Why Is Keyword Research Important for SEO? A Guide for Plumbing Contractors

Sep 18, 2023 | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Expanding your plumbing business while focusing on providing stellar, quality results for your existing clients isn’t easy. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to reel in local clients by increasing website traffic, but you must select the right keywords when developing your website. So, why is keyword research important for SEO?

At Polianna, we offer advanced SEO services for plumbing companies. With our SEO program, you can rank on the first page of Google for search queries like “plumber near me,” so you gain new clients without wasting funds on marketing efforts that don’t yield results. 

As trusted SEO experts, keyword research is integral to everything we do. Below, we discuss why keyword research is so important for SEO and how you can nail your strategy. If you need help optimizing your website, schedule a discovery call with Polianna today. 

What Is Keyword Research?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing tactic that involves developing your website in a way so it ranks high in search engine results. SEO involves hundreds of complex factors, including everything from the technical coding that makes up your website to page speeds, on-page keywords, HTML structures, and more. Keyword research is a foundational building block of SEO as it determines your content optimization strategy. 

Keyword research involves selecting terms that will help your website surface for your target audience’s searches. You can boost your organic traffic rates by nailing your research and including your terms in the right spots in your content. Keyword research involves complex nuances, like analyzing a term’s search volume, search intent, and more, which we’ll cover below. 

Researching keywords helps you discover new ranking opportunities. For example, your plumbing business may be able to rank for terms like “local plumbers,” “clogged drain repair,” “sewer & drain,” and more. 

Why Is Keyword Research Important for Your Plumbing Company?

So, why is keyword research important for SEO? Keyword research is vital because, when done right, it allows you to achieve the following:

Learn What People Are Searching for To Discover Content Opportunities

Keyword research helps you learn what your target audience typically searches for so you can cater your content appropriately. For example, if you type in the phrase “how to unclog” on Google, you’ll notice Google suggests searches for you, like “how to unclog a drain,” “how to unclog a toilet,” “how to unclog a sink,” etc. You can use this information to write high-ranking blog posts that make sense for your business and answer clients’ questions. 

You can discover the hottest terms relevant to your business with keyword research tools. You may think phrases like “plumbing financing options” will help you rank, though maybe people in your area care more about “emergency plumbing services.” Keyword research helps you create content on what people care about most to rank well and attract more clients.

Locate Low-Competition Terms

Most keyword research tools show how competitive different terms are to rank for. Highly competitive terms typically have high search volumes and can take months or longer of intense SEO work to rank, assuming you already have a decent web following. By conducting keyword research, you can locate the low-hanging fruit so you will have a better shot at ranking in the short term. 

For example, something popular, like “plumber near me,” is likely highly competitive and will take longer to rank for. You can make competitive terms your long-term goal. 

In the meantime, locate low-competition terms, like “plumber near me free estimate” or “clogged drain service in Chicago.” By doing so, you can start reeling in traffic now rather than wasting critical resources on terms that could take years to rank for. 

Understand the Search Intention

People search for words on Google for many different reasons. What may seem like a simple query for a plumber could be a search for some popular brand of sneakers. Keyword research allows you to perform search engine results page (SERP) analysis to ensure your content fulfills the average searcher’s needs. 

Search intentions include the following categories:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Commercial
  • Transactional

You should look for keywords with informational search intents when writing blog posts. Terms like “plumber near me” will likely have more transactional SERPs. 

Reach More Potential Clients

Keyword research ultimately helps you reach more potential clients. You can rank higher and increase traffic levels when you research keywords correctly. By increasing your website’s traffic and reaching more users who are searching for what you provide, you can land more appointments, boost your brand’s local awareness, and grow as a company. 

Nailing Your Keyword Research

Keyword research takes time, practice, and experience. We recommend the following tips:

  • Choose a mixture of short- and long-tail terms: Short-tail keywords (one or two words) and long-tail keywords (multi-word phrases) provide varying advantages. Be sure to use both types in your strategy. 
  • Consider the search volume and competition levels: You want terms with relatively high search volumes to reach more than a handful of people, but you don’t want extreme competition levels. We recommend shooting for easier terms first, then working your way up.
  • Always check the search intent: Ensure the search intention matches the content you’re creating. 
  • Use Google suggestions and other keyword recommendations: Google and other tools show you keyword suggestions so you can come up with new ideas to research. 
  • Use the “People Also Ask” section: Google’s “People Also Ask” section is a valuable resource for locating terms and content ideas.
  • Keep it local: Narrowing your terms to local phrases can help reduce competition levels while still reaching your target audience. 

Land More Clients With SEO Support From Polianna

So, why is keyword research important for SEO? Keyword research helps you reach more clients so your plumbing company can succeed. Next, create a local SEO checklist to begin developing your website for high rankings. 

If you need SEO support, schedule a discovery call with Polianna to learn how our experts can increase your company’s revenue. 

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