Why Your Email Marketing Sucks (And What To Do About It) with Zachary Barnett

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About this Episode





Looking for low-cost ways to market your HVAC business?

Zachary Barnett is the owner of Henson Technologies, a digital marketing firm specializing in email marketing for HVAC contractors.

He works with HVAC companies to get their email marketing right whether that be in Service Titan’s Marketing Pro or another email automation tool.

We’ll be discussing why your email marketing isn’t working, actual email campaigns Zach has run that will keep you busy during the slow season, a paradigm shift to double the effectiveness of your emails, and you’ll also learn…

0:20 Introducing Zachary Barnett

2:31 Why Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working: Insights and Solutions

5:03 The Dos and Don’ts of HVAC Email Marketing Campaigns

14:44 Demystifying Email Marketing: Real-World Examples and Benefits of Thoughtful Campaign Design

20:43 Creative Campaign Ideas for HVAC Companies: Utilizing Drip Email Marketing to Build Relationships and Boost Sales

29:36 Crafting Your First Email Marketing Campaign: Tips and Frameworks for Effective Communication with Your Audience

35:38 Email Marketing for Beginners: Choosing the Right Platform and Ensuring Safe Delivery

39:43 Get Expert Tips for Effective Email Marketing in Home Service Businesses from Zach

43:11 Mindset Strategies for Long-Term Business Success: Navigating Challenges and Avoiding Burnout

48:40 Last Advice

54:09 Connect with Zach

We’ll cover all this and more in today’s HVAC Financial Freedom podcast!

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Audio Transcript

Welcome to the H Vac Financial freedom podcast. This podcast is for you, the H Vac business owner. Our mission is to help you create more revenue, profit and freedom in your life. You’ll hear from experts who will help you unlock the hidden growth in your business now. Your host, john victoria Hello and welcome everybody to the H Vac Financial Freedom podcast. Got some of the swag here, Got some hats and some shirts. I’m welcome to season two. We had a very fun season one, a lot of great guests and today I’m very excited to bring another amazing guests and we’re talking email marketing and so right now it is mid january things, maybe a little bit slower than you might want and I thought that would be perfect to bring on our current guest because email marketing is one of those things that you can get set up now.

You can begin hitting your database and generating potential leads and jobs from this. And this is in comparison to doing things like sc oh, that might take 3 to 903 months. And so this is a perfect time to be discussing your email marketing. And the reason why I’m so excited is that Zach specializes in email marketing for HVAC contractors is very well versed working with in service titan implementing campaigns and really generating the type of business that you might need in the slow season as well as the busy season.

So with that I am going to bring zack on and we are gonna have a fun conversation for today. Welcome Zack. Hey, how you doing? I’m good. Happy 2023? Yeah. You two came fast. That’s for sure. Came so fast. Uh Yeah, for everyone who’s listening, I mean, Zach, we’re talking about how fast the start of 2023 has been, um uh the holidays and now we’re rolling right into things. I don’t know, whoever is writing, you know, the story of the world has just made it really busy for for all of us.

Oh man. Yeah, I think I was before and it’s like, I feel like I started back in october and it’s been just a pedal to the metal since then and we haven’t slowed down yet. Yeah. Oh my gosh, just it’s just neck breaking speed. So um so yeah, so for everyone who’s tuning in, yeah, we’re talking email marketing today and um the title of today’s podcast um was why your email marketing sucks and what you need to do about it, because I think that there’s a perspective that people might have that were these experts at email, we send emails all the time.

You know, it’s so easy, you just gotta, you know, type something up and send it to a few people. Um but when people end up doing that, they just don’t get the results that they want. So zack, I I want to ask you just to set the context for people who might be feeling this problem, like what’s what’s going wrong here. Like why why are people doing email marketing? But it’s not turning into the business results that they want. Yeah. Yeah I think what you said is is perfect.

I mean that’s a big thing. It’s like you’re sending emails to employees, you’re sending an email, you might even be sending emails to customers, you’re sending emails every day. So you think like email marketing it’s like oh that’s not that big of a deal. I’m just gonna you know write up an email, send it out to all my customers, everybody’s gonna respond, we’re gonna have jobs all over the place and it’s like but how much thought did you put into into that though? What do you think about emailing like another employee or a friend or something like that?

You’re just getting you have you have an in depth relationship there already. They already know exactly your they have a feeling of exactly what you’re gonna be emailing them on and so all that stuff is built up but when you’re emailing a client or customer and then none of that relationship is there. So you kind of have to build that into your into your email. And then the other side of the coin there is people are like okay well I would like to do email marketing but you know I need to think through all these things and I have the you know I have the need to have that silver bullet email that I’m just gonna send out so I’m gonna think about it for a month and then I’m gonna send it out or you think about it for a month and then you’re busy and you don’t send it.

So you’re like either investing way too much time expecting this perfect email or way too little time thinking you just send out any random thing and it’s gonna be great. Yes, and that’s and those are things that people are facing, and also there’s the technical side of it as well, where um you know, let’s say that someone wants to run this email campaign, um maybe talk to some of the technical things that need to be done because you know, if you just blast everyone, there’s problems that come with that too. Yeah. Yeah.

I think the um yeah that’s a huge huge thing. One of the things that I always like to think about or talk about, it’s like you wanna be, you do want to send emails to your customers obviously, but you want to be thoughtful about who you’re sending it to because you if you’re as an h back owner, uh we’re marketing lead for your H. Vac company, whatever that may be, you’re you’re building a brand and you want to make sure that that brand is is on, it’s on point, You don’t want to just send out like this generic email that’s going to every single customer, I mean customers will start seeing that they get an email, it’s just, oh well I can tell that this just goes to everybody and that can be okay.

You can send, you know, a christmas email to just get people engaged and that’s cool. But if every email you send is a christmas email, you know, essentially, or a, you know, fourth of july or whatever it may be, uh as a holiday email, let’s say, or has that heart of a holiday email then, because it was like, oh well they’re just sending something that goes to everybody. It can apply, it’s not special, you’re not building that, uh you’re not built building that brand reputation. Um And then the other thing that we’ve seen is like people get these sweet um systems for sending out emails, whether it be service titan or another Crm, and then they’re like, okay, well we got this, we’re spending lots of money on it.

We got this really cool email marketing system that has these really sweet campaigns that we can just set up automated. So we go ahead and we set up all these automated campaigns and you know, I invest 40 hours into it and I’m like, okay, well now I don’t have, I don’t have to ever do anything on email marketing ever again Because I did it all in 40 hours and then you realize six months down the road that, oh some of these automated campaigns, I’m sending 789 e mails to the same customer every every week or you get down that down the road and or two years down the road and customers like, hey, I mean, I feel like I saw the same same email, like at the exact same time last year looked exactly the same.

I mean your, your customers aren’t stupid, you know, they know things and they’re busy, but you know, they, we are as humans, I think we’re recognized. We are like heard something saying that humans are like specially designed to recognize patterns and if you’re sending emails in a pattern, I mean they’re gonna recognize and, and one thing I want to pull out from what you said and this, this is something that came from our pre call was um, the way that we approach emails, the philosophy. It can’t just be, I wanna set and forget and automate it because the overarching principle is you want to build a relationship and so a quick example that I can think of is, you know, there’s, you know, like during the holidays, you’ll have friends that you haven’t seen in a long time or someone who just wishes you like the happy birthday on facebook or merry christmas, happy New Year.

But that’s like the only communication that you have, there wasn’t a deepening, it’s just, it’s like, hey, I’m here, but it’s not, you’re not cultivating and building something and I think similar to what you’re saying, it’s like if a business is just there, you know during the holidays, I feel like it’s the same thing. There’s not it’s like expected almost like it’s it’s you don’t get any brownie points for having done that. Um and it’s and especially if you’re automating it, there’s no relationship that’s being developed, it’s just this, you know, it’s like I just I’m just going to check the box off, but who wants to be in a relationship where the other person just wants to check boxes off, right?

You know, it’s and could you speak to that that that philosophy because I loved what you said like in our pre call and I think they’ll be really valuable to share with everyone. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It is. And you’re wanting to develop kind of going um like what was in there, you’re building that brand and you want your customers to care about you because you and you probably care about your customers. Like you want your customers, you probably care about them. I mean most h back I don’t think I know of an H back.

Companies like yeah, we’re fam their own business and we can’t stand any of the people that we do installs. Like that’s that’s not that you care about your, you care about your customers and you’re like yeah we’re a family owned business or we whatever it may be and we really love all of our customers and we seek to have the best customer service and all these things, if that’s the case, you want to have that same um the same thing being shown through your emails and you don’t want to be just sending out emails for four holidays.

Like you’re saying um that okay, well yeah, I get that on social media, like my 500 or my 10,000 friends, whatever it is. Uh you know, they send, they send me a birthday wish and then I never hear from, but you also don’t want to be like infusing them with like specials because then it’s like, okay, well I’m only getting an email when it’s a holiday and I’m only getting an email when it’s a special, like you’re not developing, you’re not cultivating that relationship. You’re not cultivating uh having an engagement with, with your customer base.

And if you’re just running special is one of the things that I would say it’s like you’re running a special all the time. There’s it’s not a special, it’s special every day. There’s not it’s not special, like anymore, like, like 80% off, you know every day this year. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And and customers realize that, I mean you just, if you as you age back owner whatever, as a general at anybody. If you think about it, you know those stores that you go into and they always have a sale going on, they’re like, okay, well there’s no sense of urgency to do anything here because I’ve come to the store the last year and every time I walk in, they have a sale going on.

If that’s the what you’re presenting through your email marketing by like every email is a sale. You know, customers that’s that’s not developing that relationship there. They’re just like, okay, well they’ll send me an email when there’s a sale. But I don’t really need to pay attention to it at all because I mean that same thing is going to be going on next week or next month and or tomorrow. It doesn’t like doesn’t matter at all. So yeah, email marketing and does need to have that mix of, okay, we’re gonna let you know, I care about you as a customer.

I’m gonna let you know when there’s a special, I care about you as a customer. I’m gonna send you an email on a holiday because we, you know, we want to have that relationship. Hey, I am thinking about you as a customer. So here’s, you know, like at the beginning of this year, we have a lot of federal tax credits on systems. Yeah, it helps you as a business owner to sell a system. But you are helping the customer too because the you’re not getting more money necessarily by having a tax credit.

But it is something that’s relevant information for your customers and that’s, you know, that’s developing that relationship. So you do want to be thinking through that. So what I’m pulling from what you’re saying is um first you can’t just be automated and just being around the holidays. You have to be intentional, like building any relationship. We have to be intentional about how we’re doing that. Part of that sounds like um some of the communications need to be timely and relevant. So, you know, let’s say with the new year, these tax credits, like that sort of information is helpful or for moving into the winter time or maybe into the summer, maybe there’s certain things that someone might need to keep in mind.

Um So that there isn’t a problem when it’s 63 degrees out and the air conditioning goes out and now, like, I’m worried about the health of my kids are an elderly grandparent who’s home. And so just like getting people to think about these things because people are busy with life and putting it sounds like putting yourself, I mean part of it is really empathy, putting yourself in your as an h back and putting yourself in your customers shoes. Like what are the things that they would find to be timely and relevant.

And so I’m I’m pulling some of these things out and so I guess on that um for anyone who this this email marketing might seem still confusing, Like could you give an example of what this could look like. Um And maybe just like how the campaign design and maybe some of the results that might flow if someone is more intentional with how they’re approaching their email marketing. Yeah. Yeah. So the big thing that I see um with email marketing is trying to think, I’ll go with this question um uh Yeah.

The big thing with email marketing is you are is you are being intentional, you are developing that relationship. Everything you said is exactly, exactly right. And when you’re approaching it, you do wanna put your put yourself in your customers shoes and think about, think about also like what doesn’t a customer know that I do know as a H. Vac owner. Um And that can be difficult because you once, you know something, it’s hard to think about a time when you didn’t know those things, like another thing that i that is important is um um with like heat pumps in, this is gonna be a somewhat uh area dependent I suppose, but you can only service those at certain times and that’s something, you know, as an H back owner.

But your customer doesn’t think about that, they don’t know that, and you may not even think about that as an H back owner, like, oh yeah, like customers aren’t thinking through this, it’s natural for you, you’re thinking about it every day. Um But your customers aren’t, so that’s important, that’s relevant information and as far as uh you know results and like your approach, I guess the the approaches, how do I want to be communicated to by, by companies? I don’t really want to um, be just getting an email all the time.

And we think this is something we talked about before. Uh, we all have those companies that you sign up for. You buy something or you sign up for them and then you get an email every every day or every 13 times a week or whatever it may be. And it’s like, well, it’s something I care about. I don’t want to just get rid of it. Whether it’s be um, whether it be like sunglasses or bicycles or you know, kayaks or other outdoor activities. I don’t know, that’s, that’s what I do all the time.

It’s outdoor stuff, so that’s what I think about. But um, but I’ve gotten like I was signed up for Oakley before. Hopefully Oakley doesn’t get upset with this. But uh, they’ll like send me an email every day and I’ll start, I get an email and I just delete it as fast as it comes into my email box and sometimes I’ll like read the subject lines as I’m deleting the email and then I’ll read something that was enticing. It’s gone. It was and now it’s like, like we talked about, I’m going 100 miles an hour, it’s been busy since october.

So yeah, I’m not even gonna go search through my trash to find, find where that email was even though that subject line was enticing like you don’t wanna do that to your customers. So it is that thoughtfulness of like okay what’s relevant information? How do I want to be communicated? What is information that I know that’s helpful for a customer that they that they don’t know that maybe I’m just kind of anticipating that they would know but I’m not also giving them information and it’s like okay well this is just annoying.

I’ve had had some uh clients that we’ve been working with. They’re like okay well we we have this automated campaign sending out emails for changing your filters and they get a filter reminder every every month and it’s like oh that sounds cool initially but then after like three months that customers just like oh this is an email that I need to delete. I know. Not gonna change my filters. So yeah you want to have some good campaigns in there. That might that might be something to send out once uh you know once every six months saying hey remember to change your filters every every month but that’s all you need.

Um Just like you know think about it as your friend. You know you don’t want you know you would get annoyed if your friend was like hey did you change your filters? Like bro you told me already like yes I get it. Like I didn’t sign you up to be my like accountability partner. I don’t need you to like remind me to go exercise or something because I’m not exercising like that’s not that’s not what you’re here for, but you have a friend here, like you buy a brand new house, you never had a house before.

One of your friends is like, hey, you have this house, you probably should change your filters every every month and then a year goes by like, hey, so you’ve been changing your filters like, oh yeah, you did say that, Okay, cool, I’ll do that, like that’s the kind of stuff that that is helpful for for customers and I think it helps customers feel that like, okay, they care about me, but they’re not trying to be, you know, just sending me an email to send me an email and be annoying.

So let me um So I love, so I’m hearing two ideas that someone could potentially implement as campaigns, um you know the first one and I actually want to run this by you and see like how everyone thinks of it as well, but you know, if, if you are serving an area where there are a lot of new homeowners, um I’m potentially imagining like what if there was this email list that you can subscribe to um and it would just be like key things like, you know what, what do you need to know about when you’re a new homeowner, when it comes to your h Vac systems and it would be like a drip campaign, maybe it comes at different times during the year, so it’s timely and they opted in because they are a new homeowner.

Um And then second could be, you know, there’s this annual reminders, like you said, filters might be one thing someone could, I don’t know maybe design an email sequence where they know at certain points during the year there’s going to be issues and just having those reminders during that time. Would what do you think about those campaigns? I’m trying to think like what what could someone take hey that we’re going to try to implement something like this? Yeah. Yeah I think that’s good. I think that having something like that, having having some like what we do with our clients is we plan out, you know, we plan out a year of what your emails are gonna look like.

We try to stay away, we set up some specific things for clients as far as automated campaigns, you know, open estimates and so forth. Those ones are just no brainers. But then um we set up a campaign a schedule for you over the year of like what are some intentional emails that that would be good to send out to clients and then um but we have a lot of flexibility in there because things do do change. So yeah exactly what you’re saying as far as like a tip email, that would be something that would be something that we would Sprinkle in and send out maybe 4 to 210 like tips over the course of the whole year.

Uh So that’s like it does that is still like one a month but it’s not the same tip so one might be like filters and one might be hey it’s getting to flu season. Do you? There’s like a million of them. But do you have a UV light, do you have uh highway for whatever? Have you thought about doing that? It’s important because you it’s gonna help you um you know I get the flu so that’s kind of a tip email but it also has, it’s also helpful for H Vac owner because it’s probably something that they they do sell.

Um So you do want to be a thoughtful in there and then be able to like change two years ago, I mean everybody or three years ago goodness you know, it’s like you want to be ready for that stuff because we’re talking now is in March and it’s not that’s not flu season, but it was something that’s relevant like okay we need to get information out to our customers now, telling them about whether it be um UV lights or whether it be like hey we can actually still service you even though we can’t like talk to you or see you.

So having that kind of information. I think the biggest thing, I like both the kind of campaign ideas you have the only reservation I have, it’s like having a having a campaign that is set up, we try to stay away from campaigns that are set up to go for the whole for a whole year and then just keep recycling because it cuts down on that flexibility. And then what we find is do people do try to do that they set up 220, 280 290 of those campaigns and that’s where you run into that situation.

It’s like oh whoops I’m I might be I might have 280 automated campaigns with specific audiences but um I didn’t realize that 290 or 33% of my client base all falls into this the same same special audience that I created and that customer is getting 23 emails in a in a week and that’s rough. But you know as far as like um you know some specific campaigns doing doing things like that as far as tips or as far as um um you know holiday stuff is still good. You don’t want to miss that.

Um We also have found a lot of success in some campaigns that um if you have a technique, if you have technicians in areas sending out a specific campaign um saying hey we have a technician in your area, there’s a sign up and we’ll you know wave like sending Senate technician out to you. So that’s a super helpful campaign both for both with the customer and the H vac owner because it helps the owner they don’t have to pay for that travel and it helps the customer because they don’t have to um you know they don’t have to pay pay the extra money.

They would normally get somebody out there. Um So that’s a good good campaign that we’ve seen helpful. But again that’s something it’s like okay well this is something we run every quarter at the most probably. Um If I’m running that every month again okay well there’s nothing special about that anymore. Now it’s expected now you have customers calling you hey I needed somebody out of my house. You guys always run this special. Can I like can I get this special? Because I mean obviously no it’s not special anymore because I’ve seen all the time and then they’re like no we’re actually not doing that right now.

Now you have a customer upset. You know what? No that’s the balance there love. It’s just pulling from what you said there’s like a few topics that we could have. Um Part of it is educational could be based off the time of year and then second it sounds like almost like event based where like if there is a technician in that area you’re you’re setting up some sequence to let people know within I guess like a certain radius or however that would work. So then you know if someone’s taken up like it’s it’s really a win win c company time you know windshield time and then um for the customer you know they don’t have to pay for that. Yeah.

Yeah exactly. Yeah. And that’s just that thoughtfulness of okay specials are good, holidays are good. Information is good. Um Just a just a general touch point that’s not that’s not tied to a holiday. That is good. But you want to have that all all um spread out because if you’re just doing one of those all the time that’s not good. Or if you’re doing just two of those all the time, it’s like well we want to have 26928602 different campaign ideas that we are kind of running on a cycle um to get that information out to customers and that’s all about that’s that building that relationship with your with your customer base.

Um And that’s what we really look for. And I think that’s a big thing that a lot of people were kind of going back to the name of the podcast why your email marketing sucks. It’s like well you’re thinking okay, well I know that this is good. So I’m just gonna run that all the time. It was like okay well that was good but but not all the time. Not all the time is the key some of the time. Just like just like it’s all everything is the same as life in general.

It’s like a hamburger might be good but if it’s a hamburger every day I learn about the same thing at Mcdonald’s right? I love me a good big Mac but I eat it every single day. I’m gonna be in the hospital. Yeah exactly. I love that. So let’s um so let’s turn this into action. Let’s say someone today. They wanted to write their first email um they’re not gonna build out an entire campaign but they want to write their first email. It’s the start of this year.

They’re trying to think about what they wanna do. What’s a what’s a list of questions or framework? Someone could use to design their very first email for their email marketing. Yeah so um uh this would probably be best for one of our account managers but some of the things that we you know we talked about in our in our meetings it’s like getting a lot of the stuff that we’ve talked about just kind of bringing it down into one spot. Okay well we want to have good branding so I want to make sure that this email has you know has my company logo.

I want to make sure that it’s in theme. I want to say sure make sure that has continuity with what I have on my website which is helpful you know on the S. C. O. Site too. So you know your first question is like what is our brand? Okay I got that dialed in now. How does that brand? How do I get that brand out on this email? Well, you want to have that logo, You want to have that continuity and language. Okay, perfect. Now what am I as a, as a now, let me put myself in the, in the customer’s shoes.

Why do I want to get this email? Like what’s gonna make me care about this email? Well, it is the beginning of the year. So you could do, you know, a New Year’s thing? Like what’s your New year’s resolution or happy new years? That could be fun. So you could do that. Um But what’s more relevant right now? Like we talked about, we have the federal tax credits. Okay, now that’s important information that, you know, as a as a as an owner. But your customers probably have no idea.

I mean, I haven’t heard anything about it really on the news or anything. Um personally I know about it because I work with. Um but as I like talking to my family, they’re like, oh I have no idea. It’s nobody’s talking about it. So, okay, that’s relevant information. So that’s that second. Maybe that second question. What some relevant information that I can get. Uh get this customer. Uh that’s gonna be helpful for them. So then you find something, you know right now you’re you’re doing that or you’re getting to uh getting to the summer.

Let’s say we’re in um, you know, two months from now. We’re in february or March again. Some of this stuff is is uh location dependent and that’s something that we think through a lot with all of our our clients. But let’s say I’m here in Arizona so you know, start summer starts next week. Um But uh you’re you’re in, you’re in february or you’re in March. Okay. Well what’s relevant information? Hey, temperatures are going to start getting warmer. You probably should get your stuff checked out before the summer hits because you know, nothing worse if you’re in Arizona, nothing worse than being in your house and it’s 64 and 15 outside and your A. C. Brakes.

So I’ve had that happen and customers aren’t necessarily, they’re going, they’re busy to your customers are busy, they’re not thinking about that stuff. So those nice reminders that are helpful. So you know, you’re getting towards the end of summer and things are starting to get cooler and it’s like, okay, well now we can start servicing some other things on your heat pump that we couldn’t have done two months ago because it was too hot. That’s relevant information. Um So it’s, you know, thinking through those, what’s relevant information, I can get to my, get to my client then you’re thinking, okay, what what do, what kind of information do I want to have in this email?

Well, again, I like to put myself in customer’s shoes in clients, Shoes, what am I, what’s going on in my life? Well, I don’t want to get an email with five, what realistically in a in a bad email maybe. Um you know, 300 words. Like I don’t have time for that. I don’t have time to read 103 100 words. I have time for two sentences maybe. So okay, how do I get that message out in in two sentences? Okay, now I have a plan for getting that message in two sentences.

Now I want to have continuity with my subject line. I want to have something that’s not getting caught by spam filter. So playing around thinking through good subject lines. What’s a good subject line to put in there? Okay, now I’ve got that dialed in. How is that? I want to make sure that relates to the two sentence information I have in my email. So those are some questions. Hopefully that answers the question, you know, it’s it’s awful. So, um, so the type of email, you know, here’s some of the characteristics you said um and timely and relevant.

Um it has to match the brand. So there’s certain things you won’t talk about as a brand. Obviously you can cross off those ideas. Um the length is important considering that, you know, everyone’s inboxes and You know, I clear my inbox earlier, then I have 27 in emails. I don’t know where they came from. So having something that can catch attention but also is not too long. Um and then making that relevant to the subject line. Um And then I guess maybe the only other thing to ask would be, let’s say someone wants to send this out, like, are they just doing this via gmail or do they need to do and have an actual system to do this?

Like what if someone want to get started? A like what what would they have to do to do this in a safe way? Because I, you know, I’m sure a lot of people might not if you don’t know your your email don’t get banned if you do the wrong things and. Yeah. Yeah. Good question. Um uh You know, yeah, you don’t want to send it out through your gmail. Um And you know, it’s not gonna be helpful because I mean, I guess maybe if you have an Excel sheet of every single customer and you can kind of quickly run through there and see what uh who qualifies for what, and then you can just copy and paste it into the email and maybe that would work.

That sounds like a pain in the neck. So, I mean, I think that, you know, there’s things out there like mail chimp is fine, you can do stuff like that, but I mean, you want to have a good crm. So you know, your uh you want to have a good crm, I think a lot of h vac owners that uh I’ve run into have service titan and it is a pretty good crm. The other thing that you want is like, let’s say you can get something to work for you that’s not in your crm, that’s cool.

But you do want to track like what kind of success am I having from these emails? Like I can send out a bunch of emails and guess at getting revenue, but you, it’s best to have that continuity between your where you’re emailing and your crm that way, you can track the revenue. It’s difficult enough to track the revenue when both of those things are in the same place. Believe me, I mean a lot of our clients have have service titan and it is difficult enough to like track that information and make sure that we’re getting good results just in just in service titan.

Uh And we actually run an audit on on the revenue for our clients because because of that. But yeah, you wanna have a good crm and you probably should look into what does my crm do for email marketing, I think most of them, most, most high quality crm, s have have something for for email marketing. Um And that’s gonna allow you to do, do some other things that we, I think we’ve talked around but haven’t really addressed specifically is like picking out specific audiences, picking out um Being able to track, again, we did talk about this, being able to track what kind of revenue I’m getting in there.

Uh maybe being able to save some email templates that way you can you don’t have to do automated campaigns but you can go back and look at some of the stuff that you have previously that will save you save you some time. Um And you know some nice things about C. R. M. S. These days with the email marketing is they will help you through some of those other things like having good subject lines and so forth. Um But yeah so yeah that’s what I say, that’s just getting started.

You know, take a look at what you’re, how you’re managing your customers now. And I would ask if you don’t know, reach out to your representative or whatever with your um with your management software, see if they do something for email marketing, if they don’t you see if they can they don’t, they there are things like you know male champ and stuff like that, but I feel like that’s more of a stopgap honestly. Yeah and of course Zach, I plug you as well. Like if anyone is currently on service side and using marketing pro, you’re having issues or you want to get started with email marketing, reach out to Zach, this is his specialty.

Um You know, if if we were all, if I were to try to figure this out myself, my brain would probably explode and so um you already have proven results. He works with HVAC contractors already and a lot of these, a lot of these things, you get to see best practices across the different campaigns and so, um, so yeah, a lot of what he’s sharing. So it’s, it’s so timely and so relevant and, and really like if you need help reach out and I’m sure Zach and his team would be very happy to support.

Yeah, Yeah, exactly. Uh Yeah, I think one of the big things that you kind of mentioned in there is that we get to have the benefit of working for multiple different clients and we can run a bunch of different campaigns and we get the benefit of like running a bad campaign and going, oh, we’re not going to run that for anybody else. And you know, it’s like out of everyone, bad campaigning ends up being like a half a percent or less of all the emails, all the campaigns that we send out, but if you’re an eight track owner and you’re sending out a campaign every week or something to a targeted our audience.

Okay, well realistically you send out one, you know, one bad campaign, I’m gonna do Math live here, it’s gonna be real bad. Uh but well, it’s like, you know, 5% of your emails are bad now. Um So that’s the one thing that we get to get to benefit from is we can make a, we can make a mistake and it doesn’t, it’s not that big of a deal because it’s, you know, one time and realistically everybody’s gonna make everybody, everybody’s gonna have some bad campaigns that’s just gonna happen.

And realistically you’re gonna have more than one a year. But we have a we have the benefit of saying, okay, these have all worked this kind of stuff, this kind of messaging these kind of words, this all works. So our success rate is a lot here because of that extra knowledge base that you just can’t get otherwise, I don’t think yes, and and that’s and and for everyone who’s listening, I mean also that’s why listening to podcast of people, so great, really short cut the process. You don’t have to make the mistakes yourself.

So whether you work with someone directly or you listen to the experience of someone or you read a book really big value and that’s really what this podcast is all about. It’s it’s improving yourself and not having to make all the mistakes right. You know, mistakes are painful enough. Someone’s gone through it. Someone can help guide you whether you listen and it just it just takes a matter of listening and seeing how that applies to your life. And so, um so with that, I think we got some some great actionable items that people can take, we have, you know, what we need to look at in terms of the structure the software, the infrastructure that gets us all done as well as a framework for beginning to design your campaign if you want to do it on our own, but also the benefit of you knowing who to reach out to if you ever need help with your email marketing.

So um before we close, I want to talk briefly about um some mindset stuff, you know, season one, we talked about financial freedom, people’s perspective on it, but also just like being a business owner, you know, running your own business, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in it for a while, there’s a lot of challenges that come up. And one of the things that we talked about prior to this was the fact that you can feel that life is moving at 69286023 MPH and you know, to be in business, right.

It’s it’s a statistics game sometimes where I think it’s like 80% of businesses go out of business in five years. And so how how does one, how in terms of minds, like how does one give their full effort while at the same time running this marathon? Like what’s your perspective on ensuring longevity so that someone can achieve success? Like what’s your perspective on that? Yeah. Yeah. I mean I think a big thing is is uh yeah, setting proper expectations. Um I mean I think that’s good in life in general, but like um definitely in this setting those proper expectations, what does that look like?

Well I’m a business owner and yeah, it is gonna be a lot of work. So one of my proper expectations is I’m not becoming a business owner too, not work, I’m doing this because I know it’s gonna be a lot of work if you go into it knowing it’s gonna be a lot of work, then that helps out the second thing that I think as far as like how do you get through, how do you get through um being super busy? What’s the mindset to have? I think one of the things that we talked about, I don’t know if this is directly answering the question, but I think it’s super important is uh um you know, being putting building people around you that do do the things you need really well.

Like like I talked about it with you, I don’t feel like I’m super smart in really any category. I think my best, my best attribute is like looking at what other people do really well and being like okay, I want that guy to help me and I want that girl to help me and I want, I’m gonna go to that seminar because I need to learn that, but figuring those things out and then putting those things in place as much as you possibly can, that can also be a huge, huge time saver if I was um if I was trying to design our email campaigns, like I would spend 20 hours trying to figure out how the design work, what I can have, I can put somebody in place that can do that in realistically, you know, 10 minutes or half an hour or something.

I probably for the people that do that for us, they’re probably like, whoa, it still takes work, but you can, I mean, you get the idea there is that people have certain skill sets. If you’re not, it’s not your skill set, don’t don’t do it, put somebody in place that that is their skill set and they can do it well, and that’s gonna help out for, it’s gonna show help your um your employees that’s going to help your customers, your employees feel empowered that way. I think your customers feel better because they’re getting a premium product.

Um and I mean, that’s what we strive to do is provide a premium product. I think that’s what most, most a chac owners want to provide a premium product for their customers and have that good customer service. So putting those people in place to do that, and then just knowing, hey, this is gonna be, this is gonna be a lot of work, this is gonna be a lot of work. I’m not doing this to sit on the beach maybe one day, but like, especially getting something off the ground, it is, it is like your birthing something, you’re, you’re bringing this idea into the world and all these competing forces that are trying to compete, like they don’t want you to succeed, like, and it’s not like they want you not succeed, it’s just there’s people already in the market and they’re going after the same customers, so it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

So I love that. So um yeah, really great advice and I think it really fits into one of the themes we discuss on the podcast in previous episodes of, you know, really, you are in a sense like as business owners were trying to connect all the dots, we aren’t trying to build mastery in all these different topics, but how can you design a system? Um you know, hire the right people, retain those people, giving them the resources that they need in order to succeed and thrive. Um because you know, you we just don’t have enough time to do the business and then also have a great family life and then take care of your health time short.

And so really like, as business owners were thinking, how do we design the system that can be a vehicle to create the outcomes for your customers and and for your life. And so absolutely love love that. Um and so with that, I think we’re we’re nearing the hour, any last advice and also how can people get into contact with you if they’re interested in reaching out. Yeah, yeah, I think the last advice, I think one thing that we um talked about a little bit before it’s like is and this is relevant for for you and what you guys do is uh you wanna have, you wanna have a good marketing strategy and S. C. O. Is awesome and super important you want to have that.

But as I’m sure you probably talk to clients is like hey this is gonna be a process, we’re not gonna turn S. C. O. On. And these are just gonna be like flowing into your business. Like that’s not realistic. Um And that’s not necessarily the case with email marketing but it is it is a lot quicker, a lot quicker process. But the things do they do go together. So when you’re thinking about your your marketing strategy it’s like okay well I do want to have, I do want to have S. C. O. I do wanna have email marketing, I do want to have some kind of social media presence.

I want to put these things together and they all work together really well like your S. C. O. Build your email marketing, your email marketing, build your S. C. O. And one of the things that we’ve seen huge is you don’t want I think S. C. O. Is huge for getting you new customers and then email marketing. Social media stuff like that is huge for retaining those new people that S. C. O. Gets you. Um What we’ve seen with a lot of our clients is Hey you you have um you have a bunch of people in your system that have worked with you or have contacted you have some kind of connection with them and 10 maybe 20% of them have like some kind of Agreement a yearly agreement or monthly agreement or something with you.

That means that 80 90% of those people don’t. And email marketing social media they can turn those that uh um That 80 90% of your customer base into. Either subscribe subscribed people by having your monthly or yearly membership or whatever it is having your membership whatever it may be. Um Or by turning into basically what we call or I call soft subscribed uh customers and um so they may not have a membership with you but they when they think about their H. Vac system when they think about their you know heating system, their cooling system they think about your company and they’re you’re not relying necessarily on S. C. O. To bring them to you because they’re not going to google and typing in you know back near me or best H back in uh buckeye or whatever it may be just.

They’re just going oh yeah I got this email from them a couple of weeks ago. They seem like good guys they’ve always given me relevant information. I’m just gonna pull it up but what’s the phone number there? Oh just called us or at some point they just have your number saved on their phone. They’re like oh yeah something went wrong, spend three years, something went wrong with my system. I’m just gonna call call these guys because they’ve always treated me nice in the past. So I think that was a long answer.

But it to bring it down into one little thing is you want to have that marketing strategy, a full force marketing strategy. Pulling one lever is not gonna I don’t think pulling one lever is really gonna do it for you. And I think you bring up that and we’ll close on this. It’s like it’s a very powerful thing right? You know S. E. O. May get you the introduction but you still have you need to build a relationship because if if you only have the ceo front you only capture people when they are like ready to buy.

And that’s their buying style. Like you know I have this immediate need out by now or you know I just see you call done. But there are other buyers who this is not the right time for them. They need some time to warm up to you and you know for you to gain mindshare of like your expertise and so S. C. O. Can make the introduction and it can make it the best introduction possible because it was relevant but you need something that continues to develop that relationship if they’re not ready to buy right now, because otherwise, you know, they come back a year later.

Your SEO rankings are different google changes it. And so why miss out on building that opportunity? And that’s why I also believe that S C. O. And email marketing, they work together hand in hand. Um And so um and we’ll talk about it later. I love to do a webinar actually on this at some point, but you’d be interested, but um I think it’s I think there’s it’s it’s a really it’s really like a match made in heaven, It’s both organic and um it’s it’s incredible. So with that, how do people get in contact with you?

Um they want to reach out? And I was like, yeah, two questions, but I’m so long winded. I this has a really good boy. Yeah, that’s the relationship between them to. Yeah. Um Yeah, so I mean you can, our website is uh Henson dot tech, so you can get in contact with with us there, you can email me directly at Zachary Henson dot Tech. Uh You can call me directly if you want. Um My direct number is 6 to 3 6928602. We have you can find us on Facebook. Uh goodness.

Um Yeah, I think those are the four or 334 main main places. So yeah, Henson dot text. A great place. Facebook page. Uh You can email us uh any time and we’ll get you taken care of. Awesome. Love it. Thank you Zack and thank you everyone for tuning in. I hope you’re able to take something away that you can take action on. Um really, I I say this, I said this in a few podcasts as well, you can listen, but if if you don’t take action on it, nothing really changes.

And so um don’t just be listening for entertainment. Let’s actually transform your business and take some of these insights. Take action. Do something like even if it’s designing just the subject line today, you know, speed of implementation is a characteristic of what I’ve seen to be the most successful people. So take action. Do something today and um see your business grow. So that’s about it. Thank you everyone. Um hope you are enjoying our first episode for season two and we will catch you in the next one.

All right, take care everyone. Thank you for joining us for the H Vac Financial freedom podcast. Follow us on stream yard Apple podcast, Spotify amazon music and check out our main website www dot H. Vac Financial freedom dot com. To find out how you can also achieve financial freedom

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