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John is a master of distilling the technical into easily applicable information to help HVAC owners grow their business. He can tailor every presentation to the audience and put your attendees at the forefront of their digital marketing in their respective markets. John’s thoughtful approach and signature delivery create engaging presentations blending inspiration and fun with actionable insights HVAC business owners can take and implement into their business…and make you look like a rockstar for bringing him into speak.

Getting Prepared for Google’s “Helpful Content” Update … Or Lose Your SEO Rankings!

( Google Algorithm Update | Content Strategies | Case Studies )

Uh oh…Google has announced a MAJOR algorithm update coming soon. What does this mean for you? Web traffic from Google you may have been relying on for new business may dramatically drop if you’re not ready for the next Google update!

Your Audience Will Learn

  • About the upcoming loss in rankings many HVAC websites may see over the next few months
  • The importance of creating “People-First” Content and how it will help you dominate Google search
  • How to come out AHEAD of Google’s latest algorithm update

Google Maps Masterclass: How HVAC Businesses Can Win On Google Maps…Even in Competitive Markets!

( Google Maps SEO | Cutting Edge Strategies | Case Studies )

Did you know that Google Maps can command up to 70% of the clicks on a Google search? Potentially, your most valuable web asset (aside from your website) for generating a steady stream of install and repair leads is your Google My Business profile…and it’s completely free!

Your Audience Will Learn

  • The latest changes to the Google Maps algorithm and how you can leverage it to generate more AC repair & installation leads
  • A proven step-by-step strategy to dominate on Google Maps (even with stiff local competition!)
  • The #1 factor for bringing in more qualified jobs on Google Maps today

Stop Leaving Money On the Table! Optimizing Your HVAC Website for Maximum Conversion

( Website Conversion | Best Practices | Live Website Reviews )

If you’re not careful, you will be in the hole tens of thousands of dollars by sending web traffic from SEO or paid ads to a website that will not convert. Don’t let your audience make the same mistake a majority of HVAC business websites are making!

Your Audience Will Learn

  • The top 7 mistakes most web developers make when designing an HVAC website

  • How to identify if their website has a conversion problem and how to identify the root issue

  • 3 things they can implement TODAY that will increase conversion by 10-25%

Yikes, Google Suspended Your HVAC Business Profile…Now What?

( Google My Business | Actionable Workshop | Best Practices )

“Your Business Profile on Google has been suspended because it was flagged for suspicious activity.” With Google Maps generating up to 70% of the clicks on a Google search, a Business Profile suspension can be a huge killer in lead flow. Don’t leave your audience wide open for a Business Profile suspension!

Your Audience Will Learn

  • The critical vulnerability most HVAC companies are making that could lead to them losing ALL of their business profiles
  • 5 activities that will trigger a Google audit (and potentially lead to a suspension!)
  • The step-by-step foolproof process to recovering your Google My Business profile

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