Website Design Trends for HVAC Companies in 2021

Jun 24, 2020 | Web Design

The projected market volume of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry worldwide by 2024 is 121 million units. For a company to get a share of these unit sales, it will have to invest in serious marketing of its products, including taking part in the digital platforms where they can reach millions of prospects in just a click.

The first step would be to create an official website for your company, which will help you convert visitors to customers. Unfortunately, not just any website can attract customers, for your website to be this effective, you need to feature some design trends. Embracing significant design trends for your HVAC website can make your website stand out as the best marketing asset for your company.


Top 3 Popular Web Design Trends

When designing a website, there are steps to be followed: website architecture, visual design, website development, website testing, and launching. Below are the top 3 design trends for HVAC companies that you can adopt.


Chic Minimalist Design

A minimalistic design is a basic design that has the following characteristics:

  • Use of limited color palette
  • Dramatic use of topography to create visual interest
  • Flat rather than skeuomorphic patterns
  • Limited features and graphic elements

The purpose of having such a simple design is to make the content of the site to stand out by simplifying the layout and stripping the content to the bare requirements.


Great User Experience



Websites that are built appropriately with the excellent user interface can help in increasing conversions through eye-catching and engaging designs.

Getting an eye-catching and engaging website involves keeping the layout simple, making navigation easy to follow, using clear calls to action, eye-catching colors, and easy-to-read fonts. You can also engage the users through videos, animations, and vibrant images.


Neat Modern Design

When you visit a website, how do you feel while going through it? A slow loading site will feed on your patience. Elements like beautiful sound effects, drop-down menus, and buttons will make it easier to engage with the website.

Provided there are good images, beautiful layout, and attractive fonts, a website with a clean and modern feel will always attract and keep you glued. The other reasons why your website should have a clean, straightforward design are:

  • A simple design is timeless, while busy models become outdated fast
  • A simple design is easy to scan by the users of a site
  • A simple design is more accessible
  • Simple design loads faster
  • A simple design is easier to use
  • Simple design improves on conversion rate
  • You can win your customers’ trust with a simple design as opposed to busy and messy website design
  • A simple design is cheaper to host

Besides having a simple design that looks more professional and makes a great first impression, your website design must be mobile-friendly. In 2019, mobile devices generated 52.6% of global website traffic overtaking traffic from desktops.


Essential Web Design Features

A website with poor design will drive away business; hence you should include the following design attributes for a useful site.





To rank top in the search engine, your site must be SEO friendly. A prosperous Search engine optimization strategy demands following specific SEO steps that include compelling content and keywords.

To rank top in the search engine, your design should have elements of:

  • Having the content organized in a manner that suits the subject matter and makes it easy for the users to find
  • The speed of the site should be high as good ranking favors websites that load faster
  • Search engine friendly URL. Your URL should be short and easy to read.



Conversion-focused design will be friendly in user engagement through great content, call to action, and minimizing distractions on the website from achieving the conversions. You can use social proof such as testimonials, number of social shares, reviews, partners, and clients to increase conversion.


Responsive Design

Your web design should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on platform and screen size.

Achieving a responsive design will require you to understand the different responsive web design techniques, apart from just adjusting screen resolution and having flexible and responsive images.


Quick Load Speed

Speed is of the essence in business as quick loading times have a positive impact on improving your SEO. Website users expect a site to load faster, and any delay can make them leave your site and, sometimes, not come back.

The importance of speed is explained clearly by Google Webmaster site performance that states that two seconds is the acceptable threshold time.


9 Layout Must-Haves

From your home page and throughout navigation of the pages, your website’s layout can either keep or make a customer leave. Please avoid making your customer frustrated and confused by merely having the following website layout attributes.


#1 Smooth & Easy-To-Follow Navigation

As earlier advised, putting too much information on your page will make it messy. You should, therefore, find a visual way to guide your customers. For easy navigation of your HVAC website, your website design should have the following pages:

  • Homepage: This page should have, among others, your company logo, headline, text content, and contact details
  • Services: List all the services you offer so the visitors can get to know you more and order any assistance they need
  • About us: This page should tell the customer more about your business including history and company mission
  • Contact Us: A customer who needs to contact you should be able to get the contact details very fast. For easy access, you can place your contacts on the top right or left of the page.
  • Reviews: Apart from showing that you are a trustworthy company, reviews will indicate the kind of work you have done to your customers
  • Blog: A blog will help in engaging the users by sharing additional information and articles regarding the HVAC industry

With such a design and arrangement of your page, your users will enjoy navigating the website with ease.


#2 Make a Neat Homepage



The homepage of your site should be very welcoming and eye-catching with the relevant information that a user may need urgently.

The page should have a brief of your services and expertise with contact information and a clear call to action. Though you might want to use stock images, please use real photos on your site to relate more emotionally with the users.


#3 Split information into Sections

When you section off all your provided services into a grid design, your page design gets a neat layout with the elements aligned and in order.


#4 Showcase Your Benefits


Of course, we all love to show off our right sides of the business to maintain our customers and win new ones. Having great products and services and experts to assist whenever needed are some of the benefits you can share on your website.

You can make your company stand out from the competition through your website by having a layout and user-friendly elements that can increase leads.


#5 Incorporate Service Pages


Having location pages, also known as landing pages for your HVAC service website, is suitable for your search engine optimization. Location pages are created on a website to highlight a geographic aspect of a business for its customers.

Therefore, your location pages should be distinctly unique from each other and provide only useful content to your users.


#6 Prove Your Expertise with Testimonials, Certifications, and Awards

Consumers can be influenced by other consumers’ behaviors and influential people, such as celebrity endorsement of your products and testimonials by other users of your site.

When there are positive testimonials and various awards on your site, this will increase the level of trust among the users and increase the authenticity of the products you offer.


#7 Promote Offers and Special Discounts

Customers love discounts and other offers. When these are placed well on your website, you can get the desired goal of more customers taking action towards conversion.

To spread the word further to other potential customers from your website, you can promote the offers through email, share on social media, and give incentives to users that share your offer.


#8 Make Effective Call to Action Buttons


All the activities taking place on your website should lead to some actions by the user. The call to action button should stand out to capture the attention of the customer. This can be achieved by using striking and action-oriented text, contrasting colors, and use of magic words like FREE.

The call to action can be telling the customers to book a service now, start a free trial today or get a free consultation.


#9 Have Easy-to-Use Forms


Just like me, I am sure you hate sites that ask you so many questions, right? It is upon you to make your website friendly by minimizing the inputs required from users. Asking what you need from users will make your forms short and precise.

Minimizing the input fields that users fill in a form is also vital in obtaining only relevant information from your users. The input fields can be in the form of text fields, drop-downs, checkboxes, and password fields.

Web users can be reluctant to fill forms with the information you need. As you design your forms, don’t forget to use some of the new ways of designing forms. The forms should be placed in strategic places in the site, next to content that visitors will be reading to increase the number of people filling them and the number of conversions.


Conclusion: Don’t Do It All By Yourself

As you can see with the above tips and tools, designing the perfect website for an HVAC company is quite some work, and without full experience or skills, it becomes very easy to mess up or miss out. The best way forward is always to hire a professional web designer with experience in web design for HVAC companies. This way, you can save on time and be assured of effective results.

Are you looking to launch your HVAC company online but not sure how to get started with a website? Contact us today, and we’ll create a responsive website for you following all the required web design trends mentioned above.

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