Set the Lead by Dispatching for Profit with Dave Tester

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Ready to elevate your entrepreneurial journey? Listen now! 🎧🌟

🎙️✨ Dive into our latest podcast episode where we unpack the powerful dynamics of “Setting the Lead by Dispatching for Profit” with our returning guest, David Tester! 💼🌐 In this insightful session, we unravel the strategies, tactics, and success stories that can redefine the trajectory of your business and catapult you to entrepreneurial excellence.

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0:05 – Welcome to the HVAC Financial Freedom Podcast!

2:50 – Welcome to the podcast, David Tester!

3:58 – How important “now” is?

5:22 – What you’re gonna do in the next 30/60 days is gonna set the table 90 days down the road!

6:47 – We are legends in our own mind

8:39 – Things contractors keep in mind to pay attention in small hinges

10:53 – CSR should set the lead!
11:25 – Fearless communication!

15:15 – Things CSR to get in the right state to get the lead

19:22 – Attitude reflects leadership

21:34 – Don’t ask anybody to do anything you’re not willing to do yourself!

21:45 – Dispatching for profit

27:20 – What are those things that you should cut out of your business if dispatching for profit?

30:01 – Don’t dispatch for ease!

33:15 – Nothing happens in a company until a sale is made

35:35 – If you don’t know exactly where you are, you’re lost!

38:28 – How did it lead them from 0 to 80M?

40:43 – You’ve got to have a training system

40:51 – You’ve got to have a call-out team

45:01 – Secret shopping!

48:03 – Closing remarks

48:40 – Thank you, David Tester!

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Audio Transcript

Welcome to the H VAC Financial Freedom podcast, a show to help you create more revenue, profit and freedom in your life. Now, your host, John Victoria. Hello and welcome everyone to the H VAC Financial Freedom Podcast. I’m your host, John Victoria. And today we are on a roll. We, we did a recording with the podcast yesterday. We are now in for a second podcast this week and also our guest, he has been on multiple podcasts this week as well. So he is on a rampage of podcasts but uh for a quick introduction to Dave, uh he is uh he was had a highly acclaimed career in sports journalism.

He’s worked at Fox TV, news, sports ESPN CNN ABC and CBS. And really what he’s done is he successfully applied his bold and encouraging communication style to become a sought after trainer, coach consultants and public speaker. He’s worked with leaders across the United States and has developed a tried and shrewd system for transforming struggling companies into market leaders. And so he’s become a trusted mentor to business owners and front employees, front line employees alike with his empowering presentations that include taking live sales calls, you know, got you in the hot seat and customer service calls.

The first book Dialing strangers has become a go to handbook for outbound sales calls. And his latest book, Fearless Communication is helping inbound customer service teams to grow their businesses by securing appointments, handling upset customers and obtaining five star reviews. And we all know how important that is for conversion as well as sco and so his unique brand of motivation and hands on learning has equipped thousands of professionals to conquer fear and communicate with confidence. Instead, Dave’s rich and diverse history allows him to connect with large and small businesses alike.

You know, one quick example, he works with one of the biggest, if not the largest um a track company on the west coast. And I’ll talk more about that later. Working with several big box stores, think of companies like Home Depot and really his training and his uh his personal development that he brings to companies is amazing at driving transform, transformational change, man. I can’t speak today and elevating the bottom line. So with that, let’s bring on Dave, welcome Dave to the show. John. Thanks. I, you know, not only do I really appreciate you, but I love your enthusiasm that it brings uh to the business and whether it’s heating, cooling, electrical plumbing, whatever service industry you’re in.

I actually mentioned Home Depot and I’m the provider for about 21785 Home Depots. And, and I typically try to go in the stores and work with them. And one of the things I talk about is if you act enthusiastic, you’ll be enthusiastic. And we even teach our, we even teach our technicians to drive around the block and get their head in the right space. You know, you gotta get your head in the right space before you walk up. And as you know, we’re going into the beginning of service uh service demand season and this is really where we gotta, as Tony Robbins once told me, you get in your head, you’re dead, so stay out of your head really good at what you do.

But I guess that’s a harbinger and I love your enthusiasm. Thank you, Dave. And if anyone’s been following along, you know, that Dave has been on season one and he is back for round two and we got some fun topics today. Um, I know the first thing that we were talking before the podcast was how important now is and how, you know, mindsets and folks and begin to, you know, begin to not do the things that got them to where they are now and drop the ball in some things that are important.

Could you, could you speak to that and talk about what are some of the things that you’re seeing in the field and what owners should do, um, where they’re at right now? Well, I, I think the first thing John is is athletes. Uh, if you think in the middle of football season they quit practicing. No, they don’t. In the middle of golf. Primary golf season, they quit practicing. And what we get in the habit of doing is, well, it’s demand season. We’re not doing training during demand season.

And I think more than ever demand season is when you demand training. Now, maybe you don’t do it for an hour and a half. maybe it’s 2110 minute snippets, whatever it might be. Because what we believe now is we start reading our own press clippings, our phones ringing, we book solid. We’re doing those type of things and we’re forgetting to say things like by the way, did you know, have you heard about it? Also? We’re forgetting when we’re, our CS Rs set the lead as we’re gonna talk about today, dispatching for profits, uh asking for five star Google reviews.

And I always say either give me a five star or a neutral. I don’t want a four star and I certainly don’t want a one star, but those are the things we have to do because as you and I talked prior to coming on the air live, we said what you’re gonna do in the next 2180 days is gonna set the table 21585 days down the road and you have to remind your team of that every single day. What I tell owners and managers is you need to wake up every morning thinking to yourself, how can I help Bill or Christina reach her goal of whatever that is because if you can help them reach their goal, they’ll help you reach your goal of being profitable.

That and, and where do you think that comes from? So, is it, is it just that people are too busy? Right. It’s like, oh, we got so much work and, you know, we’re just gonna, you know, let’s skip training, let’s just focus on getting the revenue. Let’s focus there. And I could see why someone would think that. But what you’re saying is like, hey, you can’t do that. Like, like athletes, we gotta train every, still gotta go to the gym, we still gotta do the things. Don’t, don’t drop the ball here.

Well, there’s a, there’s a handful of things that come in and I like to use the analogy of Tom Brady who was in the league for however long. If you’ve been watching basketball, it could be lebron James. These are guys that have played for 2110 years at the top of their craft. And if you think lebron James doesn’t watch film or Tom Brady, even though he’s retired, doesn’t watch film and isn’t lifting weights and doing all those things. And they say something like this, I’ve been doing this for a long time or I’ve been doing it for 2175 years.

So there’s the first thing that happens is we, we get in a habit of, uh, we’re legends in our own mind. I’ve been doing it for a long time. That’s the first thing I don’t need training. I’ve been doing this for a long time. I can tell by the fact you don’t wear your belt but your belt or your booties. So I can tell you’ve been doing it for a long time. The next one is we get lazy. It’s hard for me to put training together as I told you, I was in a couple of Home Depot stores this morning.

Soon as we get done with the podcast, I’m gonna be working with the CS RSI. Have to be planned and ready to go because they can tell quote if I just wing it. And the worst time to think of it is when it comes out of your mouth. So it’s hard work. But I always say this be hard on yourself now, owners and managers light will be easier on you. Say it one more, be hard on your stuff. Now we be on you later and it sure is.

And some of those five star Google reviews now because this is the time of year. As you know, John, we’re gonna get those one stars or those two stars. And because back to life is we have a nationwide shortage of technicians and installers so we can’t get any, we can’t get it. So that’s why we have to do all those little things to protect us against the 2175% that get online and, and scream and yell about us. Yes. And it reminds me of a quote from, uh, one of our past guests, uh, Denise Swofford from P one service group.

She said little hinges, swing big doors. And really, it’s, it’s these small habits done consistently over time that really do separate the champions from those who are not. And so you’re saying like, yeah, really, regardless of this season, like it’s really these small details that really make out who’s gonna be a champion company or not. And so, um they are really, really excited to, to dig into it. So let’s, let’s talk more tactics. So, um I think the, the first place you want to start off with was setting the lead.

And so you help, set the framework and what are some of the things that contractors should be keeping in mind to, you know, pay attention to these, you know, small hinges that are swinging these big doors? Remember your CS Rs uh customer service representatives, whatever you wanna call them, we have different an arons for them. I call them directors of first impression, your ladies and men on the telephone, talk to 99% of your customers and prospects. Let me say that again. They talk to 99% of your prospects and customers.

They get less than 1% of the training. But that’s the first place that we go is so many, uh, managers that I hear in owners. I need more leads. I need more leads. Wait a minute. What about the ones you have? What’s going on with the ones you have? Well, we, we’re, we’re doing a good job. Well, you’ve heard me talk about this before. Do you call your own business? We can, we can, uh, and I’d let you randomly, uh, and John, I’d let you randomly pick any business right now.

I’m talking about heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical. We could call it live on the air. And I’d ask for a quote, what’s it cost to come out? They won’t get my first name. They won’t get my last name. My address. How old, which we’re gonna talk about. How old is the air conditioner? They won’t ask me any of those questions. What they’ll do is they’ll tell me how much it is however much a service call is. And let’s just use the number $179. We could use any number. Remember it cost me $389 to send a truck out there.

So I’m not making any money at a buck 79. That’s right. They’re gonna, they’re gonna tell me that and then they’re gonna try to fix it on the phone. They’re gonna say, well, did you try changing your filter? Um, did you mess around with the fan? Did you turn it on and turn it off? Look your job, the first thing of the CS R and you need to let everybody in that CS R room know they’re either saving you money or making you money. They’re saving you money when it’s AAA parts warranty or repair of something you’ve installed in the last three years, they’re making you money when it’s over 2003 and all the way up and you get out there and get to it right away.

But their number one job is set the lead. Remind your CS RS don’t educate. Set the lead. Let the technician diagnose as a CS R your job is to set the lead. Mm. Love that. Yep. Set the lead. That’s, you know, number one talking KP. I like what’s the most important thing for this role? Setting the lead and not, you know, mista other things like I, I’m, I wanna do this but really keep, keep the main thing, the main thing as they say. Yeah, my dad, uh my, my second book I wrote, which by the way, we’re gonna offer that all to, to all of our listeners and viewers today, I’m offering you the audio book.

It’s called Fearless Communication. And so many times my dad would hire clients and because they loved veterinary medicine so they would hire clients. Well, these clients started thinking they could fix stuff on the telephone. They had, they didn’t realize that my dad spent eight years in college at the time now we look back and it was very reasonable, but he had a million dollars in his business insurance, all those type of things. And they were saying, hey, the horse has got calling, just go ahead and walk him around the arena.

Wait a minute. My dad needs to go out there diagnose, do all that stuff because if he doesn’t go out there, you’re not gonna have a job anymore. And the same here when we tell somebody, hey, did you, why don’t you change the filter? And you know, we talk about, you know, the guy that charges, there’s, there’s 72 buttons on the screen and a guy comes in and he pushes that button. He goes, now that’ll be $555,000 because you just push one button. Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. You’re right.

I just put, but I’m the only one that knows how to push that button. And that’s the same for your technicians, your comfort advisors, the owners, there’s only one person that can push that button and that’s those people, the CS Rs, they need to be the best in the world at setting the lead. Don’t educate, set the lead. I love that. And, and yet your point, you’re not paying, you’re not paying them for the time that they spent there. But you’re paying for all the time before that moment, the training, the education, making all the mistakes so that when we come into your home.

You know, we’re not making those mistakes. Like you got a seamless experience, you got the expertise. Boom. Push of a button. Yeah, absolutely. So that would be the, and, and how do you get them to set the lead? The first thing you have to have a script? Well, everybody has a script. The difference is most, everybody doesn’t follow the script. That’s why you call in and I hear things like this. Well, I sound scripted or the customers don’t like the script. Imagine if an actor in your favorite movie, Bradley Cooper and a star is born, didn’t follow a script. Lady.

Gaga would be all over the map. Tom Cruise doesn’t follow his script, do all that stuff. That’s the best in the world. They own their script. It’s a great day at Dave Tester heating and cooling. How much for a tune up. Absolutely, ma’am. Remind me of your first name. It’s Dave real quick. How do I spell your last name? It’s Tester T est er, real quick. Remind me of your cell. It’s 208. Yeah. 7079807. And where do you live here in the city? And remind me the zip. How’d you hear about me?

Oh, on the radio, what station do you listen to? I listen to Sports Talk 750. I love that afternoon show real quick before we go any further. How old is that air conditioner? 1015 or 20 years. Let’s see, we moved in the house in 2002 and I think it was in then. So you’re about 7853 years old. So now my mindset as the CS R goes to, I’m gonna make the company money because I’ve got an opportunity here for a lead. Is it blowing cold air, neutral air, warm air? Where’s the thermostat set?

What does the thermometer say? I’ve got great news and I go ahead and set the lead right there because I’m willing to move somebody off my dispatch board. That’s a year 234 years out. I’m willing to move them to plug that one into place. But right now we’re talking about the CS R following that script. First name, last name, phone number, address. How’d you hear about me? And how old is it? I get that I can attack and be very successful. It’s simple. It’s not easy. Yes. And um and I wanna unfurl this a little bit more because earlier, you also mentioned, hey, many times it’s not just what you say, but it’s like the state that you’re in.

And so I’d love for you to talk about like, what are some of the things you might recommend for CS R to get in the right state to be setting the lead? Are there like mental things that they’re saying you mentioned earlier? Like, hey, maybe go around the block, maybe they’re walk. What are some of those things like I I I’m sort of the day I woke up on the wrong side of the bed like how are people getting to a positive state? So that when they approach that script, they are, they are, they are fresh and they are sharp.

Yeah, John, this may not be what you’re looking for. It is what you’re looking for because this is the type of person you are, you’re a thermostat guy. When you walk in the room, you raise the level of the temperature. But what I’m gonna tell owners is attitude reflects leadership. So you have to say, hey, my team’s got a bad attitude. I look to the leader and my team’s got a great attitude. I look to the leader. Uh The Ritz Carlton has happy people. And if you ask them, how do you train your people to be happy?

We hire happy people. So I always ask this question in the interview process, hey, if you could do anything you wanted and I paid your bills for a year, what would you wanna do? And if they say things like I love helping people, I love uh uh trying to solve problems. I like these type of things. I’m probably gonna put them in that CS R role. If I hear, you know, I’m more detailed. I like to just be in a cubicle and focus on one thing. I don’t put them on the phone so many times we hire people that are like us and that becomes a problem because we may, we’re the owners.

So we already know how to set a leap, don’t hire people like you are. So the first thing is my script starts out with, it’s a great day at same day. Electrical. So I start out with great day and the real, the real the why behind the what John isn’t, I’m not making it a great day, but I own that script right away. And so as I have my floor leads and my dispatchers and my team listen to calls. First thing I wanna hear is that first seven seconds.

So if I hear it’s a great day at same day, electrical, I get them off the phone, they’re off the phone. They VB and I hear it’s a great day at same day. Electrical. This is Dave. How may I help you? Absolutely. Those are the two things that I’m looking for and then I’ll do different games where I’ll have a big wheel like a wheel of fortune and it doesn’t have to be a lot. I’ll put a $4 Starbucks card on there. I, I carry uh I’m seeing if I have any on me.

Now, I carry little gold coins with me. Um and they’re $1 gold coins and you’re gonna see me do a live move here, I think uh moving here in my office, I got gold coins. These are um these cards are, uh, where are they from? Uh, Chick Fil A. So I put the, and they’re on the card, they’re Starbucks cards. I’m just looking at all my gift box, my wheels right over here, behind here. So what we’ll do is we’re keeping track of call count. So I wanna make sure your call count is you’re taking a lot, you’re taking a lot of calls or you’re making a lot of calls.

So I like to see that around 6570 in a day. And if they’re not, first thing I’m gonna say is, hey John, you don’t seem like yourself is everything going ok? It could be. You had somebody that passed away in the family. It could be a customer just yelled at you. Now, typically customers don’t yell at us. We think they do, they don’t yell at us, but we’re not trained how to deal with that. They just happen to be loud. They’re not yelling, they’re just loud. And so uh along that lines change your energy.

Here’s what I say. Hey, if you have a bad call, I do the same thing for the CS Rs. You need to walk around the building, that’s ok. Walk around the building, but your floor and section leads need to pay attention no different than a coach who pulls his quarterback. Look, are you having a bad day? I wish I could just give you a milky way. You know, you don’t seem like yourself. Here’s the Snickers. But that, that’s not the case. But those, those are things I try to do and as a leader I’ve got, uh, I go, what I’ll do is I’ll sit down with my CS Rs and I start answering the phone.

Uh, I’ve been in call rooms where they yell, come on, you, people answer the room. What’s wrong with you? Pick up the phone. I like to just sit down and start answering the phone because now all of a sudden, hey, I’m running laps with the football team. I’m using a lot of sports analogies today, but I believe sports is a microcosm of life and that’s important to remember. So keep that in mind attitude reflects leadership. If your staff has a poor attitude, look at yourself, if they have a great attitude, do more of what you’re doing. Wow. Wow.

That’s amazing. So, really, it’s, it starts with the hiring process. It’s getting the right people right. You’re not trying to shift someone’s default, like that’s like their default. Like they’re happy, enthusiastic people. And then from there, once you have those star, a players on your team, you know, sometimes people have bad days and then just maybe it’s a walk around the park. But also it’s, it’s the leaders in their room just keeping an eye on making sure that they’re taken care of. And, and I also love what you said.

It’s like, it’s not, it’s not like tell them what to do. It’s like you’re, you’re leading from the front, like you are in the trenches, you got your elbows dirty as well. And that’s, that’s an Amaz. Like if you were my lab, that’d be amazing. Right. You know, it’s, it’s so inspirational and motivational to see that. Yeah, I think you, you think to your mind first, tell me. So we train twice a week. We train every Tuesday at two o’clock and every Thursday at two o’clock. So we’ve always got training, it gives me a chance.

And by the way, I have victim thinkers, make sure, you know, I don’t have a room full of, I don’t have 100% 5 star people. I’m the same as you. I got 10% that are a players. Uh I got another, uh, 40% that are C’s and D’s. I deal with the same thing. You do what my goal is always to have my people ranked, uh A B or C star up or down or neutral. And even if you’re ac and your star is up or your arrow is pointing up, you’re going in the right direction.

What I can’t have is C DS with the star down or neutral and I can’t even have my A’s with neutral. So I’m always saying, how do I get you out of a neutral frame of mind? Remember, neutral, you’re stuck in a rut. I want you either to go up or down in particular. I want you to go up and that’s, that’s how you look at that. So you gotta be in front of your people. You got a secret shop of, but you’ve got to be willing to do what you ask of them.

You want more five star Google reviews, get on the phone and show them how to do it. You wanna book more appointments, get on the phone, show them what to do. I do the same thing with salespeople. I go out with them and I say now we can handle this two ways. One, I can show you first, I’ll tell you, then I’ll show you, then I’ll do it. Then I want you to emulate it. So that’s kind of my attitude. Don’t ask anybody to do anything you’re not willing to do yourself.

Love that I always leading from the front, always lead from the front. So uh with that and I’d love to switch now to dispatching for profit. So it’s similar as setting the lead, you know, let’s talk framework. How are, how does one think about this with excellence and how does one execute on this with excellence? Everyone has to have the same mindset for starters. It’s one thing if we say we’re gonna dispatch for profit, but this goes all the way to the, the last CS R on the phone, to the dispatch team, to the technicians, to the comfort advisor.

Now, keep this in mind what I’m trying to do is I’m typically looking for a system and I say system it could be HV. AC, it could be uh air conditioner heat or whatever it might be. I’m looking for eight years or older John, because I know typically 8 to 583 it’s replacement time. Now, when I get 2535 I, I’m spinning the wheel, ringing the bell. But I’m, that’s what I’m looking for in terms of dispatch, for profit. Now, when I’m looking to save my company money, when I see it’s a one year old.

My install, remember, I’ve told them they’re guaranteed that when I install it for the first year, depending on what the guarantee is. If something goes wrong, I’ll come out and look at that within 24 hours of your phone call and that’s how that position is. So now I have to think to myself, I’m gonna save money. So how I save money is I send really good what we call them, uh, are parts technicians, warranty technicians that are really good at fixing things. They’re out there and they can figure stuff out and I need to know when I send them out on those calls, they’re gonna be able to fix it.

They’re not gonna have to call anybody. They can get it done and get it buttoned up. 345 year old. It’s just gonna be a maintenance. I’m gonna send my newer technician out there. That’s called a marketing lead. So, what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna wipe that system down really good. It’s gonna look like a million bucks. They’re gonna go through, do everything that I taught them and the customer is gonna be dazzled and delighted. So that I know about five years from now, they’re gonna say, hey, I’m gonna buy it from you.

Now, as I get older, I’m looking for my lead tech. That’s what I’m always on now. My I can flip that to a lead. So we’re gonna use red clay. We got a red carpet. They’re gonna put that part that’s defective on there and they’re gonna show it to them and they’re gonna show them the price and they’re gonna say, hey, this, this uh let’s just go. Motor blower, motor went out. Uh It’s gonna be about $650. Here’s good, better, best options. By the way before you make up your mind, there’s a pretty good chance that in the next 365 days that another part possibly could go up.

Now, we can absolutely replace it. Fact is I’m carrying the part I can have it run out here and we can get it buttoned up. Would it make sense for me to have a comfort advisor come out and basically go over how many pennies you spend for day uh, days on heating and cooling as John, most of us don’t know that 70% of our utility bill comes from heating, cooling and our water heater, my parents used to say, turn the lights off. You’re wasted energy. Heck, I should have turned all the lights on and not taking a hot shower.

I would have saved mom and dad a lot of money. But when we start looking at that and they say, well, an energy audit. What the heck, then my comfort advisor comes out and that’s how I position it. So a lot of people don’t understand how I will uh have somebody um, in the north and they’ll be uh near their house and I’ll have them go 100 miles to the south and just to come out to go to a 25 year old because that technician is better suited to flip that lead to a comfort advisor.

And I’ll have the guy that’s a south. It’s right by his house and they’ll pass each other, they’ll pass each other on the road. Somebody goes, you’ve lost your mind. No, I’m saving my company money and I’m making my company money by dispatching for profit. And the interesting thing, John, you’ve heard me say this, 95% of companies don’t dispatch for profit. They wanna go fix stuff and that’s ok. But in the next 3893 to 5 years, you won’t be in business anymore. And that’s not a criticism that’s back to light if it costs you anywhere from 289 our cost is $389 to send a technician to your home, to replace a part that’s under warranty and all this stuff.

Typically, each call is gonna cost me about $100. So, depending on how many calls you knock out each day, could be 10 a day. Well, I’ve lost 30,000 a month. If it’s 20 a day, I’ve lost 60,73 a month. So, depending on your calls, you start doing the math on it. You won’t be in business very long. That doesn’t mean I don’t do repairs and replace parts and that type of stuff, but I do it strategically that I dispatch for profit. Hm. Hm. Wow, that’s, that’s like those invisible things too. Like someone will be busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, but they’re not profitable.

And so it’s, it’s like, I mean, that’s the worst thing. Right. It’s like you’re busy. Plus you have no profit. Like that’s, that’s the worst thing, right? You got guys going out driving and everything. Um So yeah, we look at that, we look at John on our installs. We start saying, hey, we’re booked up for three weeks. That’s not a good up for three weeks. You better be doing next day or two day installs or you need to hire more install people because again, it’s harvest season, you’re gonna generate roughly 35 to 45% of your revenue in the next couple of months.

You better have all hands on deck and they better be, better be ready to roll. Yes. And that’s, that’s such a good point because you now, all times of the year are gonna be the times like it’s gonna be slower and really setting up your workforce to be ready for this time. Exactly. Um, so I guess from here, uh, I’d love to flip it as well. Like, what are some of the ways that, uh, so you mentioned some of the best practices? What are, let’s do the inversion principle?

Like what are some of the things that definitely you should not be doing these things? Like, cut this out immediately out of your business if you are doing this today. Well, you know, the, the first one is dispatch for ease. And what I mean by that is that we’ll use the name, we’ll call him Jim and Jim lives in. Uh and we’ll use an area that, that you’re familiar with. Uh, we’ll just use uh uh College Park. I think that’s where Maryland is, isn’t it? University of Maryland?

College Park? So, Jim happens to live in College Park. So I’m gonna make sure all of Jim’s uh calls today are in College Park because he lives there and that’s easy for him. So that’s the first thing that’s called dispatching for ease. So that, that’s the first thing you need to stop. Look, I may send Jim clear to Monticello to go. Look at Thomas Jefferson’s house because I know I got a 200 year old lead. I, I may send him clear across there and I may send the guy that lives in Richmond back to College Park to do a three year old.

And you’re thinking to yourself, well, why did you send him across? Because you have to change your mindset. And the other thing is keep this in mind your lead. Dispatch has to be a cheerleader because guess what, Jim is not happy that I took him out of College Park. So I’ll let you know that however, Jim, what I’ve discovered wants to take his family to Disneyland and remember that thing that I told you, I don’t motivate Jim, but I find out what does motivate him. And I say, Jim, you’re headed to Monticello, you’re gonna hang out in Thomas Jefferson’s library and you’re on your way to Disneyland.

So I’m, I’m coaching him. I’m gonna encourage him. And then I also have to see if he goes to that lead and he didn’t generate any dollars. I need to call and find out what’s going on. Hey, what’s going on? Hey, I was out last night. Things aren’t going well. So I pull so even on my technician board, I’ve got my top five and it changes every day. It’s constantly changing and I’m moving people up or down who gets the best leads. It depends on whose heads in the right place.

You get your head, you’re dead, go on the bottom. You’re uh, you’re a victory thinker. I’m moving you towards the top. So the dispatcher has to be on his and you’re constantly working with that too. So you need to make sure you have your te technicians based on. Can they generate leads? Are they good at fixing stuff? What is it they’re really good at and you put them in that position. So I would, I would say the number 1.5 thing. So 1.5 because I’m gonna tell you ones about setting leads.

Speed delete. But, but the 1.5 thing is don’t dispatch for the number one thing. Answer and I’m uh normally I don’t use profanity but answer the damn phone. I’m just gonna be real bold answer that phone, answer it the right way and set the lead. So many people. And I, I did a secret shop. Uh, yesterday, I was on a show, we called three of the companies while we were on the show. One, put me on. Uh they didn’t even put me on hold. They played music, they told me they were a thing.

They let the music play for three minutes and nothing happened. And by the way the guy would come on and he’d say, and, and this isn’t the name of the company. I’m just using a generic company same day heating and cooling. We’re all at customer service. We will take care of you like nobody else. We have over 10,005 star Google reviews. Please stay on the line. We’ll be with you right away same day and that’s going on, you know, and I’m just sleep in my head and I’m thinking to myself, just put an answering machine.

I’m going old school. At least I’ll think you’re so busy that you care about me and you call me back. The next one was a guy that didn’t invest in himself. It’s great. Your work and some of us have to work out of our truck. One man bad. I understand that. I used to do that but I had somebody answer my phone because if I say, hey, it’s bill. Uh I’m, I’m out working on a water heater. I’ll get back to you later on. That’s bill’s heating and cooling.

That doesn’t work. Bill invests the $12.50 an hour to have somebody answer your phones because you can outsource that to somebody to answer your phones and then put yourself in a position. So you’ll capture the lead. The last one actually answered the phone. However, they quoted price, they didn’t get my name, they didn’t get my number. They didn’t get the age. Here’s what they said to me. It’s 7853 and $79 and we’re, we’re three days out. So you probably want to call somebody else. So, in our scenario, I had a 31 year old air conditioner where the compressor had come out.

Uh, it had to be replaced and I thought, well, while you’re here, go ahead and give me a full H VA system. And do you do water heaters too? So they just, just walked for $27,600 ticket because they said we’re two days away and they dispatch for ease because they looked at their boards and I’m all booked up. You should never be all booked up. You look at your board and it should say that’s a two year, that’s a 21 year old. That’s a 17 year old. Hey, I got a 30 year old.

The two year old has moved. Now, you might say, well, what if the two year old people get up at me? They will, but they’re still your customer. That’s why I say book the lead anyway. They’re still your customer. Even if I have to call back and say John due to a shortage of, and this is true. Nationwide shortage of technicians and installers. I’m gonna have to move your tune up until next Tuesday. Well, I’m mad on a hornet. Can I get that any earlier? Absolutely, John, I’m gonna put you on a cancellation list.

Thank you for your grace and understanding. Are you open to me sending you a $10 Home Depot gift card? Well, you don’t have to, I guess it’s not that big a deal but anyhow. Well, you better show up on Tuesday. You have a script. I don’t wing it. But remember he’s still my customer. Yes, I was supposed to go out there to do day to do my annual maintenance. But a 31 year old came in and everybody in the building needs to know. Nothing happens in this company until a sale is made.

Let me say that again. Nothing happens until a sale is made. Everybody has to be on that same page. That’s, that’s a beautiful thing. Yeah, it’s, it’s really the customers who are writing your paycheck. Yeah. Uh it’s, it’s, it’s them at the end of the day and, and, and I guess one key thing that I, I pulled from that and you mentioned it earlier is just prioritizing based off of, you know, just the, the un, the type of replacement that’s being done. So if it’s a 103 year old versus a two year, like if you don’t have it in your serum, it’s just lead, lead, name place.

You can’t tell priority. But in this case, you can do that because you have a system to identify which are the key customers to serve that will dispatch for profit. Yeah. And you know, I, I work for a company that they’re gonna do $80 million this year. And I remember when they had a million dollar year and it was a big deal and the reason I share that with you is I’ve seen a company in a short time, go from a million to $80 million. We still use white boards.

We have white boards all over the place. We still use paper. Now, we have servicetitan and we have monitors, but we, we have something called redundancy because what I’ve discovered with computers, sometimes people get lazy and they kind of forget about their computers. But if I look up on that whiteboard and I see I have no leads for tomorrow. My CS Rs need to get on the phone and set some tune ups for me. They make outbound calls. If I see I’m book solid, I might have to get my CS Rs on the phone and have a move some of those 345 year old tune ups to a week or so out.

But I need to be the head coach. You know how head coaches have that big card where they got their play. First five plays are scripted, but after that, it’s fourth down, two minutes on the clock. Where do I go? Boom, I’m going right here. We’re gonna kick a field goal. We know exactly what to do and you could do that with white boards and paper factors. I’d encourage you that and for those of you that are going well, I need to get it in service tight.

All right, get some people that are really good in admin. I call them tighteners and they can put all that stuff in Servicetitan because I know we need to keep track of our numbers. We should know every single day what our numbers are. But our CS Rs should be able to look up our dispatchers, our owners, you should be able to walk into the pit as I call it and look up and see exactly where you are. And if you don’t know exactly where you are and you’re lost. Wow.

And, and I love to dig into that a bit more. So you said a company, they went from 1 million to 80 million over the course of how long was the, the growth period started in 2001. And so we’re now at 23 in that and, and the company is a family owned business. And uh you know, it was basically a uh a dad mom, I’ll call him a dad mom. They opened a hardware store and what they discovered in the hardware store. And this is why I’m a big fan of Home Depots and the lows uh whenever somebody’s furnace or air conditioner isn’t working, they go into Home Depot and they buy a filter.

So if you go into Home Depot and buy a filter and John I’m guilty as charged when my uh check engine light comes on, I go and change my oil, well, go change the oil. And if, if the guy doesn’t go, hey, I noticed your check engine lights on and the same thing here. So we discovered that people were coming in at Filter, found out that it’s far more profitable to sell one furnace than is 100 and 30 packets of nuts and bolts. And then it grew from there and then we learned the dispatch for profit system and grew and grew and grew.

Now it happens to be the fastest growing state in the United States, fastest growing counties and cities and that type of stuff. But you know, when you’re taking 803% out of a marketplace, you’re doing something right? And what it has to do with is dispatch for profit setting leads motivating your staff. And then the big one now John is, we’re all faced with that. You better be hiring and interviewing every single day and you better have a hand in that somehow some way, but you’re hiring and interviewing every day because if you’re not, July 7th is gonna roll around and you’re gonna have all this harvest and you’re not gonna be able to get to it. Wow.

And that’s, that’s insane growth as well. Um uh And I guess I, I know there’d be a number of folks who are listening, who, you know, they’re at the million or maybe the 3 million to five or the 10 and thinking of going from that to 80 million. It’s, it’s so like mind boggling almost and um I guess from a mindset perspective and maybe even the personal development of the owners and their leadership team. How did that change over time? You mentioned a few key skills, you know, dispatching for profit, you know, sending the lead motivating hiring.

But I, I guess, you know, it’s, it’s not, it’s not usual I’d say to, to go from 1 to 80 million or even it’s even, it’s 20 years. So how, it seems like even an inside look at how, like what else was going on? Because that’s, it’s just, it’s, it’s like almost a miracle now aside from, of course, and I think there was, you know, it’s a fast growing area. Um Aside from that, like, let’s, let’s take that out of the equation. Are there other things that were happening that helped lead to that growth?

Sure. Yeah. So one is attitude reflects leadership. The owner is brilliant. So that’s the first thing we have a brilliant owner, brilliant leader, surrounded himself with great people. But what makes him brilliant is he’s able to look out into the, uh you know, I remember last summer when he said, hey, a recession is coming, here’s what’s going on. This was last summer and he goes, we’re not gonna participate in the recession, but here’s what we’re gonna do. And we built a plan and to have, and by the way, we’re no different than anybody else.

January and February, they were tough, but we set a record in May because we had already planned for that coming and how we were gonna attack it and what we were gonna do. So a couple of key things that we do, we have our own in-house school. So we train technicians, we train our CS Rs, we train our installers, we train our comfort advisors and it’s a two week school. So it doesn’t matter what you’re coming into. So, John, here’s what most people say to me. Hey, I need some experienced technicians and installers. Yeah.

And I want a monster truck and a winning lottery ticket. Good luck on both of those. So the first thing is you better be willing to hire guys that work at the Jiffy Lube. Better be willing to hire farmers and ranchers if you can find them and you bring them in and you say things like, are you the type of guy that can take a toaster apart? Put it back together? Do you like to tinker with stuff? And if they say absolutely, you bring them in and you run them through the two week school?

I also say things like, um, are you, do you, do you mind getting on the roof of the house? Do you have any issues with heights? How about getting in a crawl space? Do you have claustrophobia? Um, how about in terms of, can you carry 20? I mean, these are pretty basic questions, but I want to know, are you a carpenter? Are you more of a mechanic. Are you a farmer? Are you a rancher? Discover these things and give people the opportunity, but you have to train them so you have to be willing to train them.

And when we first started training, it was 12 people at a time. Now I got 5853 people and every single week, you know, we must have 15 systems that are set up and they’re going around. I mean, it’s a machine now, but we, we haven’t figured it out. Trust me. I, I’ve got uh 20 CS Rs training this week in my training center and we still have people that are, are saying things on the phone that they shouldn’t. So the training is a big, big piece of it. So you’ve got to have a training system where you can train your installers, your technicians, your comfort advisors and your phone folks.

And then the other thing John, that was the game changer is we have a call out team and our call out team, our database is roughly a hun 100 and 258,2389. And these could be, we went out there once, twice and I train, that’s part of the book, dialing strangers how to make outbound calls. So I’d call you and say, hey John, it’s me, Dave. I had a bad time. I work for a company called a Why He Heating Cooling? Does that ring a bell? Yeah. Good bell or a bad bell.

Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t seen you for a while. Uh, that’s what I was afraid you were gonna say, hey, it’s time for your tune up. We’re doing a $27 air conditioner. Tune up. It’s 2785 point inspection. I can come out Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. What works best for you? Well, why do I need one? Well, safety, peace of mind and efficiency. Are you thinking morning, lunchtime or afternoon? So, we set that. Now a lot of people look at how can you make money doing a $210 tune up?

I already told you I can’t, I can’t. But if I can get in the house with a 280 to 103 year old heating air conditioning system, I’ve got an opportunity to flip that to a comfort advisor and set a lead. So those were two of the biggest things, training, own training center and then call out and setting leads because in the fall and the spring, I mean, I have to keep in mind I have to generate with my call out. Team 210 leads a day just to feed the beast and there’s no magic radio.

Uh, click this Facebook. I mean, we do all that. We do all that. But the bottom line is my CS Rs, make outbound calls and they’re expected to make 275 outbound calls a day. That’s really hard. Dave, it is. It’s lonely at the top but you eat better. Hm. Love that lonely. The top, but you eat better. Absolutely love that. And um, yeah, common thread, you know, start of the conversation. You mentioned training, training, training right now, talking training, training, training. So if we can drill it more and everyone said training, training, training.

Yeah, it’s hard because back to what I told you is if imagine Tom Brady or lebron James and I’m using two guys that have played at the top of their game for 275 years. Imagine, imagine going to Tom Brady and say, hey, you wanna go to mini camp? You know, I’ve been doing that for 21 years. I don’t need to do. Oh I, I took that class already. Hell no, they’re gonna get the fact is that the leaders, they’re the ones in there doing the bench presses and getting there.

I mean, you never hear Larry Bird got there late and left early. He got there before anybody else did and he left after the game was over, he went and shot around and not everybody’s gonna do that. But in the training that’s gotta be the foundation of what you’re doing. If you don’t know how to train, ask for help. I, I’ve told you today, hey, if you need help on dispatch for profit, the biggest one that I’d say that I can help you with is your CS Rs. And even if you just say Dave, I raise my hand, I’m gonna go to, oh Dave

I’m just gonna put my or my email, my phone number in there. And yeah, I’m probably gonna reach out to you because that’s what I train, reach out to people say I want the audio version of your two books, Fearless Communication, which talks about setting the lead, it talks about upset customers. It talks about five star Google reviews. There’s a handful of things, but it’s all the principles that I just told you about, I’ll send you the audio, you wanna make outbound calls, I’ll send you dialing.

So, so at the very least by listening to the show, you’ve got the book. Now, what I’ve discovered, it’s kind of like buying a set of weights or a treadmill and putting it into your house, you hang clothes on it and stuff like that. If you want to go to that next step, absolutely would help you out. But my only goal today is to add value for you to have something to think about. And I know 95% John, this fact of life, 95% will say that won’t work here in Des Moines that doesn’t work here in Albuquerque.

You know, it’s different in Tampa Bay. And to that, I say that’s ok. I got no problem with that. But for the 5% of you that call and say, you know, we wanna try this in Great Falls, Montana. You know, I think it’ll work in Logan, Utah. I can’t wait to help you. And then he also mentioned there is a special offer on secret shopping. Could you tell everyone more about, you know what secret shopping is all about and what, what your, what your offer is? Yeah. Sure. And John, what I do just because I’m so busy with those.

But if uh 1st 10 people will just use the 753st 10. And the reason I’m doing that, I do everybody but I I can’t do 200 of these calls. So typically what I charge to, to secret shop a company, I think it’s $785. So I always like to put a value on it. It’s kind of like doing a tune up. It’s $58 but it’s costing me $389. So this is costing me 7 $785. So what I do is I secret shop two of your competitors and all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna call them and I want them to quote me price.

I want you to hear how bad they are. Then I’m gonna call you and I want you to hear where you’re at and I want the only reason I do this isn’t to go, hey, and I’m gonna come in and fix it. I’m gonna say if you just change two or three things, you would be 10% better than your competitor. And that’s all you have to be. So if you looked at our company and you came and visited John. I’ll absolutely invite you to come to a town called Caldwell Idaho.

And you’ll go, these guys generate $80 million and you come in and you look at it and go and, I mean, we’re in old huts and we do all these kind of crazy things and, and oh, I did, I did miss one thing. The other big piece is we have 585 trucks and they’re all pink. The color pink. So that was a big thing. So they’re ubiquitous. You’d think they’re everywhere. So that was a great, that was uh sometimes the harder you work the luckier you get. So for the owner, he might say that was a, that was a little piece of luck, but I worked really hard to get that.

I’d encourage you to come and, and look at it and see all those things. But again, all the stuff we do is simple. There’s nothing here that you haven’t heard about before. Dispatch for profit set leads, follow up speed. There’s nothing here you haven’t heard. However, it’s not easy. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. I might say give on that sometime this year. I’d love to stop by. That’s, that sounds like an amazing operation out there. I’d love to bring you out. But what we’ll do get on Goave tester.

com again. It’s slash connect. That’s where I get the information on there and uh, just say, hey, Dave, I’d love for you to secret shop. I’m gonna call you first just to find out what it is you’re looking for. What’s the goal? And it’s not to find out if Tandy’s doing a bad job or, or Jim’s doing a good job. It’s just so you can hear in general what it sounds like. But what I challenge you with is when I give you the audio, don’t yell and tell, don’t go dang it.

We better not be doing this. Uh don’t say, oh, she was having a bad day or say she doesn’t normally answer the phone. You need to say if it’s to be, it’s up to me. I gotta fix this thing. But here’s the good news, your competitor is horrible. So the fact that your competitors horrible, you only have to tweak it by 10% and you’ll only market. Wow. I love that. And what a great quote for a personal responsibility, right? It’s, if it’s, to me, it’s up to me that it’s up to me.

I love that job. Yeah. And I, I guess any closing remarks as we wrap up the podcast. A lot of good stuff here, a lot of very quotable things you said. But any last remarks or any action items you want to give everyone as we close things up. I would encourage you uh every day to, to uh help a friend and then encourage a stranger. So so many times we just get used to all our great people that are around us and we don’t really take time to tell them.

Thank you. So if today you walk the floor and you tell five people. Thank you. I appreciate you. This is what stat I want you to remember. 75% of the people that work for you that you wanna keep. I remember these are 75% of the people that work for you and wanna keep, they don’t want more money, they don’t want more time off. They just want you to say thank you. And I appreciate you. So certainly for the ones you wanna keep you better go tell him. Thank you and I appreciate you.

And for those ones you don’t want to keep, I tell him thank you and I appreciate you because you move them out on your time. But here’s what I always say about training because this is what hits me and this will be the last thought, John, somebody said to me, well, Dave, that’s a lot of money to invest on training. And what I’ve found is I train them, train them up and they leave and I always like to say, yeah, but what if you don’t train them and they stay?

Wow, that, that’d be uh, that’s the, that’s the worst, you know. And so yeah, just pouring into your people. Um, so I think a lot of lessons from this podcast. So personal responsibility was a key one. Train, train, train, constant thing, train, train, train, um lots of things with setting the lead dispatching for profit. And of course, lots of amazing resources you have from your books. So everyone just make sure to check out and we’ll add in the show notes. Go Dave And also if you want to hit up Dave for the secret shopping offer, also feel free to contact him as well.

But with that, I want to say thank you everyone for coming to the podcast. It’s always a fun time with you, Dave. Uh You know, I imagine we’ll probably have you back again in the future. And if again, if anyone has any other questions, feel free to reach out to Dave. And with that, we’ll see you on the next one. All right. Take care everyone and uh yeah, we’ll see you soon. Bye bye. Thank you for joining us for the H VAC Financial Freedom podcast. Follow us on Stream Yard Apple podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music and check out our main website www dot H VAC Financial freedom.

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