Using Smart TV Ads to Grow Your HVAC Company with Muhammad Siddique

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Welcoming Muhammad Siddique (Author of New Success Secrets) to the HVAC Financial Freedom Podcast!

In this episode, we discussed how Smart TV advertising works and how it can help you reach more people with your marketing message, and you’ll learn…

0:20 Introducing Muhammad Siddique

1:49 Muhammad’s Origin Story

4:49 How Muhammad Got Into Smart TV Advertising

7:20 Combating the Click Fraud Problem Through Powerful Local Smart TV Advertising

13:55 The Rise of Smart TV Advertising and Why It’s Effective More Than Other Forms of Advertising Today

16:20 AI-powered Smart TV Ads Placement

19:38 Why Adding Direct Response to Smart TV Ads Drive More Conversions and Sales for HVAC Contractors

21:31 What Kind of ROI You Can Expect to See From Local Smart TV Advertising

26:31 How Smart TV Ads Boost Sales Fast in the Slow Season for HVAC Companies

31:54 Why You Should Take Advantage of Adding Smart TV Advertising to Your HVAC Marketing Strategy Now

34:47 About Muhammad’s Book: “New Success Secrets: How to Build, Run and Manage an Unstoppable Success Team”

36:34 Overwhelmed at work? Apply the 4D’s. Do it. Date it. Delegate it. Dump it.

39:10 Wrapping Up

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Audio Transcript

Welcome to the H Vac financial freedom podcast, a show where we talk about business ownership and financial freedom by sharing stories and advice of experts who can help you get there now your host john victoria. Hello and welcome everybody to the H VAC Financial freedom podcast. I'm here. Your host, john victoria and today we have a very interesting topic for you. I don't think we've discussed this on the podcast just yet. And today we are talking about smart tv advertising and so I want to introduce our guest for today.

Mr Mohammed Sadiq, we actually met at a conference 2 to 3 weeks ago. It was the commitment summit hosted in Costa rica and um you know, we connected afterwards and we talked about different strategies to help grow businesses. And so just as an insurer to him, I'd consider him a renaissance man with the number of things that he's done in the past. He is based in Atlanta Georgia. He is an amazon influencer, real estate investor, global social media authority, um king of relationship capital, entrepreneur, philanthropist and he's author of the new success secrets and also his business that we'll be discussing today.

Its focus is helping business owners to grow their business through local smart tv client acquisition strategies and done for you services. So very glad to have you on Mohammed, how are you doing today? What? It's amazing. Outstanding today. Super outstanding. And I'm excited because I really, I mean I've been in the digital marketing space for since 2016 and I have not really explored the power of local smart tv advertising. Um but before we hop two things I wanted to first get into your background because you have such a diverse background in so many different things you're working on.

And so to kick things off and you know, how did you get into what you're doing now? Like what's your origin story? Um and leading all the way up to today, if you have not figured out so far. I'm immigrant from Pakistan In 1996 when it came someone paid for my my airline ticket. This is the American dream like immigrant stories, land of opportunity. I was working for oracle little company called Oracle for five years almost. And while working on entrepreneurship on a side, you know, started our little company with $694 and my partner paid on his credit card at that time I did not even have my own credit card. Okay.

And he said you know you are like extrovert and I like you how you are treated to people. I offer you 10% ownership in the company and then you know and here's the question I asked him, I said I'm so kind of grateful for 10%. Just tell me what kind of milestones I have to achieve. So become my equal partner. I didn't remember, I didn't ask for the equal partnership, I said just tell me what kind of milestone I have to achieve then he puts okay X million in this million in that million.

And within six months we were equal partners. My role was a business development, marketing. If you don't remember the google adwords when it used to be one cent per click those deaths. One center click in fact, years later the google 45 cents minimum. My partners called me in a panic as our cost of acquisition will go five X. I don't think so. We can survive in the business anymore. Okay. And 12 years later we sold for a multi million dollars and then after that we had done a number of like I'm serious and now 20 years later I own a number of businesses and I love marketing, not only a simple marketing getting on google google Adwords, facebook marketing, youtube marketing, none of those.

We always want to do something different, which is unique. Again, I love the google when it was the one center click wish you can go back to that one. Is that right? We wish we wish what if that's the case, Keep listening and watching this. We have the same opportunity right now and best farted, there's also from google, you may and may not be aware of that. That's amazing And, and also it's really cool that I mean you've really seen, you know, businesses from just the inception of it all the way to it, fully selling and that's the type of knowledge that a lot of people don't have and you've been able to apply to a number of different businesses, you know, leading up to today.

Um I'm curious so you know, I know for today we're talking about smart tv advertising, how did you even get into that and get access to this opportunity? Because you know, you you were back in the early days of one cent google ads clicks, that's that's amazing. I wish we could time travel back to those times. We'd all be, you know, make a lot of money, you know, we could we could wind back the hands of time, but smart tv advertising, How did you get into it?

It's, it's like unexplored territory I feel for a lot of businesses and particularly, you know, let's say H Vac businesses as well. Yeah, in that first company was Swollen 12 years, then I once we sold the company then I figured let me look at my strength. What's my strength? My strength was marketing, That's we got the number one and 30 competing. The 30 companies worldwide then said I just want to dig into only that, that's my strength. Just focus on building relationships and keep on client acquisition For the last 23 years we have been really focused on this Google is expensive.

Facebook, expensive. There is so much click fraud. Again, I'm not against, that's true, 30%, there's some numbers, 30%, clicks on Google and Facebook are kind of fraud, they're not only to your target audience and you're clicking and you're wasting money then I said there's got to be some better way especially there is expensive now and me and my partners am con we figure out like a few years like a very focused like and don't tell anybody. Let's just create a number of case studies and success stories and see someone just opening a restaurant after a covert time and just imagine how many restaurants are the hard hit business we all eat every day.

Somebody opening a new location how they really get the word out, you know and they're questioning it right now all through this smart team meeting the weight before even explain how it works is very, very simple. Imagine someone is searching for your service is is broken or if it's a winter time that heating is not working, guess what, how hard is that they are in a market searching for the service and some automatically you're there to show up on the local tv. That's what he would. That's almost like if I can, if you allow me to say the number one google's part and none of your competition is there.

I love that. And I think you opened up a few things there. So I mean 1st 1st point that you brought up that I want to dive into is is click fraud And for anyone who's not really familiar with click fraud, there is 20 to 30% of clicks that are happening on google ads, they could be bought, they could be your competitors there but there are people that are are not really interested in hiring you but they're clicking on your ads, Google is charging you and that's just coming straight out of your pocket, like this isn't properly utilized ad budget, it's it's being wasted.

It's you know the click fraud. Um And did I get the right Muhammad? Is that, is that? Yeah and so what you're saying is we're going to sidestep the issue of click fraud by tapping into another type of advertising that you know can avoid that altogether. And and so that would be through smart tv advertising. Um And I guess second thing to maybe help clarify for folks as well is um you mentioned in market so you know you you mentioned like let's say someone is in need of you know a new A. C. Unit, you know it's it's let's say its Arizona it's so hot um you know that's potentially life threatening, like that's a life threatening situation if things don't get resolved quickly.

And so are you, so when you say in market like so you're somehow able to get access to these people or how how does that work? Yeah john um people at BSC folks who are watching this when one of your customers when they need, you said that's where they go on google is right. Yes. Look okay who is nearby me. Can I book a call, see what the local providers in nearby me. That's mean in market now someone is searching from that brought it to a service so my ignition not working.

How can I get a call Someone? The moment that's like in the market their need for their service. Right now the moment it happens there's a smart tv knows that you know when someone is watching a smart tv at home in your target market, in your local hyperlocal in your business. Imagine your edge started showing up and they're watching the tv and in your five mile radius two mile radius from your address from your zip code that we are talking about A hyperlocal. Imagine you mentioned about phoenix I just checked it while you were saying it is the 50,000 people in a week, one week people are watching in the market right now.

Far HPC services in phoenix Arizona right now In one week. So multiply by four not even a 4. 2 there's like a 200,000. So who is there to want to dominate in that that phoenix market it could be your client. If not then choose a client and work with them help them to dominate in the local market. Zero click fraud. You know why when ad shows up on the T. V. The Q. R. Cord. You scan it from your phone on the other side sending a text message now you get the cell phone number like to starboard so john I have that I don't appreciate with you, you know go high level and everything else right from the tax messing you take over the campaign after that on the other side now and that's that's incredible.

So so just just to recap for everybody, so for in market if someone google has an audience who is interested in a particular topic and so let's say someone is searching on google for a c repair a C install um you know, could be a tune up and when that happens, google then flags these people as part of an audience you can now advertise to so google ads, you know they'll have something similar but with smart tv advertising they can take the same audience but instead of them just seeing an ad on google, they can be watching their, you know, late night tv show uh you know, they could be watching whatever on tv but your ad will now pop up in that specific home and so it doesn't have to show up in everybody's home, but it's very specific to someone who has shown interest and google has these slots to present your ad during that that time block which which is crazy because because in the past I imagine there wasn't this smart tv advertising, it was just broadcast everybody regardless of interest or not leading to wasted ad spend but for this it sounds like you can get hyper local with where it's based out of but also you already know they're interested and you're only serving ads to those people, you are interested who are interested in what you have to offer.

And so it's I mean this can be used as a stand alone, it sounds but also it can be used as um as something that's part of a larger marketing campaign where you're omnipresent regardless of, you know, where they're finding you 100%. They could be searching for temperature control system, wider maintenance services, you know, all those about all of the key words possible air conditioned service, you know, the GSC service aren't working at something and keep showing the ad over and over. And plus, you know, how many people are actually watching the four lads, I was skipped at 20% to 50%.

All that KPI metrics off in availability of not only the impressions, you don't know how many times the whole adverse short, how many people actually watched the whole ad people who want the whole ad, you can let them follow up and there are different types of, if you like, just like a funnel thing in the business. Imagine having a conversation almost like a 1-1 with people who watch your first message, then you show up the second message. And the third message, if you like this kind of complex, get even a complex one.

You know, Here's the best part we offer it or done for him, 100 from a creation of a whole commercial we wanted. We don't have to show up on your and your office, we do it all from your images and from your website and you know, all the little videos you have probably have we create because we have mastered that process and this was all 100% done for you. Here's the best part. It's not tens of thousands of dollars. What do you typically that whenever you think about tv is too expensive?

So I have to sign one like maybe one of multiple years, correct? No, none of that month to month. You decide if you do, it doesn't work for you next month. It's okay, it will work for you. Just why people are searching for that. You know, I love that, That's amazing. And I guess one other angle I want to look at it too is like why, like why does this work right? You know, there's all these types of forms of advertising, let's say 50 60 years ago, we were doing a lot more tv advertising.

There wasn't S. C. O. There wasn't, you know, email marketing, potentially why why is tv why is smart tv advertising working today? Um and kind of like is their psychological reasons why that is, is it just because there's no one on it? Like what are some of those factors that you'd say makes it so so much more powerful than some other forms of advertising Because of the month two months and I'll simplify the gaming launch in within 72 hours. And plus we are only focused on in the market, people who are searching for your product or service that was not possible before.

As you mentioned only a few minutes ago that only it used to be just trying to add a cable tv and a shower, whatever they broadcast in the whole area. We are in like a million people all school. You don't know if somebody was searching for that one, Only how many clients? I will get bored branding and awareness all that now plus people because people are searching party, you can actually see it, imagine everyone is texting you and you know the specific numbers they're taxing you the Q. R. Core.

No you can track how many clients came from, which video which add, you don't have to come with a different phone numbers if you like to you can put all those different keywords for everyone. Same phone numbers, you know how. Yeah and and plus if a certain hour you're getting more clients we can actually expand the reach in that time. You know because you know what time of the day you're getting more techs and other so it's almost like a digital marketing with the on tv. Almost like a digital marketing on tv is a tv is a new and thanks to netflix and other ones because they know everybody's watching on demand content, they're not who is waiting for the eight o'clock show anymore, you know, 10 o'clock they want and demand 80 90% household tv.

They're all smart TVs these days. People are watching CNN Fox news, even Youtube, all these favorite videos on the largest thing, like a living room experience. Now they imagine the your ad is showing up on a 55 inch tv at 75 85 75. But I was a bigger screen right now face, that's the biggest screening everywhere. You know, awesome. And and I guess just to clarify too. So for smart Tv when so when these ads are showing um let's say for example, we're watching a a new station, are these ads showing up?

Like, you know, let's say that there's a segment, Is it showing up right after that? Um how about if someone's watching something else like you said netflix or Youtube like where how are these placements incorporated when someone's watching on on their smart tv? Great question, john people are watching Youtube and people say the largest is now it's almost like the largest search engine on Youtube. People are watching the Youtube on smart tv on tv because they're watching the show off on Youtube on a smart tv through youtube back.

People are watching CNN on Youtube because most of the media is going live on youtube anyway when they're actually broadcasting and you will know how many stations is actually being you had is being shown google, give you every detail. This is the google largest media network. Even the marketers are not even aware of that one. I don't know a single marketer so far who has taken advantage of this one. Why Tv commercial is a different, you know, it's a different skill altogether. Creation and what can words people are going to skip the ad within seven seconds, five seconds, 10 seconds.

You know like what we do with it. We front load the offer. So even people escape here are they already know the offer. Imagine you are offering you know $50 off on something to wish you imagine showing mentioning that $50 off on your next like I see inspection visit or whatever right up front and scan the QR code right now before they even the CDL skip ad button, you already know your offer. Wow okay. That's amazing. It's amazing. So I guess in terms of placement is it because like I'm imagining like let's say the Super bowl and then let's say watch the game then there's an ad they're like, is it, is it kind of like stream of consciousness, it just goes through and then you see it or like google puts it whenever they want to put it in the middle, in the start, in the middle of the end whenever because they're watching a content then it shows up right in the middle.

I see right at the back end. You know it's just like watching the U. T. Went on on the computer. Hello this is just a metro watching on tv wow. That's awesome. Cool. So it's just like a lot of customization. There's also a lot of google's own ai that's powering this so you know we don't have to always think through one is the best time. Google's massive multibillion dollar artificial intelligence and figures out exactly where to place it. It's just a matter of now okay what are who are we looking to serve?

You know what are the zip codes, what is the radius, you know who is the market? You know we're trying to tap into someone interested in say a C. Or heating repair installation or tune up. And then of course the presentation of the media which we discussed and it seems like the format would be you know you'd start off with the offer you know whether that's an inspection or and there's some Q. R. Code that's there and then there'll be the presentation of the media and you know you can customize this based off what you want.

Um But what I do want to double click into is that I know when you're designing these types of ads there's a specific way that you approach it with direct response and I want to get into that because I feel like that's also a powerful part about this. It's not having just access to the network, but it how the ad is presented. So could you walk through like your philosophy of designing these ads and how you direct for those not familiar with direct response? Like how does that work and why is it so much more impactful than just you know, throwing up a video on there and hoping and hoping, you know, fingers crossed that things work out for you.

Yeah, I hope doesn't know, it's not a good business strategy. The direct response for the TSC folks, you know, that's like when you show up the ad, somebody actually scan it, there's a call to action that means they call this number right now. Are the scan the QR code and taxes right now, you know, and we are standing by 9 to 5 what I was 24 7 so that's a direct response. However, if you're just showing like an iphone ad, they don't really call for him called in by the iphone that's branding and awareness top of the mind campaign, this is doing all that iphone is different.

Your HBC visitors are different because somebody's going to call it to USC guy when you're not working. Yeah. So what you want is a call to action. You just give them to scan the QR core and you will get more calls, your phone will be drinking drinking, you will get more customers now you say okay I'm putting this much money and I'm making this much money. This is a simple math and every business owner understand that far. Hey I put a $5 on the other side, I'm getting $50 on the other side.

That's a good business. You Yes, I love that and and that's and that's exactly it right at the end of the day regardless of the marketing channel, we're looking for that return on investment. So I'd love to because I know prior to this conversation we talked about some of the markets that are open in some of those numbers. Um Yeah let's, can we talk some numbers like what does this look like? Um in terms of like you know accessibility, you mentioned like the tv spots and also like what is what is the potential reach and potential conversion for something like this since um you know I think at the end of the day no matter what its marketing spend, I put this in what could be my potential range of returns from this.

Yeah, wonderful. Like like a seasonal business. That's what you know I did a quick search on this like a someone hard and they're so busy. They can't even take that many clients in the winter heating kicks in. However what are the other two seasons spring and fall that's kind of slow month. Oh they're trying to kind of, you know it's like a Tuesday on, on the restaurants, you know, like the middle of the week is kind of slow day, the weekend restaurants are busy, so that gives you the opportunity.

In fact, such a coincidence, I have no idea when you're watching or listening this we have regarding it all was the first of september, you know, like a almost like a false starting, you know, So I looked at the numbers just before on the show came up, Phoenix 50,000 TV sparks available, but you see people right now who are in, in the market, fall In Phoenix in Chicago. The Midwest is kind of, you know, somebody is almost kind of gone, you know, and there's a 70,000 spots available right now for 70,000 spots doesn't really mean like only 70,000 times video will show because that means 70,000 different people are searching for your solution for HBC, they're calling for no air conditioned services, air conditioned climate control, air quality, you know, all that, you know, something lifted VSE in Chicago is a 70,000.

How can I miss my own city, I'm in Atlanta. Yeah, Atlanta, I have my own city bias, you know, in Atlanta is 80,000 spots available. Imagine had the metro area, like a whole bigger city in multiple locations they want to cover. Imagine you add showing up 80,000 time in Atlanta in phoenix 50,000, 70,000, this is the quick search, we can expand and probably it will be a lot more. This is another one day, this is for a week. So in a month multiply by two, maybe 4. 3, seven days a week. You know this is like four weeks would be like 80,000 multiplied by four simple math.

50,000 multiplied before 70,000. We're talking about 200,000, TV spots available. Yeah. And you you can only choose, you can choose how many want actually to even start with the test, you don't have to take all this 200,000. That's probably too expensive because your staff you you know, it's gsc business may not be that big enough that you can only have so many people to work on technicians. So you can take, okay, I just want to show my 5000. See what happened 10,000, what happened, Let's go on 50,000, you know, wow. So you can start very small and test it for yourself, see if it works for you and I'm sure one should try, it will work because in the market people are searching for that you show your ad this can that you are called call you text you and you take over the conversation simply that Yeah.

And I guess one thing I just want to point out as well is that because these people are in market this could be very drastically different than let's say a social media ad just broadcast to an area right where it's not someone who is deliberately searching or looking for what is you know I need you know social media it's not as strongly intent based as something like google and so I think that's what makes it so powerful. You know there's this number of spots but it's like you we already know they need this service.

Um they need your help and you know maybe they find you on google then they see you on the T. V. It's it's this omnipresent like you're everywhere effect. Um That's the powerful thing I can see. Yeah I just want to clarify one thing we may mention about phoenix Chicago and Atlanta. However this is available all over the US don't don't feel bad if I didn't mention your city name. So we will know right before even we kind of start to do anything. There are how many spots are available in your area based on that really means.

Parts mean how many people are searching for that one right now and every one of you, whoever kind of decided to take action on this, they are guaranteed to be a number one spot on google, wow because you can only show one at at one time. You know they can't watch multiple other ones. Only one awesome and Mohammed. So and so right now I mean I think this could be very relevant since we are in the shoulder or the slow season for a lot of H V A C businesses.

So, um, you know, let's say that someone an H V A C business wanted to run a, an activation activation campaign right now. Maybe they wanted to present some offer so that they can keep their guys busy, especially during the slower time of the year. So you know, how long would it take to get something launched? Like what would that look like? Because I know a lot of concern that people have is, you know, we're in the slow season now. We can't wait 369 months to get something launched.

So how would that look like if someone wants to start a smart tv ad today? 123, only three days, three days just get on a call with me and the link is given probably with this one as I, I can say to gov genius dot com forward slash H V A C. We are calling it down with your permission. Hbc marketing machine on local smart tv network awesome. And it just has to spell it out forever. That's JV G E N I U S dot com. Um, and then what, what's the ending forwards?

Last H V A C. Got it. Yeah. So that's the basic conundrum. You can talk to me and I will treat you very nicely. There's no sale. I just show you what the potential available in your area, then you decide if this is really for you or not? Yes. And again, if you decided to move on, they say, I just want to start small, I don't wanna start big, you know, so even for someone who has multiple locations, you know, in different multiple cities, we can have like a consulting engagement.

Whether we can actually show you the whole path how you can dominate in your market. This is the other work, this is only for those people who really want to grow and dominate in their local market. That is one of the total domination almost. You can crush your competition all the way. Yeah. And do something different than everyone else, right? You know, most people are doing the same thing, um you know, digital marketers and I'll take, I'll also, you know, take the blame on this too. Like we, you know, we only have a hammer, so we look at every problem as a nail.

So you know, it's not a diverse toolset. And so this is something where, you know, it's not going to be um, a red ocean, red Ocean meeting, you know, like everyone is, is cannibalizing each other going after the same in the same way, going after the same audience, but you're showing up in a way where no one else even is thinking of this or doesn't even know it's even possible. And so I think that's also the really cool thing when it comes to comes to this. Um, yeah and some quite be thinking, oh, I want to start small, how much is it going to cost?

It can start as low as $1000. Have you ever heard last time tv ad running 5000 people are watching your ad and Commercial done all done for you. 100% fulfillment. No contract, month to month. Even as a little amount of like $1,000. That's crazy. I remember a time machine back. This is a time machine back where you're almost getting one cent how long this will be there, No idea. You know, like a google adwords so expensive. No same way. This will be very expensive. Wow later. Not right now. This is the time to actually jump on a call, JV genius G E N I U S dot com forward slash H V A C. This is exclusively for the VSC freedom, financial freedom podcast listeners and we are calling it H BSC marketing machine one Local Smart TV Network.

I love this. So exciting. Yeah, that network is owned by google. Okay, so all the reporting real time, how many people are watching, you can actually have a link exclusive for you and keep watching how many people actually watching you read how many are full watching all of the way you can monitor it anytime we have to wait for quarterly divorce from anybody. You know, it's available right away. Like dr like you, yeah, instant instant, you know, be able dashboard where you see all the numbers, how's it going and especially because it's a slow season currently when recording this, we don't have time to wait another three months.

It's already, it's too late. If it's three months from now, it's like what can we do, what can we deploy now that can begin to generate new customers or to reactivate or rehash old customers that used to work with us who know they're due for a tune up, their due for an inspection. How do we access them now? And that's three days it takes really to get things up and running, which is unheard of like how fast how fast that is in the industry love to help any H. BSC business owners all over the U. S. Even international by the way.

The only thing is we only know english, we don't know the language at this time. Amazing. Oh my gosh, that's amazing. So um so I guess, you know, what else, what other things have we missed when it comes to folks understanding smart tv advertising so already covered like what do the ads look like? What are the potential costs? The advantage is, you know, the potential reach that someone has in different markets. Um what other things does someone have to consider when it comes to smart tv advertising that we might be missing. Yeah.

You don't want to sit and wait and then graduate for later when it's so expensive. That's the only thing we didn't really cover it. It's a complimentary call. Just get an NGV genius dot com power slash H. V. A C. And you don't want the gradual later because you will be paying many many times more. Why? Because google will bump up there right now. They just launch it like ah no, secretly this is, they're calling it the biggest media on Tv. Right now. They have a more ad inventory available than traditional tv.

Right now that's what they tell me. It's a total total adoption. That's where the google is going really beyond you know, computers and smartphones and you want to be question, you're getting a number one on in your local market. Not that you don't want to really do international, like all over the U. S. Are like a bigger market toward the georgie unless you have locations, you know, able they, they don't have that much flexibility. They can only offer adults broadcasting it here. You're broadcasting to the person who is looking for yourselves.

That availability even in addition the other, you know, even they want to do it, they can't do it linear programming does not offer that at all. They have changed to redefine the whole advertising through the smart Tv and google is number one and such now they're number one and Tv as well incredible. Untapped opportunity. It's almost like uh you know with the, you know, when they have the gold rush in California way back when you know, lots of, you know, there's lots of gold, you know, people started rushing over um and you know, the opportunity is there, this is under undeveloped.

Like people really have not, most marketing companies won't even know this exists. And so that's really the special opportunity and also just the timing of it right now works out really well because it is a slower season. It's not going to be key cost prohibitive where it's, you know, 10 2030 K for a tv spot or a radio spot like you might spend. Um And the targeting is just, it's just incredible because you have google's multibillion dollar artificial intelligence be able to access that, that um you know, most people won't be able to tap into.

So um so yeah, it's again, it's a JV genius dot com slash H. Vac. I'll add the link in the show notes. Um but yeah, really, really exciting what we got going here. So, and with that, you know, I think we'll we'll close up the show pretty soon any other last things that you think would be key for people to know about your story about smart tv advertising or if you want to also talk about your book since I know that um you know that came out and you Success secrets, but also loved, you know dive into that as well. Yeah.

And the author of new Success Secrets How to build one and many unstoppable success teams? Because We all know our growth level is not as a leader of your business, you own the business, you are the leader of your business. You are as good as your team is performing. If your team is really good, in fact they have to be smarter than you even though you believe it or not, you know, they will perform what you're looking for. So we have my success, we have on 350 people in our team right now And we are about to get to 650 and next, you know few weeks I'm talking about, Okay, people are talking about recession, we are growing to that level is like a growth pain, you know why?

Because we assigned deems and deep reforms and the best the author of new Success Secret is too expensive and 99 cents on amazon oh my 99 cents. I think that's gonna put me in the that's incredible. And um and just to highlight what you just said, you know when people says that says there's like, oh there's a recession um the money doesn't doesn't disappear, it's just changing hands and so it's just being smart about where that money would have to be moving and I think that's incredible like what you guys are doing as well and being so like 99 cents for the new Success Secrets?

That's that's incredible. That's a steel. Um, so what other, I guess what are some takeaways? Someone would get from, from the book. If someone were to buy it, There are four things. Whenever you get something to do like a task. We call it a four D model one is the first is just do it. You know, we all have a big to do list and never really finish, you know, honesty and to do list and you don't even know they're on the to do list, you know, so we train our team when something pops in your inbox and ask, somebody asked for it.

There's only four days you can apply number one is do it, do it. Nike right away. The second thing is, if you can't do it right now based on whatever the reason could be dated, schedule a time on your calendar. When you're going to do it. If you have no time to do it, 30 is delegated, assign it to someone else on your team who can and ask them to put on the calendar to the only person who has the time available. So that means, do you know?

Yes. Do it. Are dated. That means when you're going to do it are delicate to third person. The 4th 1 is if you can't, if you can't do it to yourself, you can't even schedule it on your own calendar, then you have nobody to delegate it. Here's the best from dump it, dump it, goodbye, goodbye. That's it. That's what, that's what they said, you need to learn how to say no why? Because you already know there's nobody available. Just dump it. Don't say yes to that in your inbox to do this to always how much?

00. Love it or d so due date it delegate or um, dump it. Yeah. My favorite one is dumped by the, Oh yeah, I uh, I love what I think, I believe Warren Buffett says it's like he has so many opportunities that comes to him almost every single day. And really this skill to master is saying no, but an infinite amount of opportunities. Um, but we have limited budget, we have limited time. We have limited resources, whether that be personnel or or otherwise. And so I love it.

So yeah, lock in the forties, everyone. Um, and of course, you know, it's just one concept of many and the new success. So definitely check out the book, 99 cents. I don't think that'll break the bank. You can find 90 cents probably if you dig into your pocket right now. Right, awesome. So cool. So I think we'll wrap up today. Any, any final words Mohamed that you want to share with everybody as we close out for the day. The final word is when they possibly knocks on your door, like this smart tv is on knocking you right now and you're probably having a conversation with yourself.

Should I do it not, it may not be for me and me not for you and like whatever you're thinking, having a conversation with yourself, stop it right now, have a conversation with someone like me or anyone else who knows this, have a cornered them that way. Whenever the opportunity knocks at your door, utilize it, then make a decision, educate yourself right away, get on a call and tell me if this is how I'm doing, help me out, if this is for me or not because you don't want to miss it, You know, it took me 20 years to really go back to the rush again, so and your daughter were knocking your door right now, that's it, I'll do it, opportunity knocks, answer it because it may not knock again 100% maybe 20 years later, guess what?

You may not be in the same business, it may not be in the position to take on that anymore. Yeah, so maybe the metaverse, next, next time we speak it will be some metaverse uh in market advertising. Yeah, I'm sure it's coming awesome. Well you know, just in closing, I want to say Mohammed, thank you so much for your time today. Um you know you bring an incredible wealth of wisdom from business, I mean you mentioned earlier, like really just start to end of growing businesses you've taken and parlayed those talents into launching, this is what I know you have many different businesses, but this is amazing.

You know, smart tv advertising. We talked about the power that it can have in serving video ads or smart tv ads to a specific market in a specific zip code. And really how it's a wild west right now because there's no, it's a blue ocean. There's not people who are also trying to advertise in the same space. It's, it's really wide open right now, which is why the costs are really low as well. So if you are an H v a c contractor who's looking to grow your business, especially right now during the slow season, you want to keep your guys busy.

You don't want them to be out of work and potentially look for work other places. It can be really painful. Um if you don't have that business coming in. So this is one opportunity that you can look look into that could really grow your business, keep your guys busy and set yourself up for being able to really dominate into the winter seasons as well as moving into the seasons for next year. So thank you everyone so much for your time on the podcast. Um you know, really appreciate your time.

And yeah, we will catch you on the next podcast. So thanks so much. Take care and see you soon. Thank you for joining us for the h vac. Financial freedom podcast. Follow us on Stream yard Apple podcast, Spotify, amazon Music and check out our main website, www dot h. Vac financial Freedom dot com, to find out how you can also achieve financial freedom Yeah.

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