5 Types of Facebook Ads To Leverage for Your Plumbing or HVAC Company

Jun 28, 2023 | Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Are you sick of throwing money away on online advertising with no results? Do you feel invisible despite offering outstanding, professional plumbing and HVAC services? Then it’s time to revamp your Facebook ad campaign or start one! Our rockstar team at Polianna can help you gain local clients and boost your bottom line with the right types of Facebook ads for your HVAC or plumbing service. Over the past six years, we’ve helped contractors like you scale their business, grow their revenue, and capture up to 50 new clients monthly. If you’re looking to give your plumbing or HVAC company a digital reputation boost, then you need to consider initiating a Facebook ads campaign. Facebook ads management for plumbing and HVAC companies offers several benefits that can help you connect with more customers and grow your business. Below, we delve into five different types of Facebook ads you can use to boost business and advance customer relationships.


Different Types of Facebook Ads for Your Business Needs

As a plumber or HVAC contractor, you must reach local clients who need your service.  Advertising on Facebook is the perfect answer, as long as you avoid common facebook ad mistakes, since you can set up locally oriented, highly targeted, versatile ads. These are some of the different types of Facebook ads your company can take advantage of to reach your goals and start on the path toward growth.

1. Image and Video Ads

This basic and effective ad type features images or videos and a single compelling call to action. While video is the more engaging format by far, image ads are easy to produce and can work great when you need to deliver a single, focused message. The massive social media platform lets you place text over the image ads. However, it’s important to remember that using too many words here can create a confusing image that encourages the reader to dismiss it rather than engage with your brand.  For best results, stick to including text that takes up less than 20% of the image ad.

2. Instant Experience Ads

Instant Experiences are immersive full-screen ads that use a mixture of different content types, including images, videos, and product carousels, to engage users. Successful brands across industries use this type of ad to drive opt-ins and conversions. Instant experience ads also help you maximize your advertising budget by allowing you to repurpose the images and videos used for your other Facebook dynamic ads.

3. Carousel Ads

Carousel ads may include up to ten videos or images in an engaging click-through format. Every image or video has its own link, so this is a fantastic ad option for promoting multiple products and services — or highlighting the different benefits of one service.  However, you can also link all of the images to the same URL. This is beneficial if you want to promote a single product or service while highlighting multiple aspects of it.

4. Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads encourage people who view your ad to send a direct message to your business. This type of ad can be highly effective for local services like plumbing and HVAC companies. You can give these ads a boost by incorporating creative assets from other types of Facebook ads. When you do this and adjust your targeting parameters, Facebook will do the rest, so when a user taps on the Messenger ad, Facebook takes them to your website, app, or whatever destination you choose.

5. Stories Ads

Facebook stories — short video or photo collections set apart from the regular newsfeed — are increasingly popular. Rather than posting something that stays on your profile, you can use Facebook stories to post a video or image that only stays up for 24 hours, creating a more engaging post.  Instead of your ad showing up in the feed, like with other ad types, stories ads appear in your company’s stories.  Facebook stories are so popular that 73% of U.S. Facebook users say that they use them to experience and explore new things — which could include your company! These ads are typically in a vertical format, which is something important to remember when designing them.


What Facebook Ads Can Do for Your Business

Engaging, professionally delivered Facebook ads can provide the push your HVAC or plumbing business needs to win loyal local clientele. Facebook ad services help you:

  • Reach the right people. You can target potential clients based on location, demographics, and interests — or even zoom in on those who follow your competitors.
  • Get more bang for your buck. Precise targeting will ensure you’re only paying for clicks by people highly interested in your services and likely to become clients.
  • Boost brand awareness. Different types of Facebook ads can reinforce your brand by addressing people who have already visited your site or interacted with your business page.
  • Increase organic reach. If your ad is attractive and entertaining, people will likely share it, and you’ll enjoy extra visibility.
  • Create personal connections. Responding to people’s comments on your ad is a great way to keep your audience engaged and build trust.


How to Start Advertising on Facebook With Polianna

Starting a Facebook ad campaign with Polianna is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Book a discovery call. We’ll develop a detailed Facebook advertising plan based on your business goals.
  2. Test out campaigns. Our expert team will fine-tune your ad campaign to zero in on the ads that deliver the best results.
  3. Level up your business. Expand your client base, grow your revenue, stay ahead of your competition, and become the go-to local HVAC or plumbing contractor.

Ready to kickstart your HVAC or plumbing business? We at Polianna are here to give you an edge above your competition with hassle-free Facebook ad campaigns tailored specifically to HVAC and plumbing companies. Follow us for more social media tips and advertising insights, download our free guide, 5 Secrets None of Your Competitors Know That Will Generate You More Customers, and schedule a discovery call to learn how your business can succeed with the right types of Facebook ads.

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