you a little bit of a secret too because some people say, hey Jim. So when you do the show, how long does it take for people to trust you to call us to get the air conditioning replaced and you know, in a homeowner’s home? I said, it can happen within 10 or 15 minutes. They say you mean 10 or 15 weeks. I said no, because the individual who’s listening to my radio program is loyal to the radio station.

I’m on the radio station. Therefore they believe I am part of the radio station and they are now loyal to me. And so it’s not like throwing these darts out there. Everything is very strategic. And we go to a demographic who’s a very loyal demographic to a radio station now. On top of that. We also podcast it. So when we broadcast it, it’s also podcast and it’s on Spotify and audible and google and apple and you name it, it’s on it. So our clients not only get the broadcast, but they get the podcast.

So if you go to any of the major apps, let’s say you’re on Spotify or audible and you type in certain keywords that program will come up. That’s so powerful for their S. C. O. They’re organic advertising. Just having that regular contact as most people. Most businesses don’t have something like that in place. So not only do you have this uh broader reach via the radio but also you know have this reach organically as well. So that’s incredibly powerful. Yeah. It’s exciting. It’s taking the old technology And blending it with the new technology when broadcast towers where there’s only so much space on the dial.

Some people are like, Oh I think my grandparents used to listen to radio. I’m like yeah and they may be the target actually. So that’s not so bad. And it’s really exciting though because I grew up in the 80’s there was no internet. If you can believe that back when I was young, there was no internet. The phones were screwed to the wall. And you didn’t call people, you called places and asked if the person was at that place very different times and it’s exciting for me to take my experience because I started radio back in 84 to take my experience from 1984 and blended into the media today which is predominantly electronic.

However though I will say for home service providers when you think about the top home service providers, the biggest companies in town plumbers, roofers, their advertising on the old mediums, they’re on tv, they’re on radio And of course they do all the social media as well. But I find it very exciting to take my experience from the 80s and go all the way into the apps of day. It is great to know that anywhere in the world someone can hear our production on their phone or computer.

I love that. And, and just to dig into the numbers, like how let’s say that I was a home service professional and I was curious about, you know, what is my potential reach? I know you mentioned that the show is aired multiple times and you syndicated to the podcast as well. Um, what, what could someone expect maybe after three or four months? Like what, what is that footprint that they have um, with with the show? So there’s variables there. The main variable is what radio station and what market is it on.

So is it on the number one talk station in Atlanta or in Houston or in Los Angeles, if that’s it, you’re gonna have more calls and you know what to do with and you’re gonna pay accordingly for that? You’re not really paying me, you’re paying the radio station, we have to actually buy radio time for that. So it’s a little tricky john to answer that question, but it really depends on what you’re buying. So you pretty much get what you pay for now on the, we’ll call social media side, that’s endless.

And it’s really hard to say, but one advantage to it. And I tell my clients this all the time. Hey, just because you’re on the radio doesn’t mean everyone knows you are. So you need to tell people you’re on the radio. So take the actual radio podcast, which is online and push it out. Tell your clients, hey, you know what, if you need something like this. We actually talked about it on the radio program last week. So it’s great for a technician or a salesperson out at the site when the homeowner says.

So I don’t understand the difference between a three ton and a five ton and you say, you know what? I think about three episodes ago on our radio program, We discussed that and they go radio program. The other racy guys don’t have a radio program. I know. So it’s a point of differentiation even if the homeowner never, here’s the show. Yes, I love that. And that’s I love your use of it as well. It’s not just can we get new potential customers also, you can advertise it to your current customer base to potentially rehash them or re engage them to come back because oh, it’s another reason to reach out.

Like this is this is we have a show that’s out. We have an episode that could be helpful. Um And for tracking how do you guys like have a call tracking number in place to track calls. Once again the little old fashioned with new technology. It’s the old phone number. All right. It’s you know, it’s the old, you know, 5551212 number. But they’re tracking numbers and we deliver to our clients every week a report on who called what time they called, what their name is and the audio recording of the call if they wish to hear it and everything is seamlessly sent over through the system.

So we give out the tracking number and that tracking number can be pointed to any destination that client wants hopeful lady because a lot of our programming is on the weekends. It’s not sent to someone’s cellphone. Hopefully going to a qualified call center or someone who isn’t around screaming babies. Embarking dogs. You know how that goes, understand. And and I guess to that point as well, is there a certain size the company that this is meant for like would your one man shop want to hop on the radio shore or show or is it someone who is more established has that CSR team and they’re ready to field all these calls, you know, depending on the market of course.

But is it is it meant for everyone? Is it meant for a specific type of company? It’s really not meant for everyone and we’ve tried it with everyone. The ones that really works best for are the companies that are established who really have systems and and I will get into the details of that. But so many people have decided to leave their job as a plumber to become an owner of their own plumbing company and there Great technicians but they’re not in business yet. They don’t understand business yet.

So I’m really looking for clients to help remember what I said earlier. I want to help winners win more. I’m looking for winning companies. The other ones need to graduate a little bit first. So these are companies in terms of trucks, let’s say they have at least 10 trunks. They have a couple of customer service reps. They know how to answer their phone. If it’s not going to their homes. Is it going to a call center? I want to make sure that call center isn’t a generic answering service.

There’s a big difference between an answering service who answers for an eight track company, one, you know, one second and the next second for dentist. They drive me crazy and I hear a lot of these calls, we record everything so I can really get into it and they give advice to the client. But once again, the ideal home service provider john is going to be somebody or a company. There’s probably 10 or more trucks and I think we all know what that means in our business when we talk about trucks, you know, how many technicians.

So let’s say 10, 15 technicians, a company that’s doing a few million dollars, probably a year minimum. But really the bigger, the better we can really complement larger side service providers. We’re not going to be their number one source of leads. We are going to be a little extra fuel that gets thrown onto the plank amen. And, and it’s, it’s powerful to its um, I had someone on the podcast earlier this week and we talked about the, the omnipresence effect. So what they did is they do truck wraps and it’s, it’s very tough to quantify, Oh, let’s say someone saw the truck that was wrapped and then they go to google and then now they click on the website and now that’s attributed to let’s say SCL, but it’s, it’s much more complicated than that because it’s the omnipresence of, I saw you, I saw your trucks, I saw you online and then I also heard you on the radio broadcast and it’s that, that omnipresence effect, which creates the results versus, you know, one plus one is two.

It’s one plus one equals a lot more than that. And so that’s, that’s the powerful thing that I love about what you’re doing is so critical. I think card ain’t talks about that a lot being, being always they’re like google amazon coca cola, mcdonald’s okay. Those are extreme examples. But in home service in your town, wherever that is, whether it’s a big city or small, you want to be top of mind. So to your point wrapping vehicles, okay. That needs to be consistent with what your website looks like.

It needs to be consistent with your billboard if you have billboards and then of course your social media, television, radio and it needs to be relatively cohesive, which actually brings me to a point that when we do a radio program for a client, we of course do research to get a feel for what they are and what they do in that market, what do they look like already? We don’t want to change their image. We wanna Hanse it. We’re not in the business of coming and saying, hey, you know, you’re a winning company and we’re going to change that.

No, you’re a winning companies. We want to work with you. We like the way you do things and how you approach it and we’re going to then take that and continue down that road with a medium. You’re not on. I love that. So it’s not a rebuild. It’s let’s amplify your voice, your character. So you’re further into your market. Yes, we aren’t branding experts in that way. I don’t want to be in that business. There’s professionals that do that. Like I said, think about this when I say, we wanna help winners win more, they’re already moving down the road, we just want to kind of give a little wind behind them, right?

Just, you know, make it a little more aerodynamic helped them out. Um, we are not going to be the 100% solution. I have had contractors call me little guys. It’s always a little guy who says, you know what? I’ve heard a lot about you boy. It would be great if you could, you know, be 50% of our lead source. And I’m like, I don’t know if I want that pressure. Um, no, that’s not what we do. You sound desperate and I really don’t want to work with desperate people.

And it took me a long time. Like actually decades john to figure out that maybe I shouldn’t be helping the people who always need help over and over again. I will help them in general off the air, get to the point where I can put them on the air. But you know, radio cost money. It’s a serious business And I’m, you know, I’m serious about getting it done for you, but it’s really kind of for the big boys. Gotcha with the big boys. And, and I guess so.

One other 11 other question I had to, to build off of this was, you know, let’s imagine that we have someone that comes to you and they do not feel very confident in their public speaking is would they be a good fit. How does your team work with them to, to coach them up so that when they’re on the air, they are engaging, entertaining to listen to vs I don’t want to listen to this. How do you, how do you close that gap for someone who’s not as confident with their communication abilities?

That’s that’s a good question. So there are some clients where I say, you know what? Don’t worry about it. We have voice actors that will play your part. Oh, we don’t really need to have the home service provider or involved. There are some who really insist who say, look, I’d really like to have my number one technician, he’s been in the business forever or my marketing guy or the owner of the company and then I’ll say, well, you know, let’s get on a zoom call or you know, let’s get on the phone and let’s listen to how this is gonna go.

But I actually contract professional experts in their respective fields in home service to sit on the other side of the desk for me with a microphone and actually play the part of the company so they get deputized if you will. So we asked the company and we have Mr X, who works with us here represent your company. So what we’ll say is so for instance, tom is someone that we use and I’ll say tom is joining me today from Acme company in Cleveland. Ohio tom has never been to acme company, but he’s done research, he is a paid actor.

We’d actually see that a lot on Tv commercials and say this is not a doctor, it’s a paid actor and it plays well because I have a great rapport with these voice actors. They are part of my and they understand the H Vac business and or the roofing business in general terms because for the most part, we’re not answering questions from callers, understand, we don’t take callers, this is an infomercial. We know exactly what we’re pitching. There’s a deal on a water softener today or a solar attic fan or there’s 5000 off of the H Vac system.

If you buy two units, whatever it is, there’s a specific offer and we’re more salespeople then we are technicians. That makes sense. That makes a lot of sense. Makes a lot of sense. So you, you really close the gap. There is, is no excuse. Like even if someone is not confident in communication or doesn’t even have anyone on the team, you have people in place who you have rapport with, where they’re already trained in your sales process. And so that’s, that makes this such a converting mechanism to bring people to call versus like, oh, it’s a lot of variables with the person that’s on with you. Yes.

So we control the environment. It is a sterile environment. If you go back and listen to some of those podcast of the broadcasts that we’ve done john and, and you listen carefully and dissect it. You’ll see it’s very intentional and deliberate. Every seven minutes. The average listener on broadcast radio tunes out much like we know we don’t want to do a video more than three minutes or maybe even 90 seconds on social media. Really. The shorter the better. Right? Broadcast is the same way people tune in and out every seven minutes.

So when you listen to our broadcast, which is on the podcast as well, because that’s where the podcast comes from, you’ll find, we repeat everything every seven minutes. We give the phone number out more often than every seven minutes we’re talking about the company. So we’re actually giving free branding to our clients. Our clients are really paying us for the phone to ring, but at the same time we’re saying Acme company, Acme company, here’s their phone number, Acme company. So when they get that direct response phone call which pays for their radio that whole hour john, they are getting what I call, free branding, where some companies will pay for branding and hope that the phone rings someday.

We see that a lot with H HVAC and plumbing and electrical because we don’t know where people are when people hear a radio commercial for plumbing, do they call right away and say, oh yeah, my pipe’s been leaking for two days now. So they hope they remember later, direct response radio is we are solving in need now and that phone will ring now and I will say this in case people are curious, will the phone ring after that? Our program? Yes, they sometimes trickle in, especially if it’s a broadcast from saturday and sunday monday is going to be your busiest next day from those, but generally during the week, you’re not gonna hear anything again until the next week.

It is to find because we tell them We’re gonna start off with eight or 10 of these offers at the end of the show. That is it. And we justify why there’s only eight or 10 and the justification, something along the lines of this Tom’s in today from Acme Company. And I’ve asked him to do me a favor for my listeners. Would he please give this deal? Deal is so sharp that he can’t give it to more than 10 of our listeners today. And so we justify and it makes sense to the listener and they’re like, I’m in a deal boy, did I get a great deal?

And the phone rings. It’s amazing. I love it. Um, and it’s just amazing how you’re supporting home service professionals all around the country. And it’s not only with with this show, but also it is with your bring on Success Radio podcast, which I wanted to dive into and for anyone who’s not familiar, it’s a podcast for winning home service professionals and, and you’ve had some amazing people on, you know, Michael Gerber, everyone knows him. Ivan Misner, Dave Ramsey, Tommy Mello al Levi just an incredible, incredible, incredible people.

And I guess just to kick things off, I wanted to touch on what you mentioned earlier, which was the tree transition of someone wearing the technician hat to someone who’s actually a business owner, right? You said that, you know, some people have worked for a company, they’re, you know, they’re, they’re good at what they do, but do they know how to run a business? So could you speak to that and maybe some of the lessons you’ve learned from some of the guests you’ve had on your show?

Sure. So we’ve all heard of the guy or the gal who is so good at what they do and their boss doesn’t know what they’re doing and they’re mistreated, I can I, as a plumber or an electrician or a roofer can do this much better than my company I’m working for, so I’m gonna leave maybe I’ll take a couple of guys with me, I’m not sure how I’m gonna pay them, but I’m gonna leave and I’m gonna start my own business, so they may literally be the best air conditioning technician in town.

They could be, but what do they know about higher firing sales, marketing, accounting. There’s a lot as a business owner and there’s a big difference between being a great technician and a business owner and Michael Gerber of the myth talks about this a lot and a lot of these technicians will work really hard in their business, but not on their business. And so as Michael Gerber talks about, you’ve got to spend time on your business and what’s the difference basically in your businesses, I’ve got to go and fix the homeowners air conditioning system, that’s part of your job.

I, you know, I need to pay people, I need to advertise and market that’s in the business on the business is getting away from all that everyday routine And growing your business, scaling it, educating yourself, educating your team and working on the business so it can move forward. And many of these little guys stay little guys. I mean, John, how many people have you met, you said, Hey, how long have you been in this business? And they say 20 years? And they have two trucks. Then you meet some people who have been in business for two years and they have 20 trucks. Hmm.

So one is a self employed business owner and the other one is a business owner. So there’s the self employed guy and then there is the business owner and here’s how you can really tell the difference. And if you are one of these technicians, I’m talking about who believe you’re a business owner, Here’s the biggest difference. If you were not to show up to work today or tomorrow, how much revenue would you do if the answer is well done because I have to be there. I don’t believe you on a business.

I believe that you are self employed, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s just, you can’t transfer that business to someone else. They might buy your customer list, might get a little money, but they’re not gonna buy your business because they can’t buy you, you’re no longer in it. You’re the business. That’s it. And how, how do you say someone would make that transition? There’s, it’s, it’s a chasm, right? For someone who has just a technician and hasn’t really learned the business side of things, How does someone make that leap?

It’s, it’s a chasm. Um, but it’s an important one to make to go from self employed to actual business. So I’m just curious like what, what would that look like? It is a chasm and be careful. You may end up down in the crevasse there all all messed up. So I believe in many people that I’ve talked to over the years believed this the most difficult transition isn’t from Five trucks to 10 trucks or five technicians to 10 technicians. It’s from you to your first hire. So you’ve got that truck, you’re the technician, you’re the licensed plumber and now you want to duplicate yourself that 100% increase from you to them is huge.

You need another truck. You need to pay them. You need to ensure them, you need to manage them. And a lot of people like this guy is not me. I wanted to clone me. Well you got to deal with employees, but when you’re scaling and you’re going from 5 to 6789 texts, you’re kind of moving along, you have systems, you’re not as personal anymore with it. You’re not worried that they’re not just like you, they’re a technician that fit is working well. And then when you, you know from 20 to 30 to 40 to 50 to 100 texts now you’re really in business and it’s just a business and things are less personal, but then you can actually transfer your business meaning sell it much easier one day and if you have that many technicians and you’re profitable, you will have people calling you to purchase your business especially late.

Yes, the multiples are insane with private equity at the moment. Oh and and I guess in terms of other mindset things, I I’m a big guy about personal development mindset. What other things have you noticed our common mindsets or trends amongst these very successful home service professionals that you’ve interacted with because they just think differently and a number of them that I speak to, they just seem to bend reality. So I’m, I’m curious like what other things have you noticed about these people? So I had a summit, my place back in february and I invited some key home service professionals at what I consider a very high level and I asked all of them before they came to this meeting this summit, I asked them what book would they recommend to other home services.

And so when they told me and some of them were the same, many people said Michael Gerber’s Emmett and I said, well now that was been taken, you have to then go back and give me new ones. So I purchased all those books, I went to amazon and purchased them all. Then I had all the books out on a table And this was a small gathering of about 15 home service provided this wasn’t a big, this is an intimate group. It was a day event at my ranch in Texas and it was an opportunity for people to get together to get to know each other, but I wanted to do this exercise on books because we’ve all heard that readers are leaders, right?

So all the books are out there on the table, if you can picture this. And I went up to the table and I picked the book up and I said, who is the one that recommended this book? And someone would say like, Tommy Mello was there, Tommy would say, oh yeah, I love that book. And this is what I got out of the book. And he said, not only that, I know the author of the book, Not only that, I wrote that book over there and I know all those books and I’ve met 30% of the authors on that table.

So the moral of the story is read, write what, you know, because if we teach, we learn more, we’ve all heard that before, just don’t read, read it, write it down and then basically regurgitate to others or at least speak it back to yourself. And so the number one thread, the common thread is reading once again, old fashioned stuff. Right now. I’m a big consumer of audible. I listen to book, I consume at least one book a week minimum and I used to read a lot. Now I listen a lot because I can do a lot of things at once.

I’m on my bike out, um, you know, doing work on the ranch, whatever I’m doing, not doing a radio program, we gotta focus on that. But when I’m doing things that are mindless, if you will, I consume this stuff, but I don’t just consume random things and they’re not novels, These are basically self help, the improvement things. Okay, I’m working on the improvement of myself, but it’s just not random. I’ll ask people who are leaders in the field that I’m looking into and I’ll say, I’ll ask them reading, what do you recommend?

And there are just so many commonalities and ends up being kind of a small community to, I’ve gotten to know a lot of great leaders in home service and there’s no coincidence the ones that are at the top, read a lot, They write, they do podcasts, their guests on podcasts, they speak and they go to conferences and they know everybody. And and I think one other thing aside from just reading the writing is is you’ve mentioned the networking component um as you mentioned with Tommy, he knew all the authors and for yourself as well, you reach out and you built this strong community of people that you can tap into.

I’m curious like for someone who, I mean whether they’re just starting out or someone who just looking to develop more relationships, what is your relationship development strategy? Like how how do you get to know these amazing people? I make sure I’m where they are. So going to conferences now, it’s interesting because a couple of weeks ago I had breakfast with the founder and Ceo of a very, very large home service provider company in texas known for a long time. Um and he asked me this question because he’s because he’s kind of amazed, he says, jim, how do you get these people on your podcast?

How do you know this author? How do you know this specialist? And I said I pick up the phone, I email them, I asked someone who’s friends with them on facebook, can you connect me and you’ll find that the people who are of this type, who are out there speaking, who are writing, who are everywhere they want to help you, that’s who they are. And just ask them and they will connect you and we’re not all that far away from anybody, 100%. It’s, it’s so surprising, especially the Internet how interconnected we are as, as, as as people and also just with the a players, it seems like all the eight players know each other in one way or another.

And I don’t think that’s a coincidence. It’s very intentional. It’s not like people want to be with like people and winners want to be with winners. And I know it sounds harsh when when someone like me might say, I don’t want to be around losers. I’m willing to help somebody who wants to be a winner. But if they’ve decided, well, I don’t know, I’ve been doing this for 20 years and sustainable, I can’t change their mindset. It’s the ones that say, you know what, I’m new to this.

But yeah, yeah. But I’m gonna, you know, I’m gonna make this, you know happen. And it’s, it’s really fun to watch some of these young people In home service who are just killing it and, and it amazes me, I’ll see some of these people, they’re running $100 million companies and their 33 years old. Uh and then you see this guy who’s 65 and never did more million a year in revenue ever. But we’re just talking about different animals or as I like to call athletes. They’re just different athletes out there and I like to be around a team of professional because I want to win.

Love it awesome. And uh, the other thing I want to dig into is that on, on your, your website you have 10 rules for business success? Yeah, I’m not gonna read all of them, but for, for some of the people who are listening, here’s some of the rules. Number one work on your business, not in your business. Uh, number five exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Number eight form strategic alliances with other companies or individuals. Uh, could you speak to a few of these rules and how you actually, how you came up with these rules for success?

They’re not mine. Nothing is unique yet. So, you know, working on your business and not in your business, that’s Michael Gerber’s event. And I believe in that, you know, like I had mentioned before you, you can’t just work in your business if you do, you’re going to be that self employed one truck technician, salesperson. You know, floor sweeper, toilet cleaner of your own place. I mean, that’s what you’re gonna now when it comes to like diet and exercise, it doesn’t matter about anything else. I mean, this sounds extreme, but if you’re dead, it just doesn’t matter any if you’re not healthy and you can’t work or help others doesn’t work that way.

So we really need to take care of ourselves. So I believe in eating well and exercising a lot And when I first came up with that List of 10, there’s something that I didn’t understand, but I found it very important day and there’s been more and that sleep sleep for many people sleep maybe more important than because and you can exercise, but if you sleep three hours a day it may be all for not, you could kill you. So I believe in I believe in eight hours of sleep, so I have lights out at a certain time.

I try to have consistent sleep. So for me it’s it’s, you know, drinking a lot of water, getting well, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and it’s like a lot when I tell people what I eat there, like, oh my gosh, it’s it’s It’s crazy. But and then um and I actually say I exercise for at least 90 minutes a day. No, I like to ride my bike every day if I can. And I don’t work out hard. I’ve actually injured myself before in the gym and so that’s fine.

So I’m not trying to be mr universe, but I’m fit and I just want to be in good shape, try to keep my weight in check and have decent muscle tone, but really cardiovascular is important. I don’t want to be huffing and puffing, going up. Yes, and I think I’ll add to which I I’ve been learning more and more of the importance of it, it’s it’s actually getting sunlight. I think you’re lucky you’re in texas, you get a lot of sunlight, you’re on the ranch but I noticed how different my mind quality and my sleep is if I got sun that day or not.

Uh and it’s and I have a fitness coach and he’s he’s just been doing the research on it. He’s saying that sometimes sunlight can be even more important than food sometimes, like that’s how critical it is to your health. It is so important for the chemicals in our brain. And they talk about vitamin D. The best way to get vitamin D. Is directly from sunlight. And then you hear from people who say, well wait you can’t have exposure because of ultraviolet rays and it’s bad for your skin and cancer, you need some of it to really feel good.

And I don’t understand how these successful companies in Seattle are so successful. It is ringing me is such a great products out, you know all these tech companies right? But it’s I used to live in Vancouver Vancouver british Columbia and it rains all winter long and summer, it gets sunny a little bit. But no it’s it’s true, it’s so important to have sunlight stop it and as we’re closing in on 15 minutes. But I just wanna just move to the close of the show um what I want to ask you since this show is about financial freedom.

And on your site you mentioned that you’re living the dream and so I’m just curious like what does, what does life look like for you on a, on a continual basis and you know, why do you do what it is that you do? So I actually have a list of things that I didn’t share with you and it’s, it’s basically, you know, Jim’s list for success on a daily basis and I, I work hard, but I’m not considered a workaholic. What you might consider a workaholic. Some people might say, well, how come you’re not working that hard because I want to have a good balance in my life.

I have two Children that are grown now. Um I have a wonderful wife, I like to be mentally and physically healthy. So I take a lot of time, as I had mentioned before, I sleep eight hours a day, so that takes up a third of my day and I spend 90 minutes a day minimum on my feet are on my bike, exercising and I take time to prepare my food. I do a lot of education, I do a lot of reading or listening and then I work, It is a true balance.

I am blessed enough though to be able to pick and choose my clients at this stage of my career. I only work with winning companies with people who really want to win and it’s great. I don’t have to take any client, I don’t want to take, I’ve had businesses like that before where you just have to and I don’t, and I’m living the dream. I’m a very blessed person. I truly am living the dream. Many people would probably like to live that type of balanced life. How many people we met who are overweight, their stress, their marriage is falling apart, their business is just about to implode and they’re just not happy.

Yes, so impressive. And why do you do, what is it you do? Like, cause a lot of what you do is focused on impact. And even prior to the show, I, we were talking about how for us, it’s not about necessarily getting the biggest reach, but if we can impact that one person, that transformation makes it all worth it. So I’m just curious like, why why do you continue to do what you do? Why not just say, hey, let’s let me just chill and hang out and be on the ranch and let’s not do any work anymore. Yeah.

Well I thought about that. Um, and there are some days where I’m like, why am I doing this? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, certainly to help others and I really love to help the two distinct groups that I touch on my radio programs and that is of course the homeowner who’s listening to the radio program, I want to help that consumer and I want to help business owner get more business and what I consider a great medium and in a proper way and a legitimate way to get business.

So that’s why I do it now, personally, I do it also because it’s something that I understand, something I’m good at. I’ve been doing it for decades and I really need to have a purpose. There’s really nothing else I’d rather do. I don’t want to open up an ice cream shop and you know, I don’t want to learn how to act. Um, you know, so I, I’m doing what I’m doing. Once again, I’m living the dream doing what I want to do at the rate. I want to do it and I can basically schedule things and balance it out.

So, you know, in scaling my business, it’s a little difficult. We talked about the difference between someone who is self employed as someone who’s a business owner. I’ll be honest with you, I claim to have a business, but if I decide not to work, those radio programs do not air. So it’s like tom brady. Uh, he’s playing football game by the way. And so if he doesn’t show up to throw, okay, there is no game for him. He’s kind of self employed, right? He is the guy and that’s true of anyone else who does what they do on their own.

And so, um, I love what I do, love helping others and I’ll continue to do it for as long as I can awesome and, and all, I guess what’s next, like what’s the vision for the future? Um you know, you can take whatever you want in the next five years further than that, like what’s what are, what, what is that vision of what you want to build towards to continue what I’m doing on what’s called terrestrial radio, which is the AM and FM bands and continue to grow with all of the other mediums that are coming out of the electronic world.

You know, everything online, there’s platforms that are growing every day. We place our radio programs for our clients and all these different apps and Every couple of months there’s a new app to put the audio on. And so that’s going to be ever changing. And it’s exciting to see that change and a little bit of a challenge to stay on top of it. And that’s really where the growth is and we, you know, we’ve never seen more growth in technology as we have today and tomorrow will be more and it will be more.

And I don’t know what the future brings. If we were marking 50 years ago. It would be very simple because all we knew was television, radio and newspapers. I’m sorry, that was it today. It’s something that has to do with the internet. I’m pretty sure about that question mark, what that is, we got the metaverse going on, You know, people buying virtual land like we don’t know, it’s it’s uh it’s gonna be a while, the next few decades. It’s yeah, also any parting words for any listeners to the show now, you know, I’m here for you, I understand what you’re going through what your dreams are.

As home service professionals, some of you are companies that are smaller wanting to scale up some of you are already larger, you’re moving along. There’s anything I can help you with, Anyone I can introduce you to. Just let me know. I’ll spend one last reminder of how can people get into contact with you, okay? By email. It’s joe at check a pro dot com. And the reason why it’s joe and that jim is because I call myself check a pro jo on the radio. That’s my air name, joe at check a pro.

Um You can also call me to 813987767. And you can simply just to check a pro dot um um and it’s all awesome. Well thank you so much Jim again everyone, the radio pitchman, the check approach joe, thank you so much for being on for today. I hope everyone was able to take some great nuggets, not just from being able to be on a radio broadcast that’s focused on a call to action, but lessons on how to transition from the technician to the owner and just some general mindset shifts that some of the best home service professionals have adopted in their life.

So thanks so much everyone. And yeah, I’ll catch you on the next podcast episode. Thank you for joining us for the H VAC Financial Freedom podcast. Follow us on Stream Yard Apple podcast, Spotify, amazon music and check out our main website, www. Dot h. Vac financial freedom dot com, to find out how you can also achieve financial freedom. Yeah.

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