Using Inbound Content Marketing To Add An Extra $1M in HVAC Sales with Chris Duprey

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About this Episode





Struggling with not generating enough sales, opportunities, and jobs?

Would you like an “easy to do” strategy for how an HVAC company generated an extra $1M in revenue?

(And how you can too…?)

Most companies fail to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. This can lead you to feel frustrated that the phones aren’t ringing and you don’t know what to do.

Yet the right strategy is out there…

You just don’t know about it…yet.

In this podcast, we’re speaking with Chris Duprey, the Master Coach at IMPACT. IMPACT is best known for its book and business framework, “They Ask, You Answer” (one of my favorite books!)

“They Ask, You Answer” is a simple philosophy to answer the questions your customers have (duh!).

Yet, most companies fail to answer customer questions online and miss out on positioning themselves as the authority in their market, building trust with potential customers, increasing your website traffic without having to spend so much on ads, generating an extra six to seven figures through inbound content marketing, and a lot more.

So, you’ll want to tune into today’s episode, and learn…

0:20 Introducing Chris Duprey

00:55 How IMPACT Helped Fire & Ice Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Generate Over $1 Million in Revenue by Implementing The “They Ask, You Answer” Philosophy

4:46 The Importance of Authenticity in Content Creation and Marketing Strategy

12:55 “They Ask, You Answer” Philosophy: Unleash the Power of Customer-Centricity Strategy and Watch Your Conversion Rates Soar!

25:34 Answering The Big 5 Questions: How HVAC Companies Can Develop Content that Connects with Customers

32:35 Writing Content for Specific Buyer Questions: How to Build Trust and Gain Momentum

34:49 Revolutionizing Your Home Services Marketing Strategy: Why Investing in Content and Media Production is Key for Growth

43:26 Join IMPACT’s FREE weekly sales & marketing live sessions, “But We’re Different” and Learn More About The ‘They Ask, You Answer’ Philosophy

44:35 The Mental Shift Contractors Need to Make to Break Through Million Dollar Revenue Barrier

55:54 Connect with Chris

57:07 Action Items

57:31 Last Advice

If you’re looking for a simple way to grow your HVAC company this year, sit back, relax, and listen!


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Audio Transcript

Welcome to the H Vac Financial freedom podcast, a show to help you create more revenue, profit and freedom in your life now. Your host john victoria Hello and good afternoon H Vac financial freedom podcast. Welcome to this podcast. This podcast is for you, the H VAC business owner and our mission is to create more revenue, profit and freedom in your life. And I’m your host john Victoria. And today we have a very fun topic that we’re covering today with mr Chris Dupri. And so Chris is the chief strategy officer at Impact.

If you’re familiar with the book, they ask you answer, uh there are very closely related um he’s, they ask you answer coach, 20 plus years in business development and leadership and it’s also a former infantry officer leading paratroopers in Iraq and Afghanistan. And so with that I’m gonna bring on chris and we’re gonna have a fun conversation for today. Welcome chris. I’m good, I’m good, awesome. So um I think that maybe the first place that we could start, which would be fun is um a lot of our audience is in the H track industry and the specific strategy that you’re going to go over, um it can produce some really awesome results.

And so me and you talked about Fire and Ice beforehand and I would love to just you know, maybe talk about them and then we can talk about the strategy we implemented, but maybe we could talk about the results first of what you do for a company. So so fire and ice is a, you know, a company like y’all uh in the columbus Ohio area and we worked with them a little over probably 5.53 to 18 months implementing, they ask you answer. And the two biggest things that I think jump out of me right are their organic monthly traffic.

So people not looking for fire and ice, but people saying I’ve got a problem with my air conditioner, I need help with, you know, my temperature control, whatever it was, 150,000 Sessions per month of people googling things and landing on fire and ice’s website. Right? So that led to over $1 million dollars of attributable revenue to their book of business. So not paid ads, not not going to shows literally answering the questions that their customers and buyers had, which then generated this swell of humans googling stuff, finding them and then do and work with him.

And so I mean $1 million dollars in attributable revenue from literally answering questions that seems like a no brainer. Yes. And also some I remember some of the context as well. This was um this was the start of pandemic, right? I think I think it was start of 22. Yeah, it was, it was yeah, it was right around covid hitting and you know, they just, they read, they ask you answer, I think they might have seen Marcus speak, they started working with us in the coaching, um engagement and they hired a content manager, they hired a videographer, they built out a video studio right?

They’ve got a whole marketing team that got created because of the success they were having. And so now they’re creating three plus articles a week. They’re producing tons and tons of video and and likely people that are searching, they’re having issues with their H. Vac are finding fire and ice no matter where they are and and they’ve become that trusted voice in this community. That’s that’s helping people understand how to how to buy services, what they actually need. And and it’s led to them having a bunch of you know, financial success uh from a marketing and sales initiative.

That’s awesome. And and one thing I’ll highlight because uh you know, I do run a marketing agency and I say the problem with the marketing industry is that um you know, we will work with clients or work with partners and you don’t see these necessarily always see these types of results. Um and they can always replicate the type of result that was produced at fire and ice. Um And so I think later on in the podcast, what we’ll talk about is the exact strategy, but there is, you know, even though, you know have incentive to be like, hey go for a market, like I think there’s huge benefits to taking your marketing in house like chris is talking about.

And so um but before we hop in that maybe we can talk about some of the problems. So the first one I’ll definitely mention is if you are working with the marketing company, let’s say an S. U. Agency um you’ll you’ll see the the kind of content that’s put out. It’s it’s like written by someone overseas. It’s like it’s just content written to rank but not necessarily to convert. Um And so that’s some of the problems that we see and it doesn’t actually turn into legit business for that company.

Um What are some of the other problems that you see that other people face when it comes to their marketing? Yeah. So I mean that’s a loaded question, right? But let’s stick with content for for right now, we’ll start there because we’re we’re at like this really cool moment in the world where we should all be starting to worry that we’re gonna be looking to the future to see like john Connor or you know, somebody come back, you know, to make sure SkyNEt doesn’t take us over.

But you know, whether it’s A. I. And what ai can do today for from a from a chat G. B. T. Or any other tools that can write content to the content shops that just publish stuff to rank All of it lacks one key element, write our story and our humanity as a business. And so the biggest thing that we see is if you outsource your content creation to anyone that doesn’t work in your organization, it’s never going to feel like you. And so somebody might read something and maybe you get lucky and they actually do converts, but then they talk to you and you don’t sound like what they read.

That’s a huge problem, Right? And so it’s, it’s easy. It’s easier, right? It is easier to hire somebody else to do the right thing for you. It’s easier to go to chat G. P. T. And type in um, what does a new air conditioning unit cost And it’ll write you an article about that. But it’s not gonna have the feel that you need, right? It’s like, like if you think of those like really simple weight loss, like things that they talk about, it’s like, hey, take these pills or strap these electrode things to your stomach and you just turn it on.

You’re gonna get skinny and be healthy. We all know that that’s a bunch of crap, right? We know that the only way to be physically fit and healthy is to eat right and go to the gym or exercise in some form or fashion right? Or just have great genetics. But there’s no magic pill that we can take. The same is true with our marketing. So anybody that sits there and says, we’ll do this for you and we’re gonna get you all these results. Like if it sounds like it’s too easy, it’s likely too easy, which means that it’s likely not gonna work.

And so taking it in house is scary and difficult. But it’s really easy when you have the right strategy and when you go get taught how to do it right? Because that that’s the thing is that nobody, no outside agency can know what you do to the level that your team can. And so, so when we think of whether it’s in in this industry or other industries, some marketing, some great marketer that doesn’t work in your company is never gonna know how bob’s H Vac does things to the level that you do as the owner or you do as the director of operations or the head of sales or whatever that might be.

And so that’s that’s another one mistake, right? We have no context, we have no field or content. And when we think about it, when we’re reading something, we know if it’s like, I just think of when I read books, If I’m like five pages in and I’m struggling, I stopped reading the book, think about web pages and blog articles, you don’t get five pages in. You get like two paragraphs. And if you’re like, this is really hard to read, you hit the back button and you find the next article, the next website.

So we have to focus on having like answering people’s questions focusing and having a tone that resonates with folks. Um that doesn’t mean make it fluffy, it means make it realistic and helpful and that’s gonna be the keys to success as we, as we generate a content program. Mm I’d say like one common thread that I’m noticing as you’re, one of those things is at the end of the day we are trying to make a human to human connection. We are looking to build trust and you know, part of trust is being transparent and authentic and outsourcing that to someone else who is not you, that’s not your voice and they’re not your company.

There’s there’s like a disconnect especially if someone says like, you know, that’s one of our core values and now they’re outsourcing their voice to another place. So this relationship that’s being formed online, it’s it’s not the actual company, it’s marketing companies voice. And so when they call it’s like there’s a disconnect between what’s on the phone and the people that show up and then what they see on the website. It’s just, you know, it’s like it’s like, what are they called? Catfish? Catfish. Yeah, but think about it.

So, so you’re an HVAC company down in columbus columbus Georgia, there’s a way that people in columbus Georgia talk and act and show up. I know because I lived there for several years when I was in the army and if they go to your website and your content doesn’t match the same tone that you take when they call you on the phone is a big disconnect there. So all these things come come together as we go into it. The other thing is a marketing company doesn’t know what your buyers actually care about, right?

Because they’re not talking to them, right? But you are. And so that that’s one of the big parts as we talk about, how do you get success in the content strategy is you start by answering the questions that buyers actually have, right? The fears, worries, concerns or issues that show up the reasons that you don’t close deals. These are all the things that people would be sitting at home doing what we all do today. Right. So john when was the last time that you got into an argument with a friend over a fact of knowledge, Right?

Like like who won, who won X Super Bowl year, you know, in 1995, like there’s no debates about that anymore. Like there used to be, we all pick up our phone and go to Google. Everybody does it. So if, if we know that’s our behavior, think about our buyer. So if all of a sudden my air conditioning stopped working. So I live in Connecticut, but if it’s the summertime and all of a sudden it got real hot in here, I’m Googling, why is my air conditioning not working?

Like what do I do when the thermostat? Like whatever it is, I don’t have an air conditioning guy that I just call right? Like I don’t have the yellow pages anymore. I have google, so so we need to be showing up when people are googling those things and people tend to google the same questions that they ask you when you talk to them. Yes of that. And so so I guess with that for those people who are not familiar because we’ve been using, they ask you answer a lot um and that’s that’s actually initial connection.

I’ve also read the book um and so I have great context around it, but um maybe if you could explain just like the overall philosophy and like what it’s all about for someone who, this might be the first time we’re hearing about it. Yeah, so I’m gonna tell a little story that will give you the philosophy of it. So they ask you answers written by Marcus Sheridan, so one of my closest closest buddies but back in 2008 when the stock market crashed and we go into the great recession, he owned a pool company, right, river pools and spas in Virginia And on one day they lost like $250,6.53 in deposits just instantaneous thought they were going to go bankrupt.

People told them to file for bankruptcy and Marcus had just found hubspot which is a marketing platform and a Crm and he heard about inbound marketing content marketing. So he decided he was a sales guy for them. He said I’m just gonna answer all the questions in a blog, like in an article every day when he get home. So he do sales calls during the day, he’d come home, he’d have his list of questions that he was asked and he would type away and he did this for a period of time and this became a mantra at the company they ask you answer.

So no matter what the client or prospect Aston they wrote about it and he started to see these trends that there were five areas that constantly, people constantly asked about cost and price. How much does this cost problems? What could go wrong if I buy a fiberglass pool, what could go wrong if comparisons concrete versus fiberglass best up who makes the best ones and ratings and reviews and so he just started doing that. And all of a sudden he saved his company, his company became the # one trafficked swimming pool sites in the world, generated millions and millions of dollars from articles like how much does a fiberglass pool cost?

He created best. He created all this different content and it saved his business and it transformed his business his life by simply by going to its core level when buyers ask you questions, answer them and answer them where and how they want them to be answered. Right? So that means we have to have the answers on our websites. Not only do we have to have been written for him so that the machines can see it, you know, google and the crawling all that and some people want to read it.

We gotta answer it in video too. You know, Youtube is the second largest search engine. So we should have all these articles also answered in video and that started this. They ask you answer movement really that we’re talking about which is we as consumers want the answers to our questions immediately. Like we’re like there is no more like, you know, if you think about buying a tv, nobody nobody on this call or nobody that’s watching this or listening to this likely walked into best buy talked to the 20 year old kid that’s working in the electronics section and said, so tell me everything I need to know about this tv versus that tv versus that tv, maybe one in 100 do that today. Okay.

But when I was a kid in the mid nineties, that’s exactly what my father did when we went and got a new tv because I think it was circuit city at the time, right? There was no, there was no real internet that answered any questions. So we got the, you know, the flyer in the newspaper that was delivered and then you went and you were at the whim of the salesperson. If you’re buying a tv today, you are literally looking up what’s the best exercise T. V. Of X. Thing.

You’re doing all this research and you may go to the store to say I want that because you want to take it home right now, okay, that’s the way that we buy and search for things. Now if you think about your amazon experience, those five things I said coughed and price problems, comparisons, ratings and reviews and best of guess what. Open the amazon app on your phone and go go type in anything and you’re gonna find all of those areas covered because that’s what we care about.

And so this concept is let’s just be that source because it’s, if we don’t talk about it, somebody else will. And we, when we talk about these things, when we answer in a transparent, unbiased educating way we become a trusted voice and john when we think about buying stuff like especially for our homes, right? So like the place that is your sanctuary, like your spot right before you’re gonna give somebody any money to do any work at your house. What emotion do you have to feel john mm um I feel some anxiety like potentially am I gonna make the right decision with what I purchase?

So you’re gonna feel that stuff. But then to make the decision and pull the trigger. There’s a way that you’re going to feel about that company or about the salesperson or the right trust you got like this whole, they ask you answer philosophy is let’s build trust with folks and let’s do it by obsessing over our buyer, the tactical pieces are simple, but if we can agree that anything that we get asked, we’re gonna answer no matter how difficult a question it is, that’s how we’re gonna win.

Mm That’s what we want. We don’t want, we don’t want in article, that’s all fluffy. Right? Especially when we’re trying to buy something, we want the answers to the things we have to like what’s gonna go wrong with, you know, nobody searches what’s gonna go, right? If I buy a ford mustang, everybody searches, what are the potential problems when buying a ford mustang? Right? So it’s just like if you got to upgrade your H Vac system, what are the problems that like there’s problems inherent with doing that?

But there’s problems inherent with all the different things that we do no matter what service or product we, we provide instead of hiding it and and hoping and praying that nobody actually asks us the question, let’s just tell them, boom, this is this is our, this is our big white elephant, yep, it’s a big white elephant. Here’s how we solve for it. But it’s here, just know it, it is what it is, wow, I love that. So it’s it’s really different than the way I’ve seen some people in their sales philosophy, which is, you know, you have to like we’ve things in a certain way say these certain words so that you can trigger these things in people’s minds and then boom now you have the sale.

But this is more so let’s talk about, let’s actually educate, let’s actually provide jen you and answers and be helpful. Um, and because of that help and because of that trust now the sale is a lot easier versus like trying to come up with these sales tricks to convince someone because everybody knows that it’s a trick, right? So that’s first and foremost. But here’s the thing there and there’s been studies and I think it’s um, I’m gonna forget the attribution on this, but People are 80% through their buying decision before they reach up to most organizations.

Okay, So do we want Just me saying this, I would be, I would like to be the person that educated them about that 80%. Right? But that’s the thing and so we do all of this work. So then they come into our sales process we know, you know, if we have the right tools set up on our website, we can see what they looked at, we can assign them more content that can help us in the sales process and and then it makes selling more like we’re helping them make the right choice than we’re trying to pressure somebody into a decision.

There’s a funny, there’s a very very funny story in the book where Marcus had a sales lead And the person had read 350 or something pages of the website And he was like, what am I walking into and then he noticed that somebody with the same last name and read 200 something pages of the website. So now he’s like what is going on? Well he gets there, it’s a brain surgeon and his wife and they had a spreadsheet that had every feature, everything that they wanted because they had educated themselves fully on what they needed for an in ground pool.

The only thing they needed was okay. We know that the price is gonna be within this range, give us the actual price so we can sign and get going. All Marcus had to do that day was not screw up the sale Right now that’s an outlier. But he found for him is a swimming pool company. If somebody read 30 pages of his website, he had an 80% close rate, right? Right? So that you figure that out for yourself over time. But it’s this idea that if you can get people to read 10, 103 pages of your site so they understand your product or service, it’s a simple conversation, they’re educated, they’re ready.

They like they’ve self selected them like, like they’ve, you will stop talking to people that are just kicking tires if you educate them, right? You’ll talk to people that are ready to buy when you leverage the tools and they ask you answer um got it. So it’s, it sounds like this is, this is more than just like a lead generation thing where you capture leads from search engines, but also it turns your website in a way to a 24 7 salesperson where you know you’re, you’re answering all the questions that someone asked you or the phone or in person and now you’re kind of breaking those objections down on the website and by the time they call you, they’re already sold um or on the way there. Yeah.

So so john it’s funny, I like that the way that you phrased that so we had an impact. We say that they ask you answer is a sales initiative right fueled by marketing. So so the idea is that marketing is going to have likely your content manager, your videographer. But the people that talk to buyers yourself see, so we’ve got to actually align those two because the sales folks are the ones that are handling objections, fears, worries, concerns issues, the questions being asked. And so you create this actual closed loop, you actually create this team mentality.

And instead of just caring about like who are traffic went up, you’re like, ooh, we can attribute extra million dollars to this collaboration with sales and marketing. We can like our sales guys coming in high five the marketers because hey, I use that video that we shot the other day and no questions contract signed, boom, boom, you know, high fives all around. That’s what we’re trying to build when we bring this into an organization. So it’s not like when you go to take on, they ask you answer, it’s not like a fun marketing initiative.

It is a company wide sales initiative. Be getting everybody obsessed was solving for our buyer. And again, if everybody just, if you just put yourselves in the shoes of a buyer like because what you are in different forms and fashions, what do you want, what do you want to know? So a great test for y’all today is go to your website, can you find the answers to things that you would want to know if you were a buyer having this problem or, or do you get frustrated cause you can’t find anything and you and maybe it’s on your own site.

So you like know where it is. So then I want you to try something else. Think of something that you want to buy, think of some service that you’re looking into and go try to find out how much it costs and see how long you stay on a website. That doesn’t answer the question for you. The answer is you’re not gonna stay nobody nobody when you want to know and maybe not the exact price, but you wanna know the ballpark the budget. Can I even afford this?

You’re not gonna sit there and search for a very long time unless it’s a brand that you love that you don’t really like you want to know how much it costs, but that’s the brand you’re getting right. So I talked to buyers, I talked to clients about this all the time. Apple can get away with beautiful design and horrible user experience because they’re Apple. We all want their new phone, their new wash, your new computer, whatever. So we’ll scroll on our mouse or with our thumb to go through all the beautiful animation.

Well, unless your brand is Apple and I’ll do that to go find a price right for Apple. I’m not doing that for steve’s H Vac. I’m not doing it for really anything other than a brand that it that like I’m a guitar player. Gibson guitars are my like I have several. I will search high and low to find any answer I want for Gibson but I have brand loyalty. If you’re trying to attract new people that don’t know who you are, they’re not gonna dig into your website, they’re gonna look at stuff and go quickly.

Can I find everything that I want or the answer is really there. They actually answer the questions that I have or they go back, wow. So run that test. Can somebody see what the budget is for a service you provide? Maybe you do tankless water. Here’s right. Can I see how much it would cost to take out my current water heater and put in a tankless one. Maybe I need a new H- Vac system in my house, but that’s 20 years old and I don’t know if that’s when you should do it or not.

If I’m thinking about it. I want to know, is this a $270,216 problem? Is this a $220,21 problem? Have the ability to educate me on that If you can’t, there’s no chance I’m gonna call you right? Like this is the way that we have to look at things because we want to make people’s experience with us simple and easy. We want to remove friction, right? And so, so answering those things is key. And the last thing I’ll just say, john on this is the video portion, right? Like video is our way that people can see who we are and how we show up.

Alright, so the more video you have and the more video used in sales, the less it becomes, you know, the, you know, the child at the home like opens the door, It’s like, hey mom, some dudes here, then it becomes, hey mom, some woman from the H Vac companies here too. Hey mom steve from blah blah blahs here because they’ve seen your videos, right? It’s a huge difference from being somebody’s here to somebody from this thing is here to person’s name, who, who they’ve heard in the background as you’ve been watching the video, you start to build that trust that way.

So these are all things that you know, if you go read, they ask you answer, you’ll find all the, all these little nuggets and you might say, well we’re not selling swimming pools, chris like cool, I got it. It’s principles, its principles and you can go, I think john’s gonna link the fire and ice case study and you can hear direct is a video directly from the whole fire and ice team about how they, as a company in Ohio, uh, executed this play. I love that. So I guess if, um, so let’s say I’m an HVAC company right now.

I just heard this podcast. Um, it sounds like the things that I would need to do, number one, go to the website and then take a look at the big five. So you mentioned those earlier. Um, what are those Big Five questions being answered on the website? Whether that’s in text or in video. Um, and then after that, if you have no content or you’re about to begin your content plan, um, from what you said earlier, it sounds like the first place to start is just whenever you’re speaking with a customer, let’s say they’re getting a new install done or replacement or repair done.

Just having your sales people or just having, you just listen to what they’re saying, Okay, what are their concerns? What are their objections? And just like, it sounds like just simply writing down all of the questions that they had and then at some point answering and then putting on the website. Yeah, that’s it. Yeah. So the simplest things go to john’s point, go look at your website. Are you actually educating people? Are you answering questions They would have like we might, you know, I hate to just say it, you’re likely not right now and that’s okay.

Everybody just needs to be aware of it. Then to john’s point, get your sales team together and this is the funniest thing, john if you ask a sales group, you go, hey, how many of the same questions do you get every single call? They’re gonna be like like almost all of them. You go, great, what are they? And you start having them listening and I’m gonna tell you You’re gonna get 25.5 different things right in that first ask. All right, Then you tell them, hey, remember all the questions that you get all the pushback and just keep adding to this list.

That becomes your initial content brainstorm to start answering that stuff, right? And the other thing you should do, everybody should go and get a copy of, They ask you answer, give it a read. Uh One of two things is gonna happen. If you’re listening to this, you’re gonna have a you know, you’re probably gonna skew to the one way people read it. Either go doug, this makes sense. This is how I sell, but I’m not doing it right now with my marketing and my sales. So I’m gonna go do it or they say chris this just will never work for me if you listen to this and then you go by the book, you’re gonna fall into the first category, right?

So that’s what I would tell people to do today. Got it. Um and then I guess 26.5 thing that I could imagine could come up is um let’s say you’re in that group of sales people and they give you a lot of the same objections but they have the same route but they’re asked in different ways. Now are we creating a separate piece of content for each of those questions or are we combining questions that are related into? Because think about think about how do people search in google?

Right, so so cost and price like cost and price articles you’re probably gonna have depending on how many service lines of products you’re gonna have tons of articles on that same thing with problems and like and so everybody like we have become so customized with our search right? When you think about like you add in for me, you know like google even adds it in for you. Like what are the best restaurants to to go for me or near me or whatever. So we are naturally searching like that.

So if somebody asks you a very specific question we likely want to write the answer that very specific question even if it’s adjacent to something else. Now I wouldn’t write them back to back, right? But, but it’s still, it’s this the muscle movement that I want people to do is listen to your buyer, understand the questions that they’re asking and their fears or concerns or issues and start writing about them. You do those things, you will start to gain some momentum, some form or fashion, you read the book, you’re gonna get a little bit farther, you know, and then there’s resources, what links to some stuff that john will populate and um, I’ll probably at the end of this tell you about a couple other things that you could do, but, but it’s that simple to get started and that’s the, that’s the key is like, this is you don’t need a PhD in marketing to do this, You’re already doing it when you talk to buyers.

It’s like how do you take the conversations where you’re building trust in the sales situation? How do you bring that to scale so that you can talk to the many who are looking at google for the answer that and I guess to build off of that. Um, so we got the process, I could see, um, someone wondering about like, like I don’t have the time to do this or like I’m not a writer, like I don’t do videos. I like that’s, that’s just not my thing. Um, and I think you touched on this earlier with the in house versus an external marketing team.

So, um how if someone wanted to begin to increase their output, but they had all these, you know, things that they don’t want to do it. Like how I’m trying to be a business owner. I’m trying to know now. So how do you how do we address some of those feelings? So the recommended course of action, the best thing, the thing that gets results is you hire a content manager. Okay. Now the term manager makes them sound like they’re this senior skilled person. We could just call content writer for all I care.

You’re hiring a recent graduate that graduated with a journalism degree, communications degree, something like that, you know, could be their first job. Now some of your going but chris they don’t know anything about H. VAC either do your buyers right? Either to your buyers. So the idea is bring somebody into your company that can interview you, take it down to the level that your buyers are actually at. Well they don’t, you know, you get caught in the curse of knowledge where you know so much that if you wrote it, it’s like super technical and I’m a guy that couldn’t tell you where the tape measure is in my house.

So if you’re talking technical specs, I’m host, I need you to have that journalism graduate that can break it down Basically to like a, you know, 10003 year old levels that I understand it, right? So we need that. So that’s the first hire that you make, you go hire this person. And then the second thing is you should hire a videographer. Now some of you are gonna say chris we just don’t have the money for that right now. Cool. I get it. And then the question becomes, do you want to grow your company?

And if the answer is yes, you do, you’re gonna do one of two things. You’re going to make the really hard decision to go hire these people and and deal with the financial impact of it. Or you are going to learn how to become a writer and understand this stuff and you’re gonna do it like Marcus did at 21000:21000 at night in your kitchen table until you’ve grown your business to the point where you can go hire somebody. But it’s one of those two options, right? And so, but think about it.

Instead of paying $216, to an agency, you’re paying that in a salary now to somebody, then you get them some training, you might make an investment, right? But eventually, if you’ve trained, if you hire somebody and you train them and you make that initial investment after that initial period, you’re gonna have this media company inside your organization that generates enough revenue to cover their expenses but grows the business exponentially more than you would if you hire an agency. So if you can look at it from a long term perspective, it is it is the thing that you need to do mm I see and it reminds me of quota.

Um Pennywise the dollar foolish, you know, you’re gonna you’re gonna sacrifice either way right, you’re either going to suffer having to pay out now or doing the work or you’re going to suffer in the future when you just haven’t built the business that you want, you’re gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna get paid either way your pain and so you know, I don’t wanna stereotype, but a lot of home services type companies spend an ungodly amount of money on advertising, hundreds of thousands of dollars on like there’s this roofing company where I live, they’ve got billboards on like the weirdest spots and they’ve got all these yard sides and like probably radio, so I haven’t listened to radio in a long time, but I’m sure they’re doing radio and their websites garbage and it’s like you might get a couple impressions from that but invest the money into where the buyers are.

I’m a homeowner, guess what I’m not doing. I’m not driving around being like, oh I should go talk to them. No, I’m trying to understand what it’s gonna go into redoing my roof, right? And and and if we’re if we’re making, you know, again, I hate the stereotype h back companies, but it’s like spending money on commercials for tv I don’t know the last time I watched a commercial and I bet you that most people listening don’t know the last time you watched a commercial, right? So so we have to look at how we’re spending our marketing spend and how we’re spending our sales spend and take a real hard look and say maybe we need to invest in ourselves so that we can generate the growth that we’re looking for versus just saying well I’m just gonna go put up all these billboards and people get they’ll see me so much that you know, no, they’re googling, they’re googling and if they see your billboard and they go to your website and your website is garbage and doesn’t answer their questions, whatever they went to your site but you didn’t do anything.

So they found somebody else. So is that billboard spend worth it? I say no. Um I say no. Uh cell phone, so it sounds like action item for a lot of our listeners. It’s um yeah do an assessment of your marketing spend. So you know, typically it’ll be about 5 to 50% of gross and you know, look where look at the impact that your marketing is having. Um It was it was kind of crazy I spoke to uh and that company um yesterday they’re spending about $12,000 per month and they got 10 phone calls and so I was like okay so you’re spending about 1200 per phone call, I was like like yeah it’s and from what they were doing like typically the conversion will be about 10003% from call to close.

So you know really their cost per conversion is like 3 to 4 K. For uh let’s say repair or replace and they’re not making much and so um so yeah, action item is guys like take a look at your marketing spend, look at how much you’re spending for an acquisition or you know, a new phone call or or job and figure out are you spending it the right way? And you know what chris is talking about is, you know, if you’re spending a lot on ads, it’s a way to cut down your ad costs over time and um position yourself.

I think that’s the biggest thing. It’s it’s being positioned as a trusted authority because you can solve problems for people and with the demographic shift of uh you know more homo new homeowners are millennials and young folks who are googling things that just where things were headed. So the way things were done in the past may not work in the future and it’s 99% shot that it’s not gonna work. So you’re kind of like skating to where the puck is going versus like now, well listen, I’ll tell you, my 70 year old mother goes on her iphone to google stuff now, right?

So it’s not, it’s not so, but but the difference is I type they they talk to their phone, right? Like, and I’m stereotyping, but that’s what my mom does. Like she just asks the phone questions. But that’s, that’s where everybody’s going. And so we can keep doing what we’ve been doing or we can address the way that buyers have changed and meet them where they’re at. And that’s, that’s that’s the choice that we have to make. It’s like, do we want to grow? Yes. I want to grow. Cool.

Are you willing to meet buyers where they’re at? Some are going to say yes and some are gonna say no. The ones that say yes are going to grow and the ones that don’t say yes, you might stay where you’re at. Somebody’s gonna go take your market share. Like it’s going to happen. Mm. And I think this is a, this is a natural jumping point. If there’s, is there anything you want to talk about the issue? Because next I want to shift into some mindset stuff because this is a natural jumping point.

So, so here’s what I’ll say, the last thing on that answer. So if folks want to to learn more about this stuff impact plus dot com has everything on the ask you answer and then we have a show, but we’re different live. It’s a weekly show starts the 16th, john’s gonna put a link to it, but it’s a coach like me talking about the topics that we’re seeing as we talk with our clients and taking questions from people. So it’s like a, it’s unlike a podcast. It’s a live zoom meeting, you go to our site, sign up for it.

And uh, and that’s the thing and everything you want to know about impact or excuse me. Everything was about to ask you answer you can find on impact plus dot com. Mm So that’s pretty awesome. So basically you’re taking the concept that they ask you answer, you’re just taking the questions and answers on a weekly basis. Yeah. And what we’re seeing. Yeah. And what we’re seeing. So, um, yeah. But yeah, so what you want to shift the mindset? Yeah. Yeah. So, um well I, I think you get on a few things.

So the first thing was um, you know, making this shift to, to grow because I’ve noticed speaking to a lot of contractors that there’s some, they will only be in the field maybe three or four years, but then they grow these massive multi million dollar companies in short order. But then there’s other people that I speak to, they’ve been in business 20 years. They never cracked a million dollars in annual revenue and they’re just stuck and they’re just not cracking through. So I guess my first question because they ask you answer seems to break companies past things like how like what is that mental shift that what is that mental difference?

Because it’s, it’s so weird. It’s not time in the field there’s something else that’s happening where people are able to skyrocket, even though, you know, they’re not as experienced. So I think it comes down to the thing we already said, like, are you willing to meet the buyers where they’re at and answer the tough questions, Right? So, so the folks that are, it’s sort of walk into it unafraid and say like, listen, this is this is it, and I’m just gonna say it all and put it out there.

Those are the folks that have the success, right? The folks that are just unwilling to do it are like, so I used to work in architecture, right? Like I I helped run architecture for a couple years, and the architecture world is one where they say, our reputation speaks for itself, we don’t have to mark, we don’t have to do anything chris our reputation just speaks for itself. And I just remember shaking my head like, no, that’s not good enough today. And so I think the contractors that you’re talking about that, that don’t grow like they’re out in the field, they’re they’re busting their, you know, their butts every day.

Well, it’s awesome and great, you’re gonna get some referral business, you’re gonna keep something there, but you’re never gonna break through because you’re just relying on your workmanship and like, and your reputation well in today’s world, you have to amplify that. And so you have to be courageous enough to say, like, it’s not just about being the best at my craft. It’s about being the best of my craft and becoming the best educator of my craft so that people can find me to go get the quality work that I provide.

Mm Right. So so so it’s a shift from like I’m doing the thing too. I’m talking about how to do the thing and how it impacts people and you’ve got to make that shift if you want to grow. It’s like uh it’s like the shift of being a technician. You know the one who’s you know fixing things up to being a thought leader technician. A thought leader could be uh it’s like a mindset. Yeah. And and and almost the idea of um working on the business versus working in the business.

You know, you hear that when you talk like entrepreneurial operating system which I’m sure a bunch of culture, you know scaling up oreo? S like like you need days where you step out and go how is the business running? You have to have that same shift if you’re out every day doing nothing but sales calls that you’re out every day doing nothing but installs, you’re going to struggle growing the business. Mhm. And so you’ve got to be thinking about that and you have to, you know you have to have that actual desire to grow it because growth.

Like so for someone like me I’m like that’s what we have to do, like like nothing’s ever good enough, we have to always be going but there are some people that they made a great business for themselves. It sustains them, it sustains the group of people that work for them and it’s a great thing for the community and for them and that’s awesome and congratulations but the people that want to grow, the people are gonna do all the things we just talked about and you know again I think of like your your listeners are likely in the group that want to grow.

So so the idea is you can’t grow by taking, You know by like by doing nothing or by outsourcing or by whatever you have to do work. You have to put in the hard work and yeah getting past $1 million five And anyway I can’t, but then you someday get to 5.5 then you get to 6.5 and you get to 10 and it just keeps going but you’ve got to do the work and you’ve got to be willing to really dig in mm of that wow. And the the other the other thing I pulled out from what you said um specifically around being a thought leader and just sharing is is there’s an element of abundance versus scarcity where sometimes I think um you know and I think that’s part of a limiting thing where it’s like they don’t want to share their knowledge.

They also don’t want to network with their peers where it’s like, hey let’s compare best practices, what are you doing, what am I doing? And so let me, let me keep my information so that I’m the expert and you have to come to me. But it sounds like you’re saying no, let’s open it up. That’s part, that’s part of the mindset of being able to to scale as a company not being so you know holding on to every, every penny you’ve got. So again put yourself in the shoes of a buyer when you talk to somebody or you look at a website and you can’t find an answer that you know they have the answer for you think certain things you’re like what are they hiding from me?

What don’t they want me to know? Why do I have to talk to sales to find out the budget for this thing. Like I love the tool gong right? Gong is a great tool. I have a bunch of clients that use it. I can’t get their pricing on their website and drives me insane. I have to talk to a system like why do I have to talk to a sales rep? I know their business model is number of seats costs X. So they have different like you know it because of what they are, why can’t you just show me the bucket and say like when you talk to sales it could go down like bear but we don’t use gone because I can’t see what their pricing is.

And I refuse to talk to a sales rep who’s gonna try to pitch me something Like show me the price. The opposite is a tool called hubspot, right? Crm sales tools, marketing tool services all of a sudden their pricing is so on the nose, you know exactly how much of an investment you have to make depending on the level of the tool that you want. And so they build more trust. I don’t think what is hubspot trying to hide from me, but that’s what I think about gong right, wow.

So so so so just think about that. So if you’re sitting there and it’s like, well I’m gonna hold all this stuff in, I’m your buyer and if I’ve got to talk to you to find out a general price of what it’s gonna cost to change up my air conditioning unit, I’m not talking to you so you can hold on to all this stuff all you want. But you’re only talking to this many people if you go like this, you’re gonna have a lot more folks that want to have more conversations with you and oh by the way, you know what your what your competition charges for that, you know how they do the thing, don’t pretend that you don’t like y’all instant y’all do the same exact stuff you do.

And so pretending like you have some secret sauce when, you know it’s just 1000 Island or 1000 Island dressing or some whatever. Mcdonald’s secret sauce is just some dressing, right? Like it’s not, it’s nothing special, right? It’s just like a a li is barbecue sauce and mayonnaise. But we gave it a fun name, Nothing special in it. We just have to understand that. And when we can make that mindset shift to a, there’s plenty of business out there. There’s plenty of business out there for all of us. There truly is.

And especially if we’re gonna be willing to help educate buyers through a process. If we’re going to be willing to build relationships built on trust that aren’t pushy that are like, hey, here’s the information. And then our sales process mimics what our website content is. And it sounds the same because it’s written by us that our sales processes get easier and guess what? Then we win more Like these are the things that natural, like, like nobody sitting here is gonna say like, well, I don’t want people to feel comfortable before they meet me and then feel even more like everybody wants that.

And so we are our own self limiters when it comes to growth and when it comes to how we interact with our buyers. Like we put up the friction points by not talking about cost and price by not talking about the things that could go wrong by not talking about our competitors because I’ll guarantee you, let’s say that you sell one version of an air conditioning unit and people know that there’s more than one. They’re literally going to type in this version versus that version. And if you don’t talk about it in an unbiased way, you’re likely gonna lose them.

Sure these are the things. So, so you have to have this open mind to be able to do this stuff if you want to grow. But if you stick to the, you know, oh, I’ve got all the info, nobody else has it. I’ll tell you something, artificial intelligence has it right? Like, like it’s there and somebody is going to be writing about it and I’m gonna find my answer somewhere else if you don’t do it. No. Um, I love that. It’s, it’s the philosophy has shifted to know it’s a race to give the most in a way where it’s like, how can I, you know, make sure you’re the most educated, you make the best decision.

And um, you know, as a part of me and I, for a number of years and um, I love the philosophy of givers gain and I really do think they ask you answer is a great embodiment of that. Generosity and openness and I think that, you know, just because you put out this piece of content. You don’t know how it’s going to come back to you, but you know, it does right, you know, through the search engines, through the trust, it’s the goodwill and then the referral network that’s built from there.

And so I, I love, I love love the strategy, awesome. So I think so, we’re closing in on the hour. I want to make sure you have some time to just talk about next steps. So, um, so I think first thing you mentioned was read the book. Yeah, I think that’s the key thing, yep, I ask you answer, find it on amazon and if you, if you like audio Marcus, read the latest version. So the, the author is uh, is the reader um and listening to him is very fun, him telling his own story.

I love that. Okay, so you got the audio, you got the written and then you mentioned there’s a weekly consulting, so it’s called um but we’re different live. Um so you can go john will have a link to it, but it’s a weekly weekly show starting the 16th of february um with one of my peers, Zach Basner, taking your questions, talking about a relevant topic uh within the digital marketing and sales arena with a huge focus on the ask you answer and then you can always go to Impact Plus dot com to learn all about the ask you answer.

Um and and how that philosophy is, is moving and helping companies like yours, I love that. And also, you know, we talked about some actual things you can do at the end. So you, you know, look at your website, look at it from a customer perspective are the answering the big five, you know, if you don’t know what the big five hour, review the podcast or look up Big five impact plus and um, and then just start writing down questions and answering them. That’s, that’s really it.

Yeah, it’s that simple. Perfect. So any parting advice for our listeners before we sign up for they? Yeah, I mean growing a company is fun. It’s stressful like I got it, but it’s fun. And when you do this type of work, not only do you get to grow the company to help folks and in your industry, you’re helping folks be comfortable in their homes. And so um I think adopting a tool like a, like a philosophy like this is a no brainer for your, for your types of organizations and and it should be really fun to do at the same time. Awesome.

Thank you chris and thank you for listening. So we’re gonna sign off but appreciate everyone will have a next podcast episode next week. We have a lot of great guests this season and so really looking forward to sharing more knowledge and information and helping you to create more sales, more profits and more freedom in your business, take care everyone. Yeah, thank you for joining us for the H Vac financial Freedom podcast. Follow us on Stream Yard Apple podcast, Spotify, amazon Music and check out our main website, www.

Dot h. Vac financial freedom dot com, to find out how you can also achieve financial freedom.

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